A Couple Days of Passion

This is a story about a couple days of passion shared between a friend and I and what it can bring. I'll start off by describing myself and my friend. I'm white, 30 years old, and 5' 11". I'm into guys, usually good looking guys around my age with good personalities, but I'm really into black guys. My friend, he is 28 years old, black, and he is 6' 3", his name is Jerome and he is very good looking and he has a great body. My body isn't bad, my body isn't what you would call athletic, but I'm not fat, I'm just not toned up. Jerome is tall, he doesn't have a six pack, but he is filled out, his chest and arms are muscular, his stomach is tight, his thighs and calves are muscular and they lead down to beautiful size 13 feet.

Now, let me explain our relationship and how we met. I have known Jerome for 2 years, we met through a friend. We went out a few times and everything clicked between us, but we had different things going on in our lives so we weren't able to take things to the next level. Over the past 2 years we have hooked up a few times, but the closest we ever got to intimacy was the few blow jobs I had given him. There was a lot I liked about him, like his outgoing personality, his great conversations, and his big dick, but the one thing I didn't like was that he wasn't good at being real intimate and showing a lot of passion. Even though our only sexual encounters had been blow jobs, he had hardly kissed me. Usually a lack of passion is a turn off for me, but there was something about him that made me over look that and we remained friends over the years, getting together from time to time.

The story starts on a Friday. I was off work for a three day weekend so I slept in a little late Friday morning, waking up around 9:30am or so. I wondered down stairs to my computer, turned it on and checked some e- mails. As I was checking my e-mails my phone rang, I looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Jerome, I was sort of surprised because I hadn't heard from him in over 6 months and I thought he was out of town for business. Answering the phone I heard his deep sexy voice on the other end. We talked for a while, catching each other up on what was going on in our lives. I knew he liked guys, but he also dated females from time to time, so he told me about some girl that he had broken up with about 3 months ago, I told him that I was sorry to hear that, as he talk more it seemed to me that there was no love lost between him and this girl. As we talked more he finally got to the reason he called, he asked me if I had any plans for the next few days, I told him that I didn't and he ask me if he could stay with me for a few days, he told me that he had been thinking about me and he wanted to see me. I replied that he staying a few days would be fine with me, that it would be good to see him and spend some time with him. Jerome told me that he would be at my house in a few hours and we hung up the phone. I couldn't believe it, his sexy ass wanting to stay with me for a few days. I quickly jumped up and headed to the shower. I had never gotten ready so fast; I came back down stairs and sat on the sofa by the window so I could watch for him to pull in my driveway.

I was giddy as a school girl waiting for him to arrive. Jumping up I went to the kitchen, opened a bottle of wine, grabbed two glasses and brought it all back to the coffee table in the living room. As soon as I sat everything down I heard a car in my driveway, I turned to look out the window and saw a dark blue Mercedes coming to a stop. The door to the car opened and Jerome stepped out. My mouth watered as I watched him walk to my door, he was dressed in a red pull over collared shirt, nice jeans, and some dress shoes. I was opening the door as he was about to knock, he smiled as I opened the door showing a perfect smile and perfect white teeth. We said hello, hugged each other and he came into the house. We sat down on the sofa and I poured each of us a glass of wine. As we drank the wine Jerome told me about how he hadn't been able to get me off his mind and how he wanted to spend some time with me to see what was up between us. I was flattered at what he was telling me and I told him that I had always wanted him and that I thought about him often. Jerome sat his wine glass on the table, then he took my glass from me and sat it on the table, he said that we had talked enough and he moved closer to me putting his hand on my head pulling me to him and he kissed me. After the kiss he explained to me that he wanted me to handcuff him to the bed and suck his dick. I almost fainted, this sexy man was going to give himself to me totally, good thing I had some handcuffs. Kissing his sexy thick lips again, I took his hand and led him to the bedroom.

