By: J. "Butch" Raymond

Becoming a private dick was always a goal of mine, ever since I was a young boy watching all those handsome private dicks on TV. But what convinced me to make it a career was an adventure I had as a senior in High School.My first 'case,' if you will.

I don't know about you, but my years as a teenager were spent pounding my pud; jacking off at every opportunity; shooting at least five loads a day, every day, day after day. One in the morning before school; one at mid-morning break; one at noon; one at mid-afternoon break; and a good one at night. And even more with any extra stimulus. And I knew almost from the start that I was not alone. In our, what I like to think of as typical, California high school, certain toilets were always crowded with meat-beaters during breaks. All done alone within the privacy of booths but you could always hear the slapping of meat and the hissing of excited breaths as the poundings took place and ejaculatory rapture gave way to sighs of relief. I did my best to add to that cacophony of sexy sounds.

It wasn't till I was an eighteen-year-old senior, however, that my imaginings of actual contact with fellow dick-beaters finally bore fruit. Only seniors were allowed access to a toilet at the end of the long hallway connecting the classrooms building to the building that housed, on one side, the auditorium, and on the other, the gyms and locker rooms. I remember the first time I walked down that long hallway as a senior, getting hard, wondering if and hoping that I'd be able to beat off in that seniors only toilet. After that day, every time I walked down that corridor I'd spring hard, at least three times a day, because I knew what I was walking into.

That toilet was the busiest repository for fresh sperm I have ever witnessed. I believe I saw at one time or another, or often, every single male member of my senior class (and their 'members') in that can. And in this hot room, booth privacy was not maintained! During that first day, having jacked off privately with these guys for years without actually acknowledging it, someone, maybe me, said to the row of closed doors, 'Com'on, you guys, hurry up and beat your meat! I've gotta shoot my load and get back to class.'

Another guy, standing there waiting, agreed with me. 'Yeah! Hurry up, fellows. My meat can't wait.'

No one snickered. We were all serious meat-beaters.

Someone behind me said, quietly, 'We're all hard.'

I glanced around and noticed that bulges were obvious in every slack and jeans in the room. I realized that we were all waiting to come.

'Fuck,' someone else said, 'Why wait? Why don't we just do it?!'

And I heard a zipper sliding down loudly.

A cock appeared. A big, hard cock! A great looking cock!

Groans, mine among them, were heard as other zippers and flies were opened. Hard cocks all around me! Mine out, standing tall and proud. A fist on one started moving up and down, and like magic, all other cocks were fisted and beaten. A natural circle formed as we all wanted to see what the others were doing, what they looked like, how they were being pumped, the technique used, and the size of the equipment. Comparisons were inevitable.

'Man, Will's got a big one,' someone said. A booth door opened and a face peered out. A grin. The young man, cock in hand, came out to take part in the circle, pants down at his ankles. I'd know him for years and liked him. I liked him even more, now, seeing his thick, fat cock with an enormous cockhead being worked on by an experienced fist.

In record time, with my head spinning, I started spurting spunk into the air in front of me. High into the air! It was impressive. 'Man, look at Butch unload his giant one,' someone said huskily, and immediately several others joined me in shooting off. Cum was flying everywhere. But gentlemanly care was taken not to soil clothing. High school teenagers could never walk around in cum-soaked clothes. We all took careful aim. And the shoot-off was inspiring - a wildly sexy scene I'll never forget! Quickly, every one of us had shot a great load, and even as excited as I was, I made the effort to check out every one of them as they came.

Grinning, unembarrassed, happy, excited young men washed up and put away their cocks, freshening up in a group around the sinks, bumping familiarly, jabbering quietly about how great it had been, and then separating, going out to various classes. I felt doubly thankful. I had thoroughly enjoyed my first youthful circle-jerk as any healthy male would, but I also had enjoyed the encounter on much deeper levels of pleasure as I sized up my classmates. I walked the long corridor towards class in a state of bliss.

Just as I suddenly realized that someone had caught up with me and was walking close to me, I heard, in a sexy whisper, 'I'm glad you liked the size of my cock, man.'

I looked up in surprise. It was Will Boyer, who in a few years would become a police detective, a hero of mine, and a very close personal friend and fuck-buddy, although I obviously didn't know it at the time. He was grinning at me in a very friendly manner, a very special way. I liked it.

'Huh?' I sputtered, intelligently.

