All characters contained within are entirely fictional; any similarity to any real or fictional person living or deceased is totally unintentional. Do not read this story if you do not enjoy reading about consensual sexual activities of an exhibitionist nature. Otherwise read on......


It's funny how life can throw a spanner in the works just when you're least expecting it. Just by making one small decision and a chance encounter my whole life has changed course irrevocably.....

My tale starts in St. Ives on the north Cornwall coast one hot sunny Saturday afternoon early last summer (June to be precise). This place has been my second home for the last couple of years, ever since my sister Mel (or Melanie when I want to annoy her) split up with her husband leaving her to bring up three kids (Emma 13, Cayden 10 and Laura 9) by herself. I live and work in Truro but then most weekends drive down to St. Ives and stay with Mel at the weekend doing all the things that she needs a man to do around the house. This isn't a situation I would have chosen but as the saying goes, shit happens and there's no way I could bear the thought of her struggling all alone when I'm free, single and have plenty of spare time on my hands. Not when I consider all of the support she has given me over the years, but that is a story for telling another time.

I sat outside my favourite cafe on the harbour front, with a cup of coffee in front of me and people-watched (always a favourite past time of mine). In that moment I felt complete what with the sun beating down on me, the sound of people going about their business and the raucous cries of the sea gulls, just like I always did whenever I was by the seaside. I slowly sipped my way through my coffee willing the afternoon to last forever knowing that when I left my spot I would be going back to Mel's to continue painting the garage doors. I had intended on having just the one cup but when the cute young waiter stuck his head round the door and asked if I would like another with a cheeky grin I couldn't resist in agreeing to another cup of coffee, all the while undressing him in my mind!

And that was the first of the small decisions which started the chain of events. While I was drinking the second coffee I grew bored of people watching and paid more attention to the activity in the harbour, by now the tide was in and boats were now able to enter once more. Something about the yacht caught my eye, at the time I couldn't say what it was but it kept drawing me back each time I looked away. Unable to bear it any longer I left my unfinished drink behind and made my way down to the harbour's quay in an attempt to discover what it was that was attracting me so strongly. I casually leant against the harbour wall and watched passengers disembark from a local fishing boat all the while discretely surveying the yacht. Closer now I realised what had caught my eye, the yacht some twenty feet long had seen better days, the sails looked new but the paintwork was faded and peeling while the woodwork clearly hadn't seen varnish for many years. I could just make out the yacht's name 'Pride of Lelant'. My feet had a life of their own and before I knew it I was crouching down beside the boat studying it's disrepair in closer detail. On reflection this perhaps wasn't the politest or most discreet course of action as I hadn't waited for the owner to disembark. Sure enough I was caught slap bang in the middle of my studies by a gruff

'Can I help you?'

I looked up sharply in response to the voice, straight into his big brown eyes. Time stood still. Eventually I dragged my gaze away and I studied the rest of his face. Windswept chestnut hair framed his handsome masculine face accentuated by a thick but short cropped goatee beard.

'Well?' He asked with an expression displaying both amusement and impatience.

Shaking my head to bring me back to my senses I stammered

'N-n-no, I don't think so not really. I was just admiring your yacht. Sorry if I've caused you any concern.'

He cocked his head studying me closely then clapped his hands, burst out laughing and exclaimed

'Well I never, as I live and breathe. You're the last person I expected to bump into this part of the country! God, how many years has it been since we last saw each other?' He paused before continuing 'You don't remember me do you?'

At a loss by his outburst I simply shook my head while I frantically searched my memory banks for his face to no avail.

Still grinning he said 'I remember now, the last time we saw each other would have been July 1997 in the main hall at school when we collected our GCSE A-Level results. We then went our separate ways both hoping to go to University. Does it ring any bells yet?'

'Umm. Sorry no. Are you sure you know me? What school are you talking about?' I replied, still confused.

'Absolutely. You are Luke Farando, the school we went to was Stoneleigh Comprehensive in Reading and we were in the same class for Maths and Chemistry. Do you need any more clues?'

The proverbial light bulb lit above my head and the connection was made. With a theatrical groan, I smacked my forehead with the palm of my hand.

'Duh! Of course..... You're Gary Huggwell. How could I forget you? We used to be good mates at school but we lost contact when we went to University. I feel awful now; I should have made more effort to keep in contact.' The last statement was said in all sincerity considering the fact that he had gone from spotty geek to handsome god.

'Oh, don't worry yourself.' He smiled in response 'I could have made more effort too but you know what it's like.... hey, what are we doing yakking like this. We need to catch up properly. What are you doing tonight? How about going for a bite to eat and a pint?'

'I'm sorry I can't tonight, I've really got to go back to my sister's house and continue with the painting I'm half way through. But if you're free tomorrow I'm definitely up for it.' I replied hoping that I hadn't blown it.

'No that's cool. I will have to do some work tomorrow on the old girl here' he said patting the yacht's handrail 'and take her out for a spin. Why not join me, I'll show you that she's not as rough as she looks and we can take a trip up the coast and stop for a bite to eat.'

Trying to disguise the obvious relief in my voice I agreed to his proposition and arranged to meet him on the quay the following morning. Walking back to Mel's house I had a definite spring in my step and as I painted the garage door I laughed and joked with Cayden who was doing his best to help me. More than once Mel gave me an odd look from the kitchen window but kept her thoughts to herself. Over dinner I casually mentioned the events of the afternoon and that I would be out most of the day tomorrow, I tried to keep my voice as casual as possible but I had the distinct impression that Mel saw through my act. With a twinkle in her eye she asked who I was meeting, I replied that it was just an old school friend and that I'd tell her all about it tomorrow evening. I then swiftly changed the subject.


Sunday morning was as bright and sunny as the previous day so I dressed accordingly in shorts, T-shirt, hoody and trainers and positively bounced down to the harbour quay as agreed. Already waiting for me was Gary and his shabby yacht, on my approach he put down the paper that he had been reading and smiled warmly.

'Morning Luke, did you have a productive and enjoyable afternoon?' he enquired. 'Climb on board.'

I did as I was bid and sat down next to him before responding with 'Yeah, I guess I did. Well productive in the fact that I completed painting the garage doors as promised, but enjoyable? No, not when compared to messing around on the water! Just out of curiosity, you mentioned that you were going to be doing some work on the boat but I see no tools, have you changed your mind?'

'On no, I'm only here to pick you up before I take you back to my usual mooring spot where we will be working this morning. Stopping at the quayside is strictly time limited; I was only here yesterday to pay my licence fees to the harbour master. It was purely by chance that I was here at all, I normally avoid the town at weekends as it's simply too busy for me.' Gary informed me as he untied the yacht, started the engine and manoeuvred the boat out of the harbour and into the bay before heading inland up the estuary.

We didn't speak much during the journey as Gary seemed in a world of his own and I was happy to watch the views of the estuary and the banks glide serenely past. Occasionally I would glance over at him, catching my breath as I did so; the sea breeze blew his hair back forming a burnished copper mane and as he unconsciously thrust his chin forward I could not help but be reminded of a ship's figurehead I had once seen in a maritime museum. At one point he caught my stare, looked over at me and winked before returning his attention to steering the boat. I guess it must have taken nearly three quarters of an hour to reach our destination; all the way we had been fighting against the receding tide as well as the river current. Gary brought the yacht up gently to the jetty with only the gentlest of bumps before jumping out and tying it up securely, then inviting me to join him on the jetty. Standing there I immediately realised that this had to be a private mooring as it led directly to a gravel path meandering through an immaculately kept garden. At the end of the path stood to a large turn of the century house, again in immaculate condition. Whoever lived here put a lot of time and effort into its upkeep. I'd say it must have at least five bedrooms. I whistled my appreciation and expressed my thoughts to Gary. He nodded and confirmed that I was close, it had originally had six bedrooms but three had been converted to create a small apartment which he rents from the property owner. He offered to show me the apartment later if I was interested. I confirmed that I would love to see it but first I was dying to see the inside of the yacht and what work he had done on the boat so far.

Nodding his agreement he stepped back on board the boat and gave me an informative guide around it. He had apparently bought it a couple of years ago for a nominal sum of money from the owners of the house because it was in such poor condition. In fact originally it didn't even float! But slowly and surely with help from friends and contacts in the local community he had returned it back to being structurally sound. All that remained to be done was the cosmetic work like repainting the hull and interior along with varnishing all of the original woodwork. I was very impressed and said as much considering how much work was involved, even if he had had help. Gary clapped me on the shoulder delighted and thanking me, saying that it meant a lot to him. Most of his friends laugh at him having decided that he's become obsessed with his hobby and forgetting just how much money and effort has been invested in the boat. Suddenly he appeared a little uncomfortable and to change the subject he ducked down inside the cabin before returning with sandpaper, brushes and a can of varnish. Having been given instructions on how to correctly sand the hand rails I set about the task I had been given. It was hot work under the cloudless summer sky and I quickly shucked my hoody and T-shirt but still the sweat dripped from me, the only relief I had was from a faint breeze which had all but died since our mooring the boat.

'Hey dude! You must work out to get guns like that, I'm so jealous!' Gary announced abruptly making me jump.

Standing up I turned around and replied 'Uh thanks, um yes I do a little gym work I must admit. I do it partly because I find it therapeutic after a stressful day at work and partly to lose the excess weight that I normally carry. But you're right it does have the added advantage of buffing up my body somewhat.' I said looking down my body with a mixture of pride and embarrassment.

Then deciding to be a little playful I flexed my guns and asked if he would like to feel them. To my surprise without a word he stepped up to me and explored not only my biceps but also the muscles of my chest and abdomen. He did it with confidence as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do, evidently satisfied with what he found he stepped back shaking his head.

'Jeez man, I sure wish I had a body like yours. No matter how hard I work out I just don't fill out one little bit, it's so frustrating. See have a look.' He said before stripping off his own T-shirt revealing a slim but toned torso, sun tanned with just a smattering of hair across his chest which shone coppery in the bright sunlight.

Trailing a hand across his torso I agreed that whilst he might not be as bulked up like myself but his muscles were just as hard and pleasing to my eyes at least. Then I decided to chance my luck by adding that I bet the rest of his body was just as slim but equally toned with the slightest of smiles on my face. Instantly catching my drift and with a wink he assured me that I if I wanted to check for myself then I would have the opportunity later this afternoon but for now there was still another hour's work to be done before stopping for lunch while waiting for the tide to turn.

What a slave driver! I thought but as I had volunteered to work what could I say? Nothing of course. So with a mock salute I returned to the task at hand and did my best to get as much done as possible. Having got so focused on the sanding I lost all track of time and before I knew it I heard a female voice announcing that it was time for a break and lunch was served. Looking up I saw a mature but elegant looking lady, perhaps in her late fifties and what I would call one of the twin set and pearls brigade but very likeable all the same. Gary introduced me to her announcing that I used to be his best friend at school and that we have only just been reunited etc. Frances (the lady) clapped her hands enthusiastically and became all girlish before with a giggle announced that she had thought of the new name for Gary's yacht which would be very apt - 'Reunion'.

There was a moment's silence as we thought about her suggestion before we both nodded and agreed it was very suitable indeed. The decision was made so from now on the yacht would be called Reunion and her name would be painted onto the hull once the new name had been registered. We spent the next couple of hours eating the lunch she had kindly provided and chatting about what Gary and I had been like as kids, the escapades we had got up to until we parted company when we went to university. Finally Gary stood up announcing that the tide was in and that it was time to put the old lady through her paces on the open sea. So we quickly packed away the impromptu picnic, thanked Frances for the food and made our way back to the yacht.

Our journey back to the estuary and then the open sea was quicker as the tide and current was with us and within half an hour we were sailing past the headland beyond St. Ives. As I was a complete novice to sailing Gary told me to sit back and enjoy the ride this time, next time I would be expected to help him. I did as I was told and sat on the seat next to the steering wheel and took in as much of the experience as possible. The way the boat sliced through the waves, the way the sea sprayed across us every time we hit a wave, the way the sun glinted off the water and most of all the joyful expression on Gary's face as he set a course only known to him. We broadly followed the coastline, just keeping it in view and seemed to have been going for miles and miles but on reflection I suspect it wasn't all that far. We rounded one more headland and came across a secluded cove well off the beaten track. According to Gary there was no access to the cove by land, it could only be reached by boat and he suspected even then not many knew of its existence. We sailed into the cove until we were about thirty feet from the shoreline when Gary dropped anchor announcing that we had arrived. He stood up and quite casually pulled his T-shirt over his head; folded it and putting it on his seat before bending down and removing his trainers and socks. Standing upright again he gave me a cheeky grin before taking hold of his shorts waistband and pushing them sharply down to his ankles before stepping out of them. I held my breath as he was now only standing in his underpants and his slim brown body was a sight to behold, nowhere could I see the trace of a tan line and said as such having licked my lips several times. Looking me straight in the eye and not breaking my gaze he simply pushed his pants down, stepped out of them before unconsciously releasing his cock and balls from their confinement.

Holding his arms out straight he slowly spun round until he faced me again and asked 'So what do you think?'

So what exactly did he mean by that? Was he referring to his body? His tan line? His tackle? The boat? The Cove? Or what?

Playing for time I asked him to rotate once more, this time I took time to study him from head to toe as he did so. He didn't have a trace of a tan line anywhere that I could see. His whole body was fit, trim with no trace of fat and as for his bum.... mmm it was so small and pert I just wanted to grab it in both hands! Then as he faced me once more I noticed his cock had swelled a little and showed considerable promise when fully grown.

Gary looked down at me slightly impatiently and asked 'Well?' with hands on hips.

'Very nice indeed.' Was all I could think of to say.

'What is?' Gary asked with one eyebrow raised.

'Everything, it's all so perfect.'

'You're impossible. You haven't changed one little bit after all these years! You never would give a straight answer to anything. Come on, I'm going for a swim, are you joining me or staying on the boat?' With that he climbed up onto the walk way and gracefully dived into the sea surfacing some ten feet away.

In for a penny in for a pound I thought, so I quickly shucked my clothes too and dive bombed into the sea creating an all mighty splash on landing. Sheez the water's cold was my initial reaction as my bum hit the water and then I was fully immersed in the cold stuff. As I surfaced I took a deep breath and tried to control my shivering, to no avail as Gary had already spotted my reaction.

'Come on you softy, race you to the beach!' he called out and promptly started swimming off doing a fast crawl.

I was no match for him, I never was a fast swimmer, doing the breast stroke or doggy paddle is about my limit. By the time I was halfway to shore he was already sitting on the dry sand shaking the water out of his hair and allowing the sun to dry his body naturally. I took my time swimming the remaining distance as from my vantage point I was getting an excellent eyeful of his tackle hanging relaxed between his thighs. Despite myself I was getting aroused at the thought of kneeling down between his legs and sucking on his salty cock, by the time I stepped out of the water and over to where Gary sat I was sporting a fully fledged hard on. I made no attempt to hide it, there was very little point as he had already seen it and had raised his eyebrows.

Plonking myself down beside him I asked 'Does this bother you?' pointing at my erection.

'Good god no, of course it doesn't! After all it's not the first time I've seen you naked, remember all the communal showers we had at school after the games lessons? It's just that you're a lot bigger than I seem to remember in more ways than one.' Gary answered making a point of looking me in the eye.

Gathering my thoughts together I broke contact and studied the views all around me; the surf breaking gently on the shore below us, small white clouds dotting the sky, the sun shining brilliantly overhead, the seagulls riding the updrafts from the beach and over the vertical cliffs behind us. Before I spoke I leant backwards supporting myself on my elbows and stretched my legs out in front, wiggling my toes as I did so.

Looking into his eyes again I almost lost my train of thought, but managed to hold onto it by a thread before asking

'Can I ask you a question?'

'Sure, fire away. Ask anything you like' he responded.

'Are you glad our paths have crossed again?'

'More than you can imagine. It wasn't until you left to do your decorating job that I realised how pleased I was to have seen you again and how much I had missed you since we went our separate ways. It was made worse by the fact that we had only been talking for some fifteen minutes before you left again. I wasn't even sure if you would turn up this morning.' He said with a slightly sad expression on his face.

Seeing the sadness in his face I could not help but reach out and caress his shoulder with my hand before asking 'Why the sad face? The weather is fantastic, we're having fun - or at least I am, there's no one to bother us and we have all the time in the world to get to know one another again haven't we?'

I left my hand on his shoulder a second longer than necessary before giving it a gentle squeeze and relinquishing my grip. I smiled encouragingly at him as I lay back down again on the warm sand. He shifted his position so that he faced me but was looking down at the sand and spent a minute or two doodling patterns in it, clearly lost in thought. Finally he looked over at me, opened his mouth then closed it, before deciding to go ahead with what he wanted to say.

'It's my turn to ask you a question. All I ask is that you're absolutely honest with me.'

'Mmm sounds serious.' I replied. 'Of course I will be honest with you, what's the question?'

'When we were at school, did you know that I fancied you like mad? I tried every way I could think of to get you to open up enough to know if the feeling was mutual. But no matter what I did you seemed totally oblivious to all of my hints and innuendos, it was maddening! I left school still not knowing if you were gay or straight and if you would ever see me as anything more than a school friend. Now we've met up again I realise those feelings have never gone away.'

I lay there stunned by Gary's admission and I had to think for a minute or two on how to phrase my answer without hurting his feelings.

'Gary, you asked me to be totally honest and I will be. The plain truth is that I really was unaware of your feelings for me; all I can remember is that we were the best of mates and that neither of us had girlfriends but that never bothered me because we were always classed as nerdy geeks that girls would never look at anyway. I was very insecure as a teenager, I hated my looks and pudgy body so it never occurred to me that anyone would ever fancy me let alone my best mate. It wasn't until I was half way through university that I discovered that I had a sex drive after all and as my body matured it would be found attractive by others. Initially I tried to conform and dated a few girls but it never amounted to much, then after a very drunken party I discovered the joy of man to man sex and I've never looked back!'

'Thanks for putting my mind at rest.' He replied, still thoughtful looking. 'Can I ask you another question?'

'Go on.'

'Now I've gone and blurted out how I feel about you, I need to know is there any chance that you might one day have similar feelings for me too?' he asked.

