This is a work of fiction and in no way relates to any real events. Any resemblance to real people or events is pure coincidence.


It was about 2 am and the five of them were heading back to Steve's flat for what was left of the night. Steve had suggested that as it was only across the park it wasn't worth trying to get a taxi so they were walking.

It had been a good night. It was Phil's stag night and there had been plenty of booze and lots of laughs. The worst that had happened had been that they had removed his jeans early on and he had been forced to spend the evening in just his tee shirt and boxers. They had been pulled down a couple of times, but at least he had been able to pull them straight back up!

Now they were crossing the park. It was closed at this time of night but since when had that stopped anyone? It had taken them several attempts to get over the gate in their alcoholic stupor, but now they were not far from Steve's flat and sleep.

Phil was walking along in a sort of daze and so was unaware that Steve and Jeff had fallen a little way behind and were deep in conversation about something. Whatever it was they were finding it hard not to laugh out loud, and when they passed it on to Paul and Mark, their reaction was the same.

The path wound round a lake and then passed through a large area of woodland. They were about half way through the woods when Phil was grabbed from behind and carried to the ground on the grass by the path.

"What the fuck?" yelled Phil. He tried to get up but found that Jeff, Paul and Mark were all holding him firmly down.

"Now you didn't think we'd let you get away without ending the evening in traditional fashion did you?" asked Steve.

In his inebriated state it took Phil a minute to realise what this meant.

"Oh no. You're not stripping me!" he yelled.

"Like to bet?" laughed Jeff.

"OK guys. Off with his kit!" said Steve.

He fought but it made little difference. In almost no time at all Phil was as naked as the day he was born.

"OK. Bring him over and sit him on that bench." said Steve.

Phil was lifted to his feet and, with some struggling was pulled across and forced to sit on the park bench.

"Hold his arms along the top rail." said Steve. Soon Phil's arms were tied stretched out along the top rail of the bench back. "And now for his legs." His legs were pulled apart and his ankles tied to the benches legs.

"Lucky it's a warm night." said Paul as the four of them stood looking at Phil as he sat there.

"OK guys, time to go." said Steve, "Sleep well, dear Prince!" he said mockingly to Phil.

"Aw come on guys. A jokes a joke." said Phil but the only answer he got was distant laughter. He tried calling out to them a few more times but got no answer. "Surely they won't leave me here all night." he thought. "They'll come back in a little while and we can all have a laugh about it." But time passed with no sign of his friends returning.

Distant footsteps! Muffled voices! He had been right. They were going to come back and let him go. Something nagged at the back of his mind but he didn't give it too much thought. He was just relieved to think he would soon be untied.

Then it hit him. They were the wrong voices! It wasn't his friends, it was someone else.

"Oh please don't let them come this way." he groaned to himself, but his prayer went unanswered.

"What the fuck?" said a strange voice.

"Ooh! Is it my birthday?" said another.

"Trust you Rich." said the first guy. Then there they were. Four guys of similar age to Phil and his friends, but complete strangers.

Phil could feel himself blushing. Only his girl friend had seen him undressed for several years and it was so embarrassing to be there, completely naked and being inspected by four strangers.

"Could you untie me please?" he said.

"How did you get like this?" asked a tall blond guy. From his voice Phil knew he was the one he had heard first.

"It's my stag night and my mates wanted to keep to tradition." he replied. "Please untie me, it's so uncomfortable and my arms are hurting."

The four guys looked at each other and something seemed to be agreed between them without a word being spoken.

"Go on you two." said the blond. The two who had not yet spoken moved towards Phil and began to untie his legs.

"Thanks guys." said Phil in relief.

"Oh don't thank us yet!" said the one on his right leg. He was a short, stocky guy with mousy hair. And they all laughed.

That laugh made Phil a bit uneasy though he couldn't say why. Without warning his legs were lifted into the air and pulled towards his arms.

"What the fuck are you doing?" he yelled. "That hurts!"

"Well it's like this," said the one called Rich "finding a good looking boy like you in this situation is just too good to pass up." And with that he put his hand on Phil's chest and began to stroke from side to side.

"Look." said Phil. "I don't do this sort of thing. I'm straight. Just untie me and let me go."

"Listen my friend." said the blond. He was now standing behind Phil and he grabbed his hair and pulled his head back as he spoke. "We're going to have a little bit of fun, and if you co-operate, then we might let you go."

"No. Please." said Phil. "I told you I'm straight. I don't do things with guys."

"Tough." said Rich and with that he grabbed hold of Phil's limp cock.

"Get your hands off me." Phil yelled and to his relief Rich let go. But mediately he felt a finger beginning to stroke round his anus. "Oh no. Not that. Please!" he cried.

"Somebody shut him up!" said the one who had not yet spoken. He was a tall guy with long, dark hair. And with that he punched Phil's balls.

"I'll fill his mouth." said the blond. "Now listen." he said to Phil who was seeing stars from the pain in his balls. "If I so much as feel a tooth you'll be given the fastest sex change in history. Understand?" Without bothering to wait for an answer he lept up onto the bench astride Phil, dropped his jeans and shorts and shoved his already stiffening cock towards Phil's closed mouth.

Phil tried to turn his head away but he was grabbed from behind and his head forced forward. "Open wide." said a voice in his ear and his nose was pinched shut. When he couldn't hold his breath any longer he began to breathe through clenched teeth.

"Can you persuade him Rich?" asked the blond.

"It'll be a pleasure Lance." and with that Rich wrapped one hand round Phil's balls and began to squeeze, gently at first but with slowly increasing pressure.

"He'll stop squeezing when you start sucking." said Lance from above him.

Phil stuck it out a bit longer but eventually the pain in his balls was too much. "OK!" he yelled and opened his mouth. Immediately Lance thrust his stiff cock in as far as it would go.