'You said, 'Man, Will's got a big one,' as I watched you lookin' at it.'

'Was that me?' I asked in amazement.

'Sure was,' he said with a grin, 'and it made me proud. It made me feel great. I shot my wad with you. We all know you've got a big one, but I'm happy you made other guys realize I do, too.'

My cock is the type that shows big even when soft. It seems that uncut accordion folds inside of accordion folds never allow it even when flaccid to reduce to the size of most guys I've seen whose cocks seem to hide almost from view. Not that I'm complaining. Gym shower glances at it always caused a certain level of puffing up that I tried to control, but guys have kidded me about being 'hung' since I was about twelve, although I always heard a certain level of respect and envy in their voices.

'Glad I could help,' I told him honestly.

'I can always use a little help with it, man,' he whispered, leaning in close to my ear, reinterpreting my meaning. My eyebrows shot up!

'A hand,' he continued when he saw my surprise, still leaning very close, 'a mouth,' he added with lewd emphasis. 'You know, a little help from a friend, like the song says.'

My head snapped round to look at him, almost knocking into his.

'Meet me back in that toilet at three thirty, if you're interested in helping me out,' he said and dropped his hand into his basket and palmed the bulge obscenely.

I felt hot. Not just my face, but all over. This wasn't embarrassment; it was lust. Will read my reaction correctly, grinned at me happily, and went off to his next class.

The three thirty bell couldn't come soon enough for me. I was out the door before it stopped ringing, heading for the toilet. In the long hallway, I spotted someone just going into the middle door of the three doors at the end of the hall. The right hand door was the boy's room and the left hand door was the girl's room. I made the assumption that the middle door was for a janitor's closet, or broom closet, but it didn't seem like it was a janitor who had gone into it. Before I could give it any further thought, Will caught up with me.

'Where're ya headed, Butch?' he asked with a sly grin. I grinned back wordlessly. My bulging crotch was answer enough for both of us.

We went into the boy's room together. Most of the booths were in use, but the farthest end booth was open. He motioned me to go into the booth and I figured he wanted me to go in, have my fun, and let him have the booth when I was finished, but he came in right after me! Now, you know I'm not a prude; it's just that I had had very little experience and almost no sexual outlet except for my fist and that one circle-jerk earlier in the day, so his actions were extremely stimulating but also fear producing. We didn't want to get 'caught' doing anything, did we? Boy, I was so naive.

He touched my waist. It electrified me.

'Slip your pants down and sit down,' he whispered, tickling my ear with his lips.

In a haze of sexual excitement, I followed his instructions. As I sat down, I caught movement at the floor, looked down and saw two pair of feet in the next booth, pointed at one another and very close together. I was amazed. They were closer together than Will's and mine. I looked up at Will as I pointed to the floor of the next booth. He bent down, saw what I was pointing at, grinned, and moved a step closer to me. Now both sets of shoes were positioned identically and I noticed that Will's crotch was right up in my face. There could be no doubt about what the two guys in the next booth were up to. I thought my erection would explode, it got so achingly stiff.

Will just stood there. His pants were bulging. My eyes were captured by the impressive protrusion. I stared at it. He made no movement. I remembered his comments about help. A hand, I thought. My hand! A mouth, I thought! My mouth! Waves of lust surged through me and I thought I'd shoot a load right then and there, but I glanced up at Will and saw a warm smile on his handsome face. He was staring down at my erection as he waited for me to decide to help him out. I glanced down at myself and saw my throbbing cock looking as primed to go as ever, pulsating invitingly in front of my tee-shirt. It looked awesome. It told both of us that I was doing what I wanted to do, I was at where I wanted to be.

Knowing it was a memorable moment in my life, a decisive moment, I reached up and drew down his fly's zipper. I observed that my action caused the size of the bulge in his pants to enlarge. It told me he wanted me to do what I was doing. It needed no words. I needed no encouragement. I popped the top button, spread the pants and slid them down past mid-thigh till they dropped to his ankles.

He made his first move, sliding his thumb under his tee-shirt and raising the garment till his nipples were exposed. 'Lick 'em,' he whispered, barely audibly, tense with excitement, too.

I raised my face, straining to reach the handsome, hard, erect, round targets, as he pressed his chest to me. Contact between his hot body and my eager mouth was phenomenal! I licked, then sucked, then nibbled and sucked some more, then slid to the other as he hissed quietly in deep pleasure. The hard little knobs grew in my mouth and delighted my senses. I'd never paid much attention to my own nips, but I suddenly realized they were aching with pleasure, tickled by the fabric of my tee-shirt.

