I wish he would go away so that I could sit here and wank over a porn mag. I am so horny! I need someone to suck my cock, play with my tits and fuck me to oblivion!

It was a hot morning in mid-summer, and I guess what I was experiencing was what all boys my age went through at this time of year, in this weather. My Dad's footsteps sounded along the hallway again, and once again I had to stuff the magazine under my pillow and bring my hand up above the bedclothes. He appeared in the open doorway.

'Are you ever going to get up?'

'Well you're not exactly UP yourself,' I grinned at him as he stood there in only loose fitting boxers.

Since my Mom had left us, this house had really become a man's domain. The dress-code indoors for both of us was underwear for walking around the house, buck-naked for the journey to and from the shower, and I assumed we both slept naked too.

'Where were you thinking of going dressed like that?'

'I thought I'd go get the groceries,' my Dad responded. 'That would really give people something to talk about!'

'Or put them off their food!'

'Why you...!'

He took a leap from the door and landed on the bed on his hands and knees, astride my naked body, now partially exposed by the bed clothes being shifted with his horsing around. My parents had been really young when they had me. My Dad had just turned eighteen and so we were pretty close in age, considering, and had sort of grown up together. We were best buddies, rather than parent and child.

His face was right in front of mine as he laughed, 'you lazy little shit!'

He sat back on my thighs, pinning me under the bed-sheets. I suddenly realised something had caught his eye to the right of my head.

'What's this?' He reached forward. 'My son reading his first fuck-mag!' Then he was silent. I guess he was expecting pictures of women with huge tits, legs wide open, exposing all they had to offer. What he was looking at were pictures of young men with beefy pecs, exposed assholes and stiff cocks.

The silence was terrifying. I lay there paralysed and stared up into his face trying to work out his reaction. Oddly, all his attention was on the magazine. He started to leaf through the pages, taking everything in. Eventually he seemed to have seen all he needed to, and he finally met my frightened gaze. Only then did he realise just how scared I was.

'Hey, hey. Don't look like that. I'm not about to beat you. I'm not the first father to find out his son is gay. I assume that is what this is telling me?'

My mouth was dry and I had difficulty answering, so initially I nodded. 'Y-yes...' I finally found the power of speech.

I don't know why, but I started to cry. Immediately my Dad pulled me to him in a hug and the bedclothes feel to my waist.

'Hey! It's OK. You're my beautiful son, why wouldn't it be OK.' He hugged me close to his naked torso, rocking me slowly. Then he pulled away slightly and looked into my watery eyes. Very gently, he wiped away my tears from my cheeks. He leant forward and kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes and sighed. He kissed me again - one eyelid after another. I started to relax. It was like being a little boy again. He stroked down my back, making me feel loved and warm. Still holding me to him, he got off me and shifted so that he was lying back against the pillows. He pulled me to him, exposing my nakedness completely, and I rested my face against his muscular chest, lightly dusted with blond hairs, with his erect nipple an inch from my lips. He mussed my hair, kissed my head again, and stroked his hand down my back to my ass, where he rested it.

'I know you might not think it right now, but I'm glad this has happened.' He patted my ass. 'I treasure the opportunity of being this close to my son. You will never know how much I love you. There is nothing you could do that would change that. I'm constantly concerned as to whether I have been a good father to you. It hasn't been easy since your Mom left. I've tried to get the right balance of discipline and love. I hope I've done OK. If you're the evidence, then I'd like to think I've done a good job.'

I lifted my head to look into his eyes, grazing my lips on his nipple as I did so. Now there were tears in both our eyes. I didn't know what words to use to tell him how much I loved him. We just stared deeply into each others eyes. Without any conscious movement, my Dad brought his face towards mine, while I stretched my body to come closer to him. Our lips met and we kissed. It was perfectly natural and I don't think either of us thought anything of it.

