March 9th 2011. Yesterday my master read an email from this guy who had read the previous stories I had written about my conversion from Alpha Male Jock to bitchboi slave faggot. He sent a photo of himself (and god he's hot) I in turn sent my pictures showing myself completely naked and hairless posing in the back of master's SUV. I ask him if he is dominant or submissive ( we get a lot of submissives who want my master's attention). He said he goes back and forth but was mostly dominant and after seeing my pictures he thought I was hot and after seeing them he was definitely in a dominant mood. Master loved it finally someone who said they were dominant, I was instructed to send an email back and tell this guy that since he liked my pics and stories so much he could send back some situations that master would make me live out and relate the experience back as a story (but I did have to follow the whole situation). Now I told you earlier this guy is pretty hot nice bod tattoo dirty blonde hair but looking at his face my guess was he'll have some tame thing he wanted me to do like being tied up and fucked and suck some cocks or something like that. Boy was I wrong the situation he came up with had me being forced to go about a normal day while using various toys. Basically having to do my normal daily routine while dealing with a vibrator, nipple clamps, and vibrating cock ring at the same time. I never expected something like this and quite frankly neither did my master. He read the email and said nothing so I figured he was planning on rejecting the idea. This morning master woke me up with a cheerful get up bitch it's time to get ready for your day. I get up kiss his dick good morning and go take my shower. When I get out of the shower he is sitting there smiling with a 12" long 5" thick dick shaped vibrator my nipple clamps which are connected to each other by a length of chain and a new toy a vibrating cock ring this was something that he had never used on me and I had never seen before. He puts the cock ring on me first this thing is much heavier than it looked and unlike other cock rings that he has used on me this one doesn't go all the way so that it is behind my balls it only goes back as far as the balls and just goes around my dick. I asked master where did this come from because I never saw him leave to buy it. He tells me that it is his cock ring he wears it from time to time when he fucks girls. Much to my horror the thought that this has been on my masters perfect cock made me get hard instantly just further proving how much of a fag I had become Next to be put in was the vibrating dildo so far nothing has been turned on. The last thing was the set of nipple clamps. All the while I stood there nervously saying to my master this is only going to be for a couple of hours of fun, you're not really going to make me wear these things all day are you? He just continued to laugh as he laid out clothes for me to wear while running my errands today. He picked out a pair of jeans that were fairly tight fitting and a T-shirt that was quite formfitting. He turned on both devices which immediately made my body start to respond I put on the clothes and of course no underwear. I first had to complete a few household chores during which time the vibrations in my ass and up and down my cock had started making me fairly weak in the knees. This was starting to make me quite nervous as my day has just begun. The next thing on my agenda was to get the grocery shopping done after the drive to the store I was starting to have real problems. The tightness of the shirt was making my nipples a terribly sore and I was starting to tremble from what was going on up my ass and in my groin. By the time I have gone up and down a couple of aisles with a wet spot in the front of my jeans has become very noticeable. My cock had been drooling precum like a faucet. People were definitely noticing the spot and the fact that I was having some troubles with my walking and noticing a very definite erection plus the fact that I knew my face was definitely showing the sexual agony I was currently in that and a look humiliation was getting me far more attention than I wanted. I finished the grocery shopping as quickly as I could and moved on to the next errand this errand wasn't quite as bad at the drop off something at the post office I was still going crazy from all the stimulation but there was nobody else in the post office and it was a quick in and out. The third errand which was also the last and the one this one I needed to be at the longest was the gym and I couldn't skip this one because I was working tonight (more about my work in a little bit) I went inside and planned to quickly changed into my gym clothes however I didn't know that master had changed my sweatpants for a pair of fairly tight shorts I quickly put them on before anybody could see the device on my cock. At this point I was going completely mad from constant vibrations but it still wasn't enough to get me off. Reluctantly I went out into the gym to do my workout. Cardio absolutely sucked trying to use the stationary bike stair master or the treadmill just made all the other matters worse but I couldn't skip it people I knew were here and my routine was fairly normal. I had people coming over to me asking if I had new nipple piercings, a few of the guys said that my form while lifting looked like shit it looked like I was working out with a dick up my ass (by the way the people here have no idea what goes on at home) I had a few comments about whether or not I was on Viagra or something two hours of working out and I felt like I was going to explode by this point I'm noticing that I finally have some relief the batteries are starting to die. I quickly to change before anybody noticed rushed out to the car and headed