Daniel is a 17 year old boy. He has black hair, brown eyes, and has a fit body type. "Where the hell is this place?" Daniel mutters, he looks around the street. He drives for a few more minutes and parks in the parking lot. "Its about damn time i found it". Daniel slowly enters the gym, looking for an open machine. He walks over to two men looking to be in their mid 30s. "is this taken?" Daniel asks. The men look at him and reply "no take it, it not being used". "I'm new to weightlifting, would it be possible to get a bit of a demonstration?". One of the men lays on the bench, "now, when you lift, you want to tighten your stomach muscles and inhale slowly". The man gives a demostration and gets up. Daniel lays on the bench and begins to lift, remembering what the man had said.

A few hours pass and Daniel is on a tredmill, it is about closing time and the two men join him. "oh hey, i wanted to thank you for eariler" Daniel tells them. "Its not a problem, i like to help others" replies the man, "oh i nver got your name, im Luke, and he is Will". "My name is Daniel, its nice to meet you" Daniel exhales and smiles. They talk about fitness for about and hour, not checking the time.

Daniel takes a water break and he realizes the gym has closed, but he and Luke and Will are still there. Will walks up to Daniel and asks "are you okay? you look paniced". Daniel replies "yes im fine, but, is the gym closed?" "Uh yes i believe it is". Daniel begins to get confused "why are we still here?". Luke walks up behind him and holds Daniel's arms back and says "so we can do this". Will then tears off Daniel's shirt and pants. "W-What the hell are you doing!?" Daniel stutters. "Just relax" says Luke. Will rips off Daniel's underwear and bites his lip, "yeah, this will work". Luke grips Daniel's arms tighter and Will takes his clothes off.

Daniel struggles to escape but Luke is too strong. Will slaps him hard "im sorry but i had to do that" Will looks at Luke, "i got him" Will grabs Daniels arms as Luke undresses. "Get the fuck off me!" Daniel shouts as he struggles. Luke hits Daniel, "dont struggle, it just makes it worse". Will picks up Daniel and throws him onto the floor. Daniel looks up at them, "what are you going to do to me?". Luke strokes his cock and gets on his knees. "Open wide Daniel" he says as he shoves his 9 inch cock into Daniel's throat. Will watches and strokes his cock, "hey, save some for me". Daniel gasps for air as he chokes on the throbbing dick. Will gets behind Daniel and slides his cock into Daniel's tight, virgin ass.

The men look at eachother and smile.Luke begins to throat-fuck Daniel. Daniel chokes as the cock gets shoved deep into his throat and saliva begins to pour out of his mouth. Will begins to violently fuck Daniel and pulls his hair, "damn danny, you a virgin or something?" Will laughs and rams his dick far into Daniel. A tear begins to stream down Daniel's face as he is raped unmercifully. Luke leans back "are you crying?". Daniel nods and covers his face. "That means im doing good" Luke exclaims. He rams his throbbing cock into Daniel's mouth and begins to piss. Daniel's eyes get wide as he feels the urine flowing into his throat.

Will begins to fuck him harder. "Oh shit Danny i might cum soon". Daniel becomes scared after he hears that. Luke takes his cock out and switches sides with Will. Daniel breathes while he can. Luke slides his red, hot cock into Daniel's sore ass "mmm damn, no wonder Will likes this". Will slides his dick into Daniel's mouth, "oh fuck, you really did a number on his throat!". The men begin to very violently rape Daniel. "Oh fuck, get on your knees!" Will shouts. Daniel reluctanty get on his knees. "Oh fuck here it comes!" Will covers Daniel's face in cum and Luke masturbates and cums in Daniel's hair.

The men high five eachother and leave Daniel, crying on the floor. Daniel is too weak to move, his ass hurts and cant breathe. A few minutes later, Daniel leves the gym, and drives away. When he gets to his house he sees two men, in the backseat of his car.


Kyle Truman

[email protected]


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