My naked body was now draped all down one side of Dad's body. My cock pressed into his boxer-clad hip, my arm hugged him around his wonderful strong torso, and he held me tight to him, with his big hand grasping my bare buttock. We lay like this for quite a while, revelling in the warmth, the closeness and the love.

'Are you OK now?' my Dad asked.


He got up from the bed and held his hand out to me to help me to stand up beside him. He hugged me again.

'Now get in the shower and I'll make you a coffee.' He smacked my ass as he turned and walked to the kitchen.

A little later I wandered into the kitchen to be greeted with the smell of freshly made coffee. As was our custom I was naked and still drying my hair with a towel. I perched on a stool and sipped the hot drink he had made me. He stood across the room from me, looking me up and down and smiling.

'Do you feel ready to talk some more?' he asked. I nodded. And so began a long talk about how I had come to know that I was gay. It was honest and deep. 'Do you have a boyfriend?'

'No .'

'Have you had one in the past?'


'Are you telling me you're a virgin?'

'Yes.' I felt stupidly ashamed.

'But my guess is that you're more than ready to get out there and start experimenting.'

This made me laugh. How great is my Dad?! He laughed back.

'I think I brought you up well enough to be careful with your own safety,' Dad said. 'You will be sensible won't you? I mean, I can just about remember what it's like to be driven crazy by a build-up of testosterone.'

'You're not so old. With a body like yours you could get any woman you want,' I said.

He shifted his gaze from me and for a second his smile dropped. Then he was back, 'Well fortunately for you you're built the same way. I wonder if all those gay guys are prepared for what you have on offer. Now go get dressed, I need help fixing the fence.'

I smiled warmly at him and made to leave. 'Hey! Don't forget your towel,' he said as he cracked it on my ass and then threw it at me. I laughed and went back to my room.


We worked hard that day, grubbing out old fence posts and replacing them with new. Both of us dressed in only denim cut-offs, the sweat was plentiful. Every so often I would stop and admire my Dad. He was so beautiful. People looking at us could easily be mistaken and take us to be brothers: blond; tanned; with muscles in all the right places.

Finally, we were done and we both stepped back to admire our efforts. My Dad put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me to him.

'Will you look at that? We make a great team,' he said, playfully smacking me on my pecs with his other hand.

'Yeah right! I carried you!'

'What? Why you cheeking bastard!' he exclaimed, and tweaked me hard on the nipple. I yelped and ran back to the house. He chased after me and caught me, pulling me to the ground.

'You need to learn how to honour your father!' he laughed as we rolled around on the ground. The result of the wrestling was that he won - not fairly. He grabbed hold of my ear and dragged me into the house.

He kept going, through the kitchen, passed my bedroom into his room and ultimately into his bathroom. Me squealing all the way and him laughing.

Dragging me into the shower he said, 'Now it's time to wash my dirty boy!' And he turned on the water, soaking us both as we stood there in our cut-offs.

The water stopped us both from struggling, but not from laughing and we ended in a bear-hug, with the water gushing down around us. Like a re-enactment of earlier that day, he pulled back and looked happily into my eyes, then once again dropped his face to mine and kissed me tenderly on the lips. 'I love you son.'

He crouched down in front of me and started to undo the top button of my shorts. He struggled slightly - they were tight, and tighter still being wet. Succeeding with the first button, the others came apart more easily as he ripped open my fly. The movement helped tug the shorts over the obstacle of my bubble butt and they fell down to my ankles. As I stepped out of them my Dad whistled. I realised he was gaping at my cock and balls.

'You know? I think you may be even bigger than me, and you're only eighteen!'

'And I haven't stopped growing yet!' I laughed and waved my cock in his face slapping him across the mouth.

He made to answer, only I was still waving my cock and I gasped as it flopped into his open mouth. I made to pull back, but before I knew it my Dad had closed his mouth around me and had placed both his hands on my butt, pulling me into him. The sensation was incredible. Warmth and wetness enveloped me, rapidly followed by suction, drawing my cock into his orifice even further. I moaned involuntarily, only to be reciprocated with a long moan from my Dad, which sent vibrations up my cock and into my balls. So many thoughts were running through my head. My Dad had his mouth wrapped round my penis! What was happening?!

