The after school summer breeze is hitting me through the back passenger side window as I lay against the door, dancing along the breeze with my hand, pretending to fly what is a very flat hand airplane in the sky trying my best to avoid all the passing cars and smashing it through the light posts as my airplane continues to sour through the mid day sun...

I'm bored....

The entire day at my school went by normally faster than usual, which was probably due to me falling asleep in half of my classes because of my late night adventure. Not only did I stay up too late playing on my PlayStation 4 on a raid that seemed to last for hours of the day due to the scrubby players on my team but it was the suprise message waiting for me after I left my gamer chair (as I like to call it) to grab myself a can of Mountain Dew that actually kickstarted my long night.

It was a message on a gay dating site from a local man I had previously sent a message to during school that day. Normally I don't ever go on dating sites but I decided to after feeling single was clearly not my cup of tea as of late and simply wanted to look for attention. I had put up a basic twink with an attitude type profile, posting pics of my cute white privileged ass in different outfits in poses that seemed even too hot for me, revealing little but giving a taste of what I had. I knew I was a tease, and I loved every second of my profile that was online during the whole day and would check the random messages under my desk from both older men and younger, that were wanting to know more about the new cute local teen and we're hoping to get laid some how. There was few who were nice and told me I dress well and would like to get coffee with me or learn how to do yoga from me, while there was those who were upfront in a different way, sending me a picture of their cocks or asking me if I am legal to fuck...

After checking on it on a regular basis, I was literally tired of not seeing any that were my type at all, already losing faith in the gay dating community. I messaged a few back for the hell of it but still not finding the one that could be a match made in heaven. That is until a new icon appeared in my last class of the day of a man who was the most handsome one of all that were in my area for sure. My curious hands clicked on his profile, and went through his photos, my mouth watering at how in every one of his photos, his muscles always seemed to want to break through his tight shirts. The only photo I could find of him without his shirt was a blurry one (of course) in what seemed to be him water skiing with a few friends at the beach, his huge arms around their necks as he smiled with his white sunglasses reflecting the sun back at the camera at a glinting side view. But it wasn't his sunglasses I was trying to look at but of his perfectly sized pecs, and cut in abs that made me look at my skinny stomach in defeat but of also encouragement.

His age....

Forty five ringed in my head as soon as I said it, taking one more scroll through his pictures as I sat in the back of class, already finished with my test while the rest were still writing down on their papers and the teacher distracted on his phone, making me feel absolutely giddy to be enjoying this sight in peace. I quickly messaged him with a hey, knowing with my profile, I didn't need to say more! I thought about adding a cute face emoji to the message but still, it was good enough to leave alone. Oh how much he must feel special knowing instead of doing my homework, I'm thinking about doing something else that I know I will get a good grade on. How else could he reject someone like me? Body built like a skinny twink, pictures of me in yoga pants flexing and inoccent photos of me smiling while holding coffee, pushing back my long brown hair. I knew my age had to ring in his head too, at least I hoped it did as I waited through the whole class period, waiting for his message that never came, disappointing me again....

Damn...Flash forward as I was grabbing my mountain dew can, I went back upstairs in my room, jumping back down on my bed to look at my work schedule for next week while I waited for my friends to come back online after they had taken a break as well. And that's when a new message appeared across my phone, to which I swiped across, knowing it must be another guy hitting me up but instead finding it was the man earlier, making me sit up and cross my legs in my bed, pushing my way to my inbox as quick as a fox!

"Hi there, my name is Adrian, so are you really 18"

I reply back "Nice to meet you!! And haha, of course I am!"

He sends back "ok just checking, you looked a bit young, so what can I help you with?"

And I reply "Well, I am on a gay dating website so I guess I was interested in talking to you"

The message pops up to which he reads but doesn't respond, causing me to wait in frustration, glancing at his photos once again as my legs shift slightly.

New message

I swipe back and read the message, only to find myself slightly upset."Well I do feel very honored but you are a little young for me"

I don'tever give up on anything in my life, I most surely won't now!

"I understand, I won't bother you again but a boys gotta try at least right? Not very many men built like you on here, it's impressive"

He replys "Thanks, I have to keep up with it on a daily basis, most men don't really even try to lift a weight from what I've seen on here so far"

I reply "haha right??"

