Here is a series of six short sketches for stories I'm not going to complete but wanted to share. I hope you enjoy them!


Often, well, let's be honest about it, nearly every day, when walking home from work, I'd stop at a busy bookstore (I got the coins I mentioned in my story "Hidden Coins" in this bookstore.) It had plenty of small rooms in the back for watching porno films. All of those rooms had large glory holes in the walls. Believe me, cock was easily available, even plentiful, and, as a dedicated cocksucker, I loved the place. Although it was impersonal, quick sex at it rawest, it's what we all wanted. As a truly accomplished cocksucker, well practiced in the art, I was pretty sure the guys whose cocks I serviced appreciated my fine skills. Then something happened that confirmed it!

One evening, I was sitting next to a great glory hole in a back booth waiting for the next guy to come in. I was watching through the glory hole when a brawny fellow came in quickly. Instead of the usual by-play of dropping a coin in the slot and watching a few minutes of a sexy film, palming the fly, and acting coy, he came right up to the glory hole and stood there facing it.

What caught my immediate attention was the fancy belt buckle he was wearing on his low-slung jeans. It was made of burnished brass and was very large. I had never seen a buckle quite like it.

Without invitation, he unbuttoned the jeans and tugged his cock out, while he lifted his T-shirt.

I was surprised to see a stalwart erection standing stiffly in front of that handsome belt buckle. This guy was ready for action!

Again, without invitation, he slipped the erection through the hole at me. I loved it! This guy knew exactly what he wanted and was going right after it.

The erection was precisely the type I get inspired by. It was nicely thick, with a large, flaring head, but was not especially long - the kind that fits well into my mouth without slamming itself halfway down my gullet trying to choke me. Well, I like that long kind, too, don't get me wrong, but this cock was the type that plays well in the mouth. It stood there proudly, vibrating with lust.

As I sucked the smooth, clean-tasting cock into my mouth, I watched the belt buckle come closer and closer, finally knocking against the upper edge of the glory hole. We quickly fell into a coupling of sucking that pleases both parties and as he fucked my mouth his buckle rapped a sexy rhythm against the wooden partition. But, all too quickly, he stiffened, crashed against the partition noisily, causing the belt buckle to rap loudly, and, while pressed forward without moving, he came in a series of jarring jets of jism. I drank it all down with gusto! It was great! But, now, having gotten his rocks off, instead of scooting out of the place like most quick-comers do, he leaned down and smiled at me. He was a very good-looking man. I was impressed. I returned the smile.

"I had HEARD you were good," he whispered.

I kept smiling at him.

"They were right. You really know how to suck cock, man. It was great!" He flashed another radiant smile.

"I try my best," I whispered back.

"I've had other blowjobs - you are the best, I know!"

"Thanks. Anytime! You've got a super cock! The kind I love to suck! I'd love to suck it whenever I can." I was sincere.

"Thanks," he whispered, and with a parting smile, gathered himself up and left the booth while buttoning his fly under that intriguing belt buckle.

I was feeling very good about this encounter, wondering just who had been telling him that I was a good cocksucker, sort of daydreaming about it, when the booth door opened again and another hot dude entered. This guy, too, came right up to the glory hole and began undressing. After displaying another impressive hardon to me, instead of putting it through, he leaned down and smiled.

"Words out that you suck a mean dick, man," he whispered.

"What do you mean?" I asked out of simple curiosity.

"A group out in the hallway has been talking about talent, and they all agree you are the best cocksucker who shows up in this place. They all say that they wait for you to arrive. They say you don't just suck the knob and pump the shaft with your hand, like most cocksuckers do, but that you make love to a dick, taking it in completely and really deep-throating it while really sucking cock! And that you like to fondle, play with, and suck balls, too." He was being very candid and friendly while talking about my skills as a cocksucker. I found it extremely arousing.

"That's great!" I whispered. "I like good advertising."

"Let's give it a try," he sighed. He stood and immediately shoved a very large cock through the hole. I gave it my super-best effort, trying to prove to him that the advertising was reliable. I drew an amazing amount of cum out of him in a hurry. He was very earnest in his complements.

