Pete had been working hard and was glad it was now his day off.

It was a hot day so he made for Richmond to sit by the river and take in the sights both on and off the water.

He sat there watching the boats going up and down and the guys sailing them, many who were stripped to the waist showing off well toned bodies.

After a while he made for the riverside pub and enjoyed a cool pint watching as men entered and left.

He had a couple of beers and was about to leave when in walked what could only be described as an Adonis.

The man was unbelievably handsome, nice stubble open shirt showing off his very hairy chest, strong hairy arms and legs to match. Pete could of died and wasn't going to leave while he was in the bar.

He watched as the man took his beer and lighting a cigarette he sat down near Pete.

After a while the music on the juke box finished and Pete used that as an excuse to talk to the guy saying it always felt quiet when the music stopped.

The guy smiled and said that is because the English don't speak then asked if he could join Pete who had thought he had died and gone to heaven.

They talked for a while the guy introducing himself as Marcus he was Greek and working on the boats for the summer.

Pete was transfixed by him and struggled to keep from looking at his chest wanting to touch it.

They drank another beer when Marcus suddenly said why don't you and I head back to my flat there we could have a drink in private.

Pete said yes and soon they were in Marcus flat sharing a beer.

Marcus looked at Pete then lighting a cigarette he asked if Pete smoked.

He said no and took a sip of beer, suddenly Marcus lent over and pulled Pete to him blowing smoke in his face. Like that Pete he asked.

Pete nodded then looked at Marcus, I guess I would like anything you did sir.

That is what I was waiting to hear replied Marcus, I saw you looking at my chest well make me a happy daddy and you can lick it.

Anything Pete replied.

Marcus reached over and pulled Pete to him kissing hard and dragging his stubble across his face then told Pete to strip and stand naked and still in front of him while he decided what to do with him.

Pete did what he was told and stood there shaking with excitement.

Marcus stood up and came behind Pete reaching for his nipples he teased them while rubbing his hairy chest into his back telling him he was going to fuck him like a dirty slave.

Pete was weak with lust and promised to obey everything he was told.

Marcus turned him around then stripped, he was huge and his cock was like a brick, suck it now, Pete fell to his knees and took the cock as far as he could gagging as it went in.

Marcus held Pete's head and pushed his cock in and out of his mouth until Pete got used to it and took it all sucking, while Marcus groaned and spat down on Pete's face making Pete more willing to please.

He sucked Marcus for ages then was lifted up and had his face pushed into that hairy chest he had been lusting for, the hair was sweaty and Pete licked it all feeling Marcus pushing his head harder against his chest then reached down kissing him and spitting in his mouth.

Turn over, growled Marcus and Pete obeyed.

Marcus spat on his cock and pushed it up Pete's tight arse ignoring the tearful cries from Pete saying it hurt.

Harder and harder he went then Pete opened up and was forced to take it all and was fucked like a dog for what seemed like hours.

Marcus pushed in hard then reaching out grabbed a cigarette and lit up blowing smoke over Pete while grinding his arse with his huge cock.

Finally he withdrew and flipped Pete over and pushing his cock into Pete's mouth he spewed out his hot cum which Pete swallowed.

When he finished Marcus tied Pete to the bed telling him he would let him cum later after being fucked again in the morning and he was true to his word.

Before they got up after Pete had been used Marcus wanked him letting Pete lick all the hair on his body.

Pete although never saw Marcus again never forgot his day off in Richmond.



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