A Different Time

My first time with another man was in college with Travis, a guy who lived down the hall. He was so damn cute with his dark Irish good looks, broad shoulders, hairy chest and legs but I was a freshman and he was a senior so I never even thought about actually living out my desires for men at that point.  He was unusually friendly to me considering our age differences.  We actually ate together in the cafeteria a few times. He would ask me about my social life but would never really tell me about his. I was always nervous around him.  

One Friday night there was a party in our dorm.  Travis was there and we ended up sharing a couple of beers and talking the usual mindless party banter.  He talked me to coming to his room to hear records of a group that we both liked.

I’d had several beers and was a little tipsy but not too drunk to suddenly realize that he was acting funny around me and that made me feel funny. I started thinking about sex with him, but I also thought that it was a crazy idea to think about sex with him because there was no way that he was gay.  But in his room Travis sat too close to me and finally, hours later, he put his hand on my leg. I jumped, he jumped and it was awkward for a couple of seconds. 

I guess at that point he felt compelled to ask me, “Are you gay?” 

A bold thing in the 60s to ask because it was a time when all homosexuals were in the closet because being homosexual was a felony carrying a stiff prison sentence. I don't know where it came from because it could have ruined my life, at the least getting me kick out of college or worse sent to jail, but I actually told him, "yes."  

This time when Travis moved closer I didn't jump away. My head was bowed when he put his arm around me. He leaned over and kissed my ear. Turning my face towards him, I kissed my first man.  Needless to say, I was ready for action immediately. Travis was caught off guard at how my lips could work.  But then again, I had been kissing since I’d hit puberty, I just hadn't been kissing men.  

My hand went to his lap and I grabbed at him first, another shock for him. Stunned he asked, “Have you ever done this before?”

And I truthfully answered, “No.”

So Travis told me, “Do what you want to me.”  

Conscious of the danger of what we were doing, I made sure his dorm room door was locked. Then I watched as Travis took off his love bears and put them on his desk. Then he kicked off his sandals, the thin soled type made in India out of water buffalo hide and held on by a loop over his big toe and another across the bridge of his foot. Next came his vest, which he let fall to the floor. 

Grabbing the hem, Travis pulled his black turtle neck sweater over his head and off. He hesitated for a second or two before he unsnapped and unzipped his tight legged black jeans (bell bottoms wouldn’t come into vogue for a couple of more years) and worked them down to the floor before pulling them off completely.      

He was now left standing in white briefs were tenting over his erect little cock. 

In record speed I stripped down to my briefs and practically threw Travis on the bed. We laid there and made out like a couple of horny teenagers. 

His musky scent envelops me as we gently, hesitantly kissed. Travis’s softly lips pressed against mine, soft, smooth, warm, alive. We kissed and kissed again. A sigh escaped his lungs between kisses. Our arms tighten as we held each other.  Our mouths open and my tongue met his…both tentative, exploring, searching. A moan built in my throat and Travis captured it with his mouth and return it in kind. We lay there, afraid to break the embrace, Travis’s heart beating faster and faster, matching mine in intensity.

Finally, I wanted to do something more so I let my hand trail down his chest and felt his cock thru his briefs and his body jerked as my hand touched his cock.

We broke our kiss, loosening the embrace, and look into each other’s eyes. I searched his face, looking for a sign. When I received it my fingers found their way under the waistband and down to his rigid cock. His briefs are too tight for more than a little fondling.

Slipping between his legs, I lowered my face and gently nibbled on Travis’s cock through the material of his briefs. He kinda grunted, "Ugh, ugh,” then I pulled the front of his briefs down fully exposing his cockhead. I felt him quiver when I took hold of his shaft just below his cockhead and elicited an, “Uuuuuuugh,” when I kissed lt.  

Suddenly I could wait to get his cock in my mouth. Smiling I hooked my index fingers in the waistband of his briefs and started pulling them down. He quickly arched his bottom off the bed so I could get them off his hips. Because I was between his legs, when they came off his hips, Travis had to point his feet at celling so I could get them on down his legs and off. 

As his briefs came off, I put my left arm around his ankles and held them on my left shoulder. Then as he watched wide-eyed I held them to my nose and inhaled his musky aroma.   

Taking an ankle in each hand I re-parted his legs and let my eyes feast on the sight of him. I’d secretly always attracted to Travis. Which was odd because no other guy did. With other guys it was mostly curiosity. He had a treasure trail of silken hair that started above his navel where his chest hair ended. Getting coarser as it went, the trail ended in a thick bush of dark hair surrounding his cock with the curly hair continuing to wrap thickly behind his balls. He was all male. 

Most impressive to me was his 7-inch cock and balls. He was uncut and thick. I’d seen him in the restroom and his big cock head was always visible, the tip was never completely covered by his foreskin. Lying there complete erect his reddish-purple was all the way out of the foreskin.      

I lowered my face and licked the head and again he jerked. I kept licking and worked my tongue into the pee slit. He moaned, “Oh god,” as I slowly sucked the head into my mouth. I continued to suck the head as he jerked and moaned, “Ummmmm.”

I took more cock into my mouth as I went as far down as far as I could. As his cock hit the back of my throat, I gagged a little. I withdrew a little and settled into a bobbing up and down motion. Sucking but making sure not to go to far and cause myself to gag. 

I loved sucking his hard cock and the feel of it throbbing in my mouth. I hadn’t realized it but I’d wanted to suck his cock from the first time I saw him. It was the first cock I ever sucked but I somehow knew I would suck this gorgeous cock many more times. 

As I continued to suck his cock Travis started bouncing his hips off the bed, thrusting his cock up into my mouth. This was a forewarning that he was going to cum. I’d told myself that I wouldn’t let him cum in my mouth the first time but hopefully would be able to do lit later as I got better and more experience at sucking cock. But as Travis continued to thrust his cock in my mouth, I knew I would not be able to pull off. 

Then Travis moaned and loudly said, "I'm cumming. I'm cumming," as jets of cum spurted into my mouth and throat. Several large blasts were followed by several smaller blasts. I swallowed as fast as I could not wanting to gag and choke. I kept swallowing as he stopped thrusting and relaxed. His cock slowly slipped from my mouth sliding thru my lips. 

Suddenly the gravity of what we’d just do hit us. Both red faced with shame and fear of what our actions could have on our college careers, we both quickly dressed. Without a word we both slipped out of his room and went our separate ways. 

I didn’t see Travis for over 3 weeks which meant that he was avoiding me. Then late one Friday night when everyone in the dorm knew my roommate was out of town with the band there came a soft tapping on my door. When I opened it there stood a nervous Travis.

You can use your imagination about what happen after he came in and I looked the door behind him. 

In those days of persecution that we dreamed of a future out of the dark and free of fear.

The end..



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