At the last minute, a file had been dumped in my lap with instructions to set up a meeting and secure a large contract our construction company had been trying to get. I lost a couple nights' sleep going over and over the presentation in my mind, but, in the end, I shouldn't have worried. The meeting went so well that the prospective client, a handsome man named Mark, whipped out his pen and inked the contract with a flourish, without even being asked to sign. I was amazed at my good fortune and delighted to be doing business with such a nice guy.

We both seemed relieved when I put the contract into my briefcase, concluding our business. I guess both of us felt we had gotten what we wanted. Mark visibly relaxed and asked if I'd join him for a drink. I gladly agreed.

We were in my suite at one of the major hotels in his city. He had suggested meeting in my hotel room rather than his office as a way of keeping our focus on the business, uninterrupted by office trivia and phone calls. I assumed he'd want to go down to one of the large bars in the lobby for the drink, but as I made the motions of reaching towards the chair over which I'd hung my suit coat, he stopped me.

"Why don't we stay right here for that drink?" he asked. "It's so nice and quiet, here. I was very pleased to see you had taken a big suite, like this. It affords one such comfortable privacy."

"My feelings, exactly," I concurred. "I'll fix us something from the bar. What would you like?"

He stared at me for a moment, giving me a flash of uneasiness for some reason, like he was piercing my defenses, but then told me his drink preference.

We talked casually and easily as we sipped our drinks. I liked being with him. He was very cordial and even entertaining. I could tell he was relaxed with me, too.

As we started our second drink, I became conscious of the fact that I had been intrigued from the outset by his upper lip. It had a very thin, straight line, preciously in the middle, extending from under his nose, down to, and continuing down into, his thick, well-formed, upper lip. The line had the coloration of a surgical scar, but it was obviously simply a naturally occurring thin line on this handsome face. It forced one's attention to the perfection of the curves and patterns of his lips. It fascinated me. I found that I had to say something about it. But I had to be careful. He wore a wedding band and I didn't want to give him the wrong impression.

"Women must find that fine line on your lip," I started, cautiously, touching my own upper lip as I spoke, "very interesting and appealing." I held my breath, hoping he wouldn't become annoyed with my unbusinesslike familiarity.

"Some men do, too," he responded with a smile and a twinkle in his eye, leaning in towards me in a gesture of approachability.

"I guess I'm one of 'em," I replied.

"I've been hoping you were." There was a softness, an invitational quality, to the comment. It took my breath away. For once, I didn't know what to say.

He broke the silence as we stared at one another.

"You noticed my lip," he said, huskily, in tones that sounded like he was getting turned on, "but I noticed your fine build under that business shirt and tie. Your big pecs and hard nipples glow right through. Ever since I walked in here, I've been wanting to find out how they'd feel in my hands."

My mouth dropped open. I had debated whether to greet him wearing my suit coat or not. Now I was glad I had not.

"Those tailored trousers," he continued, "highlight one of the finest asses I've seen in a long time. Do you only display your fine body, or can it be played with, too?"

"Oh!" I responded, surprised at his boldness, "It can be played with, believe me; it can be played with!"

"What kind of games?" he asked, breathlessly. His hand slid down into his crotch.

"If you can name it! I can play it." Now I felt bold. I also felt I was getting an erection.

"You'll do anything I name?" he asked, surprised.

I smiled.

"Do you suck cock?" he asked, eyes bulging with interest.

I simply nodded.

"Do you take cock up the ass?" His voice was a whisper of intensity.

I nodded.


I nodded.

"Fuck ass?"

I nodded.

"Geez!" he hissed, sighing out the word in a long exhalation of pent-up breath. "This is incredible. I've got a big hardon just talking about it."

"Me, too."

"What should we do about 'em?"

"There's a big double bed in the other room," I said quietly.

He came up out of his chair like the room was suddenly on fire.

"Com'on, let's go," he said excitedly. I couldn't really tell if he had a hardon hidden under his clothes because his suit coat concealed any evidence of it. But I knew I'd find out in a moment.

Undressing with him had been a special pleasure. We both wanted to rip off the other's clothes, but we suppressed our instincts and politely disrobed ourselves, taking care to place everything neatly over chair backs and on tables so that when we re-dressed nothing would be disheveled.

