I have just come back from a holiday in Koh Samui. It was very enjoyable with no crowds, good weather, but how the prices have gone up since we last went about 4 years ago.

There is no active open gay scene. But when I went for a drink in a quiet, dark and romantic bar, I found, quite unexpectedly, sheer delight.

There was a beautiful young man sitting by the end of the bar, smiling and chatting to customers. There were a few people in there. I gathered my drink and went and sat down on along, soft sofa. A few minutes later, this guy from the end of the bar came over to welcome me. His name was 'Joe'. He had short hair, brushed with a parting to the side, lovely soft brown skin, back hair, slim and about 5'8" tall.

He asked me if he could sit down with me to chat about my holiday. Of course, I said yes !!

I asked him if there were any gay bars, gay saunas etc., and he said there were 2 gay lady-boy cabarets, but several gay people came into this bar. He asked me what I was looking for, and I said I just wanted a nice time with a nice boy who could speak English. He spoke very good English.

He smiled and moved right up to the side of me and we clinked glasses and said cheers. The table in front of us was an enormous, thick wooden table. As he chatted to me and asked me about the holiday, his right hand slowly moved onto my left thigh. Impossible for anyone to see because of the dim lights and the big table. I put my hand on top of his, and he leaned over and gave me little kiss. Then he whispered into my ear that he was a twin, and his brother was in another room, and they would love to keep me company, if I wanted. I said yes, of course, and he got up, told me to bring my drink with me and follow him.

We went through a door and up a flight of stairs. Was I being stupid? I was much bigger than him, so I went after him. He opened a door off the landing, into a kind of studio apartment - all very clean and neat and a lovely big bed - and his brother. We smiled, I introduced myself and he introduce himself with a kiss !!

I was already half hard, and it was showing through my flimsy shorts and g-string I was wearing. The first boy, Joe, saw it immediately, and dropped his hand and gave it a very soft grasp and rub. He said, oh you are a big man, and I just got stronger and stronger. I pulled his hand away and asked them what they wanted to do and what was it going to cost me.

The second boy, whose nickname was Den, said that we all just wanted a nice time, be happy, and then I could buy them a drink downstairs afterwards. And that was it - really !!

They were not only identical twins but they wore identical half-length trousers and pretty tee-shirts. I said I did not want any fucking, but we could do anything else they liked. Den came over to me, lifted up his arms and asked me to take off his tee shirt. He had a gorgeous smooth, light brown, hairless body. I started to take off mine, but Joe said that was his job, once I had removed his. I did just that, and revealed an identical beautiful body on Joe, but now I was rigid downstairs. I couldn't seeany bulges on them.

They lifted my arms, took off my tee shirt and then Den came and kneeled in front of me, while Joe sent behind me. Den put his mouth over my bulge and shorts, while Joe slipped his hand down my shorts and could feel my g-string. He laughed and said how sexy it felt, then put his two hands inside the g-string and shorts, one hand on each cheek. He started to massage me, while Den continued to smoke me. But then he continued to kneel whilst putting his hand onto the waist band of the shorts and pulled them down slowly. Joe helped him from the back - and in next to know time, there I was, standing in my pretty red and black g-string, with my erection coming right out of the top, resting on my stomach, glistening with pre-cum.

I said - no further - until we are all stripped off. So Joe went and lay on his back on the bed and waved me to come over. I sat by his side and slowly massaged him through his trousers. He felt lovely, but not big. Most Thai boys are small - which I like! Den came and sat by me and started to lick the pre-cum off me, but not holding me or trying to remove my g-string. He was bent over me so I could not feel him.

I unbuttoned Joe and slowly pulled down his trousers and dropped them on the floor. He was wearing standard white briefs which most Thai boys wear. He now had an erection which my hand grasped, and he gasped at the feel of me holding him. I kept my hand on his bulge and turned and made Den sit on the other side of me. I then did exactly the same to him - and he was also wearing whiteys! And he also had a lovely little tent in them which I held with my other hand. Thai boys are very sensitive down there, and he gasped as I held him.

So there we were- me sitting up with an erection fighting its way out of my g-string and the twins lying either side of me in their whiteys with me holding both of them. I kissed them both on the mouth and then on their nipples. The groaning grew louder when I did that and Joe said he was almost cumming. I said to him, no, not yet, far too quickly, and he said never mind, most Thai boys can cum many times.

And then he gave a big groan and shot his load inside his briefs, and oozing out through the material. He seemed to be pumping for a long time, and Den leaned up to watch me holding this oozing penis inside Joe's pants. When the pumping stopped, Den lay back down and put my hand on top of his bulge. After only about 5 or 6 strokes, Den also shouted something in Thai, arched his back and shot hos load, again inside his briefs. He did not pump so long, but the sperm still oozed through.

Then Joe moved onto the floor and got his first lick of my pre-cum, oozing quite a lot now. He said my cum tasted very sweet, as I did not eat very spicy food. I rubbed some of his ooze off his briefs and tasted his cum. It was lovely, but much spicier than mine. I then tried Den's spunk and his was also spicy.