Six more guys used that glory hole, one right after another, enthusiastically. Each of them eagerly took a moment, either before or after I sucked them off, to tell me my talent was being discussed. Each confirmed before leaving that my growing reputation was well deserved. I loved it!

Then I looked at the glory hole and saw that big brass belt buckle, again.

"Hey, you're back," I whispered.

He squatted down and grinned at me. What can I say, I fell in love.

"Some of us guys have been talkin' about how good you suck cock, man," he told me. "We've been keepin' you busy, but you seem to be able to handle the steady flow okay."

I nodded.

"Talking about it out there, and listening to these sexy guys talking about it, and watching 'em coming in here to get their rocks off one after another, got me all hot, again. Want some more!" He stood and fisted his fly lasciviously.

"Yeah! I do! I love it! Give it to me," I whispered, my lips pushing through the hole.

I backed away to watch as he opened his pants. His wonderful, hard cock was not only ready but was leaking fresh juicy liquid as it stood proudly in front of that large belt buckle. I took him into my mouth as he pushed his cock through the hole. It seemed to taste even better than the first time. It was great!

I spent so much time on his cock, enjoying myself so completely, hypnotized by the movement forward and back of that belt buckle as he fucked my mouth, that when he grunted and slammed forcefully against the wooden partition, knocking that belt buckle loudly against the wooden partition, getting every millimeter of cock into me, I shot my load, too, just as he came in me! It's not possible to be brought to orgasm with every cock I suck while sucking a series of cocks, like this, but this guy really turned me on! Everything about him delighted me, including that sexy belt buckle. And his viscous, hot, second ejaculate was particularly rich, creamy, and delicious!


I kept thinking about the circle jerk. My buddy and I had been in the showers at a naval beach late one afternoon and, thinking we were alone, started jacking off together when we were suddenly joined by three really big marines. They had not only noticed what we quickly tried to shield from sight, but also told us they were planning to jack off together, too, so it quickly became a five-man circle jerk. It was great! It was also relaxed and fun, and seemed very natural; just five horny guys unembarrassed about jacking off together. We were all pumping out loads that otherwise would have been withheld until we could each find a private place to jack off, which, in the military, was not easily done. It seemed very masculine, with each guy seeming to show off his powerful body and well-endowed sexual prowess - but nothing too "gay" about it, really. It was as if we were allowed admiration, but not lust. And that was okay.

But the circle jerk stayed on my mind. Exactly one week later I went back to the same beach. It was a cool and overcast day and I saw no one on the beach. Nonetheless, I went into the deserted change room, stripped and went into the showers. I was alone. I turned on a spray and started bathing. The warm water invigorated me and, remembering the circle jerk held right in this spot last week, I felt myself becoming aroused.

"That's some big dick you got there, man," a low voice growled behind me.

Startled, I looked over my shoulder and, to my relief, saw it was Matt, the biggest of the three marines. He was standing there naked with a dangling, huge hunk of meat and big balls, just like I remembered him. He had seemed the friendliest and most outgoing of the three and I was glad to see him.

"I was just remembering last week's jack off," I admitted.

Ignoring the comment, he came close behind me and, as he whispered, "And I've been remembering this!" he grabbed a handful of my firm butt-cheek. It caused me to moan with pleasure and rise up onto my toes. "Hmm, this is some fine ass you've got here, and you like my hand on it, don't you!" It wasn't a question. He slid his other hand around my waist and pulled me roughly and tightly against his strong body. I felt his manhood hardening against my thigh. The contact took my breath away.

"I wanna fuck this nice ass, man," he sighed into my ear, tickling it.

"Uh... I've never been fucked in the ass," I protested quietly, hesitantly. I did not want to scare him off with a loud outcry. Anyway, it was a social lie; no one wants to hear that the object of his sexual interest is well experienced.

We both realized that I had not said "No!" We both realized that I was going to be fucked in these showers by this big marine! His hand slid down my abdomen and grabbed my now completely erect cock. We both knew then that I wanted to play! I wanted to be fucked as he pressed his growing erection against me.

