Just over seven years ago I was offered a chance to move to Germany, doing a job I loved, for almost twice the salary I could ever hope to earn in England, at a place that to me was about the most exciting place I could ever expect to work. Not surprisingly I jumped at it and have never for a moment regretted the move. Not least because the place is full of attractive young men from all over Europe. Everywhere I turn there is a guy I fancy. It makes just walking between the office and the canteen a pretty horny experience.

About two weeks after starting here I notice one particular guy. About 1.7m tall and I'd guess at 80 to 85 kilos. Straight dark medium length hair parted just to one side. Probably about 30 years old. Not conventionally handsome, but I found him devastatingly attractive. I would often see him around the place, but circumstances never brought us into contact. Well there are some 800 people here. It took me about two years to even find out his name. For the purposes of this story, I'll call him William. I continued to fantasise about William, and others, but still never had any sort of contact.

Then, after I had been here for just over four years, due to contract changes and a reorganisation I moved to a different department and who should be working in that department but William. We weren't in the same office, but at last we had some degree of contact. We had the occasional short conversation and never failed to greet each other in the corridors, but that was all. One fantasy I had was that I was in the toilet, in a cubical, and when I opened the door to come out, there would be William, stood at the urinal which is sideways on to the WC cubical, and I would get a good glimpse of his cock. A couple of times I did see him there when I came out, but he was well covered and I didn't get to see anything.

Then one day, as I opened the cubical door, I saw that it was William standing at the urinal. He looked as though he had had his right hand, which was nearest me, raised and had lowered it to cover himself when he heard the door open. He glanced out of the corner of his eye and we made eye contact and he immediately raised his hand out of the way and I got a good clear if brief look at his cock. Thinking back later it almost seemed as though when he saw it was me he had deliberately exposed himself to me.

What I saw was flaccid, about 11 or 12cm long, clearly uncut since the head was covered by the foreskin, and about 2.5cm thick. The skin was the same swarthy, Mediterranean colour of Williams face and hands. I only looked for a moment, not actually pausing, before moving to the wash basin to wash my hands. As I turned to the hand dryer, he came to the other sink and as I left he was bent down, rinsing his mouth out with the water from the tap which gave me a perfect view of his gorgeous ass with the fabric of his trousers stretched tight. No word passed between us and I went back to my office, walking on air and making a determined attempt to permanently burn the image of what I had seen into my memory.

Over the coming days and weeks, not a day went by without me recalling the incident in full detail. I also could not help speculating on what had actually happened. Did he deliberately expose himself to me? Did he do it unconsciously? Was it just that he didn't want certain people to see and I didn't feature on that list? Was he just testing out my reaction? I would always start from the 'He deliberately exposed himself to me' and then the doubts crept in.


We continued to see each other around the site with no outward change in our demeanour although I did tend to glance at his crotch more often and I did catch him looking at me across the canteen a few times.

Then, after about three months, history repeated itself. I opened the toilet cubical door to see William again at the urinal. I paused for just a fraction as he half turned his head and we made eye contact. Without taking his eyes from mine he raised both hands to his chest and at the same time, slightly turned his body towards me so that I had an even clearer view of his cock than last time. And there was no mistaking the deliberate intent of his movements this time. I glanced down and then made eye contact again. I took a half step towards him, never loosing the eye contact and reached out and took hold of his cock for just a moment and then let go.

“We can't here. It's far too risky.” I said and moved to the sink to wash my hands

“Come to my office in ten minutes” he said as he moved to the other sink.

Ten minutes later I entered his office. He stood up, closed and locked the door behind me and turned out the lights. The blinds were closed as they always are since his office gets full sun from midday onwards. He moved to the corner along the wall from the door and I followed. Here we could not be seen from outside the room. He turned to look me straight in the eye. A second later I took him in my arms and began to kiss him deeply. At once his arms were round me and my kisses were returned with equal vigour.

After a couple of minute we came up for air.

“Do you have any idea how long I've fantasised about doing this with you?” I asked.