All the time he had been looking at me with those puppy dog eyes that simply made me melt, my heart ached to heal his deep rooted anxiety. I chose not to answer straight away, instead I reached up and took hold of his shoulders and gently pulled him down on top of me holding him in a tight embrace. Then with one hand I guided his face towards mine before I kissed him gently on the lips. He froze for a moment before returning the kiss, then as if an emotional dam had burst our kisses became more passionate. Our tongues explored each other's mouth almost savagely and breathing became more laboured, before long we were nibbling and biting each other's necks and shoulders all the time grinding our rock hard erections together as they lay trapped between us.

Coming up for air I pushed him off me and asked 'Does that answer your question?'

'I guess so' Gary replied with a grin.

'I hate to spoil the moment but unlike you I am not used to all over sunbathing and I can feel myself burning already. Perhaps next time we do this I should be a little more prepared and bring the sun cream with me, I could also do with a drink, all this heat and talking is giving me a thirst!' I said standing up and brushing the sand off my body as best I could.

Laughing loudly, perhaps as a release valve from the emotional scene just now, Gary said 'What an idiot I am! I should have thought about that. I have both sun cream and bottles of water on board so let's retire to Reunion for a while so we can rectify the situation.'

Taking me by the hand he dragged me into the sea not letting go until it was deep enough for us to swim without hitting the bottom. Abruptly he dived beneath the waves and I wondered where he had disappeared to, until that is I felt my now flaccid cock being enveloped in something hot. Looking down I could just make out the shape of his dark head attached to me at the waist and then I felt his arms wrap round my waist. My cock quickly sprang to attention but all too soon he had to surface for air, gasping from holding his breath for so long, he finally got his breath back and asked me if he liked his party trick.

'It was impressive but really didn't last long enough, perhaps with practice......' I trailed off as I began to swim back to the yacht. This time I arrived first, which was perhaps a bit of a tactical mistake as Gary was treated to the view of me struggling inelegantly to climb on board. Finally after a lot of splashing and grunting I flopped over the side landing on the floor in a heap. I could hear chuckling behind me and then within a couple of seconds he was standing next to me showering me with cold water droplets.

'I'll show you the correct technique for climbing on board; it's a lot easier when you know how.' He said with just a trace of mirth in his voice. 'Let's get you rehydrated and then slap on some sun cream on that hot bod of yours!'

I was only too keen to do the latter as I could feel my skin getting hot and prickly and even in the bright sunlight I could see that it was going pink. My fair skin just wasn't used to this much exposure in one go without any protection. I followed Gary inside, first into the kitchenette where he retrieved two bottles of cold water from the fridge and then into the living area where the sun cream was sitting on the side. Feeling a little claustrophobic I suggested we went back outside where at least the sea breeze would be cooling to my skin. I stood close to him savouring both the thirst quenching water and the heady fragrance of his sun ripened skin all the while making small talk about his colour scheme plans for the interior of the yacht. As I downed the last of the water Gary reached for the sun cream, squeezed a large quantity of it into his hand and then applied it all over my body. I stood there with arms outstretched whilst literally every inch of me was coated in the greasy fluid. Despite myself I became aroused as his hands expertly smoothed the cream into my thighs and crutch. By the time his hands massaged my balls I was so hard I could explode there and then. I couldn't remember the last time I had been touched in such an erotic manner.

Looking up from his kneeling position he asked 'Can I?' then licked his lips and looked at my erection.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I thought to myself, however I answered a little more casually with a simple 'Be my guest' but grinning broadly.

Needing no second telling he took hold of my hips pulling me closer to him before gently kissing my cockhead and then licking it like it was a giant lollipop. When satisfied my cock was sufficiently lubricated he slowly and smoothly swallowed me until his lips were brushing my balls. The feeling of being fully enveloped in his hot wet mouth was heavenly! My hands found their way to his head and my fingers entwined themselves in his hair taking a firm hold before beginning to slow fuck his mouth. Gary put up no resistance, in fact it seemed to spur him on, with one hand he massaged my balls and with the other he reached underneath me tracing the crack between my cheeks until he found my heiny hole. As his index finger teased and tickled it my cheeks clenched and released in response, all the time I continued to thrust in and out. His tactics were effective because before I knew it I felt his finger sliding up inside me until he found my prostate and began stroking it gently. The sensations I was experiencing both inside and out were mind blowing, as I stood on the yacht with my legs spread for stability I could not help but survey everything around me thinking that I had died and gone to heaven! All too soon the expert blow job and finger fucking Gary was giving me took had the desired effect and with a cry of ecstasy I shot wave after wave of jism down his eager throat. He continued to suck at my cock until it was dry and flaccid again; however he left his finger in my arse and used it as a method to lead me to where he wanted me - much like a nose ring with a bull! He pushed me to the side of the yacht; told me to grab hold of the handrail, bend over at the waist and spread my legs. I looked over my shoulder at him and did my best to look seductive because I really had no idea about what he had in mind after all.....

I watched Gary squirt some more of the sun cream into his hand before he smothered his own erection with it and then applied the remainder to my exposed crack. I felt the jolt of the cool cream being drizzled onto my hole before a finger smeared it round inside to act as a lubricant. Holding my waist with one hand he positioned himself behind me before using his other hand to guide his cock to my back door.

'Luke, I will be as gentle as I can but promise me you will tell me if I hurt you at all' Gary murmured in my ear.

Chuckling I replied 'Don't worry about me, my hole is not exactly virginal and I have a feeling that you are going to get a very warm welcome indeed, I want you inside me so badly.'

'Okay, your wish is my command. As they say brace yourself the ride is about to begin' he announced.

I really shouldn't have been so flippant because I'd never actually seen his cock fully loaded, I thought it had shown promise earlier but I had underestimated its actual size big time. The first warning came when he started to gently push his cockhead past my anus. It felt like he was trying to shove a tennis ball up my arse (okay it's a slight exaggeration but you get my drift), I could feel myself flushing red from the exertion of trying to accept the intrusion and did my best to remember all the relaxation techniques I'd used in the past.

'Common, relax, you can take it.' I heard him urging behind me.

I simply grunted in response then growled as my ring gave way and his cock slid up inside me, not stopping until he could go no further.

'Are you okay?' he asked in a concerned voice.

'I am now that you're in, God you're a big boy.' I replied

'I have heard that said a couple of times I must admit' came a slightly smug reply and with that he started to fuck me well and truly.

For what seemed like an eternity I rode his pole for all I was worth holding onto the handrail for dear life, he pounded me mercilessly thrusting in and out with great dexterity and stamina. At first I clenched on his withdrawal to increase the tightness for him but very quickly I lost all muscle control and had to submit to the pounding. He found all of my sensitive and erotic areas and used them to great effect bringing life back to my cock again. I could feel a peculiar sensation building in my groin, I began to shudder and arching my back in response my cock exploded christening the yacht with my second load of jism of the day. My spasming ring acted as a trigger sending Gary over the edge too, who with a keening cry slammed his cock in as far as possible and exploded whitewashing my insides. Totally exhausted he collapsed on top of me; I could feel his ragged breath on the back of my neck and the occasional kiss which he planted with affection.

Recovering his composure he pulled out of me and stood up stretching as he did so, I followed his example and kneaded my aching muscles. I put my arms around his waist and looked deep into his eyes.

'Thank you. It's been a long time since I have enjoyed sex so much.' I said sincerely.

'Did you really? I do hope so because it was pretty good for me too.' He quipped playfully before punching me on the shoulder.

Breaking away from me he climbed over the edge of the yacht and slid into the water with a quiet splash. As I looked down at him he gestured for me to join him. Pretty good idea I decided, it was time to rinse off the sun cream along with the sex juice which was now intent on leaving me. Jumping in beside him I treaded water while we fooled around splashing each other as if we were children again. Reluctantly we finally had to call time on our games if we were going to catch the tide on our return to the estuary. This time Gary demonstrated the correct way to climb back on board and I had to admit it was much easier than my previous bumbling awkward attempt! As we towelled ourselves dry and got dressed once again I felt sad that this perfect day was coming to an end, by the expression on Gary's face he felt the same way too.

As St. Ives appeared on the horizon Gary casually asked 'When do you go back?'

'How do you mean?' I replied

'I just wondered when your holiday will end. I guess you'll be returning home and I'm going to miss you.' He answered looking anywhere but in my direction.

'I'm not on holiday. I'm just down for the weekend staying with my sister and her kids. I shall have to return home tonight as I have work in the morning. I thought I'd already told you that.'

'Perhaps you did.' He mused 'I don't remember though, in fact I can't recall you saying very much about your present life today at all. Not that it's any business of mine of course as we've only just met again. I have been rather distracted as we got intimately acquainted, much to my enjoyment!' At this point he turned to me with a grin on his face.

Then his grin slipped before he continued 'I was just hoping to have a little more time with you before you disappeared from my life again, that's all.' His hair had been blown forward by the sea breeze concealing his eyes from me.

'Well you don't have to be so down hearted. I'm not going anywhere. You will have plenty of opportunities to see me again, if you want to. I come and stay with my sister most weekends to help her out with the house and kids to give her a break. I live and work in Truro which is only twenty five miles away. I have my own flat so it makes sense for me to stay there during the week and then come here for the weekends. We can meet up any time you like, work schedules permitting, why don't I give you my mobile number that way you can have a think and let me know if you'd like to meet up.'

'Yes, I'd like that very much. I'm sorry if I have been a little..... Oh I don't know.... oh God listen to me gibbering away like an idiot! Just ignore me. Yes I would like to have your phone number and yes I would like to see you again.' Gary replied doing his best to concentrate on guiding the yacht into the harbour safely.

'Tell you what' I offered 'why don't we have dinner and a drink in Truro, say this Friday coming. I'll source a nice restaurant and bar and we'll make a proper date of it. We'll start from the beginning again so to speak, get to know one another properly and see where it leads us. How does that sound?'

'Like a very good idea to me, I just wished I'd asked this question earlier then I wouldn't have had to spend so much time today fretting over this.' He said squeezing my hand to reassure me that everything was okay. 'I will text you later so that you have my number and I will give you my msn messenger address so we can chat on line too. Sorry to have been so emotional just now.' With that we arrived at the designated berthing area on the quay and he nimbly jumped onto the quay and tied the yacht up securely, as he did so I jumped onto the quay beside him.

'Don't be daft' I laughed 'I have enjoyed your company in every way, we've had a great time and I'd like to repeat it again soon, very soon. Now it's time I got going, I really have to get back to Mel's to pack up my belongings before heading home to Truro. I will speak to you real soon.'

Not trusting myself I gave him a brief hug and a quick kiss on the cheek before striding away up the ramp and onto the harbour wall. I waved as I disappeared round the corner. Back at Mel's I faced a thousand and one questions from both Mel and her brood. Whilst Mel asked me the routine and discrete questions giving me room to address or avoid them as I chose, Emma was another matter. Always the perceptive and most blunt one of the three kids she asked me point blank

'Is Gary your new boyfriend?'

I spluttered a little while Mel just stood there open mouthed and it took me a moment before I answered 'No he's not my boyfriend. He's just a good friend who I haven't seen for a very long time.'

'Oh. That's a shame, I think he's very nice and so does Mrs Cox our head mistress.' Emma declared.

'How do you know Gary?' Mel asked sensing a juicy story.

'He sometimes teaches us during Art lessons whenever the Mr Davis is away.' She said all seriously then abruptly ran off to join the others clearly bored of the conversation.


Friday night found me standing in the main concourse of Truro train station at 7.00pm as we had arranged during the week via text. I was slightly nervous as we hadn't actually spoken to each other since last Sunday; we just never seemed to both be there at the right time. We kept leaving messages for one another and when the call was returned it was only to be met by the answer phone! Never mind we got there eventually, resorting to texting as being more reliable - and quicker! As the day was still hot I decided to wear my favourite dark blue collared shirt, grey pinstriped three quarter length trousers, blue flip flops and matching sunglasses. Not bad I had thought to myself as I admired my reflection in the bathroom mirror putting the finishing touches to my spiked hair.

Ten minutes later I was beginning to get nervous as the tannoy had already announced the arrival of the St. Ives train and the ensuing rush of passengers had already been and gone with no sign of Gary. There had been no text message so where was he? I kept looking around getting more and more anxious when suddenly I heard my name called out. Automatically I turned towards the sound and with a sigh of relief I saw the figure of Gary striding towards me from the direction of the gents toilets. Duh why didn't I think of that? I thought to myself. He looked even more handsome to me than the last time I saw him. Like me he was dressed for the heat, he was wearing a black muscle vest, over which he wore a yellow checked short sleeved collared shirt open to the waist, full length jeans with black flip flops. His hair had that just washed fluffy look about it, he didn't have a trace of a five o'clock shadow and his goatee was immaculately shaped and trimmed. I felt so tempted to forget all about the date lark and simply drag him back to my flat and screw the brains out of him there and then! But then this had been my idea and if I was serious about taking it one step at a time then at least I should stick to my own rules.....

All this played out in my head in the time it took him to cross the floor and give me a hearty hug announcing that it was so good to see me again; he then informed me that he was starving and hoped that the restaurant was not far away! I smiled and said that I hoped he would not be disappointed in my choice of restaurant because I had been there many times myself, the food was gorgeous and service excellent.

It was only a ten minute walk to 'Some Like It Hot' Restaurant, yes, you've guessed it, the theme was all around Marilyn Monroe specialising in North and South American dishes. It sounds very tacky but the owners Dawn and Ted have made it look tasteful and classy, they have spent a considerable amount of money at auctions and sale rooms obtaining genuine pieces of memorabilia which are displayed (securely) throughout the restaurant. My personal favourite piece is a photograph of Marilyn gazing out over a railing in New York with a wistful look on her face; it has apparently been signed by her. When I booked the table I had asked Dawn for a private table as it was going to be a special occasion, as a regular customer over the years we have become firm friends and being the discrete lady that she is, she asked me no questions, just assuring me that I would have the best seat in the house.

Gary groaned to himself at the cliché title of the restaurant, laughing I asked him to bear with me as he will have a fabulous meal. Raising one eyebrow but saying nothing he followed me inside where we were greeted by the Maitre De (Ted), led to our very private table and given the menu cards.

As Ted pulled out my chair he whispered in my ear 'Good choice Sir.'

'Thanks, that's what I thought.' I replied grinning as I did so.

'What's a good choice?' Gary asked innocently.

'You of course' I said equally innocently.

He laughed out loud at my candidness, flushed a little in embarrassment and examined the menu intently. Having ordered starters of Enchiladas (for me), Nachos (for Gary) and a bottle of red wine to share we chatted about what we had been doing since we had last seen each other. This opened up the subject of what we do for a living. Gary told me how he has three part time jobs - as a graphic designer, an interior designer and as a supply art teacher for Cornwall County Council. Ah I thought to myself; that ties in with what Emma had said. I disclosed that I worked at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro as a pharmacist and gave a brief outline of what I do trying not to bore him with the details. Fortunately the starters arrived before his eyes started to glaze over. Conversation was limited as we ate and then studied the menu for the main course. I ordered 'Chimichurri Chicken en Croute' and Gary selected 'Grilled Fish with Plantain and Coconut Salsa in Banana Leaves', my mouth watered at the thought of it. Gary refilled our glasses with the wine and suggested a toast to us and the future, as the glasses chinked together I grinned and prayed that we do indeed have a future together.

The conversation moved onto our favourite activities; Gary listed sailing, windsurfing, art, swimming and walking as being his top five. As for me I listed keeping fit, art, socialising, walking and films as being mine. For a minute we simply looked at one another, then something clicked and simultaneously we burst out laughing, once we had calmed down we both admitted that we had left an activity off the list and it was the one at the top of the list - SEX and plenty of it. One more thing we have in common we agreed. The main courses arrived and once more the conversation ground to a halt while we ate and savoured the food, finally our plates were empty although full I simply couldn't say no to having a dessert followed by coffee. This time we both ordered Key Lime Pie. As we waited we openly held hands and studied each other's faces, taking in the beauty before us. Clearly the wine had overcome any nervousness being on a date had caused.

Gary asked 'So what have you planned for the rest of the evening?'

Pretending to think for a minute I replied 'After we have finished here, I thought we would drop in to the 'Sailors Mate' Public House which a friend of mine owns and runs. We'll a few drinks, perhaps dance a little and then go back to mine for.........'

'That sounds good to me especially the 'for' bit!' Gary smiled seductively.

With the desserts eaten and coffee drunk I paid for the meal personally thanking Dawn and Ted for their hospitality and excellent food, to my surprise Gary joined me and echoed my words of gratitude. Dawn gave me a hug and told me not to be stupid, the pleasure was all theirs.

As we headed off to the pub we made small talk preferring to take in the sights and sounds of the evening in the city centre. Arriving at the Sailors Mate, it is immediately obvious that the place is heaving because the guys had spilled out into the beer garden and onto front steps. Pushing our way inside, we finally reach the bar where I buy two pints of beer. Handing one to Gary we step away from the bar and people watch as we sip the drinks. There are many faces I recognise and I make a point of acknowledging each one in turn. I feel a nudge in my ribs from Gary who appears a little bemused.

'You seem to know a lot of people here; I'll have to keep an eye on the competition as you're one very good looking and popular guy!' he said semi-joking.

'Oh you don't need to worry about me' I said with a shrug of the shoulders 'the Truro gay scene is close knit, shall I say, and everyone knows everyone if you get my drift. It pays to be courteous otherwise you only get back stabbing going on and I really can't be bothered with all that rubbish.'

Gary nodded his understanding but I noticed he put an arm round my waist and it was not removed until later on. In the meantime as if to emphasise the point he pulled me to him and started the first of many tender kisses. My cock almost immediately sprang to attention which didn't go unnoticed by Gary who slyly dropped a hand down between us and gave it a quick grope before returning it to my waist.

I don't know how much time passed in this way but our activity was interrupted by a loud cough behind us making us both jump in the process.

'Evening boys!' exclaimed Simon the landlord, and one of my closest friends.

