The next day, after we spent the morning in each other's arms I enjoyed watching the cop, move around my home. I'll share what I was seeing.

Franco Raguzzi,( Not his real name, so don't run for the phonebook or the internet to track him down.) was of mixed Italian and Irish descent. From his looks, mostly Italian. He is six foot,five inches tall,and about two thirty pounds of hard muscle.

Franco's skin is a light olive in tone. He has a full head of short black curls. Heavy black eyebrows arch over very green eyes. His ears are relatively small and stick out a bit. His nose looks like it started out to be Roman, and settled for an Irish snub somewhere along the line. He has really full lips, almost like a pout.

His jaw is really square, with a cleft in the chin, and outlined by a very dark beard shadow that never quite disapears even after he shaves. He has a neck of someone who works out a lot. Not so thick that his head looks small, but strong looking. His chest and shoulders look massive, not because of extreme muscles, but because a big chest and shoulders are natural to him. His pecs are hard but he has so much chest hair, that you can't see the definition. ( You can sure feel it!)

His nipples are not very big and almost disappear in all that black hair. He has a six pack stomach,once again covered in black hair. His hips aren't particularly narrow, but they aren't too wide either. His ass is full and round, and yes cover in black hair. His legs are muscular, well defined, hairy right down to the tops of his feet. His dick hardens to about six maybe six and a half inches,and is what I call chubby. Nice pinkish head, cut ,kind of like a pink mushroom.

Big, round balls that hang kind of low for all the world like those of a prize bull.

Eventually it was time to get back to our lives and we had to part. I gave Franco my number, but he didn't share his, so I realy didn't expect to hear from him again. My week went on and I for the most part didn't think much about Franco, except odd moments when I trotted out our early morning adventure in my mind. I had a gig that weekend with the stripper troup, my boss was training in a new bartender, so I was free to go.

Mr. Hot Cop was out of my mind for the weekend. I had a great time.

Imagine my surprise, after a whole week, coming home to about six messages on my machine from Franco. By the last message he was sounding just a bit testy. Well screw him, I had a life and a job. But memories of that hot body and what he had me do, had me reaching for the phone. To get his message machine. Figures, machine tag.

I went to work that night and my boss tracked me down right away. Seems a cop had come in looking for me. I could tell my boss thought I was in some kind of legal trouble, but I don't fuck and tell, so I couldn't really explain why a cop was looking for me. Although my boss ran a clean club a Uniform asking questions can unsettle the clientel, so he wasn't too happy with me. He kept giving me scowling sideways looks all night. I could also tell the other bartenders and waitstaff were burning up the gossip lines. Hell even a couple of the regulars were looking at me fisheyed.

When the club closed and I headed home, I was in a BAD MOOD. My life had just got very complicated. It appeared I suddenly had a stalker on my ass, and a cop to boot. That had all the earmarks of real trouble. I practically stalked down my alley, grumbling and cussing under my breath. I turned the corner and stopped startled. There was the source of my troubles standing at my door at two in the morning.

' What the fuck are you doing here?' I snarled.

Taken aback, he said in a shocked voice, ' You said same time, same place, diffrent night in your message?' 'I said to fucking call me, not plop your ass on my doorstep!' 'Why are you so mad?' ' Maybe because I had a real bad night at work because some stalker cop had to show up in his uniform where I work and ask a lot of fucking questions!' 'Oh!' he whispered. 'Oh, OH! That's all you've got to say! When my boss thinks I'm dealing drugs or robbing banks or something! OH! When I haven't heard from you in a week and suddenly I get snitty sounding phone calls, because I'm not there jumping to answer the phone because you decide to call! Oh! because you suddenly decide to pop up at my door and I'm supposed to be extatic because you're here!'

By then I was so mad, I was quivering. He hung his head and I glared murder at him. Then in a soft voice, ' I'm sorry Rusty, I didn't call because I couldn't get you out of my mind. After the way I acted that night, I didn't really think you'd want me around. But I kept thinking about that night and you and I wanted to do it again! But now you're mad at me and I guess, I wouldn't blame you if you told me to scram. I hope you'll give me a chance to make it up to you!' He peered hopefully with those pretty green eyes. I took in a deep breath, and took in that massive cop body, that dejected hopeful attitude, and some of the rage faded. I brushed past him, unlocked and flung open the door and stood aside. 'Get your cop ass in here and we'll talk!'