Again I tried to pull away, only this just made my Dad increase his sucking and grasp my butt even more firmly. It seemed he was determined to give his son head. The feeling was so fantastic, there was nothing I could do but to give in. My head was swimming and my body shaking. I could hear my Dad choking above the noise of the water. My cock was now rock hard and I guess he was finding it tough to swallow the whole thing as he had started out. He changed tactics and through his hands on my buttocks made it clear that he wanted me to fuck his face. We pulled apart, but only as far as leaving the head still caught between his lips, then he pushed me back into him, playing his tongue around me. I screamed in ecstasy.

'Dad! I can't help it, I'm going to shoot!...Quick, let go! I'm going to come!...Dad! I'm going to come in your mouth!' I shouted. 'Dad!...'

But then it was too late. My body buckled and I fell forward, clutching at my Dad's head to hold me up. My whole body shook in violent convulsions as I shot load after load into his massaging throat. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. 'Oa-a-argh!'

Gradually the moment subsided. Still giving the odd involuntary jerk, I started to relax. My Dad was still firmly attached to my cock. He continued to suckle at it, draining every last drop. Finally he released me. The action caused my legs to give way. My Dad quickly stood up and caught me before I fell. Once again we found ourselves in a hug, only this time I was helpless to contribute. He leant me up against the tiled wall and, holding me with one hand, he removed his shorts with the other. Then he started to wash me. He lathered me across my chest, concentrating on my pecs and nipples. Then in turn he lifted each of my arms and washed my pits, tickling me slightly, breaking my exhaustion as I giggled. He soaped down my arms and then reached around me rubbing my back, coming back to rub across my abs.

'Are you OK to stand?' he said.

I nodded. So he crouched down in front of me again and, starting with my thigh, he soaped down my right leg, picking up my foot and slipping his fingers between each of my toes - repeating the experience on my left leg. Replenishing his hands with more shower gel he looked up into my face, smiling slightly, but I would say if his expression spoke of anything, it was love. He reached up and started to lather my cock and balls, lovingly caressing them, slipping his hands around my head and sliding through behind my balls, between my legs towards my asshole.

Maintaining contact with me, he slid his hands up to my hips and turned me to face the wall. I reached up and rested my head against my arms, leaning against the cool tiles. Then I felt him start to soap my butt cheeks. Massaging them, he slid his fingers down into my ass-crack and drew circles around my hole. He even briefly slid the tip of his finger just inside the opening, which made me shiver, realising that what we had just shared was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to gay sex. There was obviously so much more for me to explore.

Slowly he stood up behind me. Sliding his body up mine, maintaining contact all the way, ending in a hug from behind.

'How do you feel?' He broke my thoughts, whispering in my ear.

'Wonderful' I smiled. 'Here,' I said, and turned, moving him under the jet of water. Then I started to wash him. I tried, but I doubt I made as good a job of it as he had for me. I followed his technique, ending with his mid-section. I lathered his big cock and played with his balls - so in love with my Dad. He moaned loudly as I massaged his cock. It wasn't hard, but thick and rubbery. As I turned him to work on his ass, I let it swipe across my face, loving how it felt. As I played with his asshole he arched his back and pushed his butt towards me, moaning some more. I finished by guiding him back under the cascading water, and just before rising, having rinsed his cock, I kissed the head tenderly and said 'Thank you.'

We stepped out of the shower and lovingly dried each other off with two big fluffy towels, both of us lingering over intimate places, softly stroking chests, butt cheeks, cocks - worshipping each others beauty. Finally we ended with my Dad pulling me into a hug wrapping us both up in the same warm towel. He lifted my face with his hand under my chin and kissed me lightly on the nose.