I led him to the bed, were he sat down on the side of the bed. I went to my closet and retrieved two pairs of handcuffs, he watched me as I returned to where he was sitting, placing the handcuffs on the nightstand. We kissed again and I told him to raise his arms so I could pull off his shirt. I took off his collared shirt but he was wearing a wife beater under it. I gazed at him sitting there in his wife beater; I could see his hairless chest and his hard nipples sticking through the fabric. I ran my hand down his chest, over his stomach until I came to the bottom of the shirt; I grabbed it and took it off. I instructed him to lie back on the bed and stretch his arms out to the corners of the bed. I took the handcuffs and handcuffed each wrist to the corner of my bed; he looked so hot and sexy. I stripped down to my underwear and straddled him on the bed. I sat on his crotch and I could feel his hard dick underneath me, looking down at him I was turned on by his flawless smooth black skin, his hairless chest, his hard nipples, and his flat stomach with a little hair around his belly button leading down into his pants. I bent down, placing soft kisses on his neck, slowing moving down to his chest were I kissed and licked his hard nipples leaving them wet with my saliva. I continued to kiss on down to his stomach were I ran my tongue in his little belly button; I glanced up from time to time noticing that he was watching my every move. When I reached his pants I raised up and moved to his feet, I sat down on the bed placed his feet in my lap. I removed his shoes and slowly pulled off his socks revealing his big good-looking feet. I picked up his right foot and massaged it, he let out a sigh as my thumbs rubbed into the bottom of his foot, after massaging his foot for a while I began to suck his toes, I grabbed his other foot and began switching back and forth sucking all his toes, the smell and taste of his feet was intoxicating. Jerome was saying how good it felt and pulling on the handcuffs like he wanted to be free to put his hands on me. I finished with his feet and moved back to his pants were I undone the button and pulled down the zipper. I could see his semi hard cock through the thin fabric of his white boxer briefs. I pulled his pants down taking them off. There is nothing sexier that a black man tied up wearing nothing but his underwear. Throwing the pants on the floor I put my nose in his crotch breathing in his scent, I could hardly contain myself, I rubbed his throbbing cock through his briefs and I could see the wet spots on his underwear from his precum. Jerome began to wiggle and beg me to take his underwear off and release his hard dick. I granted his request by sliding his underwear down and tossing them in the floor. I look at his now fully erect penis, I remembered it being big, but now it looked huge, his cock was every bit 9 inches, it was fat with a big head, his balls were big too, hanging low. Jerome's cock now lay on his stomach leaking precum. I grabbed it up and placed it in my mouth. I licked the head clean of precum and then deep throated his huge dick, he moaned with ecstasy. I sucked his cock while I rubbed his balls with my hand. As I sucked he rolled his hips fucking my face and feeding me more and more of his hard dick, his breathing began to get faster, I didn't want him to cum so I came off his dick, he looked at me with disappointment. What are you doing he asked? I reassured him that I was going to get him off, but that I didn't want this to end too soon. I kissed him then reached for the keys to the handcuffs; he looked at me with confusion as I freed him from his restraints. I rolled Jerome over on his stomach, I had never eaten his ass before and I didn't know if he had ever had his ass eaten before, but I was about to find out. I spread his legs and placed myself at his ass, he asked me what I was doing. I told him to just relax and enjoy. With my hands I spread his ass cheeks, revealing a beautiful tight hole with a little hair around it, it looked delicious. I buried my face in his ass; he jumped a little, but didn't stop me so I started licking more, sticking my tongue in his ass. It was tight, a virgin hole. Jerome slightly raised himself up on his knees to give me more access, I could feel his tight ass open up the more I shoved my tongue in, he let out moan after moan as he moved his ass back and forth over my tongue. I ate his ass for what seemed like hours savoring every minute; finally I pulled myself away and rolled him over on his back. I removed my underwear and straddled myself over his dick, I began rubbing out dicks together, he rocked himself with my motions and precum covered his stomach from our dicks, his hands moved all over my body making me hotter than I had ever been. I moved back on the bed and began to once again suck his rock hard dick; his hands were on my head guiding me down putting more and more of his dick in my mouth with every stroke. His breathing was coming shorter and faster, his body tensed up and suddenly I felt a load of hot cum fill my mouth, I swallowed what I could but some ran back down his dick and on his stomach. I kept sucking his cock until his breathing slowed and his dick started to go down. I raised myself up and he jacked me off until I shot my load on his stomach. I looked at Jerome, he was smiling and I could see the passion in his striking dark eyes, he pulled me on top of him and kissed me putting his tongue in my mouth and placing is arms around me rubbing my back and butt. I could feel the intense passion and emotion coursing through our bodies. Jerome let me up and I went to the bathroom returning with a wet washcloth, I cleaned the cum off of both of us and then I cleaned his dick which was still a little hard and his balls. We kissed again then went downstairs.