He meekly came in, I slammed the door, jerked off my coat and threw it across the room. I looked him up and down and the glimmers of a plan started weaving through my mind. ' Shit, I need a fucking drink. If you really want to make it up to me I expect you to be in nothing but your underwear when I get back, ohterwise there's the damned door!' I snarled and stalked off to the kitchen. I poured a stiff one and took a couple gulps. Then I refilled it and poured a double shot of tequila. I didn't know if Franco liked tequila, but in my mood it didn't matter if he did. He'd drink it or go! Spying the small jar of Elbow Grease he'd left on the counter, I grabbed it and jammed it in my pocket.

I stalked back into the main room and slammed to a stop. There was Franco stripped to his ratty old jock, kneeling on my rug. ( Franco didn't like regular underwear, just jocks.) He sure made a pretty sight, that man mountain kneeling head down, waiting for me. I popped an instant hard! Franco's hard was already there pushing at the pouch of his jock. I walked around him, savoring the sight of his hard hairy body.

'Spread your knees, boy!' ' Wider', I snapped.

'So, you want to make it up to me, do you?' ' Yes Sir', he whispered. 'Well, I'm pretty fucking pissed boy, so how are we going to make me feel better?' ' I should be punished Sir.' 'OH and how do bad boys get punished?' ' Bad boys get spanked Sir!'

Now, I don't usually get into the whole punishment scene, bu I was mad, and frankly the thought of paddling that big butt sounded hot.

' I don't know boy, I'm pretty mad, and a spanking doesn't quite seem like enough to make me feel better!' ' You could use your belt Sir.' he said quietly. Now that idea had merit. I needed to let some of my frustration out and if he was willing why not? Keep in mind, that while I'm no weakling, this man could probably snap me like a twig. I wasn't going to be able to do anything to him he didn't want me to.

I walked past him and seated my self on the bench of the bowflex. 'Look at me' I ordered Then when I had his undivided attention, I slowly pulled off my belt. If there is one thing I know how to do, it's making a production of taking something off. Goes with the side job. When I had it off, I held it up and dropped it beside the bench. The look of disappointment was almost comical. ' I've been on my feet all night boy, crawl over here and pull off my boots and socks!' The gleam was suddenly back in his eyes. It was such a turn on to see that man crawl across the rug to my feet. Very gently he pulled off a boot, a sock, then kissed my foot. Then he pulled off the other side and kissed that one too. Then he knelt further, and began licking my feet. Now, standing around all night in cowboy boots and sweat socks, I'm pretty sure those feet were sweaty and gamy. It was pretty hard to imagine that this eager to please boy ,was a big tough cop. I guess there is no telling about a man's needs and nature. I had a beautiful view of his broad back, and the tops of his hairy mounds. God, he was breathtaking!

Finally I pushed him back with my foot and stood. This time there was no show as I yanked off my jeans and shorts. His eyes zeroed in on my fat uncut dick and he licked his lips. But stayed put. Once again I sat on the bench. ' Get across my knees, ass in the air boy!' I ordered. He crawled over, then crawled across my lap, the hair on his chest, then stomach, brushing the exposed tip of my hard dick. It felt wonderful. Finally he was in position, his ass in the air, and his dick and balls between my thighs. My own hard was pressed down by his hard belly, just in front of his hard cock in his rotten old jock. I held him there a moment ot two, running my hand over his round hairy ass. God he had a beautiful ass! Then. Whack! He jolted, I hadn't held back. I waited a moment, watching his cheek turn white, then pink. I administered a slow, hard spanking, pausing to let him feel each slap. His round ass quivered with every blow.

Then I casually leaned over to retrieve my belt from the floor. Franco tensed as I dragged it across the side of his face and neck, across his shoulders and back. I used his lower back, just above the waist band of his jock, like a table to fold the leather, so he'd feel it. I widened my knees, took a firm hold of his waist, with the hand holding the belt, Then I reached back between his legs to pull his jock pouch aside, freeing his dick and balls. I spread his legs a bit wider and pulled his bull balls up on my thighs, where I could see them. All, the while Franco was tensed, wondering what I'd do next. Transferring the belt to my free hand, holding in place with the other, I passed the folded leather down his crack and over his balls. Running it back up again I caught his balls, in the loop the folded belt made, and lifted them, then as they plopped out drew the rough edge, deep in his ass crack, scraping across his bunghole. A soft moan escaped his lips. I played like this for a few moments, loving the way that belt looked hooking his balls and sliding deep in his hairy crevice.