'Come!' Dropping the towel, he led me by the hand out of the bathroom and into the adjoining bedroom. He walked us to the bed and pulled me down onto the cool sheets with him, enveloping me in a hug and there we fell into a deep sleep, our bodies wrapped around each other.


The sun was setting through the windows of my Dad's bedroom as I stirred. I found myself wrapped around his relaxed body, peaceful in his slow and regular breathing. I took my index finger and stroked his lips, smiling as his face frowned in his sleep. I traced my finger down his neck to his chest and tickled each of his nipples. One by one they came to erection. It was all I could do not to kiss them, but I didn't want to wake him. I continued to trace my finger down across his abs, fascinated by the way his six-pack contracted as I tickled him. My journey took me to his pubes. It was then I realised how neat he kept them - like me. Why hadn't I noticed that before? I abandoned my finger in favour of my whole hand as I stoked it over his cock and balls. I loved the way it felt - silky-smooth, velvety-soft.

I thought back to earlier that afternoon. My Dad had sucked my cock and swallowed my cum! Convention said that I should feel bad about that, but, try as I might, I couldn't find any part of me that believed what we had done was wrong. He loved me, and couldn't have expressed it in a better way. What a day it had been? I had told my Dad I was gay. He had talked me through it to ensure he knew I was making the right decision with my life - that I had thought everything through. We had spent the whole day together and ended up in each others arms.

My hand-strokes on Dad's cock and balls was starting to have an effect. His cock was noticeably thicker and longer. I wrapped my hands around it and lightly squeezed it as it came to hardness. Slowly I disentangled myself from him and sat up. I looked into his face as he continued to sleep, then turned in the opposite direction. His cock was now fully erect. I reached forward and kissed the head, realising it was now leaking pre-cum. I licked my lips. The taste was wonderful - sweet and inviting. I could hear my Dad moaning, but he still appeared to be asleep. I kissed it again, and then I opened wide and took my Dad's prick into my mouth. Wow! It was amazing. It was like his cock and my mouth were made for each other - a perfect fit. It tasted wonderful, and seemed natural to suck and swallow. It was big - wide and long - but I seemed to be able to just consume it, sliding it into my throat. The first I knew that my Dad might be rousing from his slumber was when I felt his cock twitch in my mouth, and then a gentle thrust from his hips.

'A-a-argh!' He was sliding his cock in and out of me, twisting and moaning. Next his hands were on the back of my head, not pushing but caressing and encouraging. His thrusts built in intensity and I sucked harder to prepare for the inevitable. When it came, when he came, at first I thought I was going to drown. Now he was holding my head. He couldn't help himself. His whole body was in convulsion. I swallowed, but it kept coming. I thought I liked the taste at first, and then I wasn't sure, and then I stopped caring, losing myself in the moment. His cum had filled my mouth and was now dribbling down my chin. My eyes were watering, I struggled to breathe and I began to wonder if he was ever going to stop. But he did and I stayed with him until it was over, sucking the last drops out of him, feeling him lose some of his rigidity, and finally I let him go.

I turned and looked back at his face. His eyes were closed and he looked exhausted. I stayed looking and eventually he opened his eyes and it was like he was looking into my soul. He reached out and stroked the side of my face with his hand. I turned my face and kissed it.

'I wanted to give you something back,' I said.

'Did you ever.'

He opened his arms to me and I moved into another hug.

Suddenly he said, 'I feel like I've betrayed you.'

'How can you say that?' I said.

'Haven't you worked it out yet? I'm gay!' He choked on his words and sobbed.

I crawled up his body so I was looking into his face. 'You could never betray me.'

'But I should have had the courage to tell you. Why do you think your mother left us? It was all my fault. She found out and couldn't live with it. She wanted to take you with her, but didn't feel she could support you. She said she would come back and get you when she had settled, but it took her longer than she thought. By the time she was in a position to care for you, she could see that to take you away from me would do you more harm than good. Fortunately by then she was thinking more reasonably than she had when she left us. I tried to persuade her to come back. I said we could find a way of becoming a family unit, but she didn't agree. Eventually we agreed to part for one final time. It broke her heart to leave you and I know that you see each other regularly, but I don't believe she's ever told you all the detail behind why I ended bringing you up.'

