I have submitted several stories, all true. I have been single for awhile and have not been looking very hard. I am an older gentleman, body builder, retired Engineer. I am still physically fit and all things work very well, if you know what I mean.

Recently, a close friend of my daughters, lost his home with his mother due to a divorce settlement. He needed a place to stay in the worst way.

I live alone in a two bedroom house that is fully furnished, so I offered him a place to stay. He immediately accepted and was very greatful.

A little background on him, he is 20 years old, about 5'9', maybe 150 lbs., blonde and blue, no facial hair, with medium length hair. I had heard rumors he was Bi, but did not think anything of it.

Anyway, back to the story. He moved in approximately a week ago. The room is furnished so he only needed his clothes and personal items, so the move only took a few hours and he was all settled in.

As I said before, he was very appreciative and kept thanking me over and over. He always called me sexy and I again did not think anything of it. He always seemed straight to me.

About three days after he moved in, a wonderous thing happened. I was totally surprised and very happy with the situation!

He usually got in from work early morning around 5 a.m. He is a night manager at one of the fast food places. I faintly remember hearing him come in but fell back asleep. I had fallen asleep in my lazy boy and saw no reason to move this late in my day.

Next thing I remember, I had this fantastic feeling from my cock. I had felt it before and knew exactly what it was, someone was giving me really great head. I layed very still, but I cracked my eyes open and could see it was my new roommate. He was gobbling my cock like a schoolgirl sucking on a lollypop!

Then, I saw the next surprise, he was wearing makeup and had on a very sexy nighty, crotchless panties, and was sporting a magnificent hardon. He did not realize I was awake yet.

I finally got a good look at his dick and it was absolutely perfect. It was about 7 inches long and he had this great set of balls. They seemed very full and round. He was really very good looking with his makeup on.

I let suck my dick for awhile. He began stroking his cock and breathing deeply. I could tell he was very aroused.

I quietly spoke saying, 'you are very sexy looking!' He froze with my cock still in his mouth. He looked up and saw I was smiling. He said, 'thank you, are you mad at me?'

I told him I was fine with it. I went on to inform him I too was Bisexual and had been my whole life.

He said,'I thought so, but I wasn't sure and I so hoped you were. I have always found you to be very sexy and I have wanted you for a long time.' 'Is it okay with you if I dress this way, I like it alot. My stepfather taught me to dress up and put makeup on. He used to fuck me all the time when I was younger. Don't get me wrong, I liked it alot.'

Well, as you can tell, he had stopped sucking my dick because he was talking. He was now fondling my dick and balls while he spoke. He continued saying, 'I know this is sudden, but would you consider being my daddy?' 'I am a very good lover, I love cock and I am willing to do just about anything.'

You could have knocked me over with a feather. My dreams were coming true. Finally, I have a young, well built lover that likes to dress in female clothing. He really looks great dressed up. He has these long shapely shaved legs. Oh, his privates are completely shaved also. Smooth as a babys bottom.

I did not answer immediately. I reached forward, grabbed his cock and started stroking his cock and balls. I thought he was gonna cum immediately. I could tell he was trying to hold it back, but his precum was flowing.

Finally I answered him. I said,'we will see. First lets see how well we get along, okay?'

He said he understood and agreed we should become lovers first and see if we could please one another.

Next, he asked me another question, 'will you do me a favor right now, I haven't been fucked in quite awhile and I so want to feel you inside of me, could we just skip straight to the fucking? I am about to explode and I want you inside me when I do if it is okay with you?'

I guess I was right, he did almost cum when I touched him. I told him I understood and would do what I could.

I stood up and he backed up. He got on all fours and fully exposed his ass to me. I got down on my knees. I stroked my dick up as down his ass to get him wet with my sperm. He was moaning and squeeling.

He said, 'oh please fuck me, please, please!' I need to feel you inside me!

I knew he needed it badly. I also knew he was no virgin. I slid it all the way in with little force necessary. He felt great, what a hot all. I started slamming him hard. He was fucking me back just as hard.

I reached down between his legs and grabbed his big cock. I started stroking it. I told him how much I liked his cock and that I thought it was beautiful.

We fucked very hard for a few minutes and then, he came. He was literally spraying cum all over the floor. I just kept fucking him as he came. Finally, he stopped. He reached between his legs and grabbed our balls. He was rubbing our ball sacks together, it really felt great. I came almost immediately. I had never done that before. WOW!

After I finally stopped cumming, I slowly withdrew. I lay down on the floor and he lay next to me.

He told me how he had dreamed of having me since he first met me. He said he knew I was well hung by the buldge in my pants.

We just layed there talking for what seemed like hours. He finally said he had better get to sleep so he would be able to go to work later.

I felt it was my turn. I spun around, in a 69 position. I grabbed his cock and said, 'this should help you get to sleep.'

I took his dick in my mouth and started sucking him off. He did the same and started sucking me off. He was good, but I am older and more experienced. I worked his dick and balls like a pro. We came one right after other.

He went to bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

That was two days ago. We have a date tonight. He is finally off. My dick is throbbing as I am writing this, wish us luck, I will let you all know how it goes later.



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