His moans grew and he started to sqirm. Pressure on his lower back held him still, and he stopped moving.

SWISH! WHACK! The belt left a strip across his hairy globes. Franco almost jolted out of my lap!

He let out a low gasp, then tensed waiting for the next blow. I held off until he started to relax again. SWISH! WHACK! I slowly beat his ass with the belt for about ten blows. I could feel his cock spasm against my thighs, and the wet feel of precum trickling down the hairs of my leg. My own dick, pressed into his pubic hair between his groin and hard dick, was leaking into his bush and the base of his dick.

Then I dropped the belt on the floor in front of his face, leaned over sideways to grab my jeans and tug the jar of Elbow Grease out of the pocket. I twisted off the lid and jammed all four fingers and my thumb into it.

Softly I told Franco, ' I'm going to play with your asshole now boy, because I feel like it! Any complaints?' 'No Sir!' ' Good boy!' Now reach back and spread your cheeks for me boy!' When he hesitated, I snapped out. 'NOW!' Up til now he'd kept most of his weight off me by bracing his hands on the floor. Maybe he was afraid of being too heavy, but I'm pretty strong and still had him gripped by the waist. Slowly he reached back and spread his mound apart, exposing his hot little pucker in it's nest of hair. I ran my coated index finger all around that pucker, getting it nice and slick. Then rested the tip of my slicked up finger on the little slit that was the doorway of his body. He moaned and tried to push against my finger but I pulled it away, and waited. This was my show, and he'd get that finger when I was good and ready. 'Sorry SIR, I understand Sir!' That's a good boy!' I nestled the tip of my finger back against his opening. This time he held his ass perfectly still. I was really into this whole scene. Who knew a little domination play could be so hot! Slowly I slid my finger into him, letting him feel each knuckle as it forced it'd way past his ass ring. When it was all in, I just held it there for a moment, enjoying the wet heat of his insides. Then I started moving it around, searching for his prostate gland. A gasp let me know where it was, and I playfully stroked it for a while, while he shuddered, ,moaning, yet trying to hold himself still. Then I slowly drew my finger most of the way out. 'Ready for another finger boy?' ' Yes Sir, Please Sir!' Gently I eased the tip of a second finger in, then slowly forced it and it's mate, deep as I could go. His ass ring clenched so hard, I thought my fingers would be sqeezed off. I idly stroked his joy gland a few more times, then once again withdrew most of the way.

' Can you take three fingers boy?' Rhetorical question as I'd seen his ass swallow a wax candle almost as big as my hand. ' Yes, PLease, Sir!'

I moved in the third finger and eased all three into his stretching hole. There was no pucker now, just a stretched elasric ring. I could feel his pulse through his guts, it was pumping fast. I flexed my fingers around, stretching his hole further. Then I simply slid in my little finger. I'd never put that many fingers up a guys ass before. It was an incredible feeling! I could feel my fingers pushing into the linings of his gut. Franco was moaning, trying hard not to push against my fingers, trying not to fuck himself. I paused, and began to wonder if my whole hand would fit. Up to now, he'd taken everything pretty easy. His body was beginning to glisten with sweat. ' Well boy?' I asked. ' Sir?' ' Where do we go from here?' ' Sir?' ' Can you take all five?' A hestitation. ' I'd like to try Sir!' ' I would too boy!'

