I worked in a local straight bar as a bartender at night for some years for extra cash. Its a real hot spot with guys who come to watch the ball games and unwind. At night it became a great live music bar with a good young 20-30 year old crowd.

One week I was asked to cover a day shift. I started at 11am and was to be done at 7pm. This day wasnt very busy but it had its perks.

It was about 1 oclock and I had noticed a young guy about 21 sitting at the end of the bar. I said hello and he introduced himself as Tom and I did the same as Tony. He was about 5' 10' with blond hair and green eyes. Had a smile that could kill. He looked as if he had skipped shaving that morning as a stubble of hair covered his handsome face.

That day we talked on and off all day. He started to come to the bar on nights I worked and we became friends over the next year. Over that year I always saw him come in with women and leave with women so I never had a thought he might be gay or even Bi.

One Night I told Tom that I was going to Florida next week for my day job to a conference and the best thing was the company was paying for the entire week and I only had to attend 3 days of the conference. Kidding around I said you should come down and spend your birthday in Florida and hang out while im working and when im off we can go crazy. Well to my suprise he said he was going to see if he could take vacation and take me up on the offer. Said he needed to get away and really couldnt afford anything but if the hotel room was paid for he could swing it if I didnt mind sharing a room. I said lets do it and we did.

We arrived in West Palm at the hotel. We hung out that night and made it an early night as I was due at the conference early next morning.

For the next 3 days and nights I was busy as hell with work but Tom had fallen into a pattern of hanging by the pool and working on his tan. The last night of my conference I told Tom i would be back by 4pm and lets meet up at the pool bar. I needed a few good drinks.

I met Tom at 4 as planned at the bar. He was wearing yellow boardies and no shirt. This was really the first time I had seen him shirtless. He had a nice small crop of blond hair on his chest and arms. He was built like a bull. Defined chest and arms but a ever so slight tight fuzzy belly. It was such a damn turn on. You could see just a hint of his manhood in his shorts.

We sat at the bar and had a few drinks and dinner. Laughed and drank some more. He suggested we hang out at the pool bar tonight as they had live music at 9pm. I agreed and he said he needed to go to the room and change his shorts and shirt and he would be back in 15 minutes. I watched him stumble away and I continued to drink and enjoy the veiw at the pool.

About 45 min goes by and Toms not back. I decide to go find him. I get to the room and find him face down passed out on the bed in nothing but tighty whites. It took all my self control not to touch that perfect ass. I notice he had showered and I decide to do the same and then wake him when Im done so we can head out.

I come out of the shower and he is now face up on the bed out cold. His buldge starring me in the face. Soft it looks to be about 6 inches. I try to wake him but he is snoring away. As I touch his arm to wake him I feel myself becoming more and more

aware of his cock buldge. So i slwoly start to rub my hand over his stomache and chest. Im completely hard now. I work so slowly down to his waitband. Still his breathing hasnt changed. I gently touch the head of his cock through his underwear. Still no break in his breathing. I become more bold and start to rub his cock through the fabric ever so lightly. still no break in his breathing. I start to notice his cock start to shift. Its growing in my hand. still his breathing hasnt changed. Im so turned on at this point that i start to jack his cock slowly. It grows rock hard to about 7.5 inches and starts to poke out his wait band. I lift his waist band to release his cock. It springs out and I see it in its glory. Thick full mushroom head with a hot vein running down the underside of his shaft leading to smooth big low hangers. Im holding it so gently and stroking it. I need it in my mouth. I lean down and touch the tip with my tongue. I look up and ther is still no break in his breathing. I decide I need to take it in my mouth. I swallow his cock head and start to work his shaft. Im jerking my cock wildly. I work his shorts down to release his balls and im just lapping his manhood up. As im sucking his dick im rubbing his chest and nips.

I look up and notice he has a slight grin on his face but his breathing hasnt changed. I keep working his meat. I feel his cock start to swell and his balls shift and I know im going to get his hot man juice. He erupts in my mouth and I pull off intime to ave the rest shoot al over my face. I quickly use his come to finish my own cock off.

I wipe his cock and chest off and flip his shorts back and head into the shower.

as im in the shower I wonder if he was awake or not the whole time. I re enter the room and he is now under the cover sleeping. I decide to go downstairs for a bit and let him sleep.

When I get back to the room he is in the shower so I knock on the door and he yells for me to come in. I enter the room and see him standing in the shower drying himself off. Water dripping from that cock I just had in my mouth.

I said whats up and he said ' next time just ask if you want to give me head' ' 'Its here for your taking and I hope your looking to take it now'.

For the next 3 days I spent alot of time on my knees in front of that hot throbbing cock.

Since that trip we have become casual fuck buddies. He needs head or I need a good ass fucking ... we meet!



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