The last shaving of my head was in November last year and it was time to get my head clean again and so on Sunday night I stood naked in front of the mirror and saw my head overgrown with too much hair. With one hand I grabbed my hair and with the other one my penis and made it grow big in my hand. As I felt my orgasm coming I masturbated with both hands and when the sperm came shooting out I caught it with my hands and shampood my hair with it.

Now I put my head over the sink and pushed a dildo up my ass. Pushing it back and forth with both hands I rinsed my hair full of sperm under the warm water. When my hair was well rinsed and wet I stood against the wall pushing the dildo deep inside me. The water from my wet hair was dripping down on my naked body. I took a lot of shampoo and washed my hair fucking myself up my ass.

That went on for some time and then I took the dildo out of my ass and went under the shower. Rinsing my hair under the shower I had again my penis in both hands and as my hair was rinsed clean I shot the next load of sperm out.

With a hair dryer and some mud wax I styled my hair that it was standing off from my head in all directions. Then I took a clipper and put a 3 mm guide on and started cutting my hair down to that length all over my head. When that was done and my hair was even long all around I adjusted the clipper down to zero taking the guide off. Before I continued shaving my head I touched my spiky hair all over with one hand and masturbated again with the other. When my penis was thick, big and hard again I left it alone and concentrated on shaving my hair off from my head.

I started at the sideburns and shaved around my ears down to the neck. Doing that on both sides I was getting a Mohawk and I left a one inch wide Mohawk on the middle of my head from the front to the back of my head. With both hand I felt the shaved parts of my head and the remaining hair in the middle and my penis got hard again.

Now it was the time to give these shaved parts the proper shave with shaving cream and razor. I put lots of shaving cream on my head and also worked it into the Mohawk. Then I took the razor and shaved left and right of the Mohawk against the grain. After that I put my head again over the sink and rinsed the Mohawk and shampooed it again. I masturbated again for a few minutes watching my shampooed Mohawk in the mirror.

After rinsing the Mohawk with water and dying and styling it again it was time to get completely bald again. This time I started at the back of my head and guided the clipper upwards and further on top of my head from the back to the front. My Mohawk was falling down and I got excited about it again. My penis was standing off from my body in a right angle and stayed so while I finally shaved my head completely clean with shaving cream and razor.

When all my head was shaved and clean I went to bed. I pushed again the dildo up my ass and lying on my back I fucked myself moving up and down masturbating my penis again with both hands. The sperm that shot out after a short time I used as an aftershave on my head and feeling the wet fluid on my shaved head I fell asleep.

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