From Part  1.......................

He arrived in a limo with just the two of us in the back and the privacy window closed.  As we drove to the restaurant, he casually lay his hand on my thigh and said, "I really would like for you to work for me.  Of course, your position would require total secrecy as to everything in my life but I seriously think I could trust you."

"You could," I replied, "but I still need some more time."

He said he understood as he gently squeezed my thigh.  After dinner as he dropped me off back at my place, he said, "I'll be in touch," he said with a devilish smile.


Part 2...........

A week later Scott called, again asking me out to dinner.  after I got into his limo, e smiled and said how good it was to see me again.  I told him the same, then he got a serious look on his face.

"Mark, so that there are no surprises, I did a background check on you and found you totally clean, not even a speeding ticket.  You are the kind of man I need working for me and handling my affairs.  What ever you're making, I will increase it by fifty percent, with a guaranteed raise in six months.  I'll even put that in writing."

"Scott, I appreciate it very mush and I'm almost ready to make a decision, but please don't push me."

"I'm sorry.  I won't mention it again," he replied and changed the subject.  We had a great meal as he told me about being asked to do a few episodes of a television show being filmed in Hawaii.  He said he wouldn't decide until he had seen the script.

The more we talked the more comfortable I became and by the time we headed back to my place, I had made my decision.  As we pulled to a stop in the parking lot, I looked at him and said, "I've made my decision about the job offer."

He looked at me with a cross between excitement and fear.  "Well?"

"I'll accept the job but it's only right that I give two weeks notice," I said.

"I would be very disappointed in you if you didn't," he replied before giving me a tight hug.  "I'm looking forward to working with you. I'll call you tomorrow night and we will discuss things further."

"Great, I'll be waiting," I replied before getting out of the limo.  I looked at the limo again and decided that I could get very used to that lifestyle.

The next evening I had just walked into my apartment when the phone rang.

"Hey Mark, it's me," he said.  I immediately recognized his voice. "Well, hello," I replied.

"I thought I'd pick up some pizza and stop by and discuss your responsibilities."

"Sounds good," I replied.  "I'll be waiting."

I took a quick shower and slipped on a golf shirt and a pair of shorts.  Moments later I heard the roar of a sports car and looked out toward the parking lot.  I saw Scott getting out of a new shiny silver Porsche. 

"Nice ride," I said as I opened the door for him.  "Well, I'm glad you like it because it's yours. I can't have my personal assistant riding the bus."  I just stood, looking at him in total shock.

We opened the pizza and a couple of beers and as we ate I realized just how down to earth he could be in private.  After a few moments, I asked, "Just exactly will my responsibilities be?"

"First off, you will have to give up your apartment and move in with me.  If there is any penalty for breaking your lease, of course I'll  pay it.  You can either sell your furniture or put in in storage.  You will be with me twenty-four, seven."

We talked and I found out that I would be making all his appointments, making sure he stays on schedule, paying his bills and controlling his expenses.  He told me that his household staff, the cook and housekeeper, came to work at ten and left at four. "After they leave, when I get home, I get comfortable, and that means that I might take a swim nude or after I shower, run around the house nude.  Would you have a problem with that?"

"No I wouldn't.  It's your place and what you do is your business, but what about the assistant you have now?"

"He knows nothing about my enjoying nudity or any other aspect of my life and I can't live like that any more.  There was just something about you that told me that I could just be myself with you."

"You can, and it will stay just between us." 

"I knew I could trust you," he said before hugging me tightly.  I soon noticed that there was a bulge in his slacks that wasn't there earlier.  Hummmm!

I gave my notice at work and began packing away my belongings.  I went to the apartment office and told them that due to a job change, I would be breaking my lease.  When the young female manager asked what I would be doing I replied, "I'll be the personal assistant to Scott Brenner."

"What? You're kidding?"

"Nope, I'm serious." I told her of our meeting and him offering me the job, and that he said he would pay for any penalties in breaking my lease.

Looking at me , she smiled and asked, "Do you think you could get him to come in and pay the penalty in person?"

Laughing, I replied, "I feel sure I could."

The two weeks past quickly and all the ladies in the office was present when Scott walked in with a check to pay off my lease.  Of course, they all had to get a picture with him.  A mover came and took my belonging to storage and I moved my personal items into Scott's estate. My room connected with his although we each had a private huge bath suite.  Also, on the first floor near the entrance was my own private office.