Tasting his body by first sucking his nipples somehow made me even more eager to see his cock and to see if I could put my mouth on it. He must have had similar ideas because he straightened up as I was straining to reach the nipples and his cloth covered hardon bumped my chin. It was extremely stimulating.

I reached out and pulled off his shorts, tugging them outwards at first to allow his erection its freedom, after all, I'd freed my own often enough and knew what to do. Then I slid them down his muscular legs. What I saw made me what I am today: A verifiable size-queen! My first cock was enormous! Staring me in the face was the handsomest, largest cock I could ever have imagined! In the circle-jerk it had just been sticking out his fly, which disguised its true size. Here, now, it was naked, proud, stalwart and gigantic, with pre-cum painting the corona and huge balls held tightly in a huge sac of overwhelming beauty adding to the picture of perfection. Inches from my eyes it may have seemed bigger than it truly was, but that didn't matter to me. It was awesome! And its masculine smells, mouthwatering.

I reached up and encircled the shaft with my left hand, testing its strength and drawing the skin down the hard shaft as I drew the entire weapon down to point at my mouth. That action caused the cockknob to brush my nose with slippery goo, it was so close and the cock was so long. Unconsciously, I wiped my nose off with a finger of my free hand, and then I decided I wanted to taste the goo I'd felt. As I put out my tongue and licked my finger, I glanced up at Will. He was enraptured. Pleasure, arousal, was written all over his features.

I slid out my flattened tongue and swiped directly at the accumulating lube glistening on that fat cockhead. It was hot! It tasted like my own pre-cum except, suddenly, I realized I was tasting cock, too. Real man cock! Delicious man cock! It helped me make up my mind. I suddenly really wanted to suck cock. I needed to suck cock. I opened my mouth and together, me sucking and him shoving, we got that big cockhead into me. It felt weird and wonderful, naughty and nice, sexual and unbelievable, and altogether exactly the right thing to be doing. In that instant, I became a lifelong dedicated cocksucker. Everything about it gave me tremendous emotional pleasure. The heat of the cock, its wonderful taste, its great size, its textures and strengths, its leaking liquids, everything, including Will's enthusiastic cooperation, made me realize how particularly predisposed to this type of lovemaking I was. Immediately, I knew I would learn to do it as well as, or better than, anyone else. And if practice makes perfect, I would practice until told I did it perfectly and then practice some more.

Will seemed to sense my growing pleasure and seemed to be stimulated by it. He grabbed the back of my neck with one hand, slipped his other hand around his balls, humped forward and filled my mouth with its first load of manly cream. I couldn't believe how good it was! Immediately I realized that this is what I wanted - hot, fresh, spurting sperm filling my mouth! I swallowed and sucked for more, which he gave me in great spurting abundance. Later, when I started sucking other cocks, it puzzled me for the longest time that their semen production seemed so limited. Only with experience did I come to realize that Will and I are among the minority of males who overproduce large quantities of cum.

As he gently pulled away, tugging his cock free of my demands, satisfaction written on his face, he leaned down and whispered, 'Change places with me, Butch, and I'll do the same for you.'

As I leaned forward to position myself to get up, I happened to glance at the floor and I saw that the two pair of shoes in the next booth had already exchanged positions and I knew, with gut-churning enjoyment, another cock was being sucked just like mine was about to be. It helped free me of any worry that maybe it would somehow hurt, you know how teenagers think.

So with surprise and wonder I pressed my stiff erection for the first time to a man's lips; and, as they parted and I was introduced to the moist heat and sucking energy of a skillful cocksucker's mouth, I was elated. Ecstatic! And orgasmic! I came in a flash, flooding Will's mouth with heavy, thick liquid. Spurt after thrilling spurt! He took it all, drinking it down. And there was a lot of it.

He stood when I was through and we embraced, naked from mid-chest down. 'How wonderful!' he whispered in my ear, tickling it again. 'Oh! Yes!' I agreed so loudly I heard a few giggles from afar. It made me realize we were all in that bathroom for the same reasons. It made me realize, finally, I was not alone.

That night, I jacked off more than once to spurting orgasms remembering the day's momentous events. But the image of someone going into that broom closet kept nagging at the back of my mind.