"The moment I saw you last week, I wanted to fuck this fine ass," he whispered, tightening his hold on me, as if fearful I'd slip out of his grasp. "You were staring at my cock so boldly when we jacked off, that I thought you might like to suck it. Suck it now, and get it slippery so it'll slide right into your hot chute." With that, he turned me around to face him, even while keeping our bodies in tight contact. It felt wonderful and the idea of sucking his cock delighted me since it was exactly what I had been hoping I could do.

His body was slightly wet from contact with my wet body, and as I looked down at his now rampant erection it gleamed with lust and vibrated excitedly. This was not a moment to be timid, so I leaned and bathed the fat cockhead with moist lips and tongue and drew the entire head into my mouth, sucking diligently. The contact thrilled me! I have always loved sucking cock!

Matt groaned quietly and suddenly humped mightily with forceful jabs and jammed more cock into me as if trying to ram home the entire long weapon. I loved it! We worked together humping and sucking and in a surprisingly short time I felt his big balls against my lips. That mammoth cock was deep, down my throat.

"Man," he sighed, "I figured you knew how to suck cock. You're too sexy not to have had some practice. But this is spectacular! I'm in all the way! Down to my balls! What a sight! What a terrific feeling! Man, you can suck cock!" We were both enjoying this!

I kept sucking, loving it, but in the back of my mind I had to wonder how getting fucked in the ass by such a big cock would feel.

As if reading my mind, Matt tugged back and sighed, "Enough! Enough! Suck any more and you'll get a hot load on your tongue, but I want to put this load up your hot ass." Dirty talk only made both of us hotter.

He pulled out, turned me around, pushed me to bend me over, and eased that big, hot, wet cock between my ass-cheeks. I sucked in my breath in alarm, fearful he would ram that iron-hard meat into me without restraint and ripping me a new asshole, but he calmed me immediately by whispering, "I'll take it easy. Work with me. Feel the head of my cock at your little pucker? Relax! Relax! Let me rub it against your opening. Relax! You can open up to me. Do it right and it's not going to hurt at all! Do it right and you'll love having my big cock inside you! That's it. I can feel you opening up to me. Do you feel it? That's it! Let me just push... Uh... It's IN!"

The entire cockhead had entered me. My sphincter and muscles all clamped down together, uncontrollably. Somehow I had expected great pain but this was acceptable.

"You gotta relax," he whispered. "I won't move or try to shove more of me into you. Just relax and control the fuck, taking more when you want it. But I'll tell you, with such a magnificent, tight, hot ass, you're gonna want more cock. You are one hot fuck, man!"

I smiled to myself and relaxed. For the first time, I noticed that Matt was pumping my cock as we were locked together. It felt so good that I humped forward, but so did he and his cock penetrated further into me. It felt good. We did it again. I told him it felt good, and, with encouragement, he began to hump me good! I mean I got fucked! Royally! Deep, long probes and great force! His hips and abdomen smacking loudly against my ass in rhythm to the fucking, his hand pumping my cock as he fucked cock into me. In and out! In and out! It was perfect. It was everything I had hoped getting fucked by a giant cock would be like. I felt spectacular from head to toe. And especially my balls! I knew I'd come in a flash!

What I had known, what I had found out the very first time I was ass-fucked, is that my orgasm is uncontrolled when there's a big dick up my ass. So I was not surprised when I started to come, and I watched my jism spray out so strongly it hit the wall five or six feet away and it just kept spraying as if in one very long spurt of sperm. I almost passed out it lasted so long and felt so spectacular! And as I came, I realized that the tight humps Matt was making indicated that he was coming in my ass at the same time. It was remarkable!

I was out of breath. Matt's long, long cock was still in me but I straightened up and leaned back against his strong body.

"I never saw anyone come as much as you just did," he whispered in my ear. I hummed with pleasure. "And I never came as much as I just did, I'm sure," he added, sounding very pleased. "You've got a great body and a fantastic ass!"

"You've got a fantastic body, too," I told him. "I've wondered how getting fucked would feel and you were wonderful. This was the best, most memorable orgasm I've ever had. I shot all over the place!"

"Man, you sure did!" he agreed.

