I’d talked to Jason on the phone a couple of times and we were on the same page but he was away at college so we wouldn’t be able to get together until Barbara and I want to another of Kevin’s football games. 

 Kent lives close enough to easily meet with but I have been able to catch up with him or gotten an answer to my text messages. Until today that is. His message was simple and to the point -- "Hey, what's up, want to suck me?"
 "Sure, if you're serious.”

I didn't have to wait long. "Yeah, I'm horny and want a blowjob. Where are you?" came the reply and I answered with the address of the motel. My car will be parked by the door.

A few minutes later, Kent he said he was on his way.
I was eager to see him and horny to see his cock. About ten minutes after I got to the motel I heard a car pull up outside. I went to the peephole in the door to see if it was Kent. I’d almost forgotten what a nice looking young man he was.

As we exchanged greetings, and he looked around the room, lit only by the coming through the bathroom door and bedside lamp.

With asking or waiting to be told Kent kicked off his shoes, pulled his t-shirt over his head then as I watched as he unzipped and dropped his jeans to the floor. Keeping his boxers on, he rubbing his bulge and sat down on the edge of the bed.

When I started to go to my knees, Kent stopped me and kissed me. I was taken by surprise since I don't kiss men. I know it's weird, I want his dick in my mouth but am squeamish about kissing his lips, just a personal thing. Anyway, since it was the price of sucking his dick I kissed him back. We both started rubbing his bulge. His erection was straining to get out of the boxers, and I wanted it.
We broke the kiss and when Kent sat back down on the edge the bed I saw his cock sticking through fly of his boxers. A very nice cock too, uncut and every bit of the seven inches. It looked much more impressive when not beside Calvin’s monster size cock.  

Knowing he had a late date and was pressed for time, I wasted no time in going to my knees and taking his cock into my mouth. "Ooooh yeah, suck it man, suck my cock,” Kent groaned as I tightened my lips and moved my mouth slowly down his hard shaft.  

He let me work on his cock for several minutes, then grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into his crotch forcing me so deep that his head hit the back of my throat. He held me there until I gagged a little, then he eased up on me.   

Kent asked me to show him my cock. So I reluctantly took my mouth off his cock so I could take off my gym shorts.     

Then he asked me to stand. When I did he pulled me forward and engulfed my cock with his hot mouth. I moaned, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes,” and told him it was hot. He sucked me for a few minutes and then asked, “Am I better than your wife?”

Having someone sucking your dick ask you a question like that is like your wife asking if the pants she has on makes her butt look bad. There’s no right answer. No matter how you answer you’re wrong.”

I told him, “You’re great,” and let him suck me for a few minutes. He was jacking off while he was sucking me and I was afraid that he would cum if I didn't get back down there and finish the job. So I pulled out of his mouth and went back down on my knees in front of him. 

He stopped me from reaching his cock and leaned down kissed me some more. He pulled my lower lip and nibbling on it. 

I gently pushed him back on the bed and took him back in my mouth. Closing my lips around his hard shaft, I started sucking him again.  His dick was now wet with pre-cum and the spit from my previous efforts slid easily in and out of my mouth. I sucked him deeply burying my nose and lips in his bushy public hair. As the head bumped the back of my throat, Kent he moaned, “Uugggghhhhhhh,” and told, “Suck it like a lollipop.”   

He demonstrated what he wanted by grabbing my hand and sucking my finger, swirling his tongue around, and getting me even harder in the process.

I nodded my understanding and attacked his dick with eager licking and sucking. He moaned, "Oh, man that feels so good. Yeah, cocksucker, suck my dick. Suck my fucking dick. God I love it." 

He grunted, “Ugh, ugh, ugh,” then asked, “Where do you want my cum?”

I pulled off just long enough to tell him, “In my mouth.”

Grabbing my hair, Kent pulled my mouth off his dick and started jacking off. Pulling my head back he told me, “I’m going to cum all over your face.” He was hurting me a little but I wasn't about to stop him. His cock was just barely out of range, but I kept pointing my tongue at it in hope of getting my cum reward.

I looked up at him, observing the way his face twisted itself into a mask of pleasure and determination. I could tell by his breathing that he was getting closer. As I watched him, our eyes met. I gave him a coy smile and bit my lower lip. "Almost there?" I asked.

"Y... yeah..."

The moment I’d had been waiting for finally arrived. With a rapid fury of strokes, Kent let it all go. He groaned, "Unnnnhhhhhh.”

It seemed like it was happening in slow motion as I watched his cock erupt. A large, thick shot spurted from the swollen head and suddenly, it started to rain hot sticky cum.  The first shot hitting me directly on my hairline. The portion not caught in my hair started sliding down my face as the second burst caught me just above the right eye.

My eyes closed as the thick blasts of cum continued to rain down on me. I felt them pelt my face, one after another, cum-ropes so big that they almost took a full second to leave his cock.

Two shots hit my cheek, then a large shot landed right against my closed lips. As I opened my mouth I caught a lot of it on my tongue, and swallowed as he continued stroking while his cock sputtered out a few final shots, covering my chin with big, white gobs of cum.

As the eruption ended, I opened my eyes. "Oh, my God," I croaked, licking the salty cum from my lips. "So much cum...!"

Kent a little dazed by the encounter quickly took a shower so he could dressed for his date. 

We agreed to meet again soon, when we would have more time to explore. After letting him out, I had relieve my own cock.
Although it was something of a shock all in all this was quite a nice afternoon, 

I'm looking forward to getting Kent naked in bed again to see what else happens.

Weekend after next there’s an at home game. Barbara has family business so will be in Oklahoma until the following Wednesday. That means that I’ll be going to the game alone. I’ve already texted Jason and arranged a little get together in my hotel room. He’s bringing a friend. Thank god for horny young men who like to have their dick sucked. 

The end..



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