When he was down to boxer shorts and black knee-length socks, he took off his watch and ring. Then, he sat on a bedside chair and removed his socks. He was only a year or two older than I was, I assumed, (I was 29 at the time) and he was quite obviously in great physical shape. Besides his strong build, his most impressive asset was the very large bulge in his shorts. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it.

I had stripped to my bikini briefs, which made my erection look even more obvious than his. The flimsy cloth could barely contain it, and it forced a large gap at the waistband.

"Boy, you really look ready for some fun," Mark said, playfully, running a palm down over the bulk in his shorts. I liked his lighthearted approach to our encounter. So often egos tend to get in the way, or concerns over who does what to whom. There was none of that with him. He simply wanted a good time. I felt exactly the same way.

"Fun and games," I said, grabbing the covers on my side of the bed. He moved to the other side and grabbed the covers and we threw them, together, over the end of the bottom of the bed. A clean sheet covering a large double bed was all that stood between us. We didn't need blankets or covers. Neither of us intended to sleep.

I stared at him for a moment, suddenly wondering whether I should strip nude in front of him, or wait for him to tug off my briefs. It was one of those rare moments in life when an unforgettable image is burned into memory. It was the instant of recognition that we were standing there facing one another, both of us erect, both of us turned on by the other, and neither of us knowing whether we should take off our own underpants, or wait for the other guy to do it.

Mark sprawled out on the bed. "Come here," he demanded, softly.

I needed no further encouragement. I got up on the bed and crawled over to him. Then, I crawled on top of him and stretched out over him. The contact with his exciting body was exquisite. Every cell of my body tingled with pleasure.

Our erections pressed against each other. Mine straightened out and poked above the waistband of my briefs. It throbbed.

His arms wrapped over my back and his hands began a massaging action. They moved lower and lower until they slid under my briefs and were massaging my ass cheeks.

"What a fine ass!" he whispered directly into my ear. It tickled with an erotic delight.

I seemed aware of every contact point between us. The touch of his body was exceptionally electrifying for me. His strong hands, now prying apart my ass cheeks, were raising me to incredible heights of passion. His thick, strong fingers started playing with the sensitive pucker of my asshole and I knew I would be getting fucked by someone who knows how to do it right. I groaned with pleasure at the thought.

"You want it, don't you, man," he asked huskily, although it wasn't really a question.

"Yes," I admitted excitedly, "I want it bad." A finger poked into me as I pressed back against it.

"Well, strip us naked, get me ready, man, and you'll get what you want." He dropped his hands to his sides, waiting for my next move.

I spread my knees and knelt with his thighs between my legs. I reached down and unsnapped his boxer shorts. I opened them wide and displayed his erection for both of us to look at and to admire. It was a big one. Long, thick, fat, attractive, and so vibrant with passion it throbbed stiffly above his abdomen.

I licked my lips and he grinned.

I squirmed downwards and tugged the edge of his shorts with both hands. He raised his hips to help and the garment slid down his legs, revealing a handsome set of very large balls in a big sac. This was a real man. I felt heady with lust.

I removed my leg from over his and he raised his legs to allow the shorts to be pulled off. I tossed them over to the chair. Then, I pushed my own shorts down to my knees, and then off, tossing them, too, onto the chair. They landed on top of his.

Mark was watching me. His eyes seemed to grow larger as he saw my uncovered cock. It was at least as big as his, maybe even somewhat bigger. I had the feeling it was more than he had expected.

To divert his attention, I straddled his legs again, then leaned down and buried my face in the crevice between his thighs. My tongue licked the hot flesh and slowly I moved upwards towards his crotch. My forehead brushed against his balls. I moved up further, smelling the rich, masculine odors of this sexy male. My tongue lapped onto an oval ball and I felt the skin of his scrotum squirm with delight.

"That's it, suck my balls, man," he purred. I like men who are verbal. But, I needed no instruction. I loved what I was doing.