I saw Gary give him a wary look as he didn't know him from Adam. Laughing I said 'Evening Simon, let me introduce you to Gary, an old school friend of mine. Gary, this is Simon, he's the owner of this pub and is a very good friend of mine. I have known him ever since I moved down here; in fact it might have been before.'

Gary shook Simon's hand to break the ice but took a little step backwards as it was clear that Simon wanted to speak to me.

'Luke, have you spoken to Clive recently?' he asked me, giving Gary a careful glance.

'No, why? Should I have?' I replied frowning a little.

Simon ignores my warning frown by continued to say 'Clive has mentioned a couple of times to me that he wants to discuss a possible project with you but isn't sure how receptive you will be.'

Given the history between us the last statement isn't surprising to me, to say the least.

Choosing my words carefully so as to give the appropriate response to Simon but not give too much away to Gary I replied 'Tell Clive I may be interested and that I will call him to discuss the project early next week.'

Simon nods and then winks in acknowledgement before leaving us in peace once more.

'Who's Clive?' Gary asks.

'Long story, I'll tell you later' I reply changing the subject.

The rest of the evening passes all too quickly and as we're about to leave Gary decides he needs to have a pee as the couple of pints of beer have gone through him! He was gone for several minutes, long enough for me to wonder if he had got waylaid (almost as it turns out). He rejoined me with a puzzled look on his face.

'Luke, I think I'm going mad. As I came out of the loos I am sure I saw a painting in the foyer with a guy that looks just like you! Come and have a look and tell me what you think, please.'

'Okay, but I don't have a clue what you're talking about' I say as I follow him into the foyer.

But he was right; sure enough there is a large oil painting in the foyer. It was almost life size featuring a naked man with his back to the viewer on a beach facing the sea. He was standing on the edge of a picnic rug with food, drink and crockery behind him. Although he had his back to us he was looking over his shoulder at someone just visible in one corner of the painting, allowing us to see his face in profile. There was no mistaking it, that face belonged to me. I must admit I was a little taken aback by the picture as I had genuinely forgotten all about it.

Gary noted my expression before asking 'I am right aren't I? I knew it; even if the face wasn't visible I'd know that bum anywhere. Did you know about it being here? You must have, surely. Who painted it? It's very good.'

'In answer to your questions' I said having gathered my thoughts. 'Yes that is me in the painting. I had completely forgotten about it being here otherwise I would have warned you. Clive painted it a couple of years ago as part of a charity fund raising event for World Aids Day and it was auctioned off. Simon won the auction intending to have it on display in the main lounge but it was simply too big, this is the only wall big enough to accommodate it. I'm glad you like it; I think it's rather good too. Does that sound a bit narcissistic?'

'Only a little bit. Not really, I'd be the same.' He said thoughtfully before continuing 'So, if you don't mind me asking why is Clive worried about your receptiveness?'

'I'll tell you on the way home, there are too many ears around here and I don't like to be the cause of gossip' I replied in a low tone before leading the way out of the pub and in the direction of home.

Home is a two bedroom first floor flat in a converted Victorian town house which I am proud to say is all mine! As I ushered Gary through the communal front door and up the stairs to my own front door I asked him to excuse the mess as I hadn't had time to tidy up (which is a complete lie as I like to keep my place spotless but makes people feel comfortable when I say this). I show him the lounge, decorated minimalistically before walking into the kitchen to fetch some wine from the fridge for us.

Gary asks 'Is it okay for me to have a shower and use your toilet etc so that I feel prepared for later on?'

'Be my guest' I reply with a happy grin on my face 'I'll show you where everything is, would you like to have the wine in the bedroom ready and waiting?'

'Oh kind Sir, you do spoil me!' Gary laughed as he took the towel I had offered him.

'I do like to be the perfect host and attend to my guest's every need....' I replied, not daring to look him in the eye otherwise I would have burst out laughing

I left him to it while I carried the bottle of wine and two glasses into my bedroom, I scanned the room quickly to make sure that everything was in order, satisfied I put them down on the chest of drawers drew the curtains and left the room closing the door behind me. While I waited for Gary to return from the bathroom I spread some glossy magazines on the coffee table so that he would have something to read while I showered. Fifteen minutes later Gary sauntered into the lounge with his towel wrapped around his waist, his package created a sizeable bulge and one that I found mesmerizing.

'Something you want Luke? Now who's the impatient one!' Gary exclaimed 'Oh by the way, I hope you don't mind but I used your bidet come douche for extra cleansing.'

'Of course I don't mind, I told you to use anything you want to, now that I know you're clean inside and out I will make full use of you - and that's a promise! Now it's my turn, see you shortly; in the meantime please feel free to watch the TV, read some magazines or just have a look round.' I said heading for the bathroom.

'Cool dude, don't be long. I'm raring to go.'

Once in the bathroom I headed straight for the bidet. I had paid for this appliance to be specially adapted, you could use it as a regular bidet to wash your crack and tackle, but there was a second water outlet in the shape of a douching nozzle. It's made from stainless steel for easy cleaning; the shaft is about six inches in length, an inch in diameter with the head being a little wider. A ring of holes at the tip of the head allow the water to flow out in all directions for a thorough but gentle cleansing. Having first greased up my hole with a little KY and set the temperature to tepid, I carefully impaled myself of the metal pole and allowed the water to flow up inside me until I began to feel bloated. When I could take no more I stood up and dashed to the toilet where I evacuated the effluent down the pan. I repeated this process four or five times until I was satisfied that I was thoroughly clean inside. I washed the douching nozzle thoroughly before stepping into the shower for a quick wash to freshen up. As soon as I was done I towelled myself dry, wrapped the towel around my waist before racing out of the bathroom trying not to appear too keen to drag him off to bed (which I was).

I didn't say a word as I stepped in front of where Gary was sprawled out on the sofa, I simply took hold of one hand and slowly but assertively pulled him in the direction of the bedroom. He made no resistance, in fact seemed keen to meet his fate as he started to jostle me trying to get me to move faster. As I opened the bedroom door I heard a subtle intake of breath as he took in the decor. I had painted the room in a fresh but subtle green and everything in the room was a shade of green or brown, the intention was to make the ambience relaxing but grounding at the same time.

'I love this room, it's just so..... oh what's the word?' Gary struggled a little to put his finger on it.

'Relaxing?' I offered

'Yeah, that's it!' he agreed and pulled me towards him, as he did so he spotted something over my shoulder which attracted his attention.

'Oh my God! There's another painting of you, what is this? Is there another side to you don't know about?' he asked looking at me intently.

'Ah there are many sides to me' I said trying to sound mysterious 'You are just going to have to spend time getting to know all of them. Yes, you're right that is another painting of me and as you can probably tell by the style this too was painted by Clive. He gave this to me as an anniversary present the first year we were together and is supposed to reflect my spiritual nature; I quite like it because of all the colours in it rather than it being of me.'

I stood next to him as he studied the picture closely; it was a little more abstract than the one in the pub but still detailed enough to know it was of me. I am sitting cross legged in the middle of the picture with my palms resting on my knees. My eyes are closed and my expression is peaceful. The remainder of the picture is a mass of swirling rainbow of colours producing a hypnotic effect if you stared at them too long. Deciding he had seen enough he returned his attention to me, removing both of our towels in one smooth movement he took hold of my erection and lead me to the waiting bed.

As we fell on the bed I took control, rolling on top of him and holding him down with my hands. I spent a long time nibbling and biting him gently all over his shoulders, neck and face before kissing him forcefully on the lips and raping his mouth with my tongue. He was no push over though and matched me kiss for kiss, but I had the advantage as I was on top. Deciding that I had ravaged his mouth enough for the time being I kissed my way down his body, tweaking his nipples, biting his tummy and trailing my tongue along his hair line. When I got to his cock I took it into my mouth without hesitation, licking and slurping my way around it and down the shaft. When it was covered in saliva I took a deep breath and slowly swallowed it until my nose was buried in his pubes and my chin rested on his tightened balls. I slowly started to fuck myself on his cock carefully timing my breathing so as not to gag as his cock repeatedly pushed its way down my throat. His hands rested lightly on my head preventing me from removing his cock from my mouth (not that I had any intention on doing so). As I felt him begin to tense up and his cock swell I pulled myself off until just his cockhead was in my mouth ready to catch the impending explosion. I didn't have long to wait, for as he made that familiar keening cry his jism erupted into my mouth, spurt after spurt, somehow I managed to overcome the reflex action of swallowing and held it there until he had subsided.

Bracing myself with knees out spread I put my hands under Gary's thighs and pushed them up and back towards his stomach, raising his hips at the same time. That guy is quick on the uptake, as I did so he wrapped his arms round behind his knees giving me easier access to his arse. It was a sight to behold indeed! Brown suntanned cheeks gave way to a delicate white crack and a tiny pink anus which puckered and winked at me in time to his breathing and shifts in body weight. Placing my hands either side of his hips for support I lowered my face until it was buried in his crack and my mouth centred on his hole. I spent the next five minutes carefully licking, probing and teasing the hole all the while I was slowly pushing his jism into and all round it to act as a readymade lubricant. Finally when I just had a little bit left in my mouth I spat it out into my hand, smeared it onto my engorged cock and the placed the tip of it to the puckered hole. Having assessed that he would be on the tight side for me I took my time to slowly apply sufficient pressure to allow me to push past his sphincter but no further. As the head popped inside his ring clamped down hard on my shaft and he groaned to himself. Looking up at him in concern I noted the pained expression on his face.

'Are you okay?' I asked 'Do you want me to pull out?'

'No. No way!' He exclaimed 'You're bigger than what I'm used to that's all, just give me a minute to adjust and I'll be fine. I've been waiting for this fuck for sooooo long it's unreal. There's no way you're leaving my hole until you've whitewashed my insides, I can tell you that much.'

I remained stationery as I waited for him to accommodate the intrusion, slowly I felt him relax his grip on my shaft and his frown became a smile. At his point I allowed myself to slide further into him until half my cock was buried, glancing down at him I asked again if he was okay. He nodded so I pushed on in until I was fully inside and could go no further. I sank down between his outspread legs until our stomachs were touching, I felt his legs wrap themselves round the small of my back and at the same his arms linked behind my shoulders and pulled me closer to him until we face to face. This time as I started to fuck him he took the lead in kissing and drove me wild with his tonguing techniques. I think it's fair to say that we were both in heaven at this point, certainly if our grunts and groans were anything to go by - I just hope my neighbour underneath couldn't hear anything! As my thrusts got harder and faster Gary abandoned himself to the fucking, rolling his head from side to side and letting go of my shoulders, however his legs kept hold of me ensuring that he had as much of me inside him as possible. On and on I pounded his arse until predictably I could not hold back any longer, with a loud groan and a shudder I came with pulse after pulse of jism shooting up his rectum. Exhausted I collapsed on top of him, still inside, trying to get my breath back.

'Thank you' Gary whispered in my ear.

'No need to thank me' I eventually replied 'Not when the pleasure was all mine.'

'The pleasure wasn't all yours Luke, I had a ball of a time too you know, just look down between us, you'll see that I have come for a second time without even touching myself. I have only have that pleasure once or twice before.'

'Aw shucks, I'm all embarrassed now!' I said 'Can I say something which I hope won't embarrass you?'

'Fire away, I can't exactly refuse in this position can I?'

'I know we both have an active sex life and enjoy getting as much as we can - right?' I asked hesitating to make my point.

'Yep, that's right.'

'Well, it's been a long time since I've had repeated sex with guy that I have enjoyed as much and still wanted more as I have had with you. Does that make sense? I know we are going to take it step by step and see how things go, but even if we don't become lifelong partners can we still remain fuck buddies because you are so damned hot!' I finished off laughing a little embarrassed myself.

'Oh Luke, you are exactly what I have been searching for all my adult life do you know that? There's absolutely no way I am ever going to let go of you, never! I don't think either of us can be monogamous and that's not what I am asking for but I do know that you're the only person that I have ever loved or am ever likely to. You had better get used to the idea of having me in your life from now on.' He announced emphatically.

I could think of nothing to say in response but my actions spoke louder than words as I gave him a big long hug before drifting off to sleep.


I woke the following morning slowly and reluctantly, unwilling to leave my peaceful slumber. I lay there for several minutes getting my bearings and trying to work out what had woken me in the first place. Ah I thought I had gone to bed with Gary last night but now I am alone, where is he? Can't hear noises from the bathroom, I hope he hasn't done a runner my heart skipped a beat at the thought. No, I can hear noises coming from the kitchen and if I'm not mistaken I can smell coffee too. I smiled to myself at the thought.

'Morning sleepyhead!' Gary called from the doorway as he brought in a tray of two mugs of coffee and a large stack of toast. 'I didn't think you were ever going to wake up after last night's exercises.'

Sitting up, still a little sleepy I smiled warmly at him before taking one of the offered mugs. Sipping the hot drink slowly I savoured this domestic moment which for so long had been missing in my life before responding.

'Ah thanks, that coffee is just right and as for the toast, delicious!' I commented in between mouthfuls of toast, I didn't realise how hungry I was until the smell of toast had hit my nostrils.

'So what do we have planned for today then?' Gary asked sipping on his coffee.

'I've promised Mel that I would fly by her this morning, I have no choice otherwise she will hound me until I have given her a run down on how our date went. She is just itching to meet you, ever since Emma let slip that she knew you from school. You will of course be expected to be in attendance and share the grilling with me. Then once we've had a coffee and been there for a respectable length of time the day is ours to do what we want. Do you have anything you want to do?' I asked.

'I will need to go home to get a change of clothes at some point and show you my little pad, but otherwise I am easy - so to speak' he replied finishing off the last of the toast.

With that settled we spent the next half an hour freshening ourselves up, getting dressed and tidying my flat up ready for when I or we come home. With that sorted we made our way to my car which was parked a couple of streets away (there's no dedicated parking available where I live) and I drove over to Mel's in St. Ives.

Knocking on her front door I had butterflies fluttering around in my stomach, I hadn't felt this nervous since I decided to come out to her when I left university. That had been a huge anticlimax as she had declared that she had known for years and wondered what had taken so long for me to spit it out before giving the biggest of hugs as only sisters can do. Hopefully it would be as straightforward this time when I introduced Gary to her.

I needn't have worried about Mel; it was her offspring that gave us the hardest time! Having made introductions all round, done the cheek kissing and hand shaking we made our way into the kitchen and had our second coffee of the day sitting around the large circular kitchen table. At Emma's and Mel's insistence we gave a blow by blow account of our meal at the restaurant and then drinks in the pub. The only negative comment Mel made was when Clive's name was mentioned and all she said was to watch myself, he was a wrong 'un as far as she was concerned. Cayden listened to the whole conversation in silence looking from one adult to another in turn until finally he blurted out.

'Uncle Luke. Now that you and Gary are boyfriends, can I be your best man when you get married?' he asked deadly serious.

Gary and I looked at one another and then at Mel before bursting out laughing. Gary was the first one to get his breath back so he replied for the both of us.

'Cayden, it's a little soon to be talking of marriage but yes, if or when we announce that we are going to get married then you will get first refusal of being best man. Is that okay with you?' he said keeping a straight face.

Cayden solemnly nodded before grinning in triumph at Laura who stuck her tongue out at him.

'Kids!' Mel said loudly 'I am sure and Uncle Luke and Gary will have special roles for all of you when the time is right. Okay, how do you fancy going out to play? Good, vamoosh!'

Once the kids were safely out of earshot, she leaned over the table and whispered in a conspiratorial tone 'Well, tell me, did you two do it last night or is it no sex before marriage?'

'Mel! I can't believe you just said that and I for one am not going to answer that question, your sordid imagination will just have to suffice.....' I told her in mock aghast tone.

'You must have, I know what a tart you are Luke. You can't keep your boxers on long enough to get them dirty, in fact I suspect you go commando for easier access!' She said laughing at her own joke.

Gary found it amusing and joined in by saying 'You know him so well.'

'Right folks' I said all haughtily 'I'm not staying here to have my good reputation dragged through the mud, come on Gary we have places to go and people to meet. Bye sis and thanks for the coffee. Before we go is there anything we can do?'

'No you're fine Luke, off you two go and enjoy yourselves, don't you worry about little old me. Oh yes, there is one thing. If you should come across a handsome single man who isn't gay send him my way and see if he can do something about my squeaky old box!'

As we drove out of St Ives and towards Lelant Gary admitted that he liked Mel and that they seemed to gel okay. He also recognised Emma as being a pupil he sometimes taught in school and he seemed to think that she enjoyed the classes. I was pleased to hear this information as it would make life so much easier for me if the two most important people in my life get on.

Following Gary's directions I left the A3074 main road and headed off down a minor country road travelling vaguely down towards the estuary. The road was narrow and windy meaning that I had to concentrate intently on the road ahead so I took nothing of the scenery or landmarks around me. Abruptly Gary announced that we had arrived; in front of me was a pair of large brick pillars supporting large wrought iron gates and a key entry pad. On each pillar was a plaque with the name 'Rivans Croft' etched into it. Gary hopped out of the car typed in his code and as the gates swung open he hopped back in. This time I drove slowly up the gravel driveway taking in as much as possible. The road swung behind concealing hedging to reveal tennis courts, a walled garden and then the house itself. I had seen the rear of the house on my first visit but now I was seeing it from the front. I could hear splashing and laughter from behind the walls which confused me as I had thought it was a garden and said so to Gary.

'You're both right and wrong.' He responded 'It used to be a garden but when Frances and Derek Rivans bought the house they converted the area into a private swimming pool for their twin sons Lawrence and Damien who showed potential in their swimming classes when they were younger. Now they were twenty two the swimming ambitions were a distant memory and the pool, now served a purely recreational purpose. It was a natural suntrap and allowed for outdoor swimming much earlier in the season than otherwise would be possible.'

As we swung into the car park which was big enough for six cars there was only an enormous Galaxy people carrier parked there. Sitting in my battered old Citroen I felt like a midget next to it.

'Ah, the voices we can hear must be Lawrence and Damien' Gary informed me 'as Derek is still in the States on business and Frances is visiting her sister in Bath this weekend and won't get back until tomorrow at the earliest. In that case this should be interesting, these two know how to party and aren't in the least bit shy! I am sure that you will like them, they will be right up your street, and they have been up mine more than once....'

