My first gay sexual experience happened the last day of school for our Sophomore year. Over the last two years I had made two new friends. They had been friends for years and I had been in class with them for the past few years.

My friend Even invited John and I up to his camp for the weekend that last night of the year. He said that his parents were going to be out of town and it would just be the three of us and that we might have a party with some other friends but it turned out we decided against it.

We still had a week of school and I had never spent the night at anyone's house besides my best friends house. I had known him since I was a baby and he was like my cousin. I just figured it would be like any normal sleep over.

I was nervous because for some time I had heard rumors around school that Even and John might be in a relationship and I had never known them to be in a relationship with girls but nor had I. I was not gay so I just figured they were like me.

So when the last day of school came I was ready to go to Evens camp for the night and just hang out. School ended as it does every year with nothing big I was an average B student. As soon as school was over we all meet at my locker and Evens mom picked us up at school and gave us a ride from school to the camp then they left for the week.

We got up there and the camp was one a pond. I had not thought of that for some reason and did not bring a swim suit. John and Even both went swimming while I just watched them. Even finally remembered that he had a kayak that I could use and just go and paddle around them as they went for a swim.

I thought great because now I would be on the water at least not just sitting on the shore. The camp was just on a small little pond so Even and John who were both good swimmers decided to swim around the pond. I paddled next to them as we went. Just as we got to the middle of the pond they decide to flip the kayak I was in. So my whole thing about not going swimming because of my cloths and not swimsuit was gone.

When I got back into the kayak and we made our way back to his camp it was pitch black out and about 9:00. They still wanted to swim so I said ya I can swim. Even said that we should just go skinny dipping because we had not see anyone around all day and I needed my cloths to dry. I said sure why not I had before at a pool so why was this any different.

So we went up stairs and we all striped down to nothing. We all striped down in different rooms then put a towel around our selfs to walk down to the water. I had never seen another guys dick before and was afraid that mine would be really small. I wrapped my self up with a towel and went out of the room I had changed in and found I was the last to come out. Even and John were also wrapped in towels and were laughing at some joke that they would not tell me.

I was feeling so awkward as we walked down to the water because it was dark enough that anyone from another house would not see us but we could clearly see each other. I was curious of how I would compare in size to these other two. It was the moment of truth we had reached the water. We were about to take off the towels. Even went first and he was the same size as me and so that made me feel better so I pulled off my towel then John pulled his towel off and he was at least 1 inch longer than us. His balls were also huge. They weren't like unhealthy big but they were big.

Then I noticed that I was the only one who had an uncut dick. The others had cut dicks and it was noticeable. However I could not figure out if they had noticed. Just as I was going to forget about it John points down at my dick and says hey, why is your dick different. I was so embarrassed so I just started to mumble and try to think of something to say when Even said dude are you uncut? That was nice because I just said yes. John and Even both said wow I have never seen a uncut duck before. All I could think to say was wow I have never seen another dick before. They looked surprised but did not say anything.

There had been enough of this moment so I just ran and dove into the water Even and John followed me. We swam in the water for a while but we were not in for a long time or at least it did not seem long. We were swimming and it was only the second week of June so the water was still chilly.

Like I said I had only been skinny dipping once before and that was before I went through puberty. This time when I got in the water it was like my dick had a mind of its own and it just went straight up. I was worried that the others would see and that they would think I was gay or something. I just tried to stay a safe distance from the others.

John said that he was ready to get out because he was all shriveled up like a prune. I had not even thought of this little thing because I was still hard but not as hard as I had been but I was still a little hard. I just hoped that they would not notice. Well John got out of the water and he was just like me a little bit bigger than before. So I walked out and Even came out after me he was almost completely hard. I just looked away assuming he would not want us to look.

But I saw that John just giggled a little so I turned around and I thought it would be rude to laugh but looked and his hard dick. And seeing it right there in front of me I thought it was kind of attractive but I just tried not to think about it and told my self I was straight but at this moment I was questioning that and had been since I saw Even and Johns dick.

After we all dried off I just followed John and Even up to the camp and assumed that we were going to change but when we got to the house everyone went up stairs where our bags were so I started to go to my bag but John and Even just sat down on the bed. I just turned around a little confused and asked what are you two doing. They both just smiled and said come on man come sit down so I did.