Neither of us bothered to put any clothes on, Jerome lay on the sofa, he was so sexy lying there completely naked, I lay on top of him and pulled the blanket from the back of the sofa on top of us. We turned on the TV, but neither of us watched it, we lay there talking, kissing, and enjoying each other's bodies. We lay there for what seemed like forever, after a while I noticed that his dick was hard again. See what you did, Jerome said. I laughed, but I knew what to do. I placed my hand around his fat cock and started jacking him off, I used his precum as lubricant. After jacking him off for a while, I blew on the huge head of his dick, he shivered, laughed, then placed his hand on the back of my head letting me know that it was time to suck his fat cock; I opened my mouth taking his big dick into my mouth. I sucked his cock nice and slow, he let me take my time enjoying all the pleasure I could give him, he let out little moans letting me know that I was pleasing him. I switched from his dick to his big balls; I gently rolled his balls around in my mouth, making him moan even more. "Damn you know what you are doing," he said. I went back to sucking his dick, as I sucked his dick I rubbed his stomach and chest with my hand, he grabbed my hand and started sucking on my fingers, I don't think I had ever been more turned on. I pulled my fingers from his mouth and began to rub his asshole with my wet fingers. I massaged his asshole while I sucked his dick this seemed to turn him on more, so I lifted his legs and started to eat his ass, as my tongue entered his ass he moaned louder and louder. I had to tell him to be quiet because the neighbors might hear. I pulled my tongue from his ass and massaged his ass with my finger, we looked at each other and he said "if a tongue feels that good what would a finger feel like?" I asked him if he wanted to try it. I thought he would be the last person to every let me put something in his ass. He said we could give it a try so I headed to the bedroom to get some lube, I returned with the lube and he still had his legs raised. I sat down between his legs and looked at his most intimate place. I opened the lube and put some on my finger, I rubbed a good bit on his asshole, and then coated my finger, and I placed my finger at the opening of his hole. I explained that it would probably hurt in the beginning but then it would feel good. I slowly pushed my finger in, his eyes winced in pain, his hole was tight, nothing had ever been in there. I slowly pushed my finger in, easing back out and then back in, getting in a little farther each time. Jerome grunted and breathed hard, I thought that he would tell me to stop at any time but he didn't say a thing. I told him to relax and try to get use to my finger being inside of him, he nodded but didn't speak. After a while I had my finger all the way in him, I slowly worked it back and forth and I could feel him relax, I had got him open and he was enjoying the feeling of my finger on his prostrate. Jerome told me to start sucking his dick, his cock was still rock hard and his stomach was covered with precum. I began sucking his dick while I fingered his ass, the more I sucked his dick the faster he rolled his hips riding my finger, after a while he told me to just hold his dick in my mouth and he rode my finger faster. He was breathing hard and moaning pretty loud. My mouth was suddenly filled with cum; I swallowed it and began sucking his dick. After his climax was over I slowly pulled my finger from his ass, he told me that was the best nut he ever busted. Jerome jumped up and threw me back on the sofa, he kissed me then worked his way down my body to my dick, and he put my dick in his mouth and began to suck. He had never sucked my dick before and I thought he didn't suck dick, but I knew he had some skills as I felt what his hot wet mouth was doing to my dick, it wasn't long before I was shooting my load in his mouth, he held it in his mouth and kissed me passing my nut to my mouth, we swapped it back and forth before we both swallowed it. We collapsed in each other's arms catching our breaths. After a while we went to the shower.

Jerome and I held hands while we walked upstairs to the bathroom. I turned the shower on feeling the water to make sure the temperature was correct. We stepped in the shower letting the water run on us. I took a washcloth, put soap on it and began washing Jerome. I soaped up his chest, arms, and stomach feeling his tight body beneath my hands. I worked my way down to his dick and balls which I gently soaped up and cleaned, his cock started to get hard in my hands but I knew he was tired so I moved on to his legs. I soaped up his muscular thighs and worked my way down to his feet, I washed his feet getting between all his toes. I then turned him around and washed his back, when I got down to his ass he stuck it out a little to give me access to his crack. I gently washed his asshole rubbing it with the washcloth then my hand. Jerome rinsed off then washed me taking his time, making sure to get every inch of my body. I turned off the shower and we dried each other off. Leaving the towels on the bathroom floor, we walked to the bedroom. We climbed into bed, I laid on my side with Jerome behind me, I felt him move close to me with his chest on my back, he wrapped his arms and legs around my body and I could feel his dick in my ass crack. After a few minutes with his head buried in my neck I could hear him snoring softly. Feeling his love, passion, and the security of his arms I feel asleep and slept the best I have ever slept.