I sucked off all the fresh flavors on his balls, getting down into the crevices and lapping the entire area. Then, I made my way up the long column of hard meat. It was hot. It pulsated with vigor. As my lips slid over the fat corona, sucking the thick cockhead into my mouth, Mark humped his hips up into my face and hissed, "That's it! Oh, yes. Suck my cock!"

I love sucking cock. It feels so good, so right. It gives me such pleasure. My whole body quivered with excitement as the thick shaft slowly filled my mouth. I made a good job of it. I took my time. I sucked and twirled my tongue, and began bobbing on the long length of hard meat. Then I allowed it to penetrate slowly into my throat, until, finally, I was deep-throating it with exceptionally expert technique as Mark went crazy.

"Oh, man! Oh, man! You're sucking it right down to the base, man. You've got the whole fucking thing in your mouth. Jesus, will you look at that! No one's ever taken in the whole thing." Then he added, "What a cocksucker!" with an awe-struck voice. It was in no way meant as a putdown. That was clear. In fact, it was a heartfelt compliment to my skills as a cocksucker. He liked how having his cock sucked right made him feel and I loved making him feel it.

He had raised himself up onto his elbows for a better look. I came up to the head of the cock and then, without disconnecting, crawled towards him. I put my hand on his chest and indicated I wanted him to lie down, again. He did so as I continued moving my body towards his face. Suddenly, he understood what I was doing.

"Oh, yeah, man! Bring that big cock up to me. That's it. Let me get a taste of cock, too." He lifted a hand and encircled my erection, drawing it to its goal. I sprawled my knees over his shoulders, and raised up so he could aim the cockhead at his mouth. He wasn't a stranger to my actions and assisted in the maneuvers. First, I felt hot breath on my cockhead and then a tongue suddenly lashed at the tender flesh. It was great! He knew what to do. My cock sank into the moist heat of his mouth. I sighed, internally, with pleasure, and sank back down on the cock in my mouth, deep-throating it again with agile expertise and getting it in even deeper because of the new, better position we were in.

I believe he came to notice that when he sucked my cock vigorously, I got excited and sucked his with even more vigor. It wasn't long before both of us were sucking for all we were worth. I was amazed that neither of us shot a quick load, but I think the concentration needed to suck cock diverts the focus from coming and prolongs the intense pleasures of a sixty-nine, especially when both men are as well matched as we two were.

But, when men are sixty-nining, and doing it right, nature won't allow their passions to go unfulfilled. I had the feeling Mark had wanted this only to be a preliminary to ass-fucking, originally not intending it to go all the way to the extreme of ejaculation, but neither of us now wanted to back off. It simply felt too good to stop. We were both sucking at maximum capabilities. I had reached the stage of not knowing whether I was enjoying the cock in my throat more than the mouth on my own cock. I prided myself as an expert cocksucker, but Mark was no slouch in the cocksucking department either. He was good!

I became aware that Mark was humming on my cock. He was telling me he was ready to let go. Set to blast off. So was I. I hummed onto his cock, too. It was an erotic vibration in my throat and on my cock. I was certain he was experiencing the same erotic phenomenon.

While that thought occurred to me, Mark's cock stiffened to iron-rigid hardness. It's the moment I love best. Every contour, every curve of a good cock is felt at that moment. I swallowed. Mark shuddered and an explosion of cum shot out of his cock. Instantaneously, I fired off into his mouth, too. Spurt after spurt of hot semen jetted into each of us. We kept shooting for the longest time. It was marvelous. I was in ecstasy.

Slowly, we disconnected. I repositioned myself, lying next to him. We smiled a bit hesitantly at one another, each wondering what the other thought about what we'd just done, each just a bit nervous about his own performance. You know how you can get immediately after an orgasm, and especially after such an earth-shattering experience like this. I wondered what to say.

"It's been a long time since I've had a simultaneous orgasm with a partner," Mark sighed quietly, with clear emotion.

"It was fantastic," I sighed.

"Yeah, it was. Wasn't it." It wasn't a question. He agreed completely.

"You're terrific," I told him honestly.

"So are you," he said without hesitation, but then added, "only, I wish..." he stopped.

"What do you wish?" I asked softly.

