San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with so much to see and do packed within its borders that a vacation could last for months. However, I wasn't on vacation, I was on a business trip, and right now I hated San Diego with a barely controlled passion. None of this had anything to do with business, and I knew it. The meetings had gone better than I dared dream; I was a hero to my boss and a savior to the troops...and a fading memory to my lover. I was focused on this last one as I stared out the window of my hotel room at the city lights, imagining all sorts of people who hadn't just been dumped partying their asses off. The fact that my lover had been a philandering shit I was glad to be rid of had momentarily slipped my mind. I was on my third or fourth drink.

Than, almost magically, I was walking through the sand at the edge of Mission Bay, staring out at the inky water, then up at the black velvet, rhinestone studded sky. I could hear something particularly insistent and offensive pounding out of the speakers in the lounge. The moving shapes created brittle laughter as they partied their vacant little minds out. I walked down the short pier, muttering something to myself about the fabled long walk. The pretty boat was at the end. The pretty man was doing something to the engine.

I stared at him, knowing I was licking my lips like a starving hound, knowing that my cock was getting visibly hard, and knowing there was a strong likelihood that the stud would punch me into the Bay for my troubles. He didn't, though. He smiled at me, and looked around his boat. 'Pretty, isn't she?' he said, in a deep, rich voice. I nodded, my hungry gaze fastened on his thighs. 'Gorgeous,' murmured somebody close to me. Somebody with a high, squeaky voice. Me, I realized suddenly. 'Yes,' I said hastily, in a more normal tone. 'It's a beautiful boat.' He stood and rattled off a lot of boat information, none of which I understood nor cared about, as long as he'd stay standing in the pool of golden light cast by the pier lamp, that made his tan look like bronze and not mind my erection. He grinned at me. 'I need to take it out. Want to come?' I stared at him, trying to remember if there had been a slight stress on 'come' and decided it had just been my imagination. The only boat I had ever known intimately had shared a bathtub with me when I was three, so I held on for dear life as my companion powered up 'his baby' and headed out into the Bay.

He talked a lot, and that was good. I had been struck dumb by the nearness of long, dark hair flowing in the wind, bright, deep brown eyes, a body that just went on and on, and a bathing suit that managed to be respectable and revealing at the same time. His name was Toby and my balls were beginning to hurt. My cock was trying to crawl out of my pants. All I could do was try not to fall out of the boat. Periodically, he'd turn and flash me a perfect smile, complete with deep dimples. He said a lot of things about boats, a lot of things about Mission Bay and one or two things about the Pacific. I remembered none of them. I managed not to say 'I want to kneel before you and suck your cock and swallow your cum., unless you'd prefer to have me slide my cock into that tight luscious ass and fuck you. Your choice.' The engine suddenly made 'slowing down' sounds, and my Captain did 'stop the boat' things, then offered me a beer. I sat across from him, sipped beer and looked up at the night. It was a perfect night. The perfect night was destined to get better. Toby sat back and stretched his arms along the pillows. He smiled at me, waiting. I smiled back, then aimed one of my longing glances at his thighs. My glance got hung up on the huge bulge in the front of his suit. A huge bulge. An award winning bulge. My jaw didn't exactly hit the deck, but it was close. Toby slid out of his suit and walked to stand in front of me.

The most incredible cock I personally have ever seen was suddenly in my mouth and I was sucking with a lust I hadn't felt in a long time. I estimated 9 inches, very thick, very dark, with full, heavy balls and thick pubic hair. I couldn't get enough of him in my mouth to satisfy me. I kept bobbing my head, sliding my tight, wet lips up and down his shaft, relaxing my throat, determined that every inch was going to be mine. I could feel his huge, mushroom shaped head at the top of my throat. I slid my palms up and down his muscled thighs, around to his tight, round ass, up to his flat, washboard stomach, then down to his balls. He was full, and way past ready. By the time I realized he had said, 'I'm going to cum,' I was swallowing for dear life as he pumped my mouth and throat full of his hot cream. I swallowed as much as I could, then had to let the rest drip out of my mouth. I looked up at him, and his face was twisted in the most incredible expression of bliss I'd ever seen. It made 'was it good for you?' a very, very stupid question indeed, but I asked it anyway, and was rewarded with a look of exquisite tenderness. 'Let me show you how good it was,' he whispered, and knelt before me.