He replies just as quickly as me and says "Your not bad, good leg muscles and probably cardio as well since you practice yoga! Pretty skinny tho"

I reply back with eagerness "Yeah I know haha, it's probably cause I eat a lot of salads! I try my best to keep my face clear as possible and any greasy foods will make me breakout"

He says "Well I'm sure it brings a lot of guys your way because of that, anyways, it's late, I have to get some sleep"

I reply back "ok well goodnight, it was nice talking to you!" To which I close the message, wondering if I will try again tomorrow and pester him, knowing eventually he will give in. And as I start to set my phone aside on my nearby nightstand, already a message appears to which I open it quickly, only to find another random guy saying hi there...

 I delete the message, clearly not interested and before I can close the app, Adrian suprisenly messages me again with a "So your 5 miles away huh" to which I reply "Thought you were going asleep?"

I open my soda can, and drink while waiting for his response, checking over my shoulder to see my friends still haven't returned to the lobby.

"I honestly don't believe your real" I read from him, causing me to laugh slightly as I message him back "Trust me, I'm real"

He sends back "prove it" to which I close the app, bringing up my camera and stand in front of my room mirror in my Nike shorts and grey shirt, biting my lip while pushing up my hair, taking a few photos and then reviewing them, trying to find the best one that revealed the most of my legs, sending it to him quickly in case he falls asleep and wait for his response, taking another drink and staring at the dot dot dots across the message board as he types.

"Damn so you are real, cool, so do you have a car?" To which I reply "Yeah, why?" Knowing fully well why he was asking me

"Well I can't really sleep, so if you want, we could chill for a bit until it gets late enough to crash" to which I reply "sure, where at" feeling already excited...

"Let's meet at the Belview State hospital, it's pretty close to my place" he says to me, making me have to resort to my gps, finding it no quicker than 4 minutes away, making me excited once again.

"I'm 4 minutes away, let me get ready and meet you"

To which he replys "No problem, see you there man" and I close the app, and turning off my playstation, not bothering to tell my friends that I was gonna be leaving. I run to my closet, grabbing a pair of grey silk sweatpants that pull on my legs along with my small pink socks, and keeping the same shirt im wearing but throwing a white hollister hoody over it. I fix my hair and run down the stairs, waving bye to my mom as I head out the door and into my car, driving as fast as I can to the hospital.

I already have waited a few minutes after I arrived, playing on my phone while sitting in my car, looking up at every passing car that comes my way. A message comes across my screen and he asks me where I am to which I tell him and he asks me to meet him at the front enterance to which I get out of my car, locking it and walking eagerly to the front entrance.

I can't believe he is making me walk to him, I think to myself as I sit on a nearby bench, glancing around the dark parking lot for my mystery man...

What if he was fake??

"Casey?" I hear from my side, making me turn quickly to see an enormous man in hospital scrubs, his hair pulled to the side as he smiles with his gorgeous white teeth. He's a fucking nurse, are you kidding me! I play it off cool and say "Yeah! Nice to meet you" with a smile, standing up and shaking his hand that almost takes up the entirety of mine. I've felt small before with my weight, but he beats me at both muscle, weight, and height all combined, he should be in a damn muscle show or something!!

"Nice to meet you, sorry I didn't tell you I was at work, I really did think you were fake and didn't want to risk anything" to which I laugh and say "I totally understand, your not the first who thought that!" To which he says "good, so...ready?" And I say "for what?" And he says "well do you wanna talk here or at my car??" To which I say "oh haha, ok yeah let's do that"

I follow behind him as he leads the way, feeling myself become hard as he walks ahead of me as I can't help but feel like a kid compared to him, knowing that if anyone were to look at us, they would either assume in this dim lighting that I was either his girlfriend or son! At this point, I wouldn't care what he considers me as! A Mercedes? Seriously? This guy must be freaking loaded as I smile to myself in embarrassment at how ridiclous I may look, entering in his expensive ass car in my sweat pants and buckling my seatbelt as he does the same.

"Are you wanting to hang at my place?" He asks me

"Sure, why not?" I tell him smiling

"Your literally going to be the first teen that I've had in my house, like this is weird" he says to me

"Well good, I can't stay long though so only for a few" I tell him

"That's no problem!" He says starting his car and moving out of the parking lot slightly as we drive by my own car and out of the parking lot itself.