The next morning I woke up to the same position we had fallen asleep in. I eased myself out of his hold and he rolled on his stomach and continued to sleep. I pulled on my underwear, brushed my teeth, then placed his underwear on the side of the bed for when he woke up and I walked downstairs to start breakfast. I entered the kitchen, started coffee, and began to cook bacon and eggs, as I started cooking I kept thinking about all the things we had shared the day before and I could hardly contain my happiness. I had just put the eggs in the pan when I heard him upstairs brushing his teeth, after a minute or two he walked in the kitchen in just his boxer briefs, he walked up behind me at the stove and put his arms around me I could feel his cock in my back, he kissed my neck, I turned around putting my arms around him and we kissed, our tongues reaching into each other's mouths. I had to pull away from him to catch my breath and keep the eggs from burning. Jerome sat down at the table and I placed a plate of bacon and eggs in front of him, and then sat down with my plate. We ate breakfast and talked about the night before; he told me that he definitely wanted to see more of me. We finished eating and I took the plates to the sink, as I turned around I saw that he had slid out from under the table and that his underwear was concealing his hard cock. I walked over to him and he pulled me down on his lap, we put our arms around each other, kissing passionately, catching our breaths he whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck me. I leaned back and looked at him with surprise on my face. I had never been fucked. I told him that no one had ever been in my hole; Jerome smiled and said "well let me be the first." I sat there looking into his eyes thinking about the proposition, I was thinking about how big his dick was and how bad it would hurt, but something inside of me screamed out to let him do it. I kissed him again, and then said "ok, as long as you take it slow and gentle," he assured me he would, he said "you know I would never hurt you." With that said we headed upstairs to the bedroom.

We got on the bed were the underwear quickly came off. I sucked his fat cock for a while before he pushed me back on the bed putting my dick in his mouth, his warm mouth felt great on my dick, I could feel his thick lips wrap around my dick and his tongue work my shaft. After almost bringing to the point of busting he pushed my legs up and began eating my ass, I thought I would lose my mind as I felt his tongue go in and out of my hole. After he had me wet I told him to use his fingers to loosen me up, he lubed me up and began to push his finger into my ass. It hurt at first, but the more he entered me the better if felt, pretty soon he had two fingers in me, it was a mix of pain and pleasure that had me swooning and wanting more. I told him I was ready, I was on my back so he rose up on his knees with his dick at the entrance of my hole. I put my feet on his chest as he entered me, I felt the head of his dick go in, it felt like he was tearing me apart, but the pleasure overrode the pain. Soon he was all the way in me, I had to bite the pillow to muffle my screams, he started off slow so I could get used to it then he started going faster, he kept saying that my ass felt great around his cock. The more he fucked me the better it felt, he put me on my knees and fucked me from behind, then he laid me on my side, held my leg up and fucked me, then he put me back on my back and fucked the shit out of me, I was so turned on watching him take control and giving my ass up to him. I jacked my dick and watched the sweat bead up on his forehead and chest. He leaned down and kissed me to stop my screams, his big fat dick felt so good in me. I knew he was getting ready to cum by the way he was breathing, he asked if he could cum inside of me. I screamed "YES, this ass is yours do whatever you want." I felt his hot load fill my insides, he fell down on top of me his breath coming hot and quick, he kissed me with every ounce of passion he had in him. We lay on the bed for a while, both of us too weak to move. We finally made it to the shower to clean up, we washed each other slowly taking time to kiss and love on each other. We made it back to the bed after the shower, the sheets were messed up so we took them off and put some new ones on the bed then we lay down. We cuddled up talking and kissing. I told Jerome that my ass was his if he wanted it, he kissed me then told me that he loved me, I looked into his deep dark eyes and told him that I loved him too, he asked me if I wanted him to move in with me. I don't think I could have ever been happier, I shouted "YES!" Jerome sat up in the bed and said "well that's settled, I love you and I want to live with you. Better go get my stuff." Jerome stood up and got dressed. I hated to see him with clothes on I loved him naked better. We walked to the door and he left to get his stuff.

A few hours later he came back with his stuff. I helped him bring everything in and we settled into our life together. A couple days of passion brought us together forever. Jerome came for a couple days and he never left.


Duke Goddard


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