"Wow!" I sighed. We were still connected and aftershocks and afterglow surged throughout my body.

"I'm gonna pull out now," he said quietly, and I felt the long, still erect, tube slowly disengage. It was a disappointment to feel it leave me.

I turned and looked at him. His cock was standing tall. I shook my head.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I can't believe I was able to take that huge cock into me. I can't believe I loved it so much!"

"Your ass was made for fucking. I can't wait to tell the other guys."

"The other..." I repeated, surprised.

"Man, they'll both want to fuck you, too. As we left last week, we talked about how great your ass looked. We all hoped we'd get to fuck it! Don't look so surprised. You are a sex machine! The way you drooled when you checked out our cocks and the way you came so quickly as we all jacked off together, yet never took your eyes off our cocks after you came, told us you were open to lots of sex. Jerry loves blowjobs and will be glad to hear you're so good at 'em. All three of us will love to fuck this ass of yours as often as possible."

"Gee," I sighed, feeling happier than ever before in my life.


"Com'on, Jack," Dave pleaded, "come with us. We're all going up to Bare Lake to go swimming. It'll be fun!"

"Well, okay. I'll grab my suit," I told him, agreeably.

"You won't need a suit." He said, laughing. "We're going to Bare Lake."

I must have looked puzzled.

"It's B A R E Lake, not B E A R Lake," he spelled out, adding, "No one wears a swimsuit there. That's part of the fun! You'll enjoy it!"

"Gee, I don't know..." I started to say.

"And it's sexy!" he whispered, leaning in close to me.

"But..." I sputtered.

"You're not shy, are you?" he asked with a grin.

"Hmm... Swimming in the nude..." I was hesitant.

"Yeah! It's great!" he enthused.

"But... I've never swum in the nude. I'm afraid I might get, you know, aroused," I told him honestly.

"All the better!" he said excitedly, looking bright-eyed with keen interest and obvious enjoyment. The look was intoxicating and a wave of sexual pleasure coursed through my veins. He was a very sexy guy!


"Hope I'm not interrupting anything," a sexy, low voice whispered right beside me, startling me. I had been alone in the large shower room of the health club. Few members showed up on Friday evenings, so, thinking I had the place to myself, I had let my thoughts wander. Sex is always on my mind, anyhow, but tonight these thoughts caused very noticeable tumescence, which I would have concealed by turning my body had I heard anyone coming into the showers.

My head spun quickly. I saw a newcomer to the health club standing there, grinning at me. My first impression of him was one of great size and strength. My second impression, which hit me right in the groin, was that he, too, was aroused.

"Oh!" I exclaimed out of embarrassment, blushing. "I thought I was alone," I muttered.

"Then I am interrupting," he whispered with a chuckle.

"No, no," I told him, "I was just daydreaming. Sorry."

"Must have been some daydream!" he sighed huskily.

I studied his expression. He was serious, yet amused. He was teasing me, and I'll admit that I've never been able to handle teasing well, but he was also trying to draw me into his sphere of sexy talk. I liked him immediately. I gave his nude body a careful, explicit, once-over, lingering on his long cock.

"So tell me," I whispered back, "what were you daydreaming about?"

He looked down at his tubular cock, which was continuing to enlarge, looked back up at my face, grinned, and then whispered, sincerely, "Fuck! I was just looking at you! I wasn't daydreaming at all!"

I felt my face flush, again, but this time it was from sexual attraction and arousal. My cock was swelling fast.

He moved to the showerhead next to mine and turned on the water spray, standing beside it, near me. He put out his hand towards me, saying boldly, "Name's Buck. I like to fuck!"

"I don't." I whispered simply, then shifting my upper body away from his disappointed expression, but still looking at him, while raising my high, muscular buttocks towards him, really sticking my ass out at him, I added, "I like to BE fucked!"

"Jesus! I almost came on the spot!" he exclaimed.

"Sounds like we should get together," I said.

He smiled, nodding his head energetically in agreement.

"Meet me outside, in front, when you're ready to leave," I told him.

"I'll be there in two minutes," he said with enthusiasm.

"That's nice. I'll be there in fifteen."

