A Good Day at the Boat Show  

I went to a boat and fishing event yesterday with zero thoughts or expectation of sucking dick. It was one of those shows where dealers from all over the US come and set up displays. It was at a large coliseum type location with easily 3000 people present. There were 4 different men's restrooms and thanks to moving around quite a bit I think I used them all during the 9 hours I was there.

On the third restroom break I went in and the place was packed with every urinal busy and people lined up waiting a turn. In the back corner of the restroom were a few stalls so I slipped into one to pee.

As soon as I turned from latching the door I spotted the gloryhole. I hesitated, not sure what to do. The place was busy and I didn't want to be too blatant or anything. Then I decided to just sit down and see what happened.

After I sat down I realized the gloryhole was perfectly positioned to suck cock while sitting on the commode. It was about the diameter of a wine bottle. Added bonus was the bathroom was an odd shaped, not just a plain square, and the stalls were situated almost around a corner. With walls that extended from about 4 inches off of the floor to over 6 feet high I realized that it would be possible for some glory hole play with very little risk of being caught so I decided to wait a few minutes and see if anything happened.

My wait turned out to be short. I was only there maybe 3 or 4 minutes before someone went in the other stall. I realized it could simply be someone actually using the commode, so I avoided looking through the hole at first.

When I heard him start peeing and splashing in the commode I risked a peek. Nice cock, cut, nice balls. I watched him pee then looked away as he finished.

About a minute passed and he hadn't left so I risked another peek and was greeted with the sight of him gently stroking a semi-hard cock.

Jackpot! I leaned over and put my mouth near the hole. He quickly stepped forward and slipped his cock through the hole and into my mouth.

I eagerly clamped my lips around the shaft and pulled on it with a hard suction. When he started working his hips and moving in and out of my mouth I felt his cock get thicker in my mouth. I sucked him for maybe 3 or 4 minutes and then he moaned, “Oh, Ohmigod! Yessssss,” and erupted and I felt the warm gush of cum in my mouth.

Then before I could even perform the obligatory last drop milking he slid his cock out of my mouth and back through the hole. And in almost record time he zipped up and dashed out.

Because of the crowd and the long line the stall was only empty for a couple of minutes. Like the guy before I could hear his piss splashing in the commode. But unlike the previous guy as soon as he finished he zipped up and was gone.

Instead of leaving I decided to wait and see what happened.

Again in minutes I heard the door open and close and the stall was occupied again.

This time the guy knew what he wanted. Instead of taking a piss he poked his already hard dick through the hole. His cock was much nicer than the previous one…long and thick enough to enjoy. I quickly wrapped my lips around it but before I could start to suck it down his cock pulsated hard on my lips and a hot stream of cum squirted out and down my throat. It shot so hard and fast I didn't have any warning and I started to gag on it. I swallowed quickly, but some of the salty fluid came out the corner of my mouth.

The cock slid out of my mouth and out of the hole and they were gone.

I’d been in the stall so long that I figured that I was pushing my luck so I pulled up my pants and left.

As I browsed around looking at new boats I couldn’t wait until I had to pee again. About 10 minutes later I came to another restroom. Like the first it was crowded. All the urinals were full with a line waiting. Again the stalls were in back. The only one open was the handy cap stall.

I barely had the stall door shut before there was a semi-hard dick sticking through the hole. The handy cap stall was so large that I couldn’t sit on the commode and reach the offered cock, so I went to my knees by the hole.

It wasn't a large cock but very nice sized. But when I took it in my mouth, the soft feeling of skin in my mouth was exciting. I could feel all the veins on the shaft with my tongue and how the soft hood of that cock felt as it rubbed on the roof of my mouth.

It wasn’t long until I felt the throbbing cock grow inside his hot mouth and knew my anonymous lover was getting ready to cum. I couldn’t wait to have this luscious cock spewing into his throat. I picked up the pace and sucked deeper and harder. I felt my anonymous sperm donor thrust his hip against the other side of the wall and then the first spasm hit and a gush of thick, steamy cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed quickly but not fast enough, the second shot of cum filled my mouth and oozed out of the corners.

I was enjoying the feeling of the warm cum in my mouth, languishing in the salty flavor.

Finally, the cock in my mouth stopped the flow of cum and just twitched in my mouth every time I ran my tongue along the sensitive underside. The feeling of having a cock in my mouth was thrilling in. I didn’t want to let go.

I was amazed, here I was, a man with a wife, two kids, who’d never cheated on my wife and here I was having sex with another man letting him fill my mouth with his cum.

There were 4 men’s restrooms there and I made the rounds of all of them twice and sucked 2 to 3 dicks per visit. All and all I’d say it had been a good day.

The end...



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