They asked me to stand up, Joe staying on the floor with my rigid cock in his mouth, and Den standing behind me massaging my bum, but slowly pushing down on the string. Joe helped him from the front and soon my wet g-string was on the floor. They both put their hands on my cock and said how lovely and big it was. (They also told me not to worry, because neither of them wanted me to fuck them - they preferred to massage and eat.)

After a lengthy cock and balls massage from them, I said it was time to take off their briefs. So they stood in front of me and just let me take them down slowly. Both of them had cum quite a lot of spunk, and I took each of them in turn in my mouth and washed them clean. I tried to get both of them in my mouth at the same time, but we couldn't. Their spunk-filled briefs dropped on the floor next to my g-string.

They then pushed me onto the bed, but asked me to lie right at the bottom, with my legs dangling on the floor. Den got on the bed with me, straight into the 69 position, although his penis was now very small and limp. He started to eat me slowly, and I was surprised that he could actually get me all into his mouth, and down his throat. This made for very good eating.

Joe pushed up my legs into the air and licked my balls gently. I forgot to tell you, neither of them had any pubic hair and I always remove mine, so all three of us looked like babies - very beautiful. Joe's tongue went everywhere and ended up right round my hole and then he plunged it inside my arse. Oh my god, what a lovely feeling - his tongue fucking my arse and his brother giving me a long, slow blow-job. I gasped when Joe went inside my arse and Den's little cock fell out of my mouth. He immediately put it back in !! It was still limp but was showing signs of life again.

I told them to slow down because I could feel the starting of my orgasm - and I am not lie a Thai boy who can cum and cum and cum !! Den said to swap over, so I then found his tongue going into all the right places, and Joe's penis in my mouth. He was not so limp as Den's and he started to get a bit stronger when I started to eat him. He gagged when he tried to put my cock into his mouth, but then slowed up and finally got it all in. My orgasm signs were getting very strong now. I told them both to slow down, and they said, no problem, we have plenty of time, you can cum twice! I wasn't sure I could, but was getting past the point of no return.

I told them I was about to shoot my load, and Joe stopped eating me and stood up in front of me. Den continued to tongue fuck my arse, while Joe started to wank me off. His little hand would not go right round, so he used both hands, which felt gorgeous. He used his spit and my pre-cum as lube. I was straining and feeling the throbbing of my cock, and it pulsed every time Den pushed his tongue inside. I tried to hold on, but couldn't, and said I am CUMMING.................. Joe continued to wank me but put his mouth over my cock just as I started to shoot my load. He kept his mouth on me, but the last bit oozed out of his mouth. He pulled Den from my arse and kissed HIM.......passing a load of my spunk to him.

They then both came and kissed me giving me back a load of my own spunk. I did not swallow it, but shot it back to them in a series of kisses, till it had all gone somewhere, each of us swallowing some.

Then they pushed me back on the bed and both came into the 69 position, one each side of me. I was still stiff but slowly going down. But a bottle of oil appeared and they liberally doused my balls and penis with oil. I put out my hand and then rubbed oil onto both of them. We all massaged together for a long time, and they both came back to life, and somehow, my penis never actually went down.

Joe then got up and lay down on top of me, our oily bodies sliding together. Den leaned over and started to kiss me non-stop while I held his penis, now covered in oil. Joe kept rubbing his body over mine, our two rigid penises working together. Den then moved his hand and started massaging my balls while Joe stayed on top of me with his legs open to let Den massage and then finger fuck again.

Bliss for about another 10 minutes, then I felt Joe on top of me suddenly went still and his body was stiff. He kissed me long and deep as his little penis pumped out another load of cum onto my stomach.

Den's fingers found my prostate, and while Joe just lay on me, exhausted, Den finger fucked my prostate until I shuddered and shot another load onto Joe's and my stomach. Joe slipped off to let Den slide onto my spunk-covered stomach and then he put his hands onto my shoulders and moved his body up and down mine, kissed me very strongly, held me very tightly, and shot his second load. He then rolled off me and there we were, me in the middle, covered in lovely spunk, and a beautiful twin boy in each arm, all of us panting with the efforts.

We chatted like that for a while and then one of them asked me to stay the night with them. I told them So one of them wanked me while the other one stood on the side of me with his right hand uo my arse, finger-fucking me, and his left hand massaging my balls.

I could not believe it, but I got strong again and reached orgasm very quickly. I only shot a little load, but I was so sensitive and powerless. We got dried, kissed a lot and then went down for the promised drink.

When I was ready to go, I got out my wallet and said I wanted to give them some pocket money for a lovely evening. They both got very angry with me and said they were NOT money boys but just enjoyed sex. And no foreigners had been in to the bar for a drink for many nights, so they were both very horny. Hence my adventure...............I had a motor bike ride back to the hotel, because, no way, could I walk!

The following day I flew back home, but my balls, penis and arse were still very tender.......a lovely memory on the plane.



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