We drive to his house which is a good 15 minutes away, parking quickly as we head up to what appears to be a apartment complex and his house is directly on the fourth floor. As we enter, he tells me has to shower after a long day at work and to get comfortable, and that maybe we can order some pizza and watch a movie as we talk. Of course I like the idea but I'm thinking more about how this hunk is going to be compeltley naked in the next room, spoiling a brat like me and knowing fully well that I want him.

As he enters his room, I begin to snoop around his apartment, admiring his art and books and his occasional workout gear set neatly around the room. His tv takes up most of the room as it seems to be around 72 inches wide, my best guess but knowing its at least bigger than me!

Uh oh, idea time

I whip out my phone and while getting down on my knees, I take a selfie on the reflection of the tv, pushing down my sweats and revealing the corner of my waist. I take the picture, editing it a bit with a filter and pulling up the app as I sneak into his room and sit on his silk bed, sending the picture to him.

Further hearing as he moves the shower curtain to read my message and then sending me a text saying "why did you send that" to which I don't respond and wait patiently on his bed as he finishes with the shower and exits, drying himself off and entering in the bedroom completely naked. I catch him off guard as I watch him quietly on his bed, seeing his full body structure of pure muscle from his legs to his arms. He turns around quickly, showing me his soft cock that looks obviously bigger than mine even when it's hard.

"Casey, what are you doing?" He asks with a shocked voice

"You didn't bring me here for pizza and to hangout, you have been wanting me in your bed since you first looked on me." I say to him

"I'm still not sure about it since you literally are the first young man I've ever had" he says to me

"I know, and trust me I do want to know you more, possibly date, I could get used to coming here more often" I say to him

"I would like that too, you would be taken care of" he says to me

"I know I would" I say to him, biting my lip and crossing my legs

"So now what" he asks with his hands outstretched and his cock starting to get hard

"Well....lets start with you using those muscles to full maximum for starters" I say to him seeing his face become in shock as he looks me up and down.

The next moments are a blur as he is already ontop of me kissing across my neck and licking across my face as his warm and slightly wet body is ontop of me, pushing his pulsing cock against mine. I have fucking wanted this for so long, I think to myself while I'm kissing him and bringing my hands down with a smack on his ass cheeks, that are of course bigger than my hands. He stops kissing me and flips me over and stands up as he rips off my sweat pants and throws them on the floor, revealing my little naked soft ass to him as I look back at him, biting my lip trying my best to look inoccent as hell to please him. This isn't the first time I have had my pants taken off but it's the first time I've ever wanted them truly off and never leading them on until I got bored or felt sorry for their blue balls..

And speaking of balls, as I look down past my ass and skinny legs with my pink socks still on, I see his cock that is easily around 8 inches or more with a sack that carrys a weight as well as it hangs above his masterpiece. I knew he would be big but I didn't think he would be THAT big....

"Oh fuck" I yelp as he grabs hold of my own ass cheeks this time

"You really have small butt, you know that?" He says with a laugh

"I know!! I wish it was bigger" I say to him

"No it's good enough" he says hungrily as he puts his mouth on my left cheek and sucks on it as he grabs my leg and pulls me closer to him. I can feel the heavy weight of his cock resting on my pink socks of my feet as he continues to suck on my ass cheek, moving his hands up my body and pulling off my hoodie as he moves his head up my back, licking it softly.

"This is way too hot" I say to him

He laughs and grabs my shirt and starts to pull it off before I stop him.

"No, tear it off" I say to him

"Are you sure?" He asks me with concern on his face

"I order you to" I say to him, feeling my inner anger coming out

He pushes my head down into the pillow as he grabs a fistful of my shirt and gets on my back, pushing me further down as both of our breathing increases. Without a moments notice, he rips my entire shirt along with the peices still around my arms. He pushes his huge cock slowly into my ass as I am still shaking from how hot he was able to tear off my shirt without ease.

"AGHHH" I yell out as he stretches me open with his huge cock, pushing deeper into me as I squirm underneath him wondering what the hell I got myself into as he slides back and pushes back in, literally going balls deep in me since I can feel his heavy sack resting on my ass cheeks. He grabs my little arms and holds them down as he continues to pound me, knowing I'm his special treat.

I think I'm going to black out...