We both laughed, shook hands, and then as I resumed showering, he began lathering up. We weren't able to keep our eyes off of each other's hot bodies.


"Don't talk dirty," I found myself saying, insincerely.

"I only said that the next time, before you wash those big, sweaty balls of yours, I'd love to lick 'em clean for you! That's all I said." He gave me a friendly smile.

I couldn't help myself, I smiled back. "Well, you shouldn't talk dirty," I insisted, rather lamely.

"Well, you shouldn't flaunt those big, fuckin', sweaty balls at me," he said huskily. Then, he flashed a big, toothy grin.

I grinned back. How could I help myself? I loved his dirty talk! I felt myself getting aroused.

We were in a large shower-room in a popular downtown health club. For the moment, we were alone. I had noticed the guy before. He was very handsome and exceptionally well built. His dangling cock was so large it always seemed partially erect, or at least puffy and alert. The kind one notices at once! Several times, I thought I caught him looking longingly at my ass, which is high, well rounded and firm - the kind guys check out.

"You'd like me to clean those big, sweaty balls of yours with my tongue, wouldn't you!?" he said. It wasn't really a question. He could see the effect his dirty words and sexy tones were having on me. The idea of his hot tongue on my big, sweaty balls was turning me on! And we both knew it!

Enjoying the Moment

Bright sunlight and bird songs woke me. I was lying on my back. I stretched, luxuriously, arms pushing outward, then upward, muscles tensing and relaxing, legs tightening, toes curling downward. My buttocks flexed, tightening the light sheet against my crotch. The material slid erotically over my morning erection. I felt great. It was the first day of my vacation in the north woods and the clean, cool, fresh air had given me the best sleep I'd had in months. I felt terrific and I threw off the coverings.

I was alone and was sure I wouldn't be disturbed. I slid a hand firmly across my pecs, rubbing hardened nipples, feeling the response in my balls to the fondling. There was no doubt about it. No decision to be made. I was going to jack off!

There'd be a difference this morning. I wouldn't be reading a j/o story, viewing a video, talking to a buddy on the phone, watching myself in a mirror, or doing it with a friend. Today, it would be just me. On the bed. Pure, old-fashioned, no frills, complete jack off. No pressures. No time limits. Just me. Building unhurriedly to that familiar muscle-tightening, heart-stopping, gut-wrenching, cum-spewing orgasm that I couldn't get enough of. The thought was exciting.

I let both hands slowly roam my body, rubbing my inner thighs, pinching my tits, tickling my belly while fluffing my cockhair, and tugging my balls. My balls felt heavy, thick, full, and very pleasantly sensitive, preparing for release. They radiated sensuous waves of intense pleasures into my abdomen.

Only my cock was left to yearn for my touch. It throbbed in the sunlight, looking bold and defiant, proud and stalwart, primed and ready. It was so completely engorged it vibrated above my stomach, waiting eagerly for my hand to wrap itself around the hot pole of muscular flesh. The flared, helmet-shaped glans was expanded in anticipation of lusty action.

I put my middle finger to the cockhead and pressed gently. The whole organ pulsated with desire, throbbing, hardening, and pushing up against the finger. My balls squirmed in their tight sac. A drop of liquid appeared in the long slit. My finger slid through it, painting the cockhead with a wet stripe of sticky lubricant and causing the organ to throb even more. More precum appeared and was painted on the cockhead. And more and more. The cockhead gleamed in the bright light.

Extravagant delight coursed through my body as I grasped the cock at mid-shaft and pulled upwards, partially covering the sticky cockhead with foreskin and then withdrawing downwards, pulling the now sticky skin off of the tender, vibrant cockhead. What wonderful sensations of pleasure! I did it again, and again, and again, marveling at the feelings, watching with narrowing eyes as the head disappeared and reappeared. Delighted with the sensations in my balls as they were tugged upward and pounded downward.

"You're beating your meat, now, man," I whispered to myself.

My body responded to my lusty play by suddenly soaring into complete orgasm, shooting ropes of white cum into my face and hair and taking my breath away! I love cumming!


Jack Sofelot


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