Slowly I worked my thumb in . I could tell it hurt abit, because Franco couldn't help sqirming. His breathing grew faster, and the sweat popped out on his back. But he didn't ask me to stop and soon all five fingers were in to my knuckles.I could feel his asshole spasming against my knuckles. I really hadn't intended to go this far! As if sensing my indecision, Franco let go off his ass with one hand and fumbled for the jar of Elbow Grease. He reached back around to lay it on his back, near where five fingers were stretching his hole. His message was clear! He wanted the whole hand. God, what a glutton for punishment. Trying to balance his body with my thighs, without taking my fingers from his hole, I let go of his waist to scoop some grease up. I slathered it all over my knuckles and up my wrist and lower arm. When I was done, I whispered,' Are you sure boy? I'm not mad anymore, and I don't want to hurt you!' ' I don't know Sir, I've never taken a whole hand, but I want yours, Sir, I really want to try!' ' I leaned over and kissed his back just above his ass cleft, the first tender thing I'd done all night. It occured to me that Franco must really like me alot. We were going pretty far into new territory for a second bout of sex play. Of course He'd gone pretty far beyond my expectations the night he'd shown up! Maybe this cop was just a pig bottom from the get go? I didn't care! All I knew was I was about to try to bury my hand up the ass of the hottest cop I'd ever seen. I felt powerful! I was so excited I thought I'd shoot off right then.

I started pushing slowly against his opening. Already stretched so wide, his body didn't want to let me in! Franco was whimpering, I knew it had to be hurting like hell, but I also knew he got off on pain. I eased off a bit, let him relax, took a deep breath and slowly eased back in. This time when me knuckles met his ring I pushed a little harder. Franco took a deep breath, and that relaxed him and his ass ring just enough for my knuckles to slide in. Franco let out a half moan, half whimper, as my knuckles stretched his hole even wider. His hole was spasming so hard I thought my hand would break. I held still, letting him adjust, I was in past the knuckles, but the widest part of my hand still needed to slip past his already overstretched ass lips. Suddenly, without warning, Franco bucked up against the well greased intruder in his body, and my hand slid in to the wrist. Stunned I sat there my hand buried deep in the guts of this cop stud. I could feel his heart pounding, as he shuddered and squirmed on my arm. It had to hurt like hell, but it was in! I think we were both content to freeze there awhile. Me drinking in the incredible feeling and exhilaration of what we'd just did, and him to adjust to something so big lodged deep in his gut. After a while he stopped sqirming and shivering. He'd begun to get used to the feeling.

' Can you make a fist Sir?' I wasn't too sure about that. It felt incredibly tight in there, and I knew his gut tissues were very very delicate. I was afraid of tearing something and told him so. ' Just go easy Sir!' Finally, I began to draw my fingers in. I could feel his guts stretch around my finger tips. I remember thinking, Thank God I keep my fingernails short. Franco was moaning, I'm sure he could feel my arm muscles flexing against his outstretched asslips.

Then incredibly my hand was drawn into a fist. I realized it would be safer to move inside him now, because my fist was more blunt, than outstretched fingers would be. I gently pulled my arm back, watching his asslips pull up around my arm. Franco was squirming, moaning and growling all at the same time. Then I eased my hand back in. I eased it back, then in. Franco was bucking and moaning, meeting my thrusts, helping to fuck himself on my arm. His belly and cock were rubbing hard against my own throbbing dick. I started breathing hard, I could feel the come boiling in my nuts. With a gasp, I let loose, spasming my cream across his groin and belly. Inadvertantly I jammed my arm even further up his ass, and then Franco was thrashing, sending his cum cascading down my thigh. We froze there, panting, the last cum leaking out of our dicks, my hand still buried up his hole. His weight started to weigh hard on my quivering legs, so I began to unclench my fist. Franco started moaning again, his lips must have been raw, but I had to abuse them further to ease my hand out of his ass. Finally it was out, Franco slid off my aching legs into a heap on the rug. And just laid there panting. Kneeling down on shaky legs, I caressed the back of his neck. ' Are you all right,Franco?' ' God, my ass hurts Rusty!' 'I can't believe I took your whole hand inside me! It was incredible!' ' Yeah,, Franco, pretty fantastic for me too!' ' I guess you're not so mad at me any more.' He smiled. I reached down a hand to pull him up. I pulled his head down to plant a kiss on his forehead. ' C'mon boy. Let's go to bed.'

Once there I wrapped my arms around him. I think we both lay awake awhile, marveling at what we'd just done. Eventually, the long night, the emotions, and physical exhaustion took over and we drifted off to sleep with him cuddled up against my body. No, I wasn't even remotely angry with my big boy cop!




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