"Holy fuck your so tight, I've never felt something this good before" he yells out as he is pounding me, dropping either water or sweat onto my back from his head.

"Its mine, I'm letting you....take it" I say to him, feeling my breath being taken away as I am no longer yelling but simply losing consciousness.

"I don't deserve this, your parents going to be worried sick, I'm going to finish and then take you home and then we'll go on a proper date" he says to me, stopping with his cock halfway in me

"My dad doesn't need to know his kid got fucked by a random man. Your going to finish-..." I start to say before catching my breath and adjusting myself and then finishing my sentence while looking back at him.

"-and take care of me, otherwise I'll just message the other twenty guys trying to get me in their bed" I say to him, glaring..

"You came to me" he says to me, dark and shadowed ontop of my body, his cock still in me.

"No, you came to me, you changed your mind and knew fully well you were gonna try everything you could to get laid tonight" I say to him

He pauses and says "Thats true, but I've had a few younger hit me up before and flake out, so it's good for once to find someone real and able to actually talk, besides this moment" 

"I want this, this part is for me and to satisfy you, but if you want more, then I stay" I say to him

"Fine" he says with a sigh

"Keep going" I say turning my head and grabbing his pillow as he starts to pound me again. He increase his speed, yelling out as he holds onto my ass cheeks, shoving his cock as far as he can inside me. If he keeps this up, I really will pass out, I think to myself as I scream into his pillow.

He turns me over and is about to fuck me while looking at me but instead I flip over with whatever strength I have left and turn my body around, grabbing hold of his huge cock and sliding it into my mouth, looking up at him with my adorable eyes as I suck him off halfway, unable to fit the entire thing down my throat.

"Oh FUCK, slow down" he says to me, grabbing firm of my hair

I ignore him, and continue to suck down hard, moving my tounge around his cock as I move my mouth down, looking up at him still as he yells out, trying to shove his cock further in my throat. I pull his cock out, grabbing hold of his thick sack and shoving it in my mouth, twirling both of his halls in my mouth at the same time, causing him to yell out more.

He grabs my head off his balls and gets ontop of me, grabbing hold of my legs and facing me to him, and starts to fuck me as my hard cock bounces up and down against his abs. I can't breath.. I'm losing...

I passed out to find the morning sun greeting me as I lay naked in his bed, completely sore and my hair in a mess. As I start to move, I feel a satisfied pain hit through me as I struggle to get out of his bed. Mouth tastes a bit salty as well as the end of my jaw feels stick. Did Adrian cum in my mouth while I was passed out? Let alone keep going?? I don't mind since I wasn't drunk or anything but he really couldn't help himself to not wait till later. I raise myself up from his bed, glancing over at his nearby mirror to examine my body, seeing no bruises so he at least is somewhat less of a animal. I start to pick up my clothes and start to get dressed, fixing my hair and walking towards his bedroom door which has a sign taped to it.

"Breakfast is on the table, had to leave early for work, please message me" I leave the sighn on the door as I exit, grabbing my ripped shirt before heading out. On the table is indeed my breakfast that is a makeshift lunchable. Funny, he fucks a teen and feeds him like a kid, asshole...

I start to exit his apartment, swiping away all my messages and calls from my friends and other messages from men on that site. I call my best friend to pick me up as I wait outside Adrian's apartment, to which he arrives, driving me back to my car and I leave the hospital, taking a glance at it and thinking of Adrian. I drive back home, realizing it's very early in the morning and my parents aren't even awake at all. I head upstairs, and take a nice warm bath, relaxing in the water with my colorful bath bombs. 

Images of last night still going through my head while I lay in the darkness. I couldn't control myself and wanted to get laid so desperately by this man. He knew even though I am legal, it's still wrong to fuck a freshly open gay teen looking for love. He's not going to give me love nor do I want it, but I do want my cut.

A phone rings in my bathroom coming from my sweat pants, lighting up the darkness as I reach over, grabbing it and feeling it's edge and knowing it's not mine.

A phone call from a teen named Troy, with his main picture being a teen around my age, skinny with Gage's and makeup on his skin as his hair is in a certain wavey style, he's gorgeous! But who is he and why is this on--

Adrian's phone...

Hmm now this just got interesting, I think to myself as I silence the call and lay back in my bath, relaxing and smiling, moving my hands up and down, like a plane gliding across the Atlantic Ocean...




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