I wasn't so much undressed as unwrapped, like a valued gift. He spent a long time kissing my mouth, then took off my shirt. He seemed to find great pleasure in the fact that I had chest hair, and rubbed his face against it, then fastened his lips on my nipple. He sucked one erect, then pinched and pulled at it as he sucked the other. I held his head to my chest and let the waves of pleasure wash over me. I felt his hands drop to my pants and open them. I lifted my hips briefly as he slid the rest of my clothes, and my shoes off. I sat back and ran my fingers through his hair as he took me in his mouth. He knelt, eyes closed, and sucked me, sliding his tongue all over my cock, caressing every part of me with his hands. He opened his eyes suddenly, and I could see the smile in them as he looked up at me. 'Damn,' I said in a hoarse voice. 'It's incredible. Just incredible.' Flames seemed to shoot from his eyes when I spoke, and his mouth moved faster. I talked for as long as I could, long past coherency, my legs wrapped around him, my toes curling, trying to hold back the explosion that was demanding to be released. Somehow I managed to communicate to him that I was about to flood his mouth, and he was ready when stars exploded in front of my eyes and my helpless, throbbing cock pumped cum into him. He sucked and swallowed greedily, and I just kept on cumming. We ended up on the deck, surrounded by pillows and I took a very spontaneous nap.

I either awoke or regained consciousness a little while later. Toby managed to convince me that the only thing out there that was going to eat me was him, and we took a swim over the side. I felt wild and primal as I swam to him, grabbed him and took his mouth in a deep, demanding kiss. He went limp in my arms, and I held him as he floated. When we got back in the boat, we were both hard again. We lay on the deck and let the air dry our bodies as our tongues danced together and our hands explored. We worked ourselves into a twitching state of arousal, making the foreplay last until we were half-mad with desire. He rolled away from me, and rose to his hands and knees. 'Take me,' he said harshly. 'Fuck me.' I lunged at his ass, licking and biting the smooth skin. I thrust my tongue into the crack in his ass and massaged his balls with one hand. He groaned, dropped his head and thrust his ass back at me. 'Damn, that feels good,' he gasped. 'So damned good. Tongue me. Eat me.' I spread his ass cheeks apart and thrust my tongue into his tight, puckered hole. He groaned helplessly. 'More,' he begged. 'Oh, damn, more.' I gave him more than I thought I had, until my tongue was exhausted. He was very unsteady on his hands and knees, precum dripping from his cock. He slapped a cabinet open on the third try, and fished out a tube of lubricant that he batted back at me. 'I want your cock,' he said with a strangled howl. 'Damn it, I want your cock to fuck my ass.'

I grinned down at his ass, and went deliberately slow, teasing and tormenting him as much as possible. I let the swollen head of my cock bump his ass often, and each time he reacted as if he had been given a powerful electric shock. I lubricated my index finger and slid it up and down his crack until he was begging. I teased his hole, rubbing around it, inserting the tip then withdrawing it, then rubbing around again. Just when his voice was beginning to crack, I thrust the finger in. He gasped and slammed his hips back at me. I held my wrist rigid, and he humped the hell out of my finger. I watched my hand slam against his perfect ass until I'd teased and tormented myself past endurance. I slid in a second finger and he kept humping. I slicked up my cock with my other hand, and stroked it slowly as I watched him furiously buck back and fuck my fingers. I slid the fingers out and he howled. I held the head of my cock against his hole. He pushed back and the head popped in. He sucked in air sharply, then thrust back, taking my entire shaft in one hard movement. I grabbed his hips and held him still, my cock buried in his ass. 'Tell me,' I growled. 'Tell me you want me to fuck you.' Toby said a lot of things. They may have even been words, but I couldn't prove it. When he got to howling like an animal in pain, I started to move my hips. Slowly at first, still holding him still, then faster and faster. I let go of his hips and gave his ass a slap. He shoved back at me as I slammed forward. We rutted like two animals, the force causing the boat to bounce on the surface of the ocean. My cock stabbed his tight hole, my balls slammed against his, and he kept humping back hard for more. We had fallen into a duet of low, grunting noises. He had two fists planted on the deck, and I had two fists on his hips. We both had our fingernails dug into our palms, trying desperately to make it last as long as possible.

It lasted long past anything two rational people would have done to their bodies. We fused into one solid lump of sex, then exploded. I could actually hear his cum splatter on the deck an instant before I flooded his ass. Then all I could hear was an odd ringing sound. I slid forward on his cum-slicked thighs as he pitched face first into a pillow. His body slid in his cum and I rode his back until we collided with a cabinet and stopped. I managed to get off him on the second try, landed hard, then stared at him. 'Oof,' he said. I nodded at him agreeably. 'Oof,' I repeated.

San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It's also a great place to live. It's an amazing place to fuck.


Morgan Grayson

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