He was now openly crying. Now it was my turn to comfort him. 'It's OK. It's all OK. You both did what you thought was right at the time. You did a fantastic job as parents. I see plenty of Mom. We have a great relationship. Actually I have something to say if we're making confessions. She already knows. You know...about me being gay. I told her a couple of months back. She said I should tell you, but I never seemed to find the moment, or the right words. I mean, how does a son tell his Dad something like that? To me you were the archetypal straight guy. Go figure...my Dad's queer!'

This made him laugh, through the sobs. I pulled him to me and cradled his head. And I thought I had seen all this day had to throw at us! I continued to hold him and it seemed to calm him. Soon he brought his arms around me and we were holding each other. He was quiet now. I felt him nuzzling into my naked chest. Then I felt it. He licked my nipple. Then he licked it some more. Now he was sucking it, nibbling it, driving me wild. I never knew my nipples were so sensitive and horny. I stopped hugging him and started to caress him. He changed nipples, and now I was squirming.

'Oh God! Dad what are you doing to me?'

He pushed me back on the pillows and started to use his amazing mouth to progress down my body. Inevitably he came to my now rock hard cock. He took it into his mouth and I was transported back to our shower together. My Dad was one hell of a cocksucker!

Suddenly he stopped and looked up at me from between my legs. 'I wanted to be the first one. When I found out you were a virgin, I wanted to be your first.'

'I kind of guessed as much,' I smiled. 'And you were amazing. But that's not all there is to it, is it? The magazines make it pretty damn clear that there's more than a blow job to gay sex.' I raised an eyebrow and gave him a cheeky grin.

'Do you think you're ready for the next step?'

'The next step? Hell, I want to go the whole way, and I want to go the whole way with you.'

'Are you sure?'

'Dad, will you just suck my fucking cock?!'

He laughed, and stuffed the whole of my cock to the back of his throat in one move. I screamed and laughed and groaned all at once.

'So, you want the works do you?' He'd come up for air. 'I wonder if you really know what you're in for. But don't worry, I'll take care of you. Daddy knows best!'

He started licking my cock like a popsicle, slurping along the entire length of it. It started to dance around like it had a life of its own. He was getting me so excited. Then he changed tactics. He started licking my balls. Then one by one he took them into his mouth, slobbering over them. Saliva was now running down below my balls in the direction of my asshole, and still he kept going. Now he was licking the area between my balls and my hole, my knees lifted and my legs spread wide. I was going out of my mind. I couldn't help myself, I kept lifting my ass off the bed. I knew where I wanted him to go next, but I also knew he was in charge.

Finally he hooked his hands in behind my knees and pushed my thighs back, lifting my ass up to meet his mouth. I felt his hot wet tongue swipe across my cheeks. As soon as he moved on, the air caught the wet skin and the coolness made me shiver with excitement.

'Please Dad! Do it! Ple-e-ase!!'

I knew what he was going to do. And then it happened. He stroked his tongue over my soft, puckered, virgin hole. Again I screamed. 'Oh yeah Daddy! Take me!'

He licked me some more, slobbering over my asshole. Then I really discovered what it was all about. The tip of his tongue was now working into my hole, tickling me at first and then he started to drive it in. He was fucking me with his tongue! 'Aaaargh! Yeah!!' I couldn't believe there could be anything this good. I was crying. Tears rolling down my cheeks, I was so lost in the ecstasy.

I could feel my asshole contracting and relaxing, like I was sucking Dad's tongue into me. I could feel the bristles on his beard scratching my ass cheeks as he buried his face.