“Does that matter?” he asked. “We're doing it now and I hope we can soon do a lot more.”

“I'm sure we can, but not here. It would be silly to risk getting fired. Why don't you come home with me tonight? It's not far. My wife is away for the next couple of months so I'm all alone with nothing to do.”

“Yes. That would be great.” he said and then kissed me again.

I asked how he had come in that morning and he said by tram so he would come with me in my car.

“Why don't we go and eat somewhere first?” I asked. “If we go straight to the flat I can see we'll just get down to business and neither of us will get any food. There's a nice little restaurant not two minutes walk from the flat. We can get to know each other a bit better over a meal and a couple of beers, then back to the flat to get to know each other a lot more.” and he agreed.

So three very long, slow hours later we were sat at a table in the corner of the restaurant with a pils and a pizza each. We chatted most amiably, each telling the other more about ourselves and I could feel a real friendship developing between us. The lust hung over us like a bright shinning beacon. How no one else could see it I have no idea. Eventually we finished and walked back to my flat.

The flat door was hardly closed before we were once more in each others arms, kissing passionately. Somehow I managed to steer him through the hall and into the bedroom where we fell on the bed together. Our hands were everywhere, unfastening anything they could and pulling clothing off each other. In a very short time we were both naked with legs and arms wrapped tightly round each other as we continued to kiss.

“Let me look at you.” I said when I could manage to disengage lip lock for a moment. “I've dreamt of seeing you naked for so long I want to enjoy it now it's happened.” We disengaged ourselves and he climbed off the bed and stood facing me.

“You are every bit as beautiful as I imagined.” I said. “Turn round slowly.”

He turned round and stopped with his back to me.

“Oh my God. Your ass is gorgeous. I can't wait to get my face in there. Turn back and come closer.”

As he turned to face me once more I reached out and cupped his balls in one hand. I moved till I was sat on the edge of the bed and bent over, took his already rigid cock into my mouth and began a slow sucking, rolling his balls in the fingers of one hand, the other hand reaching round him to stroke his ass and explore his crack with my fingers.

“Oh!” he moaned. “Oh that feels so good. You are going to make me cum any moment.”

I kept on sucking and sure enough I was very soon rewarded with a load of hot cum from this guy I had fantasised over for over 7 years. Once he had stopped and I was sure there was no more to come, I release his cock from my mouth and pulled him down on top of me and began to kiss him deeply, letting him taste his own cum from my mouth.

“God that felt great.” he said when we finally came up for air. “I had no idea it could feel like that.”

“Are you telling me that was your first blow job?” I asked him, somewhat surprised, and more than a little excited at the idea.

“Yes. I've never been with anyone before. I never had the courage to make contact.”

“Well you didn't come a cross as particularly shy or retiring with me. I mean, you were quite blatant at exposing yourself to me to get my attention. Though to be honest, you've had that for the last seven years.”

“But I didn't know that did I? I only saw your profile on a contact site, and discovered you are gay, just a couple of days before the first time, so I knew I was fairly safe in what I did. Still not sure how I found the courage though. That first time I exposed myself to you I was shaking like anything. I had no idea how you would react.”

“Well I tried not to. I could never decide if it was deliberate on your part or just something you had done without really realising what you were doing. But there was no mistaking your intentions today.”

“Yes. I saw you look that first time. But you gave no indication of what you thought. So today I just felt I had to go that bit further so you would have to react somehow. If you just looked and then turned away that would probably have been the end of it.”

“But I didn't. Your offer was quite blatant and there was no way I was going to pass on that.”

“Enough talking.” and with that he began to kiss me again.

Our hands were everywhere. Stroking hair, squeezing buttocks, stroking backs, chests and legs, fondling balls, pulling on cocks. And all the while our lips were locked together.

Then he broke from me and began to suck one of my nipples then after a couple of moments he moved to the other. I just stretched out with my hands above my head, enjoying the sensation of what he was doing. Slowly he worked his way down over my stomach and finally took my rigid cock into his mouth. At first he was a bit awkward with it, but I just lay still and let him find his way, making occasional encouraging sounds.