When I sat down I saw them both smile and John started to take off his towel and so did Even. Now I am a little turned on but mostly freaked out. John put his hand on my chest and just slid it down to pull off my towel. At this point I was a little exited and they could see that in my dick. Even put his hand right on my dick and now I was mad. I jumped back and said WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING??? He laughed and said come on man just give it a try it will be like jerking off. I said ok but I have never jacked off so this will be a new experience for me.

As soon as I said that John got a huge smile on his face. So I sat down on the bed and started to let Even do what ever to me. He just rubbed my dick until I was hard as a rock for the second time tonight. During all of this John was just sitting on the edge of the bed watching and I figured that I should rub his dick like Even was for me. John liked the idea and had a huge smile when I started to rub him.

Even started to put his mouth down on my dick and I was not sure if that was what I was supposed to do but damn it felt good. I was not sure if I would go that far for John but before I had the chance he started to kiss me all over and I kissed him. That was my first kiss and it was amazing. Not who I thought it would be with or the gender I thought but I was happy for I was quickly learning that I may be bisexual if not gay. This was the best night of my life.

After the hot kissing I decided that I should try to put my mouth on Johns dick and that was a good idea for he was very pleased. John started to push my head up and down on his dick. I thought that it would taste terrible and I thought that it would be weird but it was good and it made me so happy. John started to have a little pre cum on his dick and I was not sure if he had cum for I myself had never jacked off. So I stopped for a moment only for John to keep pushing my head up and down. I had almost forgotten about Even until John said Even u have to let Billy Give you a blow job he gives the best blow job I have ever had. So Even stopped rubbing my dick and he came up by my head and he was already hard. I had not noticed the size difference when I saw John hard but now that Even was I front of me I saw that John was a good 2-3 inches longer then Even. So I said he John come up here I want to compare you to Even then John said ok but what about you. So we all just laid down side by side and it turned out that Even was the smallest and I was the biggest by like a half and inch. John was impressed he said I was a grower. I asked what is that. He explained that he and Even only got a little bigger when they got hard. While I got a few inches bigger. Later that summer we measured our ducks ad Even was 6 inches John was 8.5 inches and I was 9 inches. So after that I went back to giving Even a blow job and I felt something cold on my ass and thought it was water. I looked up and John said it was lubricant and thy he was going to fuck me. I figured sure why not so he put on a condom and fucked me in the ass while I gave Even what he said was the best blow job of his life.

Even came when I was still giving him a blow job and he had a huge load I thought I was going to choke. This time I was sure that he had cum and I was not early. I did not think u were supposed to swallow or anything so I sort of spit it onto Evens stomach. Played around with it and my tongue the John said to try it. He said Even had the best cum he had ever tasted. I said ok then asked how many people's cum have u tasted he said just mine and Evens and I felt better but it was good cum. John had stopped fucking me in the ass but he had gone to fuck Even so I said what should I do and Even quickly gave me a condom and said fuck John he loves that. So I put the condom on and started fucking John. They both asked have u cum yet and I said no I don't think so and pulled my dick out of Johns ass and they looked and said no you have not. They were surprised that I was holding it in so long and that the first time they fucked both of them came in like two minutes.

Well I got tired of fucking John and so he have me a blow job and then I came almost right as he stared to give me a blow job. I had thought Even had a big load but damn did I had a bug load. John could not keep it all in his mouth it must have been almost a 1/8 of a cup of cum. For my first time cuming it was damn good. Now John was the only one who had not come and Even was hard and ready to go again. So Even fucked me while I gave John a blow job. He was a hard one to crack. My mouth was tired and I could not go any longer but John had still not cum. Even said let me get in there so being hard again I just decided to fuck Even in the ass while he gave John a blow job then I came again in Evens ass. Soon after John came and we were all so tired. It had been a wild night for me and I was not sure what to make of it but I was sure of one thing after that night I was not a straight boy like I had previously thought :)

We got together a few other times that summer when our parents were away and did it again. I am still friends with them now and now the sex is better then ever when the three of us get together!



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