I'm 18 years old, been gay my whole life and oh so horny. I've always been a shy person so approaching the people that make my mouth water only happens in my fantasies. But today I decided to be bold!

Last week I was looking at toys on my computer. I was amazed at the selection and was blushing so much that my face felt like it was on fire; I had to take breaks from looking at the screen. I wasn't sure what to buy so I was looking at everything, and in the end I looked at three different sites and went for the one that was having a 20% off on everything deal. Figured I might as well save some money and splurge a little so I could get the toy that would best help with my horny and very very dirty body.

I found this beautiful black butt plug and just looking at it made me shiver with anticipation. I got a boner just from thinking about it, about walking around campus, about driving in my car.....ohhh the sweet possibilities. Before I could realize it I had a hand on my cock and was pumping it like I wanted nothing else in the world. My other hand had found its way up to my tits and was twisting and pulling them giving me such a sweet mix of pleasure and pain that it all just blended together. I came so hard from just thinking about using the plug that I knew that I had to have it!

That's why I decided to be bold today! I finally made up my mind to do something the me before buying this delicious toy and lube would never have done.

I made sure to wash myself well in the shower before playing with my toy because I just came back from my regular morning run. Though today it was shorter than normal because I wanted to get home fast to check the mail box and open the box containing my toy. When I had opened the box, I couldn't believe my eyes, it was exactly what the description said it was. Made out of a soft material, it was 4 ½ inches long with a smaller tip; getting larger at the base and 2 inches in girth. My cock was well on its way to pocking its head out of my jogging shorts from looking at it at my mail box. I knew that I had to get it in me.

Taking extra time to soap up all areas I watched the soap sods make their way down my body making a soap trail from my pecks down my 6-pack and into the hairs above a long, granite hard, 7 ½ inch cock and past my balls and to the bottom of the tub. Just watching the soap going down my lean body made me wonder why I've never had a boyfriend. A strange thought that I banished to the back of my mind and started thinking about what today was going to be like at school......oh god....today was going to be very good.

After finishing in the shower, I went to my room and grabbed the lube and plug. My folks had already left and gone to work so it was just me in the house, and I had an hour before school started. I took the lube in my hands and started to lube up my hidden pink cherry. I was just starting to play and it was already twitching, begging my fingers for more, my breath already short and fast. It was feeling so damn good that my cock was twitching and throbbing so I grabbed it and started going up and down.

My ass was at the point that it was accepting three fingers and I almost forgot about school and my brand spanking new toy. I saw it in front of me, grabbed it and shoved it up my cherry feeling the pop of it passing my sphincter and gloriously up my ass. Breathing hard and fast, I pushed it in until the base was at the entrance to my tight, round ass. I moaned so loud I wondered if the neighbours heard because it felt so damn good. It has been so long since I had any cock up my man cunt that it made me cum on entrance.

When I was finally able to breathe somewhat normally with the wonderful plug still in me, I started getting dressed in a pair of slightly tight jeans and a black button down shirt with some of the top buttons undone. Got into my car and headed to school.

I was so bloody horny on the way to school with people walking around and only me knowing was I was doing, I took out my cock at full mast and jerked off half way to school right until the entrance to campus. A hot white stream of cum splattered over the steering wheel but thankfully I had covered my jeans of there'd be a problem. But I had to go commando since I had just jized all over my underwear.

It was an amazing sensation walking around with the plug in my cherry rubbing up my insides and my penis at half mast in contact with my jeans. Now I had to somehow make it through the day without cumming every time I sat down because every time I would, if I came down too hard I would come right then and there with the plug hitting my sweet spot basically every time I moved.

So I made my way to class and sat down next to my best friend.

"Hey Mike, how's it going?"

I looked up to see my friend since elementary school looking at me with his chiselled chin, 5 o'clock shadow and gorgeous from head to toe. Just the sight of his smokin' body made my whole body throb, I was in absolute heaven!

"Hhhhmmm, same old same old. What about you, going to the game after school?"

"Naah, was thinking I'd finish that huge essay we have to write for English. Want to work on it together?"

"I'll let you know at lunch, might have to get home to help the folks with some stuff around the house."

"Sure, no problem." Mike smiled and looked away to the front of the class. He had some smile on him that made it seem like he knew something and was happy to know it. I knew I wasn't making any outward signs of what was going on with me, or at least I was trying. I never knew that it could feel so good sitting in the most boring class on planet earth, next to the man that I have been attracted too since I was 15.

When class was over I hiked it like a world-class sprinter to the bathrooms in the library basement so fast it probably broke a record or two. Thank god it was only a half day today or else I don't think I'd make it through the day.

"Oh yes!" I ran into the second stall; the only one in the school that had not been found yet because there was a flap installed by someone in the year above so the teachers wouldn't find it, a glory hole. Praise the Lord!!

I unbuttoned my jeans, pushed them down to my ankles, sat down on the toilet seat and knocked beside me on third stall. I had noticed that there was a pair of shoes beside me and was willing to take the chance and see if I could get some relief; without taking out the plug myself.

Knock, knock

Fantastic! Just my lucky day. The hidden flap moved away and in came through a glorious 8 inch cock that made my mouth water. So I decided to feed myself and try to sate my thirst. I started my feast!

Please let me know what you think, all ideas welcome :)



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