The day I moved in, I asked about my predecessor.  "I gave him a three months severance package and last Wednesday was his last day.  It gave Maria time to get the room clean and ready for you.

Maria and the cook had left at four as normal and dinner was left on the stove.  Scott and I ate dinner and after rinsing the plates, he suggested that we take a swim.  I agreed and when I arrived at the pool I found him there, nude. "Feel free to join me if you so desire."

I smiled and said, "You know, I think I will."

As I stripped off my swim trunks, Scott smiled and said, "I think things are going to work out just right for us."

We swam a while as we sipped a cold beer from the pool side fridge.  After a half hour or so, he began to clown around and soon we were wrestling in the pool.   He smiled at one point and said, "It is so nice to be able to play like this.  I couldn't do it before you got here."

"Hey, I'm as crazy as you are," I replied.

With that, he grabbed me and pushed me under the surface. As we wrestled, our hands brushed each others crotch and I could tell that he had a raging boner as did I.  Suddenly, he stopped and dove under the surface.  Then, suddenly, I felt the warmth of his mouth on my hard cock as he began sucking me.  He stopped to surface for more air then went back to work.  The next time he surfaced I grabbed him and said, "Why don't we go over to a lounge chair?"  He smiled and took my hand and led me out of the pool. 

I had so wanted to suck him after seeing him nude, but didn't really think he would be the one to start the sucking.  He had me lay on the lounge and quickly got between my legs and returned to sucking my still hard cock, swallowing it totally.  It didn't take me long to climax and as I did, Scott eagerly and hungrily swallowed every drop.

Once I was totally drained, he pulled off and said, "I haven't been able to do that in month and needed it badly.  I could never do it with  Sam around. My last time was on the set of a movie the day we wrapped up filming and managed to get one of the stunt men in bed for a quickie."

"Well, I'm here and you can do me anytime you want under one condition."

"And just what is that condition?"

I quickly got between his legs and swallowed his cock and began sucking.  After a moment I paused and said, "I get to do this in return."

"Fuck baby, anytime.  I knew you and I would get along."

I soon drained his balls and devoured every drop of his thick creamy delicious huge load.  Afterward, he grabbed me and tongue kissed me passionately. That night I shared his bed with him.

To others, our relationship was strictly professional, with me keeping him on schedule, to the delight of his directors.  Most nights we would have a sixty-nine but not every night, and I would sleep in my bed in my room.  But at home we stayed nude most of the time.

Then came the meeting with the casting crew of the Hawaii series.  Scott read his script and agreed to do the show.  Scott insisted on a top floor suite for us at the best hotel on the island.  I got to meet the other start of the show and had to confess to Scott that I wanted them also.  He laughed loudly.

Scott and I had sex almost nightly and after our first week there, he came to my bed one night and slipped in beside me.  Leaning close to my ear, he whispered, "I want you to fuck me."

"You serious?" I replied as I turned to face him. 

"Oh yes!  I need you bad."

He was prepared and he began lubing my rapidly stiffening cock and his beautiful hole.  With me on my back, he began to sit on my hard cock as he leaned forward and began tongue kissing me.  Moments later, my cock was buried in his ass balls deep.  He worked it in and out for a few moments before flipping us both over with him on his back and me on top. 

As I looked into his eyes he said, "You feel so good in my ass.  I love it.  Now fuck me and fuck me hard.  That's an order!"

I pounded his ass as hard and deep as I could as we kissed and he loved it.  I soon filled his ass with my hot thick load.  then I decided to see just how far he would go.  As I pulled out, I quickly leaned down and began rimming his ass, collecting all my load in my mouth as it drained out of his hole. He moaned loudly and once I had collected it all, I leaned forward and went to kiss him.  As I got close, he grabbed my head and pulled me to him, and as he kissed me he forced my mouth open with his tongue and devoured the cum that had been in my mouth.

I knew then that he was as wild as I was, and I couldn't wait to find out just how wild he really was.

Filming began and I was with him on the set most of the time.  Filming of the first episode had finished, and there was a few days before the next episode began.  One day as I paid some of his bills and verified his schedule, we went out on his own. 

After a few hours, he called and said he had a surprise for me and would be back at the suite in an hour.  Regardless of how much I begged, he refused to tell me anything about what was going on.  An hour later, he arrived at the suite and when he walked in, he told me to go to my room and wait.  I did, reluctantly.  A few minutes later I was called back into the living room and when I entered I froze.

TO BE CONTINUED....................... 



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