The next day, I stepped into Mr. Delbert Whistlethorpe's classroom expecting to be chewed out for arriving a moment late. He glared up but, then, when he seemed to recognize that it was me, he changed his expression to a welcoming, friendly grin. It stopped me in my tracks. It was so unlike a teacher to appear friendly that it made me suspicious of his intentions immediately.

Throughout the hour, he seemed to be talking only to me. Every question he asked was directed at me, as if no one else was in the room. It made me very uncomfortable. I had certainly never before had to deal with an over-attentive teacher, and I didn't know what to do, exactly, or what to make of it. On a certain level, it was pleasant, but mainly it just made me very nervous.

At the end of the class, he called me back as I was leaving. I went up to his desk and he seemed to be waiting for the classroom to clear before speaking to me.

'Growing up can be such fun, don't you think?' he asked, smiling.

'I guess so,' I replied.

'Oh, you know,' he grinned, 'new friends, new adventures...' He paused.

I stared at him blankly.

'...Sex!' he whispered excitedly.

I grinned. I couldn't help it. He had touched the right nerve.

'Ah ha!' he exclaimed. 'You know what I'm talking about, don't you? Girlfriends. Boyfriends!' He emphasized the 'boy' part of the word heavily. He grinned, again. 'It's so much fun, isn't it.' It wasn't a question. He knew something. I was sure of it. I was too young and too naive to try to determine just what he knew or how he knew it, because it felt, at that moment, like he was able to look at me and simply know I liked sucking cock.

'Well, remember, I'm not all that much older than you are. Think about it. You can go, now.' And he dismissed me, just like that.

I didn't know what the fuck he was talking about. I left completely baffled. But that afternoon, as I scooted out of my classroom at exactly the sounding of the three thirty bell and got quickly to that long hallway, I again saw a man going into the middle door. This time, the man seemed to be dressed like Mr. Whistlethorpe. But what the fuck would he be doing in a broom closet, I wondered.

Curiosity fueled my imagination. I decided I would act like the private dick I hoped to become and investigate, open that middle door, and look in. But when I did, the small room, cluttered with mops, buckets, cabinets and supplies, was empty. The man had vanished! I stared in puzzlement when suddenly a hand clasped my shoulder, scaring the shit out of me. I startled like a jack-rabbit.

'Whoa! Calm down, partner.' It was Will. 'Whacha lookin' for - a bucket to carry all that cum in, in there?' His voice was quiet, hard to overhear, but I knew he was referring to the loads of cum an even larger group of us seniors had deposited on the floor by way of another lusty circle-jerk earlier that day. It made me wonder just who did clean up the floor.

'Com'on! There's something I want to get straight between us,' he whispered, giggling, using an old line. It had a tremendously stimulating effect on me. I forgot the closet, closing the door and following him into the always busy boy's room.

Luckily, we found the same booth free. And I thought I saw exactly those same two pair of shoes in the next booth. This time, Will sat down first, looking naked with his pants at his ankles and his short sleeved shirt opened all the way and pulled aside to expose his handsome chest.

As I sucked in my breath with extreme pleasure, I went him one better and slipped out of my tee-shirt, flipping it onto a hook, dropped my pants to my feet, and exposed myself to him. He reacted by putting both arms around my waist and pulling me into himself, hugging me tightly as my cock throbbed against his face. His hands started to rub my flesh, moving over my back and buttocks, sliding down my sensitive thighs, flittering towards and then away from the extremely touchy area of my asscleft. Then he leaned back and, without using his hands, raised up his head over my cockknob and sucked it in.

I heard another man's excited hiss of pleasure. I was sure of it. It did not sound like it came from the next booth. I sounded like it came from the wall next to me or from the ceiling. But, immediately, Will's enthusiastic sucking diverted my attention so completely, that I ignored the sound. This time, I was able to enjoy his attentions on my cock a few moments longer before I came so thoroughly I thought I'd pass out. It was even better than the first time!

In a daze, I exchanged places with Will, checked the shoe position in the next booth and was satisfied with the exchange there too, and gave over my attention to pleasuring my randy young friend. His cock looked even bigger, today. Trying not to rush it, I, too, began running my hands over his skin, on his hips, his sides, his chest, toying with and pinching his hard nipples, and altogether getting him so hot, his cock was throbbing in maximum erection, leaking lines of pre-cum. It looked spectacular!