"That's more like it." said Lance and began to thrust gently in and out of Phil's unwilling mouth. "You can stop squeezing now Rich."

But Rich didn't stop. He continued to tighten his grip till Phil thought he would pass out. He tried to cry out but could only make muffled grunts. "Let go Rich. I'm sure you can think of something else to do." said Lance and with that the pressure on Phil's balls was released.

Rich went back to fingering Phil's arse hole and one of the others, he couldn't see which, took hold of his cock and started to wank him. Then Rich pushed a finger inside him making Phil jump.

"Oooh. That got a reaction." said Rich "Lets see how he likes this." and promptly pulled his finger out only to push two in. "I wonder how many he can take?"

Phil didn't even try to respond. He was trying to synchronise his breathing with the thrusts of Lance's cock which was pushing harder each time at the back of his throat. He had a mild feeling of relief as Rich's fingers were again withdrawn from up his arse.

He felt something different pushing against his hole but he had no idea what it was. And then everything disappeared in a flash of the most searing pain he had ever experienced. Even Lance's cock in his mouth could barely muffle the scream he let out. He had no idea what was being done to him. What could possibly cause such pain?

"I love a tight virgin hole to fuck." he dimly heard Rich say and he realised what had happened. Without any warning or preparation Rich had rammed the whole of his cock into Phil's arse and was now fucking him. "God he feels tight!"

"I'm getting close." said Lance in a faint voice and a moment later he thrust his cock deep into Phil's mouth and held it there. For the first time in his life Phil felt another man cum into his mouth. He felt sick and revolted but he couldn't help noticing that it had a bitter, salty taste.

"OK. Who's next?" and with that Lance pulled his now limp cock out of Phil's mouth and climbed down.

"My turn." said the stocky guy and he climbed up and took over from Lance. All resistance had left Phil. He just didn't have any fight left in him. He meekly opened his mouth and took the guy's cock into his mouth. "Looks like he's getting to like it." the guy said.

"Well his cocks starting to harden now" said the guy wanking Phil and he started to increase his speed.

"Oh God! I'm cumming!" yelled Rich and with that he began to shoot his load deep into Phil's inside.

"That makes it your turn to fuck him then Kev." said Lance and barely a moment after he felt Rich withdraw, Phil felt another cock pushing into his arse. This time however it was slower and the pain was far less.

Phil lost track of the time. He didn't know if they all fucked him both ends or not. He just couldn't say. His arse was sore and his jaw ached. There was cum dripping out of his arse and also running down his chin and chest. About the only thing that stuck in his mind was how each guy's cum tasted different.

Then slowly he realised that none of them were inside him. He opened his eyes to see them stood in front of him again, looking at him as they had done when they first found him. They all had their jeans and boxers round their ankles and all four cocks were limp.

"I think we're about done with you now." said Lance as they all began to pull their clothes back into order.

"Hang on. There's just one more thing I want to do with him." said Rich and with that he came and knelt down in front of Phil. Without another word he took hold of Phil's limp cock once more but this time he bent over and began to suck him. The others came closer and one sat either side of Phil and the third knelt alongside Rich. Much to his own embarrassment and to Rich's obvious delight Phil's cock began to harden straight away. Rich sucked harder and faster and the others began to grope Phil in various places.

Phil groaned and with that Rich stopped sucking and went over to wanking him hard and fast. Phil tried to hold back. In spite of all he'd been through he didn't want other men to see him cum but it was no good. Rich's pace was fast and furious and soon Phil had no control left. He let fly a stream of cum which Rich directed up onto his chest where it mingled with all the cum the four of them had left there.

"Oh my God" said Phil. "I never thought I'd cum for another man." and a shudder went through him. "Oh no." he said. "Please stop." Rich was still stroking his cock, paying special attention to the now super sensitive head. "Argh! No!" Phil begged and pleaded, when he could speak at all, but Rich just carried on.

"Go on Rich." said Lance "See if you can make him cum again." and with that Rich picked up the pace again. Phil was now writhing against his bonds. This was almost worse than being fucked. It seemed to go on for ever but eventually he came again. Rich continued to stroke for a couple of minutes more and then finally let go.

"Right." said Lance. "Let's make a deal. You promise not to go to the police or anything and we'll untie you and help you get where you want to go. Otherwise we leave you tied up and in pain. Your choice."

Phil didn't have to think long about it. Much as he wanted to see the four of them thrown into jail he didn't want the whole world knowing what had been done to him. "Don't worry." he said. "I'm not telling anyone about this."

"OK guys. Let's untie him." said Lance and within a few moments Phil was free to massage his aching limbs. "Where are you heading?" he asked Phil.

"We were all going back to my mate Steve's place to crash for a few hours." Phil replied.

"Hey. Look what I just found." called the stocky guy. "Are these yours?" he asked Phil holding up a bundle of clothes.

"Yes.! Where were they?" exclaimed Phil.

"Just over by the trees. Your mates must have left them there for you." Replied the guy. "That should make it easier for you to leave the park."

"You OK now?" asked Lance.

"As well as can be expected after what you've put me through!" Phil snapped back quickly getting dressed.

"OK then we'll be off. See you around." and with that the four of them moved off along the path.

"Not if I can help it." called Phil after their retreating backs.

Left on his own again, but free and clothed this time, Phil sat back down thoughtfully. He could never tell anyone what had happened. There was just no way he could endure anyone knowing. He stood up and started to walk towards Steve's and then he paused. A new thought had just struck him. He was the first of the group to get married. That meant that .......... Maybe he should keep some sort of contact with his abusers. They just might come in useful.

After all, they do say that revenge is a dish best served cold!



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