'Really?' I asked very intrigued by this admission. 'What would mum and dad say about you having sex with their sons? It could get a bit sticky, if you'll excuse the expression.'

'Nah, that won't happen. They might be party animals but they're clued up. One hint of not being 100% heterosexual alpha male and they can kiss goodbye to their substantial inheritance. They only come out to play when mum and dad are safely out of the way.' Gary replied clearly reminiscing about previous liaisons.

By now we had left the car behind and were making our way over to the walled area where the sound of splashing and laughter could still be heard. As we got to the gate Gary called out announcing that he was coming in and bringing a guest with him. Welcoming noises came back in response so he opened the gate and we went through to the pool area.

The sight that greeted me as I walked through was beautiful, the theme was Italian with marble nudes (both male and female) lining the walls interspersed with conical evergreens. At one end of the enclosure were six wooden sun beds with towels spread out on two of them. A five foot pathway bordered the pool itself, which by the look of it was Olympic in size, and appeared to have deep and shallow ends. The sources of the frivolity were at the moment busy churning their way doing the crawl from the far end towards us. Gary and I stood back a little so as not to get splashed, cowards eh? In less than a minute two visions of beauty stood before us grinning broadly. Having reached the edge of the pool the two swimmers quickly and elegantly climbed out; then stood up revealing themselves to be totally naked. I could see immediately that they were related but they were clearly not identical twins for Lawrence was ash blonde while Damien was strawberry blonde. Having said that facially they were very similar and their physiques were almost identical. At approximately six foot four inches tall, they had classic swimmers bodies. Broad shoulders, narrow waists, tight buns and muscular bodies, very little body hair other than trimmed pubes. They bounced around excitedly totally oblivious to their nakedness and the effects it was having on us.

Gary introduced me to them and we shook hands making small talk for several minutes about what we had been up to this morning. Then Damien shook his head and said

'Sorry guys, what poor hosts we are making, my apologies! Would you two like a drink, perhaps a cold beer or glass of wine?'

'I'd love a cold beer please' I said trying not to stare at his modest package.

'Me too' Gary said nodding his head.

'Right you are, I'll be straight back' Damien informed us trotting off into the house. I could not help but stare at his pert buttocks as he disappeared.

Lawrence grinned saying to me 'They are in good shape aren't they?'

I simply nodded feeling a little embarrassed at my lack of subtlety and said so.

'Don't be so silly, neither of us have any hang ups about our bodies. How can we when we spent so much time wearing only swimming trunks as adolescents? Anyway, don't stand to attention. Why don't you join us in the pool? It's a lovely day and the water is warm.' Lawrence said in a remarkably authoritive tone.

'I would love to but I haven't brought my trunks with me.' I replied, seeing the flaw in my argument as the words left my mouth.

'Well go naked like us then, we're all men here after all. Come on, don't be shy. Gary won't be so why should you? Isn't that right Gary?' He said looking over to him.

Gary didn't need to answer, his actions spoke louder than words for he had already removed his shirt and muscle vest. As I watched he kicked off his flip flops and undid his jeans pushing them down quickly before stepping out of them leaving just his pants on. Looking over at me he encouraged me to do the same, we'll enjoy ourselves he assured me. With nothing to lose except my dignity I followed suit and by the time Damien returned with four cans of cold beer both Gary and I were totally naked and enjoying the freedom that it brings.

'That's better!' Damien announced putting the cans down and striding over to me. Without saying a word he explored my body with his hands leaving no part untouched. Last to be explored was my tackle and by now I was standing to attention much to Gary's amusement.

'Gary, where on earth did you find this handsome and well built specimen? Why haven't you brought him round here before?' exclaimed Damien.

Far from appearing jealous or offended Gary simply smiled and replied 'He is gorgeous isn't he? Not only that Damien; he's all mine so don't get any thoughts of poaching him!'

'I'm shocked that you should think that I would do such a thing.' Damien retorted.

I wasn't sure if he was being serious or joking but either way I felt a little uncomfortable by all this attention so I took a step backward. I thanked Damien for his compliments; then glanced at Gary before diving into the now very inviting water. I heard a splash behind me and was very quickly caught up by Lawrence.

Easily keeping up with me he said 'I sincerely apologise for my brother's behaviour, he can be so forward and I hope that you haven't been offended by his actions. As you have probably gathered by now when mother and father are away we totally relax and we take it for granted because Gary is so used to this.'

'Hey! No need to apologise. I'm not offended, just a little surprised, I'm not used to being spoken about as if I'm a piece of meat that's all. Gary did warn me that you guys have a very relaxed attitude so no problems.'

'Good. I'm relieved, you seem too nice a guy to upset and if you're a friend of Gary's then you're a friend of ours.'

'Thanks, that's good to know.' I said more than a little relieved that things had been smoothed over between us.

By now we had reached the far end of the pool where the sun beds stood, in one graceful move Lawrence climbed out and sat on the side of the pool patting the space next to me indicating that I was to join him. Climbing out as smoothly I as I could I sat next to him feeling slightly chilly as I dried naturally in the breeze. Before long the sun had warmed me up again and I relaxed as we watched Damien and Gary fooling around in the shallow end and catching up with gossip. I caught out of the corner of my eye Lawrence studying my profile, glancing at him I asked him if he was alright.

'Absolutely, I can't help but think I know you from somewhere. Never mind it will come back to me I'm sure. In the meantime I do have a favour to ask.' He said looking rather serious.

'Sure, ask away. I can't promise that I will be able to help but I will do my best.' I replied wondering what I was about to be asked.

'Thanks. As you can see I'm fair skinned and I burn very easily, I would really appreciate it if you would rub the sun cream into my back if I do the front. I will warn you now that I am very particular and like attention paid to every inch of my body as I hate getting burnt.'

'It will be a pleasure; I am very good at applying sun cream and dealing with all those tender places that are hard to reach. Let's get you on that sun bed and slap on the cream.' I said all business like.

Grinning in anticipation he jumped up, ran round the pool into the house before emerging moments later with a large bottle of sun lotion and another towel for me. Moments later he was smearing himself from head to toe all down his front with the factor 15 sun cream, when he was satisfied that he was completely covered he handed the bottle to me before laying face down on the sun bed. Pulling up another sun bed to sit on I drizzled the lotion onto his back, arms and legs before thoroughly massaging it in to his skin. I then put another load on, this time I smeared it on leaving it to soak in naturally. I then focused on the tender areas around his buttocks and inner thighs, as I massaged the cream in Lawrence spread his legs as wide as possible revealing his white crack and a puckered hole which to my eye did not look virginal in any shape or form.

As I smeared the cream along his crack I 'accidentally' slipped my finger into his hole, which met little resistance and before I knew it my finger was buried as far as it would go. I looked up in surprise but Lawrence showed little reaction to the insertion of my finger.

I asked him 'Are you okay? How am I doing?'

'Fine, it all feels good so far. Why do you ask?' Lawrence replied looking over his shoulder at me.

'I think we may have a problem with applying the lotion to a particular area and the position you are in at present is making it harder for me. Would you mind assuming a different one?' I asked as professionally as possible, I had a goal in mind and as they say softly softly catchee monkey.

'Sure, anything if you think it will help.'

'What I need you to do is basically lay across my lap which will give me easier access.' I instructed him 'That's better' I continued as he complied to my request.

Now I could play with his hole easily and my hand and wrist was at the correct angle for insertion. As he settled himself down and spread his legs offering his anus to me again, I took hold of the sun lotion bottle and poured a large quantity of it onto his crack and hole. Putting it down on the floor I reinserted the finger using the lotion to grease his rectum and sphincter as I did so. As there had been no resistance I pulled the finger out and inserted two fingers in its place. They slid in easily and as I twirled the fingers around he gently moved his hips as if welcoming the intrusion. The two fingers were removed, this time three went in; yet again they slid in easily. Boy was this one loose arse it has seen plenty of the kind of action I like I thought. I pulled the fingers out and applied more lotion then gently inserted four fingers, this time a little more resistance was met but none that couldn't be overcome. I spent several minutes massaging and stretching the ring until I felt it relax. From his erection pressing into my thigh I gathered Lawrence was enjoying the attention his hole was receiving.

'How is it going Luke? Are you any closer to sorting the problem of application for me?' he asked very innocently.

Mmm I thought, you know exactly what game we are playing, but keeping in character I simply replied 'I'm very nearly there, I'll let you know when I'm done.'

Reaching down for the lotion bottle I squeezed a generous amount into my hand and used it to lubricate the whole of it up to my wrist. I coned my hand tucking my thumb in behind my fingers and then gently reinserted them up to the widest part of my hand. Lawrence shifted his weight a little; then looked over his shoulder at me before pushing ever so slightly back onto my hand. The resistance that had been there gave way and my hand slid smoothly deep inside until my wrist was gripped by his quivering ring. All the time he was making gently groaning noises and trying to masturbate at the same time (I had to adjust my position for him to do so).

I have to admit the whole situation was one massive turn on and my cock was standing to attention as a result. Never in a million years did I ever expect to be sitting on a sun bed by an open air swimming pool fisting a cute twenty two year old whom I have never seen in my life, on top of which his twin brother and my new boyfriend were only feet away! Looking up at me Lawrence said he was going to stand up but wanted me to keep my fist in him so we began a careful manoeuvre resulting in him standing facing me with legs spread, my hand still fully inserted inside and his erection facing me conveniently close to my mouth. I felt his hands make contact with the back of my head pulling me towards him, taking the hint I proceeded to give him a loving blow job whilst at the same time slowly pistoning my fist in and out.

Having grown bored of their horsing around Damien and Gary sauntered over to where we were, perhaps our actions by now had also gained their attention.

'Well, well, well, what do we have here?' said two voices in unison so close behind me it made me jump and startled Lawrence out of his reverie.

We both looked round in the direction of the voices, there stood Damien and Gary grinning broadly shaking their heads in mock consternation.

'We leave you two alone for five minutes and look what happens!' Gary chortled as he pushed my head back in the direction of Lawrence's waiting cock.

'I for one am shocked.' Damien declared. 'I get reprimanded for handling the merchandise while you brother are sitting on his hand like a puppet within two shakes of a lamb's tail! Gary, what do you think we should do to rectify this situation?'

For a minute or two they whispered into each other's ears before evidently agreeing to a plan of action judging by the smirks on their faces. Before either of us could respond Damien had taken hold of my shoulders, turned me through ninety degrees and pushed me backwards until I was laying flat on the sun bed. As a result my hand slid out of Lawrence much to his disgruntlement, he took a step backwards went to say something but thought better of it and waited to see what was unfolding for me. No sooner was I flat on my back then I felt a pair of hands grab my ankles and lift them upwards and back until they were touching my shoulders, I looked up straight into the twinkling eyes of Gary who blew me a kiss before telling Damien to take hold of my ankles while he prepared me for some action. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Lawrence sit down on the sun bed next to me stroking his cock absentmindedly to maintain his erection. My attention was abruptly drawn to my exposed anus as I felt cool sun lotion drizzled down between my cheeks and then a finger pushing some inside and all around the ring.

Looking down between my legs I watched Gary with one hand aim his cockhead at my waiting hole, I took some deep breaths and tried to relax as much as possible knowing how big he was. I felt that familiar pressure on my hole to expand as he tried to gain entry, abruptly he was in and my hole gripped his shaft tightly before it relaxed and allowed him to slide further in. Leaning forward he kissed forcefully and thrust the rest of his cock fully inside, I cried out in reaction but the noise was swallowed up by his lustful growling and the cries of encouragement from the twins. He was like an animal, no gentleness at all! His only concession was that he gave me a moment to adjust to the impalement before fucking my brains out like there was no tomorrow. It must have been the whole situation thing because I just loved it and couldn't get enough of the spine jarring pounding. On and on he thrust in and out of me, sometimes he pulled out completely leaving my hole gaping before slamming back inside again. My head rolled from side to side in ecstasy until with a loud cry he shuddered several times before collapsing on top of me as he shot jet after jet of jism deep inside my rectum.

I felt lost as he pulled out of me and stood up straight, panting to get his breath back but if I had thought my ordeal was over I was sorely mistaken. Damien's hand never released their grip on my ankles; before I knew it Lawrence had taken Gary's place on the sun bed and slid his cock gently into me in one smooth push. Whether it was because he was more modestly endowed or my hole had been warmed up by Gary but this time I was able to enjoy the fucking from beginning to end without having to concentrate on relaxing. Where Gary had been an animal Lawrence was a considerate gentleman and took his time to pleasure me as well as himself. My nipples were tweaked, my cock stroked and all my internal sensitive spots hit with every thrust and withdrawal. I could feel my orgasm building and gaining momentum, just when I thought I was about to explode Lawrence took hold of my balls pulling them hard and at the same time firmly squeezed my cockhead preventing me from cumming.

'Oh no you don't! If you cum now you won't enjoy the rest of the ride.' He said in an assertive tone.

When he sure I had calmed down he continued fucking me. With only a sigh as a giveaway he ground to a shuddering halt, shooting his jism up into me where it mixed with Gary's already there. He remained stationery catching his breath; I took the opportunity to study his features more closely. His dishevelled ash blonde hair stood up damp and spiky from the swimming, I could see from the hair cut that normally it would lay flat on top (being some two to three inches long) but at the sides it was close cropped verging on shaved around the ears and the neck line. It was almost retro in look, harking back to the late eighties, early nineties. His eyes were a pale grey, which I imagine could be very cold if he wasn't happy with you, and they were framed by the purest white eyebrows and eye lashes. His face was masculine, slightly foxy in appearance, despite myself I found him attractive but nowhere near as handsome as Gary - in my eyes at least.

My train of thought was broken when I felt my ankles being released at the same time as Lawrence pulled his now flaccid cock out of me and clambered off the sun bed. I laid there stretching out muscles cramped from the position I had been held in for so long. As I was doing this I noticed that Gary was now lying face up on the adjacent sun bed stroking his man hood to rigidness watching me as he did so. When it was rock solid he beckoned me over and indicated that I was to climb on board. The slut in me had long since been woken so with a happy smile on my face I eagerly swapped my sun bed for his and positioned myself directly over his cock. Having been fucked twice already and ready lubed with all that cum inside I impaled myself with ease, within a blink of an eye my bum was resting comfortably on his pelvis and I was savouring the fullness his cock provided. He placed his hands on either side of my waist to steady me before be started to fuck me from beneath, slowly to start off with then increasingly fast. I leant forward and put my hands either of his shoulders to brace myself against his vigorous thrusting, glancing up at me he mouthed 'are you okay' at me. All I could do was nod like a madman as I continued on with my impression of a rodeo cowboy!

I felt a tap on my shoulder, looking over my shoulder I saw Damien stroking his cock into life. Before I had a chance to reply Gary called out saying that there was plenty of room inside for one more, bloody cheek! I thought to myself, but what the heck, go with the flow I might even enjoy it, I had everything else so far. Gary pulled me down towards him but in such a way that his cock was still firmly buried in my arse, at the same time he spread his legs as well as mine. I felt Damien feel round Gary's cock and then he tested the tightness of my anal ring, clearly happy with what he found I heard him squirt some sun lotion on his cock before pushing his cockhead in between us. It took a couple of attempts and a lot of giggling before he successfully pushed his cock up into my rectum joining the much larger one already in there. It was a strange sensation feeling the two cocks independently sliding around as if jostling for best position, after a little while the two guys got their act together and their thrusts were in sync. I know I've already said it but I really must be a slut because I was in heaven being physically squashed between the two while my anus was being stretched to breaking point. I wasn't sure it would ever close up properly again after this afternoon! Eventually both guys came inside me, so much so that even I could feel it leaking out and sliding down between my cheeks. Damien was the first to exit, stepping to one side he play punched Lawrence on the arm before gracefully diving into the swimming pool followed by Damien moments later. Gary continued to hold me even after his cock had grown soft and slid out of me.

Kissing me tenderly on the lips he asked 'Luke, are you really okay with all that's gone on here this afternoon? I know these two can be a handful but they are up for anything and would never do you any harm.'

'Yes I am fine, honestly. Granted it wasn't quite what I was expecting, in fact it couldn't have turned out better, I've had an amazing time. My only concern is that you might think I prefer having sex with them than I do with you which couldn't be further from the truth.' I replied.

'Well I was a just a little bit jealous when I spotted you fisting Lawrence, but I had no right to be as I've already agreed with you that monogamy is not compulsory especially when we are both present. My jealousy disappeared when we had sex together and it was clear you were enjoying it with me too.' He responded before kissing me again.

We lay entwined for nearly an hour basking in the warm summer sun revelling in the stillness and each other's proximity. At some point we must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing I knew was Damien shaking us gently by the shoulders telling us that he and Lawrence had prepared an impromptu barbeque if we would like to stay for the evening. By now the shadows had fallen across the pool side and I could feel the temperature dropping, getting up rather stiffly Gary and I made our way over to the discreetly concealed outdoor shower and dancing under the cold water washed off the sun lotion and the sexual residues. Someone had thoughtfully left a bottle of shower gel for our use; it was just a shame that hot water couldn't have been installed!

Half an hour later the four of us, fully clothed now, were sitting in a semi circle around a gently smoking barbeque waiting for the pork ribs and lamb chops to finish cooking with cans of beer in our hands. We had moved onto the back lawn where the sun was still shining and I could just see the Reunion partially hidden by the rhododendrons alongside the jetty. Lawrence caught my glance at the yacht and asked

'Have you been on Gary's yacht yet? He's done a sterling job with the old girl. Mum and dad let her go to ruin but he's made her good as new now. She goes like a dream, you know.'

'Yes I know' I smiled in reply 'I have been introduced to her, only last weekend we went out for a little sail up the coast. I must admit I was very impressed both by her and the skipper' at which point I toasted my can in Gary's direction.

Damien looked from me to Gary and back to me again. 'So exactly how do you two know each other? You seem to be like old friends, yet before today I've never seen or heard of you Luke?'

'It's a long story.' I replied trying to be mysterious.

'We've got all evening, you can't get out of it that easily!' he retorted.

