Two weeks had passed since I had my head shaved and the time had come to do it again. To be able to have a good time with myself for a few hours I chose last Sunday for that event.

After getting up in the morning I took a shower and then stood naked in front of my bathroom mirror. As I saw my penis rising and getting hard I took it in one hand and the new clipper I had recently bought in my other hand. With that clipper I can shave my head down to the skin within a few seconds but I wanted to take my time and have some fun with myself.

I adjusted the clipper down to 2 mm and started shaving the back of my head guiding the machine from the middle of my neck up to the top of my head. The second go then shaved the left side of the back and the next one the right side. I felt the wet cum from me masturbating my dick and continued shaving my head from my forehead backwards to cut my hair on top of my head down to the same length as at the back. After a few minutes my hair was shaved down completely to a length of 2 mm all around my head and now I could go to the next step.

I adjusted the clipper down to 0.6 mm now which is the shortest possible length and repeated the shaving of my head the same way as I had done it in the first round. Now only a shade of hair remained on my head which had the effect that my boner nearly exploded and finally my sperm spattered down into the sink I was standing in front of.

I raised my arms and touched my shaved head. Doing so I saw the big bushes of hair under my armpits and I took the clipper again and shaved both armpits.

Now the fur on my chest I found a bit disturbing and thaty came off then as well.

In the meantime my dick had recovered from the jack off and had started to rise again. I grabbed my dong and balls with both hands and made them really hard. Now I could shave the forest around my dick and balls as well and I felt so good after that was done. I continued shaving my arms and legs and now only my goatee and my eyebrows were left.

Next step then was to shave off the goatee as well. I had never before shaved my eyebrows off and thought that it might be worth to try that new look on me. As the clipper touched my left eyebrow I got a stiffy again and without hesitating I shaved the eyebrow off. For the next eyebrow I took my penis back in one hand and started masturbating again and just a few seconds before I shot my sperm again away from my the other eyebrow had left my face as well.

Now all my hair had gone but I still needed the clean shave. I filled my bath with hot water and then I went in. I was on my knees then and bowed down and put my head under water. Then I lathered my head and started shaving it clean with my Headblade razor. Feeling the wheels of the razor and its blade on the skin of my head I got a huge erection again and I served it with one hand while continuing shaving my head.

After the head was clean I went further down to my eyebrows and shaved them clean with a normal razor blade. The same I did with my face and then down my body and arms until I reached the most erected part of my body. Again I grabbed my dick and balls and made them hard and stiff. It was quite easy then to shave them as clean as the other parts I had done already.

At the end of my shaving session I shaved my legs as well and after that I thought that I had deserved another fine orgasm. Now I was lying on my back in the bath and I put my shaved head backwards under water. I masturbated my penis now with both hands and the result was a wonderful sperm fountain that came up from the surface of the water.

Now I relaxed still lying on my back with my head under water and I shaved my head again as it was completely under water. I did the same with my chest and finally with my dick and balls until I had the feeling that no stubbles were left.

The grand finale then was that I kneeled down again in the bath and putting my head forwards under water now I shaved my head for the third time masturbating again at the same time. After coming up for taking a breath and diving under again I had my final orgasm being completely under water and shaving my head.

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