With my hands on his hips, I mimicked him and raised my head, my whole body, to position my mouth over the giant cockhead and suck it in. I heard him hiss with pleasure. But, I was certain I also heard another muffled gasp from the wall. This time I had no doubt about it. I tried to puzzle out what it might mean, but Will was going so crazy with his long schlong poking into me that I was absolutely unable to concentrate on anything else. In an instant, I couldn't have thought about anything besides his great cock if I'd been paid to, I was enjoying myself so completely sucking his great cock!

Will must have jacked off the night before, too, because he was in no hurry to come now, and I was able to become more familiar with his cock, his heavy balls, and the patterns of hair on his strong abdominal muscles directly in front of my eyes, and better able to realize how wonderful his cock felt inside my mouth. But it really wasn't long before he was pumping cum into me and I was drinking down that wonderful cum of his. He energetically humped his hips at me and spurted bucketsful of delicious viscous goo into my grateful mouth.

I was sure a heard another muffled sound, this time like a man in the throes of ecstasy. It was definitely coming from the wall. From the closet next to us, I was certain. Before rising to embrace Will, I looked up at the ceiling and studied the wall. I saw nothing. Will looked confused by my behavior, but smiled as I took him in my arms.

'Someone's watching us,' I whispered very softly into his ear. 'Don't look around.' Well, that was a dumb thing to say, because he immediately began looking around saying, 'Where?! Where?!'

I laughed and said, 'Com'on, let's get out of here.'

In the hallway, outside, I grabbed Will by the elbow as he moved away and said, 'Let's just wait here a moment. I want to see who comes out.' He stopped and waited with me.

In fact, it was a surprising wait. The numbers of males going into and coming out of that bathroom was startling. All of them smiled at us, greeting us in friendly, natural ways, as if going into that place and making out was the last thing on their minds. I knew I was going to enjoy my senior year immensely.

No one entered or left the broom closet. Before we went home, I opened the door and looked in again. I saw no one in it.

The next day, following another night of intensive jacking off, I noticed Mr. Whistlethorpe had reverted to acting like I didn't exist. Frankly, I wondered why. So this time I stayed behind after class without being asked.

'Oh, yes, Butch,' he sputtered when he saw me standing there. 'What is it you want?'

'Is everything okay?' I asked.

'Sure. Why do you ask?' He acted concerned and came over to me.

'Yesterday, you treated me like a human being. Today, I don't exist. I just wondered why.' I can be direct.

His face reddened and he chuckled with embarrassment. 'Oh, com'on. You know how it is. I just got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. That's all,' he said and he rubbed my back affectionately.

Isn't it strange how these things can happen? Something about that rubbing felt very familiar. It could have been Will's hand on my back at that moment. Instantly, I was convinced that ol' Whistlethorpe was one of us. A cocksucker! Then it hit me. A closet cocksucker! I let him rub without moving, in silence. It felt good.

'Hmmm, you like this,' he whispered.

'I like the way you feel me,' I whispered right back, emphasizing the word 'feel.' I was getting a hardon. It seemed no matter how often I'd jack off, I was always horny.

'And I like the way you feel,' he responded. There it was: an admission of interest.

'Good,' I said as he kept rubbing, sliding his hand down, now, getting his fingers under my waistband and touching the hot globes and bare skin of my ass.

'Ooh, man, you are a hot one!' His sigh was filled with desire. 'I never mess around with students, but you are so hot, I can't take my eyes off of you. I can't stop thinking about you. At night, I...' he stopped, suddenly.

'What do you do at night?' I asked, softly. 'Do you do what I do?'

'What do you do?' he asked, holding his breath.

'I take it out and play with it.'

'Umm,' he hummed excitedly, his excitement evident in the increase pressure of his rubbing.

'I play with it. I beat it,' I said with a catch in my voice.

'And then?' he asked.

'I pump my meat, man! I really get into it! I jack it off. I shoot all over myself.'

'Man!' he sighed, still rubbing me. But now the strokes were rhythmic, up and down my back like he was jacking my whole body off.

'Is that what you do at night? Take it out? Beat your meat? Jack it off like I do?' I was brazen.

'Oh, yeah, I do. I jack off. I do it thinking about you. Wanting to touch you, like this.' His hand returned to my ass as he sighed, 'Wanting to touch you, here.' A finger slipped in between my cheeks and poked towards my pucker. 'Wanting to pleasure you, in here,' he whispered huskily. The finger poked inwards as I rose up on my toes.