'Okay okay' I said in mock surrender raising my hands in the air at the same time. 'Gary and I are actually old school friends. We grew up and went to the same school in Reading. We drifted apart when we went to university, our lives on different paths, then last weekend by sheer fluke we happened to bump into one another. The rest as they say is history.'

Gary added 'I had always fancied Luke at school but never got the chance to do anything about it at the time. However when we met again, it was as if all the intervening years had never happened and my feelings for him are just as strong, if not stronger now. The one thing we are certain of is that we are not going to drift apart again, isn't that so Luke?'

'Sure is.' I agreed whole heartedly.

'Right so there's this intervening gap, what brought you down to this neck of the woods?' Lawrence asked clearly intrigued by our little tale.

Taking a deep breath I continued 'Having completed my A-Levels at school I went to Brighton University to do a degree in Chemistry & Biological Sciences. I spent three years doing that course and then did another further year studying Pharmaceuticals. By the end of four years I was fully qualified for a career in pharmacology but I was up to my neck in debt.'

I glanced over at Gary before carrying on 'One day I saw an advert asking for fit young men for private photographic work, good rates of pay offered. No prizes for guessing that it would involve taking my clothes off but having gone along for an audition it was purely glossy magazine soft porn stuff for the gay press and an occasional girly mag. It was easy money and paid well which when combined with a couple of part time jobs helped me repay my student loan quickly. It was during one of these shoots that I met Clive Modina, a charismatic photographer who quickly became the centre of my universe both professionally and relationship wise. Within a year I had moved from Brighton to Truro where he lived and I started working at the Royal Cornwall Hospital as a Pharmacist. For the next few years life was ideal, a job I loved and a man I adored. I let him use me as a subject model for his developing interest in painting and everything was going well until he opened his 'Modina Studio' down by the harbour in St. Ives. Slowly he changed becoming more distant and working in the studio all the time, I accepted the situation not knowing any better until one day a friend let it slip that he had seen Clive outside his studio chatting very cosily to a young guy and it was apparent that they were more than good friends. Naturally I refused to believe that it was more than my friend overreacting, but the doubts kept gnawing at me each time Clive was late back from work. One day I asked him if he was having an affair, he admitted to it quite readily and even seemed relieved that it was out in the open. Two days later he had moved his belongings out and I began the legal proceedings to get the flat into my sole possession. I have been single ever since spending my time between my job, doing some voluntary work with the Truro gay scene and supporting my sister Mel whose husband walked out on her not long after Clive and I split up. That folks is my tale, anyone have any questions?' I said trying to make light of it and rather glad my monologue was now over.

Lawrence sat there thoughtfully for a minute before his face lit up and exclaimed 'Duh! Of course! Now I know where I recognise you from, it's Modina Studios. Why didn't I realise sooner? My friend Sarah works there as the receptionist come seller of Clive's work and there's a life size portrait of you in the entrance hall. Personally I think it's very good regardless of the man who painted it.'

He smiled apologetically at me for praising the painter in case I took offence given my story.

I shrugged it off and said 'Its ancient history now. I have put it behind me and moved on as they say. Right then, are those chops cooked yet? I'm starving.'

This effectively closed the subject on my life and we spent the next half an hour tucking into the chops along with rolls and salad - oh and more than a can or two of beer!

Feeling pleasantly full I wiped my mouth on a spare napkin before announcing 'Well you guys have heard all about me and my past, now it's your turn to spill the beans. Who's going to go first?'

Damien spoke up 'Okay, fair enough, I'll go first. Let me see, where shall I begin? Mmm perhaps when we moved here would be a good place to start. We moved in here about eleven years ago just as we were due to start senior school. For the first couple of years it was like a building site as mum and dad renovated the inside of the house and converted the walled garden into the pool area. From an early age we showed potential as being good swimmers and dad being very competitive himself was determined to turn us into world class swimmers at the very least. Most of my teenage years seem to have been spent in the pool churning up length after length honing my skills and stamina. Although I enjoy swimming it's never been my burning ambition to compete so dad was very disappointed in me when having qualified at fifteen to represent my school in the county competitions I announced that I was more interested in pursuing an academic path. For the next couple of years it was a battle of wills but I won in the long run and headed off to Southampton University to undertake a degree in Business Studies. The irony is that for years as a teenager dad and I were at logger heads, but having finished the degree and moved back home, we get on brilliantly and are closer than ever. I now even work with him as part of the family business. There is only one subject which never gets broached and that is my sex life, they hint and hint about finding me the right girl and having grand kids but I don't bite telling them that there's plenty of time and I'm too young to worry about that sort of thing just yet. To be honest I haven't met the right girl or boy that I want to settle down with but I'm always open to suggestions....' he trailed off giving me a sly wink.

'Oi you, hands off he's mine!' Gary growled 'I've warned you already about poaching on my territory.'

Damien held up his hands laughing but still couldn't resist throwing me a come to bed look, which I did my best to ignore.

Lawrence, ever the gentleman, intervened by saying 'I'm next I guess. I won't repeat what Damien's already told you, our paths diverged when he went off to university. I too did my A-Levels but I wasn't academic enough to do a degree nor anywhere a good enough swimmer like Damien to compete locally or nationally. Instead I remained in St. Ives and studied to become a life guard and then a personal fitness instructor at the leisure centre. Recently I have been seeking advice from both dad and Damien about setting up my own fitness company, I have ambitions, and it's just gaining the confidence to take that first step which is the hard bit.'

'Yeah I know what you mean' I replied 'it's a mountain to climb at first but it does get easier especially as you gain more experience and therefore more confidence. Can I ask a question?'

'Sure, ask away.' He nodded encouragingly.

'I understand that Gary rents an apartment from your mum and dad but I get the impression that you two know him in another sense other than just being the lodger, if you'll excuse the expression. I'm curious to know what the connection is.'

'Oh, that's easy.' Lawrence replied. 'We are all members of the 'Newquay & St. Ives Surfing Club' but we didn't actually become friends until after he moved into the apartment, only then did we realise that we had a connection. Having something in common helped us become friends initially and gave me the courage to increase my social network of friends and contacts. Gary has been very supportive towards both of us and I for one class him now as being one of my best friends'.

'Awe thanks mate, I'm touched.' Gary chipped in.

'Cool, now being totally nosey and you can tell me to mind my own business if you want but how on earth were you able to take my fist so easily?' I asked as the others chuckled in reaction to my question.

'Well, I have or rather I should say Damien and I have a several friends that we have very discreet 'games' evenings. One of the guys is very much into arse play and he has been the key to me being able to expand my horizons, so to speak.' He explained quite openly.

'Why are they very discreet?' I asked, thinking I already knew the answer to that question.

'Most of the guys are married. St. Ives is a small town and word gets round fast in this place. One is even in the surf club, not that you'd know he's into guys just from looking at him' Lawrence announced as if he was imparting a great secret to the group.

'Oh you must mean Jack' Gary said thoughtfully 'he's the only other guy I can think of in the group who enjoys sex with men.'

'How do you know about him?' Damien asked, clearly surprised and a little miffed 'He said that we were the only two guys he's ever been with!'

I couldn't help but laugh, clearly Jack was yet another guy who would say anything to keep a shag (or in this case, shags) on board. Judging by Gary's expression he was thinking along the same lines, either that or he knew Jack just as intimately as they did.

Time to change the subject I decided, so I announced 'Okay guys, it's Gary's turn to spill the beans.'

Sighing dramatically Gary thought for a moment before starting 'As you know Luke and I went to school together but we went our separate ways after our A-Levels. I studied for a degree in art and design at Reading University for three years whilst living at home to keep costs down. However by the end of three years I was desperate to leave home and gain some independence so I did a year's teacher training course at Bath University to become an Art Teacher. After qualifying as a teacher I spent some time looking for the right job in the right location, finally I found the perfect position as a supply teacher for Cornwall County Council. It meant that I would get to see much more of the county than I would if I was based at one school and it would also increase my network of contacts should I want a more settled role. The only drawback to the job is that it's part time so it doesn't bring in quite enough money to fund my way of life. This is where my other jobs as a graphic designer and interior designer come in, I have been able to build up a good client base over the last couple of years and now get prospective clients coming to me by word of mouth which is great. For recreational activities I belong to the same surfing club as Damien and Lawrence, I also belong to a swimming club, a ramblers club and also a sailing club based at Falmouth. I have been free and single ever since leaving University until last week when I lost my heart to a handsome stranger......'

I groaned at the corny ending to his speech and stuck my fingers down my throat to emphasise my point.

'No seriously' he protested 'I know I have said it so many times in the last week but I have no intention of letting you leave my life again, we belong together I am absolutely positive about this.'

'I know you are and so am I.' I said in an attempt to placate him before continuing 'However there is one little detail you have omitted to tell me and that is how you came to rent an apartment in this beautiful house.'

'Ah, that was by sheer luck if I'm totally honest about the matter. I hadn't long been a supply teacher and was keen to find a place of my own, up until then I had rented a room in a shared house but it was far from ideal. One day during my lunch break I was scanning the local paper for suitable properties to rent when the school secretary wandered past and just out of curiosity asked me what I was seeking. When I mentioned that I was looking for a place to call my own but renting rather than buying, she exclaimed that she might just have a solution to my problem. Her friend, Frances Rivans and her husband had recently bought a property which was a little bigger than they needed so they were converting three of the upstairs bedrooms into a self-contained unit. They were hoping to rent it out long term to a suitable person to provide an extra income for the household but had been unsuccessful in finding a suitable tenant. She asked me if I would be interested, I replied that I would be providing that the rent was affordable and that we could meet up face to face to see how we got on. By the end of the following week I had been over to meet Frances and Derek and view the apartment, everything just seemed to fall into place. We got on well (and still do), I loved the whole location and the rent was affordable. Within a month contracts had been signed and I had moved in, with what little possessions I had. I have been living here happily ever since.'

'So when did you first get intimately acquainted with these two guys?' I asked pointing to the twins.

'Um, let me think. It must have been three years ago I reckon, yes it would have been. Damien had returned from University for the summer holidays, he and Lawrence had been celebrating their nineteenth birthday all day and into the night with a few friends in town (St. Ives) and then brought them all home - much to Frances and Derek's alarm! I kept well out of the way in my apartment, drunken teenagers are only funny if you're one yourself, sorry guys but it's true....'

Damien and Lawrence, the targets of this comment nodded ruefully at the memory of that day before Gary continued with his narrative.

'I went to bed as normal that night, not giving the party another thought, sometime in the early hours I heard a car pull up, a taxi I found out later, and their friends made a rather hushed exit. I drifted off to sleep only to be roused by a quiet knocking on my door. Groggily I stumbled out of bed wearing only my customary T-shirt; I opened my front door a crack to see who it was. Swaying slightly, Damien stood facing me with a slightly impatient look on his face, noticing that my door was open ajar he pushed against it with all of his might sending me stumbling backwards. Quickly he closed the door behind me and put his finger to my lips in a bid to keep me quiet. I was about to ask him what he wanted when his actions made it quite clear. Pushing me up against the wall he sank to his knees, with one hand he lifted the bottom of my shirt up and with the other he held onto my waist. His mouth quickly found my cock, sucking it in as it was small and soft he proceeded to massage it with his tongue and lips. Very quickly I sprung to attention, going with the flow of the moment I grasped the back of his head and fucked his mouth mercilessly until with a stifled groan I shot my load down his throat. For such a young guy he was a master cock sucker, he drained me until I was dry, although I had come once he didn't let go and continued his administrations until I was hard again. I came several times until I had nothing in me left to give. Finally he was satisfied; he stood up rather unsteadily then thanked me for being such a good sport before leaving quietly shutting the door behind him. Bemused I returned to bed not knowing what to make of the incident or how it would affect things in the morning. I must have been in bed all of ten minutes when there was another knock on the door, now what I thought to myself, as yet again I went to answer the door. This time Lawrence was standing there, not wanting to be caught out again I simply opened the door wide and ushered him inside before closing the door silently. He came straight out and said that Damien had said I was a swell guy and that perhaps I wouldn't mind Lawrence paying a visit. I shrugged my shoulders but made it quite clear that I wasn't standing on ceremony and wanted to lie down as I was exhausted. He was keen to follow me into the bedroom and as I lay back down he practically pounced on me, flipping me over onto my front and spreading my legs at the same time. I spent the next ten minutes being intensively rimmed; I was so relaxed at the end of it I think my hole could have taken a horse's dick! Thankfully, and this is no insult to Lawrence, he isn't built like one otherwise I would have been split open. Before I knew it Lawrence had slipped it up me and was thrusting away like there was no tomorrow. Despite the crazy situation I was in heaven and was a little disappointed when I felt him come up me before pulling out and making a quick quiet exit. I fell asleep where I lay and it was only in the morning did I think carefully about what had happened during the night.'

'Blimey!' was all I could think of to say in response; then I asked 'So, exactly what did happen the next morning?'

'Nothing, absolutely nothing' Gary said 'the twins spent most of the next day sleeping off their hangovers. Late in the afternoon they finally surfaced much to their parent's amusement and lack of sympathy, neither of them gave any indication that anything out of the ordinary had happened the previous night. I for one wasn't going to say anything! It wasn't until Frances and Derek were both safely out of the way did the subject get broached by Lawrence (Damien had returned to University by that time) of that night. From that point on we have had an ongoing arrangement that we have casual no-strings sex whenever their parents haven't been around.'

I looked over to the twins to see if this was the case; it clearly was as they were happily nodding in agreement.

Damien, forward as ever, asked 'So Luke, now that you know our little secret would you like to join our group or will we have to silence you forever?'

Laughing I replied 'I thought I had already become a member. Wasn't our escapades round the pool my audition?'

'That's a very good point' Damien agreed 'consider yourself a fully fledged member and now bound by the secrecy rules.'

The rest of the evening passed quickly, with the help of the beers that we were drinking no doubt. We were clearing the barbeque away when Gary's mobile rang, answering it he wandered away from the group in deep discussion with the caller before returning looking a bit sheepish.

'That was Jack to remind us about the pre-competition practise which we agreed to attend tomorrow morning in Newquay. I'm sorry Luke I completely forgot all about it.'

'Shit, so have I!' Lawrence added.

'I thought it was next week' Damien chipped in.

'That's no problem' I replied 'I've had a great time today, I can't drive home right now because I've been drinking but if I leave when you do in the morning I won't hold you up.'

Gary looked a little crestfallen 'If you've got nothing planned can't you join us? I know you don't surf but I'm sure you'll still have fun and the guys are a great laugh and very friendly.'

'Especially Jack!' Damien cried out giggling at the same time.

'If you're sure I won't get in the way then I'd love to come along for the ride' I announced; anything to increase the time I could spend with Gary I thought to myself.

The subject was closed and the clearing up got underway in earnest, it was going to be an early start. By the time we had finished I was ready for bed, it had been a long day and said so to Gary. He simply smiled in response before leading me up the stairs to his apartment. Inside it wasn't quite what I had expected, instead of the traditional turn of the century decor which was the style for the rest of the house, the apartment was ultra modern and very much to my liking. Walking into the bedroom Gary casually stripped off his clothes before announcing that he was going to have a shower, would I like one too? Absolutely, I thought to myself, I felt distinctly grimy from the barbeque. Ten minutes later we were snuggled up in bed feeling a lot cleaner from the shower, it just felt so right laying there held gently in his arms, spooned together. I was drifting off to sleep when I felt his cock stirring and begin to nudge between my cheeks, unable to resist I gently pushed back onto him to indicate my willingness. Understanding my signal I felt the bed creak and him move away briefly, then a drawer opened and rummaging ensued. All too soon I felt the familiar cold jolt of lube being applied to my anus before his cockhead was pushed inside my willing hole sliding all the way in with one smooth push. This proved to be a slow and gentle fuck, each time he was about to come he would stop until the urge had passed before continuing again. How long it lasted I just don't know, I had drifted off to sleep more than once then waking to find his cock still buried deep inside and hard as ever slowly sliding in and out. Finally with his classic cry he shot a huge load up inside me, kissed me on the back of my neck and held me tight in his arms. I fell asleep for the final time with him still inside me.


I woke to the sound of an alarm clock, disorientated for a second or two I rolled over to find the bed empty and remembered I was not in my own bed. I could hear the shower running and Gary cheerfully singing, not bad voice I thought to myself. I climbed out of bed and joined him for a shower, shave and unloading of his night time gift. There was nothing romantic about this though, we were on a time limit and needed to be on the road to Newquay within the next hour.

An hour later on the dot, the four of us were leaving St. Ives in the Galaxy people carrier along with three surf boards and all the gear they needed for the day. The journey was spent with tales being told of the club's history, their achievements over the years and a brief resume of the guys that I was likely to meet. I tried to take it all in but by the end of the journey my eyes had started to glaze over and I was relieved to get out of the car and change the subject!

We made our way down from the car park to the beach where the other guys were waiting for us, there had to be a dozen in total but the guy that stood out from the rest was Jack. He was the eldest guy in the group and clearly the leader, I would have said he was in his late forties early fifties and definitely an alpha male! He was very well developed (almost too much so) but quite short in height with greying short cropped hair, clean shaven and sparkling blue eyes. He wouldn't have looked out of place in the army, probably the one that shouts at the poor new recruits! Having said that he was very friendly; he shook my hand when introduced to me and gave me a very searching look. When all the introductions were over it was down to business, I made myself comfortable on a blanket looking after their gear while they changed into their wetsuits and went to play in the waves - oops, sorry, honed their surfing skills I should say. Despite my reservations I did actually enjoy the couple of hours spent on the beach, not only did I top up my sun tan but I got to do some people watching. Okay eyeing up the male talent, if I'm being honest and there was plenty of it, from the local teenage chavs posing with their girlfriends to yummy daddies and not forgetting the local surfers of which there were loads. Outside of these delights I was joined every now and again by the club surfers coming back to have a rest and take in fluids (energy drinks). It was nice to chat to them especially as I had already been given the background to them; at least I didn't come across as being too ignorant. Best of all Gary made the effort to see me several times to let me know that I hadn't been forgotten, as he got up to leave each time he would find some way of discretely caress me so as not to attract attention to us. My heart swelled in response even if he didn't look too glamorous in black and red rubbers!