home. It was getting close to time for me to head out to work I point this out to master he took the vibrator out but I was still too hard take the cock ring off. I jumped in the shower after a couple of minutes I was able to remove the infernal device Master came and claimed it and I continued my shower glad that the ordeal was over. What I should probably tell you about my work is that before all this started I used to be a lifeguard about a year after master entered my life he thought it would be fun to take me to a gay club on amateur night and have me dance for them. After a few amateur nights I was asked if I wanted to dance part time master didn't give me a choice I had to take the job. It wasn't long before rumor of this got back to my boss who found an excuse to fire me. This of course led me to being put on full time and now I not only had to do basic dancing in the club now I was doing strip shows in the club and privately sometimes in private rooms for private parties or individuals or sometimes contracted out to private parties at homes. Any of the private parties could have me hired to strip completely naked and if they want to pay extra I have to stay for the party and mingle naked. So that's my job from respectable senior lifeguard to a male dancer okay stripper a piece of meat on display for anyone to look at and grope. I get out of the shower feeling considerably better and glad with the thought that this is all over. When I walked into my room master is sitting on my bed and asks me if I'm stripping or block dancing (the last one is basically being a go-go boy I come out wearing anything from tight short shorts to a g-string ) I tell him I'm block dancing tonight. He says good and proceeds to put the vibrating cock ring back on me the vibrating dildo back up my ass and the nipple clamps back on the first two with brand-new batteries. I am mortified I can't believe he is going to make me go to work with all these things this guarantees that I'm going to be wearing the tight spandex short shorts he didn't like that he said the shiny purple Speedo was more than enough and tight enough to keep the dildo up my ass. He turns the two devices on and tells me to head to work in just the Speedo and not to bring any other clothes with me. This meant that all I had was the Speedo no shoes socks or even a T-shirt I would have to drive to work this way walk into the club this way work then walked out of the club drive home and walked back into the house practically naked. I get to the club and am greeted with hoots and cheers from guys in the parking lot who see me getting out of my car. Mind you it's no more than 42° outside. I go inside the club greeted by more crude remarks once again completely wild from the vibrations and horned up that I am almost completely unable to restrain or contain my cock and there is obviously no doubt to anyone that I am completely fucking hard. I head to the prep room and coat myself in a light coat of baby oil I head out for my shift the music is already pounding I jump up on a block and go right into dancing. Word quickly travels about the dancer who is dancing with a raging hardon the crowd around my block grows and part of the routine is I keep adding more oil to myself until I'm very shiny this of course has the effect on normal nights of making my bulge more noticeable tonight however it made me feel naked I was so hard.. With my cock and ass being vibrated nonstop I'm so horny it shows in my dancing every so often I can hear one of the guys that's closer to my block yelling to one of the other guys shit like holy fuck he looks like he's getting fucked by an invisible guy or it looks like he's up there havin sex. I keep finding myself rubbing the length of my shaft and having to stop myself. After what seemed like days instead of hours my shift ends I feel relieved to be able to head home until I get to the prep room and remember that all I have to wear home is the sweat, cum, and oil soaked Speedo I was wearing. With the new batteries that he put in these fucking things they are still running but as I turn onto my street and pull up to my house I'm relieved it's just about over. I enter the house spent weak and exhausted from this day. I head upstairs thrilled at the thought of going into my room and removing this stuff. I look over to master's room and see no lights on so I don't want to bother him. I open my door and turn on the lights and nearly fall over master and a couple of his friends are in my room waiting for me in the dark and they are completely naked. As wiped out as I am any time I see my master or these guys naked makes me wild all three of them are so ripped not huge muscle but just big enough and totally ripped. Master walks over to me yanks off the clamps and rips off my Speedo. The three of them grab me and start plunging that dildo in and out of my ass my hands get tied behind my back as they assault my ass and balls twisting and pinching my nipples which are already sore and aching they follow this with hot wax making sure to cover my nipples. They take out the cat of nine tails and use it to whip the wax off of me as soon as all of the wax is off master yanks the dildo out of my ass and the three of them take turns fucking my ass and mouth until they have each filled both holes. The last thing master does is change the batteries in the cock ring and toss me on the bed hands still tied behind me. When I finally wake up the vibrator goes back in my ass the cock ring gets new batteries and the nipple clamps go back on and I am made to write this and they don't come off until I finish.

As always master welcomes your suggestions on situations you would like me to live out and post the accounting of here.


Jason the Faggot

[email protected]


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