This was unexpected. My clever little detective work was going to get me fucked in the ass. Yet, I couldn't help but wonder what that would be like. It sure was pleasant standing here having him playing with my ass. I had to be honest with myself about that. But it scared me a little. I wasn't sure I could handle such a new idea.

'Well, Gee, I never...' I stopped.

'If you'd like to experiment, maybe give it a try, maybe see if you like it and have some real manly fun, here, put this address in your pocket. Come over between four and four-thirty this afternoon, or any afternoon this week. I'll be expecting you. You'll have a great time, believe me.'

'What about you?' I asked naively.

'If you come, I'll have a great time, too, don't worry.' Then he grinned, tousled my hair with the hand he'd just had on my ass, and moved away from me. The next class would start soon and students would be showing up. I got out of there, grinning, wondering if I'd take up his invite. Convinced he'd been spending time in the broom closet.

This time, I simply walked out of class at about three-twenty, at least ten minutes before the bell. Nothing was said to me. I went directly to the broom closet. No one was there. I went in, closing the door behind me, and, with a small penlight, I looked around. At the end of the wall adjoining the boy's room, I found a tall piece of plywood, almost ceiling high, abutting a cabinet. Instinctively, I turned off the penlight. I reached out and pulled the plywood towards me. The other end of it was resting against a stepladder. It concealed a small cubbyhole. I went into it, drawing the plywood in behind me.

Immediately, I saw light from the boy's room shining through six fairly tiny holes at various heights and positions: peepholes! The stepladder not only held the plywood in place, it also allowed one to rise up and look through the higher peepholes. Being very quiet, I went to lean in to look through one of two eye-level holes when my arm brushed something made of paper. I lit the penlight for a split-second and saw it was a paper bag, taped to the wall, half-filled with wads of used tissue - jack-off wads, I knew immediately. I'd formed so many of them, my-self, I recognized them instantly. I was in the warren of a real jack-off enthusiast - a gay jack-off enthusiast and a peeping-tom.

Then I peeped. What a sight! A senior was sitting there beating his meat. He looked spectacular. Naked, his pants were at his feet. His shirt was off. I was only inches from him as he stroked the long, fat cock. I crouched down, looking through the lowest hole and was only inches from that great cock. As I looked through this low hole, I felt jacking off in this crouched position would be tricky.

I climbed the ladder silently and, one by one, checked the other holes. One, well over to my right causing me to stretch out away from the ladder, gave me a pretty good view of the area of the room we had used these past three days for larger and larger circle-jerks. The view from this vantage point would be spectacular, I realized. A second peephole let me see most of the first and second booths, simultaneously. I imagined Will and I and our carefree neighbor pair being watched, and, frankly, I was a little envious of the peeper. He had an excellent view.

I didn't get a chance to check out the last hole, because the randy lad in this first booth was getting sort of noisy. He was bursting to come and I got down off the ladder to watch. He was leaning back and suddenly was spraying his chest with long lines of white, gooey sperm. It looked great! I had a tremendous hardon, watching him, and I knew whoever used this cubbyhole got his kicks from just this sort of cum-shot. I couldn't blame him.

Just then, the three-thirty bell rang and I knew I had to get the hell out of there. I stepped back out of the cubbyhole, repositioning the plywood, but, as I moved towards the door my foot caught a mop handle, tripping me, and I fell in a noisy pile of mops and buckets and brushes and, well, damn!

Suddenly, the door opened. I saw a well-polished pair of men's dress shoes. I looked up, confident, convinced, I'd be looking up at Mr. Whistlethorpe. What a surprise! It was Assistant Superintendent Mr. Bob Widener, who looked as surprised as I was.

I steeled myself for a barrage of verbal abuse, certain he'd say, 'What the hell are you doing in this closet, Butch? Why weren't you in class? What were you doing, in there?' and that kind of shit, but he did something very surprising. He quickly stepped in and shut the door behind him, returning the room to darkness!

An even dimmer penlight beam than mine broke into the darkness. Quietly, saying nothing, Mr. Widener removed the debris over me as carefully as one playing pick-up-sticks. Instinctively, I lay still. When everything was removed from me and from around me, he turned out the dim little light, reached down, grabbed me under my armpit with a strong hand and helped raise me to my feet. He didn't let go of his grip on my armpit when I was standing and he stood extremely close to me in the darkness.