It was late lunchtime by the time Jack called it a day on the training session and as the guys changed back into their regular clothes attention turned towards food as they had worked up an appetite from all their hard work. After a few minutes discussion fish and chips from the sea front chippy was the favourite choice so en masse we descended on the shop before sitting on the sea wall and wolfing down the piping hot food.

Slowly over the next hour the surfers drifted off home until only five remained: Jack, Damien, Lawrence, Gary and me. Unknown to me the afternoon was about to take an unexpected turn and one that would be an eye opener in more ways than one.

As we began to get restless Jack announced that he was having an open house this afternoon to friends and we were all invited to join him if we wished. I thought this was a lovely gesture especially as I didn't really know him, I was about to respond when I noticed the reactions of the other guys. Damien and Lawrence were grinning from ear to ear and immediately accepted the invitation whilst Gary was looking at me thoughtfully before saying that if I would like to go then he would too. I could see no reason not to; it would be a nice ending to the day before I return home to Truro this evening, so I said that I was up for a bit of socialising. Jack seemed pleased with the decision and indicated that we should follow him home once our gear was loaded into the car.

The first part of the journey was straight forward, we drove cross country until we got to Coldharbour and joined the A30 on which we stayed until Redruth where we headed cross country once again to Portreath. The second part was more hair raising. Sitting, or rather clinging on for dear life, in the back of the Galaxy amongst the bags and boxes I was reminded of rally driving. Damien was driving as fast as the road would allow while Lawrence was doing his best to keep his eye on Jack's jeep in front. Apparently Jack's place was very hard to find even if you knew where it was.

About three miles outside Portreath Jack's jeep rounded a corner in the road and abruptly disappeared.

'Right! Right! Right!' Lawrence yelled as he spotted the narrow track down which the jeep was travelling throwing up dust as he did so. Damien spun the wheel and our vehicle careered round the corner and then bounced along the rough track. The twins were yelling in excitement but I noticed that like me Gary was silently holding on for dear life.

Thankfully this part of our journey only lasted for about ten minutes as we followed the track down between the increasingly steep sides of a small gorge. At the end of the gorge we did a sharp left turn and there facing us was our destination, Jack's house. It had originally been two fishermen's cottages but he had converted them into one unit but kept all the original features. It looked so quaint and in such an ideal location, the twins were correct no one would ever guess the existence of this place; it was hidden from above by the cliffs and from the sides by the rocky outcrops at either end of the bay. We parked next to the jeep on the small bit of grass behind the house before climbing out and stretching our stiff bodies. As we did so Jack came out to greet us smiling broadly.

'Welcome gentleman to my home, please come inside. The others will be arriving in a short while.' He said waving us through his front door and into his hallway before leading us to the lounge.

We sat waiting for a few minutes making idle conversation and studied the room while Jack made us coffees. On his return he outlined the plans for the afternoon and evening. His other guests would be arriving in an hour or so, after some chilling out we will be playing some games either inside or on the beach depending how long the weather stays hot and at a convenient break we will have a bite to eat. This sounded good to us we said and asked if there's anything we could do to help.

'No, no, no! You're my guests I want you to enjoy yourselves while you're here not spend your time working! Why don't you guys go for a swim to freshen up or perhaps take in the scenery? The beach is quite long and there's a path which leads you through a wooded area before you reach the cliff top if you feel adventurous.' Jack said addressing us as a group.

'Ah there is one other thing I need to mention' he continued 'and I hope this won't come as too much of a bombshell. I have a strict dress code for all guests and visitors; clothing is not permitted under any circumstances. The reason being I find it a great leveller, people can't judge each other by their clothing and it brings people down to earth when they realise they have nothing to hide behind. So if you don't mind please would you remove all of your clothing and footwear now please, I will keep them safe in the spare bedroom until it is time to leave.'

His tone was assertive and left no room for doubting that he was serious about his house rules. So with only a brief glance at the other guys I removed my clothes. First I took off my trainers and socks, then my jeans and boxers, finally as I removed my T-shirt I stood there stark naked for a moment before I folded up my clothes and handed them to Jack. I watched the other three do exactly the same thing until we all stood in a small group starkers while Jack took our pile of clothes upstairs. On his return I noticed that Jack was still wearing his clothes and asked

'Jack, I don't want to appear rude but why are you still dressed?'

'Good question Luke' he replied quite amicably 'The reason is simple, some of the other guests who are coming have never been here before and if I need to go and pick them up in the jeep I can't really do that naked without causing problems with the law!'

'Fair enough.' Was all that I could think of in response.

As there was nothing left to say on the subject and Jack was making moves to get on with his preparations we headed out of the cottage and onto the beach. There was a slight breeze, just enough to make the stifling heat more bearable and I must admit it did feel liberating standing in a wide open space stark naked. I commented on this fact to the others and got a unanimous agreement on the subject. Our feet naturally guided us down to the shoreline and we casually ambled along from one end of the cove to the other taking in the scenery as we did so. At some point Gary took my hand and we held each other's in a relaxed and natural way for the rest of the walk.

By the time we had walked both ways along the beach I was feeling hot from the sun so I suggested a quick dip in the sea to cool off. Boy was the water cold! I danced a little jig as the waves hit my tackle and then dived in to get the shock over with. The others had been braver by running straight in with little war cries to distract themselves from the cold. Before long we adjusted to the temperature and spent some considerable time horsing around in the water in between races to see who could swim to the rocky outcrops and back.

Eventually we tired of our games in the water and having got cold we made our way back on to the beach and laid down on the warm sand to dry off. The sound of a car arriving broke the spell and as it pulled up I looked over to see two guys, perhaps in their forties get out of the car carrying a large hold all bag between them. Seeing us they smiled and waved with their free hands before putting the bag down and sauntering over to us.

'Hi guys!' The slightly taller guy said 'I'm Steve and this is my partner, Mick. Pleased to meet you. I see that Jack has already informed you of the house rules. No, there's no need to get up, we will have formal introductions when we join you in a few moments. We're just going to drop off our toys bag and then be right back.'

He was true to his word, they were back within a short while and as naked as the day they were born. Despite myself I couldn't help but stare at them as they walked towards us, they may not have been the most handsome of men but what they lacked in looks they sure made up in other ways! Steve was taller of the two, a red head with a close cropped beard, slim build but defined musculature and the biggest cock I've ever seen when flaccid. It had to be a good six inches in length and bounced against his thighs as he walked, heaven knows how big it would be when erect. Mick was a little shorter but heavier set, clean shaven with skin a pale milk chocolate and black shoulder length hair left naturally to form tight ringlets. He was more modestly endowed but what drew my attention was his massive biceps and the largest pair of hands that I have seen in a long time, each finger was like a sausage, that and his swagger was noticeable.

As they joined us we sat up in response and invited them to sit down opposite us, creating a circle to make talking easier for all concerned. We took it in turns to introduce ourselves and give a brief resume about ourselves, sounds all very formal but it wasn't really and it helped form the basis of new friendships, always a good idea in this part of the country. Steve and Mick have been together for over fifteen years and had a civil partnership ceremony five years ago, they live in Plymouth where Mick works for the Navy as a civilian and Steve is a police officer for the Dorset Police. They have been friends with Jack for over ten years and have been to many of his open house parties.

We asked them what happens at these parties but they laughed and said we would find out soon enough but they could at least guarantee that we would have a good time, everyone always does providing they are open to expanding their pleasure horizons. Our eyebrows rose in reaction, again they laughed loudly adding that if we have been invited to the party then Jack had to have been sure that we would be cool with everything. This had us wondering, all except me were intimately acquainted with Jack but no one had ever been here before so we were all new to this place (which I found reassuring to say the least).

After a short while we heard another car drive down the track and appear in a cloud of dust, this time it was an open top sports car, vintage by the look of it but the two occupants were certainly not. No more than twenty they oozed self-confidence; some might say cockiness, perhaps because they were very good looking, instantly they had the attention of our group even from the twins who were around about the same age. I swear that I heard someone quietly whistle under his breath, I glanced round quickly but couldn't work out who had done it. The two new arrivals looked around as they got out of the car, spotting us they waved and wandered over trying to maintain their cocky poses as they negotiated the sand and pebbles. They did a double take at the sight of our nakedness but recovered well and were about to introduce themselves when Jack's head appeared around the front door and called out.

'Zaki and Rashid, how glad I am to see you! I wasn't sure if you would be able to find us. Please come on over here I need to have a quick chat with you before I formally introduce you to my friends and get the party started.'

Shrugging their shoulders at us, they nodded to Jack before striding over to the house and disappearing inside.

'I can't wait to see what they're like without their clothes' Lawrence sighed 'they are gorgeous!'

We didn't have long to wait, within about ten minutes Jack appeared; walking purposefully towards us carrying a large tray with eight pint glasses full of what looked like fruit juice and one bottle of water. Straight away I could see that he was now as naked as the rest of us. Following close behind him were the two newcomers also naked but looking far from comfortable and were covering their tackle with their hands. As Jack reached us he asked us to expand the circle to make room for an extra three bodies which we did so obediently. He placed the tray in the centre of the circle before taking the bottle of water for himself; sitting down next to Steve he patted the sand beside himself and told the newcomers to sit down too.

'Right guys, we are now complete and we can get the fun started. It's hot out here and dehydration will be a problem if we're not careful so please help yourself to a glass of apple juice.'

I sipped the cold refreshing juice before taking bigger mouthfuls having decided that I liked it. Apple juice it definitely was but it had an unusual tang to it. As I was thinking this Jack invited the newcomers to introduce themselves, Zaki went first all the time he stared at the ground in front of him. He explained that he was twenty, from Dagenham (which explained the strong Essex accent) and worked as a car salesman and was of Arabic descent. He had jet black hair cut cropped short at the sides but longer on top and at the back. His skin was a light walnut colour except for below his waist and above the thighs where it was a lot paler from not seeing the sun. As he talked he relaxed a little and removed his hands from his crotch; from where I sat his tackle looked average and sat nestled amongst a thatch of black pubes. As he finished speaking Zaki smiled and nodded to each of us before turning his gaze to the drink he now held in his hands. Rashid then introduced himself; he was twenty one, also from Essex and worked for the same company as Zaki which is where they had become good friends. Physically they looked very similar except that Rashid sported a close cropped beard, grade one haircut and had a hairy chest while Zaki was clean shaven and little body hair, apart from the pubes that is.

I was curious to know how these young guys from London knew Jack so feeling bold I asked this question outright.

'Ah' replied Jack 'it's a long story, but basically I know the sales manager at the garage where they work and he knows I'm always on the lookout for new guys to introduce to the joys of gay sex. We met in London one day for lunch and he mentioned that he had two young lads, Zaki and Rashid, working for him who he suspected that might be up for a bit of fun. When he described them I was very interested and we arranged a meeting with them. After a long and convoluted conversation they finally believed that I was being genuine and that I would be totally discreet if they wanted to have a little fun. They are paranoid about their friends and family finding out but it has helped that they are a long way from home and this place is secluded....' he trailed off smiling at the two lads who were nodding in agreement to his explanation.

By then I was feeling very relaxed and just a little bit tipsy, giggling I said as much to the group. There was a round of 'yeah so do I' from everyone except Jack who nodded sagely before responding.

'I have put a little supplement into your drinks, don't panic, it's merely a little something to get you in the mood for the party. It will make you feel happy for a few hours but will wear off after that, it's perfectly legal and better than alcohol and will help you relax in more ways than one. Please don't worry about it; I'm drinking water because as the host I need to remain in control to make sure that nothing untoward happens. Right then, has everyone drunk up? Okay let's get this show on the road. There is going to be a lot, and I mean a lot of action before the party is over so in preparation of this and to prevent any messy embarrassment we are going to have some deep cleaning out, including myself as I will be joining you in all of the activities. Now have any of you NOT been cleaned out before?'

Only Zaki and Rashid put their hands up indicating that that they would be novices, so Jack told them that they would be last to be cleaned out so that they could watch and learn from the more experienced in the group. Standing up he asked us to follow him, it must have been the supplement taking effect because I felt compelled to obey his invitation, it never occurred to me to question him. As I stood up I glanced around me and saw that the others were doing the same but no one seemed at all alarmed or distressed, simply relaxed and happy to be there. Jack led us up from the beach to the side of the house and into what looked like an old wooden outhouse. Inside it had been gutted and modernised into what looked like a cross between a communal shower room and public toilets. There were six toilets lined up in a row, adjacent to each were metal hoses suspended from the ceiling ending in a familiar looking douching nozzle. At the entrance to the outhouse stood a table upon which I saw a large catering sized can of Crisco whose lid was being removed by Jack as we filed past. He gestured that we were to wait by the table as he set the correct water temperature for the enemas. Using one of the hoses to assess the temperature of the water he fiddled with the controls until he was satisfied and then turned the hose off again. Walking over to the can of Crisco he dipped his hand into it and scooped out a small amount, rolling it in his hand to soften it. He studied the group for a moment before asking Steve to stand before him, turn around, bend over at the waist, spread his legs a little and use both hands to pull his cheeks apart.

With a quirky smile on his face Steve did as he was asked giving me a perfect view of his peachy bum and his hole twitching in anticipation. Jack wasted no time in liberally applying the Crisco to Steve's crack and ring before then pushing another wad of the grease up inside his rectum. He deftly inserted a finger to smear it all around inside. By now Steve was groaning a little at the sudden intrusion and was looking a little flushed, whether in embarrassment or enjoyment I wasn't certain. When he was satisfied that Steve was sufficiently greased up he told him to stand by the first douching station and wait for the others. Next to be selected was Gary, who underwent the same treatment followed by Mick, Damien, me and finally Lawrence. Zaki and Rashid remained standing by the table while Jack joined us over by the toilets. I did notice that Rashid's cock was starting to fill and was standing at half mast, clearly he was getting turned on by what he had seen so far. Zaki was still flaccid but did appear to being paying particular attention to Lawrence; perhaps he liked what he saw.

When all six of us were standing next to our designated station Jack showed us how to operate the douching tube and insert it up our rectums correctly. We must have made a pretty sight, six men standing in a row bending over the toilets with hoses coming out of our backsides! For me personally it was nothing new, after all, my bidet at home has a similar adaptation which I use whenever I am expecting to have anal sex. Peering down the line of guys I could begin to see their stomachs bloating much like mine was, as I began to get a little cramping sensation I massaged my stomach to ease the flow of water further inside me until I could take no more. Reaching up I turned the flow of water off before pulling the pipe out and quickly sitting down on the toilet to release the water and faeces mixture down the pan. Within a couple of minutes we were all doing the same thing before standing back up and repeating the process several more times until we were happy that the expelled water was running clear. Jack handed us a wad of paper towelling to wipe ourselves clean along with the douching nozzle.

Zaki and Rashid looked a little nervous as Jack took a glob of Crisco from the tin in each hand, rolled it around and asked them to stand in front of him in the same way as we had done previously. Glancing at each other briefly they did so, both looking at the ground and avoiding our eye contact. As he traced their cracks with his greasy fingers applying the Crisco Jack asked

'Have either of you ever had anything up your arse before?'

Both shook their heads vigorously.

'Well that's about to change gentlemen, have you ever had sex with another guy?'

Again they looked at one another before Zaki responded saying that he and Rashid have sometimes given each other blow jobs when there was an opportunity to do so and that they enjoy doing it. This questioning must have been some sort of diversion strategy to take their mind off the fact that he was slowly massaging their rings prior to inserting a greasy finger up inside them. As Jack's finger slid slowly inside Zaki the recipient groaned and tried to pull away however guessing that that this might happen, Mick stepped in front of Zaki and held his shoulders firmly preventing him from moving anywhere. Rashid was a little more relaxed and although he winced he accommodated Jack's finger without trying to move away. For the next five minutes or so Jack played with their rings, teasing, stroking and stretching them until he was satisfied that they were relaxed sufficiently for the enemas. Withdrawing his fingers he told them to stand up and follow him to the toilets, as they did so they were fully erect and I must admit I was impressed by the size of them, in all fairness I would say that they were about the same size as myself. They caught my glances and flushed a little red so in encouragement I grinned at them and did a thumbs up to indicate that I liked what I saw, they smiled in response before turning their attention to Jack's instructions. Being novices at douching they were a little clumsy getting water everywhere the first time they tried inserting the tubes, finally with a grimace they managed to insert the head of the douching tube and the water flowed up inside them.

Jack asked Steve to supervise the two lads whilst he cleaned himself out. Gary stood next to me and suggested we watch Jack close up as he has a very talented hole. Gary thought he had spoken quietly but Jack had obviously heard him because he laughed and invited me to grease him up. I nodded accepting his invitation and scooped a chunk of Crisco from the tin and stepped up behind him. Jack was supple despite his build and bent cleanly at the waist presenting me with perfect access to his anus. As I smeared the Crisco all along his crack and into his hole I was reminded of Lawrence's hole and I wondered how much he could take up there. My fingers followed my train of thought and the second one tried following the first inside. He clenched down tight on them before standing upright, laughing he told me that there would be plenty of time for that sort of thing later. He then proceeded to use the facilities to clean himself out thoroughly.

Once everyone was clean and dry again Jack led us from the outhouse back onto the beach then headed left along the shoreline until we rounded the headland and came across another smaller private beach. This was a natural suntrap and sheltered from the prevailing winds, I noticed that at the top of the beach was a narrow dirt path which led up into dense shrubs and trees. Before I could think much about it my attention was drawn to the activities of the others, they were standing next to a large plastic box which I learned contained several blankets, small tins of Crisco along with towels, bars of soap and bottles of water for refreshment. We spread the blankets out on the dry sand towards the top of the beach and weighted them down with rocks. On each blanket we put a can of Crisco, a towel and a couple of the water bottles.

'Right guys, this is where our party really starts. I know some of you are couples but I would like to mix things up a bit so please don't be selfish and hog your partner all the time. Please feel free to do whatever you feel comfortable doing but remember it must be consensual and what your sex buddy(s) want to do too. Okay Zaki and Rashid, how do you feel about joining in the action with us?'