“Oooh. You're doing great there. That's it, nice a slow. You're getting the hang of it now.” and such like.

After about ten minutes I could feel I was getting close to shooting.

“You'll make me cum real soon. You don't have to take it in your mouth if you don't want to.”

He just looked up at me and kept on sucking away until I could hold back no longer.

“Oh my. That's it. Ahhhh.” and with that I shot my load in his mouth. He never spilled a drop, and when I had finished cumming he moved up and kissed me, sharing my cum with me as I had shared his with him.

“For a first timer you give good head” I said when we came up for air again.

“I just tried to copy what you had done”

“Then you must be a quick learner and I'm going to really enjoy teaching you.”

“What did you mean earlier when you said you couldn't wait to get your face in my ass?”

“Oh you can't be that innocent. Not at your age.”

“Pretend I am.”

“Right. You asked for it.” and with that I rolled him onto his back, threw his legs up over his head and proceeded to give a rimming he'll never forget. His ass was every bit as delicious as I had expected and I was in heaven, pushing my tongue as far into him as I could. And from the noises he was making he was right up in heaven with me. I kept it up for a good ten or fifteen minutes when he gave a loud cry.

“Oh God! Oh God! You're going to make me cum again.”

So I redoubled my efforts on his virgin hole and sure enough, a moment later he shot his second load of the night, right onto his own face. I let his legs down till his ass was on my knees and his legs ether side of me. I leaned forward and then proceeded to lick his cum off his face, sharing it with him in occasional kisses.

“Right” I said. “That's got me all worked up and your hole is nicely wet and slippery. Here goes for the ultimate sacrifice on your part. I promise I'll take it slow. Just try to push me out as I enter and it will be easier and less painful.

With that I just moved my body forward a little and brought my cock head against his sphincter. I gradually increased the pressure until I felt his muscles start to give way.

“That's it, just relax and push out as if you were taking a dump. That way your muscles will open naturally.”

Slowly I felt myself enter him, gradually penetrating further and further until at last I felt his muscles close round my shaft behind the head just as he let out a soft cry.

“Good boy. That's the hardest part. Getting my cock head inside. From now on it will get easier for you and more pleasurable.”

Still slowly I continued to push and at last felt my stomach press against his ass cheeks.

“There. I'm all the way in. How does it feel?”

“It still hurts a bit, but it's OK. Can you just hold it there for a while till I get more used to it?”

“Of course I can. I want us both to enjoy what we do, not just me.”

We lay there for a few minutes, not speaking, him with his eyes closed, me looking at his beautiful face. Eventually I saw his face begin to relax. Very slowly I started to pull back and then, just as I felt the head of my cock come up against the inside of his sphincter, I slowly pushed back in again. The feel of his virgin passage against my cock was something wonderful. Very gradually I increased the pace till I was giving him a nice gentle fucking rather than a hard pounding. It took only a few minutes of this before I exploded inside him, sending my seed deep within his bowels.

I waited till I began to soften before I withdrew. I fell along side him and he turned towards me. I looked directly into his eyes. There was no hint of pain or regret there. Just a look of total contentment.

“Happy?” I asked.

“Totally.” he replied. “It's been all I could dream of and more. I never thought we'd go so far on my first time, but I'm so glad we have.”

“Well this is only the beginning, not the end. You know that in my situation I can't always be available to meet, but I'll be available to you whenever I can.”

“That's good enough for me. I'm not looking to live together or anything. I just want someone I can trust to teach me. I'm tired of having feelings I can't do anything about. Even if we only manage a few evenings a year together, that will be enough.”

“If you aren't careful, I might just fall in love with you.”

“What time is it? Maybe I should be getting home.”

“You could stay the night if you want to. Even if all we do is cuddle and sleep, I'd really like you to.”

“Mmm. So what time is breakfast?”

“As late as you like.”



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