'What the fuck you doin' in here, Butch?' he whispered, sounding pissed. It was the first time I'd heard a teacher or staff member use the 'F' word.

'Oh, just lookin' around,' I whispered, lightheartedly.

'Don't fuck around with me, you little shit,' he said angrily, and I realized I'd better take care.

'I just came in here for a little privacy,' I lied.


'I wanted to, well, jack off.'

'Bullshit!' he whispered emphatically. 'I've watched you beat off in the can, and I've seen you suck cock, too!' He sounded smugly superior. But it was a clear admission on his part that he knew of, and used, the peepholes.

'So, you use those peepholes, too,' I said, shifting my lower body so that my erection was suddenly pressed against him

'What do you mean, too?' he asked, surprised.

'I've been comin' in here, once or twice a day, watchin' these guys fuck around, watchin' 'em jack off, and jackin' off with 'em, just like you do. You ain't got a monopoly of voyeurism, ya know. If ya want proof, all ya gotta do is count the number of wadded tissues in that bag on the wall. If you remember how many you put in there, you'll see there's three times that many in there now.' I had no idea if these lies would work, but he wasn't backing away from the pressure of my cock and the grip on my armpit had relaxed to a fondling touch.

'What about Will?' he asked.

'I was just going to meet him when I tripped,' I said.

'You mean you jack off and then go meet him, too?' He sounded impressed.

'Listen, I come so often during the day, it doesn't seem to matter how often I do it. I'm always horny.'

'You're big, too,' he said knowingly, a huskiness entering his voice as his body began to return the pressures from mine. He was getting aroused. I felt it through his clothing. He was buying my story.

'You should know. You've seen it in action,' I said boldly. I was stiff as iron.

'Yeah,' he sighed, 'you really turn me on when you're in action. Particularly when you're with Will Boyer. You two are really sexy. The two sexiest students in the school!' He was animated in his enthusiasm.

I was flattered. I figured if anyone was able to make that call, it would be him. I'd have to let Will know how well appreciated we are, I thought.

'Are you and I the only guys who use these peepholes?' I asked, trying to be casual about it.

'Why?' he asked suspiciously.

'Eh, I don't want to bump into anyone else's time schedule.'

'There's only one other,' he told me, not saying who.

'Oh, Whistlethorpe,' I said immediately, trying to make it sound very off-handed, as though I knew it for sure.

'How the fuck did you know that?' he asked, annoyance back in his voice, but his crotch was now pushing against mime.

Bingo! I thought. My detective work paid off. But, aloud, I said, 'Don't worry, I ain't about to let anyone else know about us guys and this little sex-spy nest. I'm havin' too much fun with it, myself, to spoil it for any of us.'

'If you want some fun, let's go back to the cubbyhole. There're two eye-level holes we can look through standing next to each other. We can jack off together. Want to do it?'

'Sure,' I agreed, immediately, letting my enthusiasm show. I knew he was testing me. I was surprised he didn't want to go down on me or let me go down on him right then and there. But I realized, then, that voyeurs have their priorities, too, and since it was a polite invitation to some fun, I didn't want to disappoint him. We moved quickly and quietly to the peepholes.

As we stood there, shoulder to shoulder in that tiny cubbyhole, quietly pumping away, I watched the amazing sight of a sexy looking slim swim-team member sucking the oversized cock of a football linesman, and the thought of being able to do this, being able to watch my classmates jacking-off, having circle-jerks, sucking one another off, caused me to jizz all over the wall before I could grab a tissue. But what really put me over the top was that I enjoyed the idea that my participation with my randy classmates would be under constant close observation. For me, I realized, voyeurism is a pleasure, but exhibitionism is a kick!

Mr. Widener said nothing to me as I climbed the ladder quietly to see what else was going on. I saw Will coming out of a far booth with a handsome blond stud, both looking satisfied. Will had found a partner when I didn't show up. Somehow, I knew it had been the right thing to do.

That evening, as I lay naked on my bed, feet apart, cock in hand, pumping strongly, enjoying myself as I remembered the day's exciting events, I realized my first case as a private dick had concluded nicely. I'd recognized a scheme, followed the clues, interrogated witnesses, identified the conspirators, as it were, and had things well in hand! Altogether it was very satisfying.

My next case, I decided, would be the private investigation of the size of Whistlethorpe's cock - to be conducted by applying my ass! I could hardly wait for four o'clock tomorrow to come, but just the thought of the research got me off that night!


Jack Sofelot


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