Zaki was the first to respond glancing at Lawrence as he did so 'Yeah I'm up for it, we've haven't come all this way to back out now. Can I choose which guy I get to play with?'

'Of course, just ask. I'm sure no one's going to object.' Jack replied smiling reassuringly before turning towards Rashid and asking 'How about you?'

Grinning like a Cheshire cat he surveyed the group and said 'Oh yes, count me in my balls are weighing heavy and I've seen some holes which need to take my load!'

To emphasize his point he stroked his rapidly expanding cock to full erection and turned waving it in my direction, Gary nudged me, nodding towards the young lad and told me to go for it. Not needing a second telling I took Rashid by the hand and led him to the nearest blanket before quietly asking him what he'd like to do thinking that he'd probably be a bit shy and inexperienced. Oh boy did I underestimate him!

'Don't you worry about that.' He whispered huskily 'I'm in charge and I will let you know what I want when I want it.'

That was the last thing he said to me until our session was over. I was taken aback and more than a little turned on I must admit by his sudden dominance especially from one so young. He pulled me towards him and started to passionately kiss me while his hands explored every inch of my body before settling on my shoulders. Applying pressure on them he pushed me to my knees and pressed his cockhead to my lips with one hand and with the other he held my head in position. I was a willing slave to his lust and greedily took his cock into my mouth slurping on it like there was no tomorrow! As he started pushing his cock further into my mouth and down my throat I controlled my breathing to prevent the gagging reflex. I could hear the others laughing and talking and moving around but was unable to see them as my face by now was pressed into his crotch. To steady myself I held on to his outspread thighs as he rocked backwards and forwards fucking my face as he did so. I was in full swing when abruptly he pushed me backwards and told me to get on all fours, he was going to fuck me like the dog I was - blooming cheek I thought but did as I was told. Well it would be rude not to do so, wouldn't it? Plus the effect of the drink was still having a hold on me.

Kneeling on all fours did at least allow me to see what the other guys were doing. No surprise to me was the sight of Lawrence and Zaki locked in a passionate horizontal embrace vying for dominance. Gary had wasted no time and was already sliding down on Steve's massive cock; yes the flaccid six inches had grown both longer and wider judging by Gary's happy expression. Mick was lying on his back with Damien on all fours kneeling over him, both busy sucking each other off. As I watched, Jack sauntered over to Damien; kneeling behind him with one smooth slow thrust he shoved his greased cock deep inside his exposed hole. I Damien make a muffled groan but he didn't break his head bobbing for one moment.

My studies were brought to an abrupt end by Rashid greasing me up and pushing his cock a little roughly into me, it made me wince but I wasn't going to let him think I couldn't handle it! So with every thrust he made I pushed back to meet him creating a very dynamic fuck which, probably because of his pent up state sadly didn't last long and after a dozen thrusts he bucked and groaned before shooting his load into me. Finally spent he collapsed on top of me forcing me to collapse under his weight onto the blanket. It was then that I decided to take control, so while he was still incapacitated from his orgasm, I flipped him off of me and onto his back. Then before he could react I grabbed both of his ankles and pushed them up and backwards until he was in the missionary position. Realising what my intentions were Rashid looked a little scared and quietly said (so as not to draw attention to himself)

'No, please no. I don't take it up the arse, anything but that.'

'Come on now.' I chided him 'You were man enough to fuck me up the arse, now prove you're man enough to take it too. Don't worry, I am more experienced than you are at doing this and I won't hurt you. Who knows you might even enjoy it.'

He didn't look convinced but his resistance was low, thanks to the drink, and I wasn't about to give him an option in any case. So wasting no more time I removed my hands from his ankles and placed them on his thighs pushing them firmly against his stomach, in doing so it raised his hips and exposed his hole for me which quivered slightly as the breeze blew over it. Telling him to wrap his arms behind his knees and maintain the position I reached into the can of Crisco and scooped out a decent chunk which I used to grease up my erect cock, my right hand and his anus. Ignoring his expression I focused totally on the task ahead, using my index finger I lightly traced circles around and on his ring of muscle. In response it clenched and unclenched spasmodically until it relaxed again, then, I slowly increased the pressure until my finger tip naturally slipped inside. Keeping up the same movements and pressure I inserted the entire finger, finding his prostate I stroked it for a minute or two. Looking up I found the reaction I had been hoping for, his eyes were closed and lips open as he breathed heavily but his cock was rock hard so I knew he was receptive to the experience. For the next five to ten minutes I simply finger fucked him all the time gently massaging the ring as I did so, then on withdrawing the finger I discreetly added a second, the ring tensed for a second or two before relaxing again and so I repeated the process again. When I was happy that he was stretched sufficiently I pulled the fingers out and placed my cockhead at his entrance. I told him to breathe deeply and relax, as he did so I pushed my head inside and stopped allowing him to adjust to the intrusion before pushing on until I was fully inside him.

He groaned and made a token effort to resist but I was having none of it, this guy was going to pay for calling me a dog, I'll show him who's the boss. Slowly and deliberately I pulled out until just my head was inside before sliding back in up to the hilt. I fucked him like this for a dozen strokes before increasing the speed and force until I was pounding him hard enough to make his body rock. Rashid started to make a whimpering noise and shudder, then, his cock erupted, sending jet after jet of jism shooting all over his chest and stomach. As he did so his ring clamped down hard on my cock giving me an even tighter fuck. My head swum, I was in heaven but I couldn't keep the momentum up and with a loud sigh I too shot my load into his previously virginal rectum. Catching my breath I pulled out, stood up and told him to do so too and headed down the beach to wash off the sex juices in the sea. As we did so Rashid was quiet not able to look me in the face so I asked him.

'What's the matter? I thought by your reaction you enjoyed our fuck.'

Finally looking me in the eye he said 'I did.'

'So why are you acting like this?' I asked, not willing to let him off the hook too easily.

'I've always been told that being fucked by a man is the dirtiest thing you can do and no self respecting man would allow it to happen to him. Yet everything I have seen here so far and experienced tells me that they are wrong but this has made me feel like the carpet has been pulled from underneath my feet. Can you understand what I'm saying?' he replied solemnly.

'Yes, I can. I guess most guys here have had the same issue to deal with, I certainly have I can tell you. But like Jack says, everyone's here to have a good time and enjoy themselves, so please relax and just go with the flow.'

'Okay Luke, I will try to chill out and not be so serious.' He replied giving me a little smile.

'Oh, one more thing Rashid' I said.


'Don't call me a dog again, ever.' I muttered, turning away before he could see the smile on my face and went to rejoin the party.

'Yeah, um sorry about that. I guess I got a bit carried away. I won't do that again.' He said and I heard the sound of footsteps catching up with me.

The party was still going strong but most of the players had swapped positions. Gary was fucking Steve doggy style, Lawrence and Zaki had sorted out who was top - Zaki, clearly because he was laying on top of Lawrence humping him like there was no tomorrow. Jack was now on his back in the missionary position being fucked by Damien and rimming Mick who was kneeling down over his face gently stroking his cock at the same time.

At the sound of our approach Mick looked up, beckoned us over to him and told us to fetch the Crisco. Obediently we did so, when in front of him he told us to turn round and get down on all fours facing away from him. Within seconds we both had a finger up our rectums, glancing over to Rashid I smiled encouragement and reminded him about going with the flow. He smiled in return and gave in to the pleasures Mick's finger was giving him. For a few minutes he finger fucked both of us before rising off Jack's face, kneeling behind Rashid and firmly planting his cock into his arse. Although Rashid had been stretched by me, he still winced at the sudden intrusion before relaxing once more into the fucking he was receiving. Mick's finger never left me, even when a second finger pushed in beside it and started to twirl around stretching me further. Okay my hole is far from virginal but like I said earlier his fingers are bigger than average so I really did have to concentrate on opening up my hole to the intruder. Mick was in no hurry, possibly because he was dividing his attention between the two of us, but neither of us were complaining!

Nor did we complain when Lawrence and Zaki returned from the rinse off in the sea and stood before us pushing their cocks into our mouths. Zaki's pubes tickled my nose as he fucked my face, I thought to myself that someone should tell him to get them trimmed; they really weren't attractive when bushy! Lawrence looked down at me as he fucked Rashid's mouth and gave me a big wink and a thumbs up. Having my mouth full at the time I was unable to make any form of response. All this had taken my mind off what Mick had been doing; he had swapped holes and was now fucking me with his cock and trying to insert a second finger into Rashid, with little success so he went back to using just one finger. I could hear movement around me but was unable to see what was going on. Unknown to me Steve, Gary, Damien and Jack had finished their activities, gone to wash off in the sea and were now standing round our group of five stroking their cocks and watching the action.

Finally Mick orgasmed, silently shooting his load up me before pulling out, only to be immediately replaced by Jack's cock and Gary took up position behind Rashid when Mick went to wash off. I vaguely heard Jack comment about my looseness and thought he'd investigate further. I felt his cock being replaced by first one finger and then two; I could accommodate them a lot easier as they were thinner than Mick's. I was so into being spit roasted that I pushed back against the intruding fingers to show that I was enjoying the fingering. Well shortly two became three, around about the same time that Zaki shot his load down my throat. I barely had time to come up for air when Steve stepped in front of me and proceeded to feed his eleven inch cock down my throat. I was concentrating on my breathing so hard that I didn't realise that three fingers had become four and that the finger fucking was getting more forceful.

I could hear words of encouragement being uttered in my general direction, I think by the sound of it was coming from Damien and Jack but I couldn't be sure as my Steve's cock was fully buried down my throat and his hands partially covered my ears. Each time the four fingers pushed inside just that little bit further and were swirled around before retreating once more, then I realised that they must be in as far as they could go because I felt his thumb laying flat along my crack. Without warning Steve shuddered and thrust his cock even more forcefully into my mouth before shooting his load down my throat, when he pulled out it felt like a hose pipe was being removed from me!

Finally I was free to move my head and I looked over my shoulder just as Jack had removed the four fingers and was busy applying more grease to his hand and wrist. Mentally I braced myself for what I knew was to follow; it wasn't the first time that I had been in this position. Jack asked me if I was okay and I replied that I was just fine, nodding he looked round at the other guys and said

'Luke is going to need a bit of support here, would one of you guys care to sit in front of him and brace yourself against his shoulders?'

Gary who by now had finished with Rashid and cleaned himself up said that as my partner it was only right that he should be the one to support and encourage me. I smiled at him in response to his announcement. Sitting cross legged in front of me he leant forward placing his hands on my shoulders just as Jack coned his fingers, tucking his thumb behind them and started to push them inside me. I used the breathing exercises I had used in the past to relax not only my brain but also my body and anus to allow the fingers to enter without causing me to tense up. This worked up until his hand was in up to just before the third knuckles i.e. the widest part of his hand, when I could feel my rings being stretched as far as it would comfortably go. Jack paused keeping his hand there stationary before without warning he slapped my arse cheeks hard. I yelped in response to the sudden pain and stinging after effects but the diversionary tactic was successful in the fact that his hand slid in a little further and was now at the widest part of his hand. There was no let up in the pressure he was applying, looking round at the circle of guys every single one of them was transfixed by the sight of Jack's hand half-buried in my arse. Only Lawrence glanced at me with eyebrows raised, what he was actually thinking I could only guess at. Gary in the meantime was whispering words of encouragement in my ear, telling me to breathe deeply and push outwards as if I wanted to have a dump. I grunted between breaths in acknowledgement as I flushed red and sweat broke out over my face and neck in response to the resistance that my ring was providing. I rocked backwards and forwards in response to Jack's thrusts as it pushed in millimetre by millimetre, then my ring gave up the fight and his hand slid abruptly in up to his wrist before clamping hard down on him.

'Aaargh!' I cried rearing up breaking free of Gary's grasp; I reached round behind me to verify that there actually was a fist buried in my arse. I felt incredibly full and uncomfortable.

'Oh man! I don't believe what I am seeing, that's just not possible!' Rashid cried.

'Oh yes it is.' Lawrence responded 'I have been fisted many times including by Luke only yesterday.'

Rashid looked from me to Lawrence and back again, his mouth opened and closed several times, he shook his head before deciding he wanted a closer look so knelt down beside Jack and peered closely at my ring stretched tight around Jack's wrist.

Laughing at the young man's candid curiosity Jack asked 'Would you like to have a go at inserting your fist up inside Luke? I swear it is an amazing feeling, once you have tried it you will be hooked and will want to repeat the experience time and time again. Isn't that right Lawrence?'

'Oh yes indeed! It's a head trip whether you are giving or receiving the fist and it's addictive!' Lawrence agreed.

'Really? It felt great having my cock buried inside Luke, so hot and tight. Yeah I'd like to see what it feels like with my hand in there.' Rashid confirmed.

Now began the task of removing Jack's fist, which was almost as difficult as getting it in there. As I was still kneeling up Gary clasped me round the chest holding me tight preventing me from moving, then Jack coned his hand again and making small movements started to pull his hand out, slightly harder each time. In the meantime I did my breathing exercises and pushing. Anyone watching would have thought I was in labour - well I was in a way! Finally my anus released its grip on the intruder with a squelchy plop and a trickle of liquid Crisco. It was a relief the ejection was over but I felt strangely empty and a small part of me was glad that Rashid had accepted the invitation to explore my hole.

As Jack smeared Crisco all over Rashid's hand and wrist I stood up to stretch and walk around before returning to the blanket and kneeling down on all fours facing away from Rashid and Jack. This time I laid my head on my arms and spread my legs a little which had the effect of exposing my anus to the cooling breeze. If I closed my eyes I would have found the position relaxing except for the fact that I had six guys sitting in a circle round me watching the unfolding events with interest. To make matters worse Gary, Damien and Lawrence were all grinning at me; I could feel myself blushing so I closed my eyes and imagined I was all alone with Rashid and Jack. It worked for a while as I focused on the quietly spoken instructions Jack gave Rashid as he started to explore my hole with his fingers. He followed basically the same routine as Jack had done and before long I felt his coned fingers spreading my ring wide. His hand must have been smaller than Jack's as although it took some effort to overcome my ring's resistance it took less time and discomfort for his hand to slip inside and my ring closed up behind it. A collective sigh escaped from the audience, opening one eye slightly I noticed more than one cock being stroked as they watched. Smiling to myself I closed my eye again and surrendered to the delicious stuffed feeling that was emanating from my rectum.

'It's so warm and soft in there! I can't believe that I really done it.....' Rashid trailed off as he stared at the sight of his wrist disappearing inside my bum.

'Now the real fun begins' Jack informed him 'you are now going to drive Luke wild by fucking him with your fist, but you will need to start off slow and very gentle until his hole is so loose that he has no resistance left at all.'

'Okay let's go!' Rashid responded enthusiastically.

For what seemed like eternity I felt the hand slowly move backwards and forward each time pulling out a little further and the pushing up inside a little deeper. Finally his hand exited my hole with a squelch before being immediately pushed back in again. Again and again this was repeated, speeding up a little as time went on until as Jack had predicted my hole had no resistance left at all. At one point with Rashid's hand still inside me Jack told me to roll over on to my back and hold my legs to my chest. We carefully carried out this manoeuvre until I was in the required position, then Rashid started to speed up his pistoning. My flaccid cock was now exposed and I was surprised to see Rashid lean forward and take it in his mouth. With his expert sucking action my cock rapidly expanded and was rock hard in less than a minute. It didn't take long for me to explode shooting my load into his willing mouth as he swallowed greedily. I could feel my ring spasming uncontrollably around his wrist before it finally subsided. Exhausted I let go of my legs allowing them to drop down either side of him and my arms were outstretched on the blanket. Slowly he pulled his fist out of me leaving a gaping hole behind which took a few seconds to close up again.

By now everyone was in a sticky mess so en masse we headed for the sea taking several bars of soap with us to wash all the grease off, which took some time given how it seemed to have reached every part of our bodies! Eventually we were all clean and by now getting hungry, especially once Jack had mentioned that he had prepared a buffet style meal back at the house. Walking back along the wet sand I felt Gary's hand slip into mine and remained there for the duration of the journey back to the house.

Gazing thoughtfully at me for a long moment Gary whispered in my ear so that only I could hear him 'I never realised you had such a talented back side, I think I will be exploring this aspect of you more fully when I get the opportunity.'

Chuckling I replied 'You Sir, will be very gladly welcomed I can assure you! It's been a long time since I have done such a thing. To be precise, the last time was when Clive and I were together, he was really into it, much more than me to be honest. Most of the time he was on the receiving end but occasionally when the mood took him he wanted to reverse the roles and so I learnt to take a fist, for his sake initially but then I found that I enjoyed it too.'

As we followed the others I noticed that Lawrence and Zaki too were holding hands and looking very cosy, I commented on this fact to Gary who agreed with me and shared with me things that he had witnessed throughout the afternoon suggesting that the attraction was mutual. I must be getting soft in my old age but I found it really touching that someone else was finding love unexpectedly just like I had.

Back at the house, standing in the hallway we were given back our underwear for hygiene reasons. Having donned the garments we made our way into the dining room where a smartly dressed man was busy laying out the plates of food. To say that we were surprised would be an understatement; we stood there open mouthed in shock having to a man thought that we were all alone in this place with Jack. Laughing at our reaction Jack stepped forward and said

'Guys, I'd like you to meet Chris. He's my best friend and sometimes lover who has very kindly laid on this spread for us. Don't worry he'll be as discreet as the rest of us for he shares the same interests and has participated in many of my little private parties. Haven't you dear?' The last bit was said with just the slightest hint of campness.

Chris, looked up as he completed his activities to give us a welcoming smile and a little bow before leaving the room, not before he gave Steve's packet a very obvious ogle.

'Don't mind him' Jack remarked 'he's always been a bit of a size queen!'

For the next half an hour the room was pretty silent except for the sound of eating, the food was delicious and I for one was starving. In between mouthfuls of food I asked Zaki if they were so worried about getting caught out by their friends and family how had he and Rashid managed to disappear for the day. He explained that the company he worked for was looking to establish a franchise in either the Bristol, Exeter or Taunton areas and were still in the research stage at present. As a cover story they had told their families that they were helping out by scouting the areas to form an opinion and increase their experience etc. No one had questioned them at all.