He pushed my ass higher so now he was kneeling behind me as he ravished my ass. Then he started to slow down, teasing me so I wiggled and squirmed, wanting more. Each time he removed his tongue I could feel the air rushing into my gaping hole.

'Ple-e-ease Daddy! Please put it back in me!' I cried.

He swiped his tongue across me one last time and allowed my ass to drop back closer to the bed. He looked along my body, all my muscles twitching and rippling, my whole body was alive. 'No magazine's ever going to make you experience what a man can give you son, just you remember that. Now, are you ready for the big one?'

I was panting with anticipation and desire. He was keeping my hole open by fingering me, teasing the soft inner walls of my ass. Every so often he went deep and touched something that for a brief second blew my mind, before pulling out again and releasing me from my torment.

'Y-y-y-esss! Do it! Fuck me! I need you to f-u-uck m-m-meee!'

Now I could feel it. A soft, spongy, hot and insistent cock was pushing at my hole.

'It's going to hurt. I promise to take it slow. Tell me if you need me to stop.'

'Just do it!' I yelled.

With that he thrust forward and the head of his cock punctured through my wet and sloppy hole. The pain was out of this world and I gasped, unable to even make a sound. But he stopped there, holding himself in place so I got used to his girth. When he felt me relax he eased in a bit more, again stopping to let me acclimatise to the invasion. Slowly, thrust by thrust my Dad buried his prick deep in my arse until I could feel his pelvis grinding against my ass cheeks.

'You've got it all son. Now do you want to fuck?' he asked.

'Go for it Dad. My ass is yours!'

He drew his cock back and I could feel my ass closing behind him. But he only went so far and then he slid back in, opening me back up again. As he did so, I could feel his cock glide across that spot that he had been touching with his finger and that's when the pain started to translate into pleasure. An exquisite pleasure that took over my whole being.

My Dad was really starting to pump me now. We were both sweating buckets as he rammed his cock into my ass. Every so often he would pull out so just the head of his prick was in me and then he would move me, spinning me on his cock into a new position. On my back, on my side, on my belly, kneeling on all fours, sitting on top of him riding him like a bucking broncho. He even picked me up at one point and stood up while holding me, bouncing me on his rod. I thought my head would explode. Then he lay me back on the bed and bent me double, with my legs pushed back over my head. He lay above me like he was about to do 50 press-ups and started to drill into me like some pile-driver.

I was shouting at him repeating back to him in the rhythm he was dictating, 'Fuck me Dad-dee! Fu-uck me now!'

I knew we were both close. His movements were more intense and purposeful. My cock was jerking around in front of my face fit to burst and the slit was gaping, ready to release the climax of my life.

'Argh! Argh! Argh!' The rhythm continued. And then it happened. My Dad buried his cock into my hole further than he had ever ventured so far and held it there.

'Aaaaaaargh!' he bellowed. It felt like someone was blasting my insides with hot lava. At the same time my untouched cock exploded over my face. I opened my mouth and tasted my own cum for the first time, hot and salty. As I plastered my face, so my Dad started to calm. When we had both started to breath again he lowered my ass, but kept his cock inside me, slowly sliding in and out of me, like he was allowing me time to cool down. Eventually he slowly slid his cock out for the last time and I felt his cum running out of my hole. He bent down to me and licked what was seeping out of me, bathing me and soothing my sore hole. The job done he knelt up, stroking my legs. Now it was my turn to hold my arms out to him and pull him into a hug. He stretched over me and brought his face down to kiss me on the mouth. A strong searching kiss, opening my mouth with his tongue and soon I was reciprocating. Slowly, we stopped and once again we feel into each others arms and slept a deep and blissful sleep.


Many will read this and disapprove. I would dispute their views. My father is a wonderful parent. He shows me all the love any parent could - probably more than most. He is always there for me. As I start to venture out into the gay community, he is always waiting there for me when I return, eager to hear of my adventures, advising me with caution, caring for me when hurt and always loving me. Who could ask for more?



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