"I wish I had had the chance to fuck that hot ass of yours, man," he admitted, looking disappointed. I guess he figured we were through for the day. One orgasm and, boom, the game is over.

I smiled.

He looked puzzled.

"What is it?" I asked. "Do you have to punch a clock, or something?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, are you in a hurry?"

"Well, no," he said slowly, thinking about it. "Everyone figured this meeting with you would take all day."

"Then, relax. Com'on into the bathroom. I'll wash off this big dick of yours, and then we'll get some refreshments. When you've recovered your strength, we'll see how well this big thing..." I grabbed his deflating dick and squeezed, "...fits my tight ass. What do you say?"

"You mean you're still willing to let me fuck you?" He seemed genuinely surprised.

"Let you?" I asked with a laugh, "I'm damn near begging you to give it to me. Why wouldn't I be?"

"It's been my experience that once a guy blows his wad, his interest goes to hell. That's why there was a point there, where I had wanted to get you to stop sucking. Where I wanted to stop sucking you. I was afraid..."

"Don't be," I interrupted, "I can easily come several times in a row. You can too, even though you might think you're only good for one shot a day. Stick around. You'll come again. That's a promise."

He grinned, grabbed me, and gave me a great big bear hug, which I returned with enthusiasm.

* * * * *

We had eaten a good lunch, ordered up from room service, and had another drink or two. Mark was feeling good about the day, I could tell, as he lounged around in only a towel for covering. I was wearing a robe, which I didn't bother to keep tied shut, allowing him to catch glimpses of my body as I moved about. (I had wondered what the room service boy thought of our attire. He gave me a sexy smile as I gave him a very big tip.)

"You know, you're a very sexy guy, Jack," Mark suddenly said to me, a wistful note in his voice, and I knew it was time for us to return to the bedroom. He was ready. So was I.

I walked over to him and held out my hand. He took it, a puzzled look on his face, and I pulled him up to his feet, out of the chair he'd been sitting in. Wordlessly, I led him to the bed. He came with me without hesitation.

I tugged the towel from his loins. His cock was already semi-hard with anticipation.

"I'd like a nice, full fuck," I admitted, letting the robe slide off of my body.

"Oh, yeah! Let's do it. You're getting me all hard, again. See?" he whispered in a tension filled voice as he posed to display his rapidly erecting fantastic organ.

We embraced excitedly, standing there, feeling our cocks stiffening as they pressed together. We edged towards the bed and tumbled on to it rather awkwardly, all arms and legs entwined, and started to laugh. The laughter was the best evidence of our complete enjoyment with each other. We were relaxed and ready to fuck!

"I want it," I sighed, suddenly serious.

"How?" he asked quietly.

"Whatever you like," I offered.

"I... I..." he stammered hesitantly.

"Yes," I said.

"I like variety," he finally admitted.

"I love it!" I agreed enthusiastically.

We became animals! Fucking me face down on my stomach; on my hands and knees; sitting on his cock as he sat at the side on the bed; standing next to the bed; and finally walking cock-in-ass to watch ourselves fucking in the bathroom mirrors. I could see in his face a clear level of delight; of ecstasy, and saw the same emotions written on my face, too.

When he began to hump short thrusts of urgent power into me, communicating his rise to climax, my untouched cock shot out a thick, long rope of white semen. It flew over to the mirror and splattered onto the reflection of his face from his viewpoint he exclaimed with excitement, as we came together. The strength on my orgasm seemed double what it had been earlier and I nearly blocked our view as I covered the mirror in white. He jarred my ass for the longest time with his strong eruption, and then seemed to collapse against my back, holding me tightly in his loving embrace.

"Oh, man," he sighed into my ear, "it's never been better than this! We fit together perfectly!"

I hummed my complete agreement. Words were unnecessary.

Still connected, we moved as of one mind into the shower and rinsed off as we slowly disengaged. While rubbing each other with towels, I said, "Stay for dinner."

"Okay," he agreed quickly.

"And then stay the night!" I begged, holding my breath.

"Wow! You want more, don't you, you sexy fucker!" I saw his dick enlarge at the thought. Mine did, too.

"I want lots more!" And I got it!


Jack Sofelot


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