As we came to a natural end to the meal Chris re-entered the room carrying a tray with glasses of familiar looking fruit juice upon it.

'Right Jack' Steve said in his policeman's voice 'Enough is enough, before you try feeding more of your special supplement I want to know what it is and none of the airy fairy waffle please!'

Holding his hands up in surrender Jack said

'I've already explained that it is all perfectly legal and safe but for those that doubt I will tell you all the ingredients so that you can be reassured that I am telling the truth. To provide relaxation there are extracts of horseradish, hyssop, lavender, passion flower and valerian. To get you in the mood for sex, lettuce opium, epimedium, galangal and piperine then finally to give you the energy to keep going it includes caffeine. Satisfied now?'

'Mmm' replied Steve 'and you bought all these ingredients separately from a health food shop I suppose?' he sounded very doubtful.

'No they come ready mixed. I just have to add them to the drink in the right dilution ratio, that's all.' Jack replied beginning to sound exasperated with the line of questioning. 'You guys have been to my parties before, have I ever let you down or poisoned you in anyway?'

'Fair enough, what you say is true and I have no reason to doubt you now' Steve conceded 'so guys let's down these drinks and get the party restarted before it gets too late.

Five minutes later we had downed the fortified apple juice, removed our underwear again and headed back along the beach to the private cove. Steve and Mick trailed behind us carrying their bag of toys, I looked at the bag curious to know what toys it contained. By now the tide had come in and walking round the headland was harder this time. We had to clamber carefully (especially the poor guys carrying the toys!) over the fallen rocks as they were wet and slippery. Being naked and frequently splashed by the cold sea spray from the waves hitting the rocks beneath our feet I found exhilarating. Having reached the other side the cove seemed even more secluded now that the beach lost ground to the sea. Thankfully our blankets and gear were just as we had left it safe from the water's clutches.

We stood in a circle enclosing Mick as he opened the bag and carefully removed the assorted toys from within. There was every imaginable toy you could imagine, from a small butt plug to an enormous double ended dildo and everything in between. There were anal beads on rubberised strings of varying sizes and even an eye watering butt plug made in three sections with each section bigger than the one before it. They were all made of black silicone for maximum comfort Steve assured us looking at our amazed expressions.

'Roll up, roll up! Which gentleman would like to be the first to be fitted with a toy of just the right size?' Jack asked doing a very good impression of a circus ringmaster.

Initially no one responded but Rashid tentatively put his hand up in the air before changing his mind and dropping his hand down to his side again. But he was too late for Jack had seen him and beckoned him over.

'Right young man, step this way and we'll have you fitted up in no time! That's it. Stand in front of me, turn around and grabs your knees. That's great now I can see what I am doing.'

Zaki laughed at Rashid's plight until that is Jack looked directly at him and told him that he would be next, well it was comical, Zaki's face dropped like a stone and he went very quiet. I spotted Lawrence nudge him in the ribs with his elbow, those two seemed joined at the hips, wherever one was the other was bound to be there too. Returning my attention to the front I was just in time to see Jack liberally applying Crisco to Rashid's arse and then to a medium sized butt plug which had a leather cord attached to the neck of the plug. Wasting no time Jack pressed the tip of the plug to Rashid's anus and pushed it up inside, only pausing when it got to the widest part to allow for the ring to adjust to the intrusion. As Rashid relaxed once more the final push came and the plug slid abruptly inside making him wince but he maintained his position. Jack then wrapped the cord around Rashid's waist in such a way as to prevent the butt plug from sliding out again. With a slap on his bum Rashid was free to join the rest of us and then it was Zaki's turn to be the centre of attention.

He was instructed to assume the same position but this time was subjected to a digital examination on how much his anal ring could stretch. All the time Jack was exploring Zaki's rectum and anus with one or more fingers he was relaying his findings to Mick and the group in general. The purpose of which I guess was in part to embarrass Zaki for him laughing at his friend but probably more likely so that Mick could decide which toy was best suited to him. In the end Mick selected what looked like a large life sized dildo that had a butt plug's neck and again a leather cord was attached to the neck. Zaki saw the toy and made a funny whimpering noise, because he had never had anything up him that big before and looked like he was about to make a quick exit. Seeing this Steve bounded over and held Zaki firmly in position as Mick pressed the end of the dildo against his ring and then pushed it in firmly until the ring snapped firmly around the neck. Zaki jerked upright in shock and his face was flushed red from the sudden intrusion but we had to chuckle at the sight of his raging hard on, clearly the lady doth protest too much! Mick quickly tied the cord around Zaki's waist holding the dildo firmly in place. Once released Zaki walked rather stiffly over to Rashid who laughed at him, saying he was walking as if he had a cock up his arse!

Mick ignored all of this as he rummaged in his bag, finally finding what he wanted with a satisfied 'aha!' then looking up at us he called Jack over and told him to get down on all fours with his bum in the air. We already knew that Jack had an experienced bottom but even so we were surprised by the speed of events. Holding his trophy high in the air for all of us to see he told Jack to relax and open up fully. Mick then proceeded to thickly coat the double ended dildo with Crisco, the shaft was about two inches thick, the heads about half an inch thicker and in total it had to be a good eighteen inches in length. It started off as being black but by the time it had been greased up it was nearer a pale grey. Mick then liberally greased up Jacks hole before pushing the head easily past Jack's ring, pausing for a moment to allow him to adjust for the intrusion before slowly pushing it further up his rectum. By now a good six inches had disappeared inside, we stepped up closer to get a good view, then as we watched it slid in another inch before coming to a halt. Mick informed us that he had reached the inner ring which required opening up in exactly the same way as the outer ring, with that he grasped the dildo and used it to gently fuck Jack. Slowly but surely it slipped in a little further with each thrust until with a little gasp from Jack it abruptly slid in another couple of inches, by now half of the dildo had disappeared inside. Jack adjusted his position to make himself more comfortable before Mick carried on with the insertion. Within five minutes there was just the second head poking out between his cheeks, using the heel of his palm for extra strength Mick shoved it in with a grunt and the dildo completely disappeared with the ring closing slowly behind it.

'Now that is amazing!' Gary exclaimed 'How do you feel Jack?'

'Pretty stuffed if I'm honest' Jack replied 'But it is a great feeling having both rings open and penetrated at the same time. Now that it's fully inside me I can feel the inner ring being stretched yet at the same time my anus is clamping tight to hold it in. Mind blowing even...... perhaps you would like to try it?'

'Um, yeah okay' Gary replied a little doubtfully 'but I will need a smaller dildo, there's no way I can manage one of that size!'

'Right you are then. Let me see what I can find in my bag of goodies here.' Mick announced rummaging in his bag.

A moment later he held up for Gary's inspection another double ended dildo about an inch in diameter and twelve inches in length.

'Yes I think I could cope with that one, it looks about cock size in width at least' Gary said kneeling down on the blanket as Jack stood up very carefully with a hand holding his bum to make sure that the dildo didn't slide out onto the sand. As Mick applied the grease and slowly slid the dildo up him Gary looked over at me and winked before closing his eyes and focusing on the task at hand. Within a few moments the double ender had disappeared from view entirely and Gary had a spaced out look on his face.

'You're right Jack, the feeling is fantastic, I wish I'd tried this before!' he murmured.

By now I was getting a little restless so I told Gary to budge over as I wanted some of the action too; reluctantly he brought himself back to reality and climbed to his feet before rejoining the group. I immediately assumed the position fully expecting to be impaled by a dildo in the same way as the previous two. Oh no, I was wrong on that assumption, Mick had other plans for me. As he pulled my toy from the back I heard a soft chinking noise, a bit like snooker balls hitting one another, curiosity got the better of me and I looked over my shoulder. I was surprised by what I saw, Mick was busy greasing up six metal anal beads each about the size of a ping pong ball attached to one another by a rubber coated cord. Although they weren't very big allowing them past by ring was not particularly easy or comfortable when they suddenly shot inside and my ring snapped shut behind it. By the time the sixth and final one was inside me I was feeling stuffed and as I stood up with just the cord and a metal ring trailing from my bum I felt the full weight of the metal balls pushing against my anus and I have to admit it was a very curious feeling, not quiet uncomfortable, not quite pleasant. I said as much to Mick, chuckling in response he agreed with me but said they were very good at stretching the rectum to allow bigger things inside.....

It was now Steve's turn, Mick told him to lie on his back with his knees up by his chest. Steve grinned at him as if he knew what to expect (and he did as it turned out) doing as he was told. Just when I thought I couldn't see anything new I was yet again caught by surprise. Mick greased up his hole in the usual way but then instead of retrieving a toy from the bag he took hold of Steve's balls cupping them gently in one hand greasing them up as he did so and slowly pulled them down in the direction of his hole. He then stuffed them inside Steve's rectum and told him to clench and not let them out; this must have been turning Steve on because his cock was rapidly expanding in response. Quickly before the cock was fully hard Mick greased it up too and then bent it downwards and pushed the head inside so that it lay either side of his balls. He then pushed as much of it inside as he could until about half of it had been inserted and the other half lay pressed against his body. Mick then reached into the bag and retrieved what looked like a leather chastity belt expertly fitted it before Steve's cock had a chance to slip out again. When Steve stood up he grinned at us and wriggled his bum saying

'You weren't expecting that now were you?'

'To be honest no' Gary said speaking for the rest of us 'is it painful and why do you do it?'

'No it's not painful, it takes some getting used to but wow man it is an amazing feeling simply walking around and fucking yourself at the same time. I have been known to cum up to six times in the course of a day wearing this gear' he said pointing to the leather chastity belt.

No one made a comment, what was there to say? Mick rummaged around in his bag and brought out two identical huge dildos, they must hand been eighteen inches in length and three inches in diameter. Instead of the usual simulated cockhead they were simply rounded at the end; or more accurately conical with a gently rounded tip rather than pointed. The base was widely flared to give extra stability. Mick liberally greased them up before standing them upright about two feet apart and gesturing to the twins to join him. High fiving they grinned to each other before bounding over to where Mick sat and promptly presented their arses for greasing up. Once done they wasted no time in slowly impaling themselves on the impossibly massive dildos. Squatting down on their haunches their faces were a mixture of ecstasy and pain as first their anuses were stretched wide then their inner ring was assaulted too. As we watched they slowly sank down until incredibly they were sitting on their heels, we gave them a round of applause for such a magnificent feat. High fiving each other again they then turned to us and tipped imaginary hats in our direction.

'Mick, everyone else had been seen to except for you, what can we do to sort you out?' I asked genuine concerned for his enjoyment. He was a nice guy and it felt selfish somehow not to ask this question.

'Glad you asked that question Luke for yes there is something you can do for me, in fact all of you can!' He said as he lay down on the blanket face up next to the twins and began stroking his cock into erection.

'I want all of you to crowd round me and wank yourselves off until you shoot your loads all over me, I feel like being a real cum slut this afternoon!' he announced closing his eyes momentarily before glancing round at us to make sure that we did as requested.

Rather stiffly, considering what we had up inside us, we crowded round him until our toes were just touching his body and began to masturbate ourselves in a bid to be the first to shower Mick with our jism. With much grunting, grimacing and giggling we came enthusiastically did our duty until Damien yelled and sprayed his jism all over Mick's stomach, followed closely by Lawrence, Gary, Steve, myself, Rashid, Zaki and finally with a flourish Jack. By then Mick was covered from head to waist with the white sticky stuff, he was in heaven scraping it off with his fingers and then licking them clean. Half way through he could hold back no longer and shot his own load half way up his chest before consuming it along with the remainder of the white stuff. He had the happiest of expressions on his face for a long time before he roused himself from his reverie and thanked us for our donations to his vitamin shot.

As we stood there I began to feel restless and a little chilly as the breeze blew across my body, looking over my shoulder I saw that the sun had disappeared behind the rocky headland casting a shadow across the beach. I was not the only one to feel like this and as a group we decided to call it a day for fun on the beach. Mick grabbed an empty carrier bag and one by one we squatted over it and release the toy that had been impaling us for the last half an hour or so. By it felt good as the last of the balls exited my rectum leaving me feeling a whole lighter!

Jack invited us to join him back at the house to clean up and have a bite to eat before heading off home again. Rashid and Zaki were keen to get off home as they had a long journey home so they took him up on the invitation and followed Jack having given each of us a big hug and hand shake. When Zaki got to Lawrence the hug was harder and they kissed each other tenderly, Lawrence whispered in his ear too quietly for the rest of us to hear. Zaki smiled nodding his head vigorously before jogging off after Rashid. Mick and Steve were in less of a rush and chose to go for a swim before heading home. I was in even less rush because the later we left here the later I would have to head off home, meaning I could spend more time with Gary. As a delaying tactic I announced that I would like to explore the path at the top of the beach, see where it led and invited the others to join me as I sauntered up the beach towards the path. They seemed happy enough to follow me and before long we were walking or rather climbing the steep cliff path which zigg zagged its way along around the headland away from the house and into the warming sun again.

After about ten minutes we discovered a small naturally flat grassy area overlooking a sheer drop into the sea. It was dotted with shrubby growth and boulders fallen from the cliff behind them. Gary sat down on one of the larger boulders; it made a perfect seat, and beckoned me over with outstretched arms. Smiling I wandered over to him and into his waiting arms, for the next few minutes we embraced and kissed passionately. As I was standing between his legs it was easy to detect his arousal and taking it firmly in one hand I asked him if he would like to do something with it. Raising one eyebrow he told me to do whatever I wanted.

Smiling as seductively as I could manage I climbed onto the boulder and carefully manoeuvred myself so that I was able to lower myself onto his erection without overbalancing and sending us sprawling onto the ground. As I sat on his lap fully impaled I wrapped my legs around his waist and he slowly fucked me while he snogged me forcefully. It was such an intimate moment that I totally forgot about the twins being there and could have gone on forever like this. However they had other plans for us!

I suddenly felt a finger exploring my ring as I bobbed up and down; then heard Damien's voice ask 'Is there room for one more in there?'

'There sure is dude, be my guest' replied Gary throwing me a wink as he did so.

'Brace yourself Luke, I'm coming in!' Damien chuckled.

Sure enough I felt his cockhead pushing against my ring and Gary's cock, doing my best to relax I breathed deeply and with that he slipped all the way inside me. Jeez! I felt stuffed and at the same time stretched to the max as the two cocks thrust in and out of me jostling for position. Before long Damien grunted and shot his last load of the afternoon up me before pulling out as his legs began to cramp. Stepping away from us Lawrence quickly took his place but instead of doing the same thing he knelt down and explored my hole with his fingers. Slowly and carefully in time to the fucking he introduced one finger after another until his whole hand had been pushed up inside me, my hole must have been very stretched for there was little resistance from it even when it got to the widest part. He then took hold of Gary's cock and wanked him off inside me! I loved every moment of it, the sensations I got from it was mind blowing and I came spontaneously without touching myself. Several minutes later Gary came coating both my insides and Lawrence's hand with his jism which he then used to lubricate his own cock as he wanked himself off - awesome I thought to myself.

This was the last activity my hole could cope with for one day because as I climbed off Gary it was dribbling spunk and liquid Crisco all down my legs, it simply didn't have the energy to close up again for several minutes! I felt like such a slut, but a happy one as I sat down next to Gary and the twins on the grass watching the sun go down over the sea. Finally the inevitable couldn't be put off any longer; it was time to head back down to the beach and Jack's house.

Making our way carefully down the steep path we (Gary and I) held hands preventing each other from slipping and embarrassing ourselves. Damien called us old fogies and chased Lawrence onto the beach where they wrestled playfully until we caught up with them. As we rounded the headland Jack was just waving off Mick and Steve, we waved enthusiastically calling out that it had been great to meet them and hoped to do so again soon. They both waved back and gave us the thumbs up gesture indicating that they agreed with us.

Once inside, Jack showed us to his bathroom where we were able to have a hot shower and were reunited with our clothes again. Having spent so many hours naked it felt strange being dressed and only served as a reminder that reality was looming just round the corner in the shape of work in the morning. We stopped for a while over a coffee and round of sandwiches before we sadly bid Jack farewell having thanked him for such a wonderful afternoon and evening. He gave us all big hugs and said that he hoped we would come along to his next open house party. To a man we said that we would be honoured to do so and then climbed into the twins Galaxy and drove back the way we had come.

All the way back to St. Ives I held Gary's hand reflecting on this weekend's events and wondering what the future held for the two of us.


Twelve months later.....

As I stand next to Gary in the registry office waiting to sign the Civil Partnership register I look out over the sea of faces in front of me. I discreetly pinch myself to make sure that I am not dreaming, Mel catches the movement and smiles encouragement at me. Everybody who is important in my life is sitting in this room right now. In the front row is my sister and her three children, next to her are my mum and dad (much to my relief and surprise), then Gary's parents who seem to be comparing notes with mine along with his older brother, Alan.

Behind them looking very much in love are Lawrence and Zaki, they have been living together for the last six months ever since Zaki's company opened a new franchise in Taunton and he was made sales director there. Neither have told their parents that they are in love with a guy but I guess it will happen soon enough, perhaps they are waiting to send out their own wedding invitations before doing so. Rashid and his boss, Vince (Jack's friend) are sitting next to them, from what I gather Rashid is Vince's bit on the side. Vince is married and likes to discreetly play away from home with other men and has no intention of leaving his wife which suits Rashid down to the ground. Next to them are Steve, Mick and Jack looking very smart in their suits, who would have known what they get up to away from the public's prying eyes?

Then the remaining rows are filled with more distant friends and family, including Clive who I couldn't resist inviting simply to rub his nose in it to show him what he was missing! The gossip grapevine has informed me that the guy Clive left me for has since moved on himself, I guess they call that karma. Oh and no, I never did make contact with him about his little project, my life has moved on and for the better.

The only thing missing from this perfect setting is Reunion, the yacht Gary finished refurbishing earlier this year. She now awaits us in her berth ready and fully equipped to take us away on our two week honeymoon along the Southern Irish coastline.

I very much hope you have enjoyed my story and I would welcome any feedback. Please email me at: [email protected]




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