Jess (Me, 22y/o)

Stephen (My boyfriend, 20 y/o)

Luke (19 y/o)

Daniel (18 y/o)

So a new thing happened day before Veteran's Day, I was part of a 4some. Well, it's kinda new, there have been incidences when it's been 4 people but nothing like this before.

Here is how our story starts out... Stephen and I met these two new kids. Both are freshman and their names are Luke and Daniel. Both are cute in their own right, but they want something. More specifically, Luke is texting me and when we got on to the subject of sex we discuss 3somes and then he suggests things about a 4some. He mentioned how he recently got out of a 2 year relationship and that he was feeling frisky. Everything was so blatant but it really got the ball rolling.

On Veterans' Day Eve, Daniel and Luke come over and we have a little party where everyone is drinking and having a good time. It is a lot of fun. We are playing drinking games, watching movies, and shooting shit. Eventually, James and and my ex Derek join in on the party and it only gets more fun.

Everyone is having fun, but Luke starts texting me saying that he is starting to get tired. So Stephen and I start texting each other about the seriousness of the 4some he was suggesting. You see, at this point he was wanting us all to 'sleep' in the same bed. Eventually Stephen and I come around and let them 'sleep' with us all knowing what is going to transpire. So we four excuse ourselves and crawl into bed.

In the bed, it starts out with us all snuggling with one another (Stephen and Daniel are snuggling) then hands start exploring. Luke is feeling me all over so at one point I turn around and I begin to make out with him. At least, this is how I believe it happened. Allow some room for error considering the level of alcohol consumption. We make out, play with each others penises, we're having some general fun. His penis wasn't as big as Stephen's but it was structured more comfortably. Being more slender it was easier to handle and to be to do more with. It would have allowed for more versatility. When I was playing with his penis, I could feel a generous amount of precum. He seemed to like it when I used it as lube. At one point, I went down on him and took in all his precum in. Before going down on him, we flip-flopped who was on top during this time (mostly it is me) I went down on him. On my way down to his dick, I kissed his body, stopping to tease the nipples and continue my way down. I could feel how thin he was. He was tall and thin, couldn't have weighed more than 140 lbs. When I do start giving him a blowjob I started by licking the sides and eventually the head. I have a firm grip of it in my hand especially when I take as much of it in my mouth as I can. Using both my hand and my mouth I make him moan. We swap positions and he is giving me a blowjob. He is some what rough, but that is because that is how he is used to giving blowjobs to his ex. He asks how I liked it, and I conveyed the roughness then he tried again. He was determined to make it better. I loved how his motives could be seen. For instance, he also asked things like if I thought he was cute. He also wanted me to dirty talk with him. I have never dirty talked before with someone, but I could tell that he was loving it. He knew how to get everything he wanted from me... simply by asking. When I returned to going down on him, I was licking his balls this time while jacking him off, making him moan. It was exciting.

This was all while Daniel and Stephen were taking turns blowing each other and making out. I did reach a hand over and felt Daniel's slender yet smooth cock and then felt Stephen's bigger, more robust one.

Luke's kissing ability must be commented on. Luke kisssed in a manner which I am very accustomed to. He was not too wet, but it was very pleasing. Also, he was afraid to use tongue which I really liked. He was soft, yet aggressive and I responded well to it. Haven't been with a good kisser like that in sometime. Probably not since the days of my first boyfriend. While kissing he would tenderly kiss my neck and I would return the favor. I would run my fingers through his medium-short length frosted hair and it all made it better. It was so intimate and it was great. And you could tell that he enjoyed it as much as I did.

At one point, everything turned, we were grinding on each other while making out and slowing things down. We were making out, we were deeply breathing and there was some anal stimulation. This continued for a while until Luke asked, 'what do you want to do?' I thought about it briefly, then decided to be completely honest, I said, 'I want to fuck you.' Luke liked this, must have thought it was flattering. I would have thought so. So for a while we played with the possibility. While he contemplated it, he and I continued dry humping were the head of my dick was grazing his anus. I was rhythmically passing over it and each time I did he moaned. Eventually he asked again what I would like to do where I restated that I would really like to fuck him. To that, he said ok. During this time, Stephenand and I are talking and he gives me the ok for me to fuck him. But when Luke gave me the ok, I instantly turned and said, 'Stephen, condoms.' He told where they were but ended up getting them for me himself. Condoms and lube were ready for us and Ben and I talked some more. We were grinding with my dick going across his anus this time with him laying on his back and me in a penetrating stance. That is when he said, 'I don't think I can have sex with you, because if I do, I might get too attached... is that ok?' I responded, 'of course, it's whatever you want to do.' He liked my answer.

We switched gears again. Near the conclusion of our night, Luke is on top of me jerking me off while I am jerking him off. I am continuing to talk dirty to him. We are still kissing periodically but we are primarily focusing on sliding our hands up and down each others dicks rhythmically. He wanted us to orgasm together, I knew this because he said, 'When you're about to come, I want you to say my name so I can go at the same time.' We tried to synchronize everything but it didn't work. You see, during this time, Daniel and Stephen were experiencing issues while we messed around. They had to get up and leave while we finished our business. Stephen even came back to look for Daniel's clothes which threw Luke and I off. But we got back on track. Luke and I were working each others dicks hard and that's when I said it, 'Oh! Luke!' I started to cum, I could feel myself jizzing on my chest and it just kept coming. There was so much so that I thought that Luke was coming too but it was all me. While I was coming, I was moaning like crazy and we passionately made out. When I discovered Luke hadn't cum, I continued to jerk him off but he interrupted me saying that he better finish himself off. It was fine by me. He finished himself off and came all over my chest. With that, he collapsed on me and we were breathing heavily and I just held him with him collapsed on top of me.

In regards to getting too attached, he said, 'next time you're single, give me a call.' This would allow us to have sex like he was wanting. I reassuringly said, 'Oh I will, I have your number.' We stayed there for a while, while kissing with me running my fingers up and down in his thin body and through his hair. He melted into me where we kind of became one mass. Our breathing steadied and the whole experience was breath taking even though we didn't fuck. It was intimate yet exciting. I would have done this one more time over. Unfortunately with Daniel leaving, Luke decided to leave too. I wished he could have stayed and cuddled. But Stephen probably would not have liked how Luke was monopolizing my time. You see, I feel like all this happened because Luke liked me. That would explain the bond I was feeling between us.

The next morning, Luke and I are texting. I feel like I should do the 'call the next morning bit.' He said he wasn't sure how he felt about what happened last night. But he did ask me things like, what did he like best that he did. And he fished for compliments. It was cute. But I'm pretty sure he had a crush on me. I feel like I developed a crush on him too... Being with him would be interesting for sure. But I am dating Stephen and that is probably what is most important so I should stick with it. Whatever is meant to be will work out that way. Although, I wouldn't mind do that with him again. Daniel and Stephen or no.



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