Another Music City Miracle

Written By:  Bill Hudley

Six months ago today I began a new chapter in my life. I started a new job, in a new city and I began my life anew, fresh and ready for new adventures.  My mostly happy life in Los Angeles ended when my partner of five years, decided one day that he really isn't gay and that he wants to get married and raise a family.  I was completely mystified. There was nothing in my five plus years of knowing and living with Anson that ever suggested that he was not completely, totally gay.

Once I overcame my shock and disappointment, I realized I have an opportunity to make changes in my life that I’ve secretly longed for, even when Anson and I were at our best together.  I’ve never liked living in L.A., I love the climate but other than my job, that is about all I really enjoyed there.  Everything and mostly everyone, there seemed phony to me, not trustworthy nor truthful when it really matters.  Just like in the movies, everything was all smoke and mirrors, nothing nor anyone seemed real.  Money, Fame, and Power are the Hollywood Triumvirate, the only firm truth in the entire town.  Personal relationships are well down the list of things to nurture and cherish.

While attending a work seminar in Tennessee, I decided that I would take time off and travel to other cities in the Eastern part of the country to find a new place to call home. I visited Atlanta, Miami, Tampa, St. Pete, Charlotte, Clearwater, Dunedin, New Orléans and Savannah.  In the end, I chose Nashville. I feel more comfortable here and the people are the friendliest I've ever encountered. People here go about their business with a smile, even with no one near, they're still smiling.

In my search for a home, I saw many fine houses both inside and outside of the city but I only fell in love with one. It is a cottage style older home up on Love circle, the highest point in the city, just off Acklen near West End Ave. I have spectacular night-time views of the city lights and skyline, plus the house is convenient to everything I do in the city. There are four bedrooms, a four-car detached garage, a finished basement with game room. On the main floor is the living room, dining room, study, laundry/mud room, kitchen and sun-room, the bedrooms are all on the top floor and the family room is on the lower level.  I love every inch of it.

The icing on the cake is that the house on Love Circle cost less than a third of the money I got from the sale of my two bedroom loft condo in West Hollywood.  I plan to renovate and open up the kitchen, dining and living rooms into an open concept with french doors and balconies overlooking the city, and a patio and swimming pool .

I'm Steven Allan Chapman, 32 years old, I’m about average in height at 5'10" and a bit on the thin side at 135 pounds, and I’ve brown hair and green eyes. I'm no gym rat, but I do run almost daily, my body is decent, slim to thin, lightly toned, no bulging muscles or 6 pack abs, but I'm firm and have a medium skin tone, not dark, nor pale.  

I grew up being told to always present myself to others as best as I could.  I do make an effort to look neat and to dress well, even when just running errands in jeans, my mother always admonished me that being neat and well dressed makes people remember you, I’m always aware of how I present myself professionally and socially.

In California, I was a sound engineer with a large film studio, with my background and experience, I found work in the recording industry in Nashville quickly.  I’ve always worked with both the famous and the unknowns, in Hollywood as well and the new job here.  Most of my work here is with the Country Music Industry but there’s plenty of other work like recording session work with the city’s abundant Country Music talent, recording sessions with the City's award winning Symphony Orchestra, Choral groups, Choirs and demo recordings for aspiring singers, songwriters and musicians.

I now work in Live Sound Engineering, testing and developing monitor mixers and house mixers that fine tune the venue for the best possible live sound for performances in stadiums and concert halls.

After six months here I’ve considered switching to studio recording because of all the travel involved in the Live Performance field. Live Sound Engineering requires that I travel to the venue, in Hollywood I worked more in studio than on location, I traveled only a few times a year there. Here in Nashville, most all of my company's clients now perform live.  I now travel at least three days a week and always on weekends.  My travel schedule leaves precious little personal time for life's necessities like love and sex...I need to talk with my boss and see what we can work out.  Things need to change for me.

Tim, my boss, is really laid back and easy to talk with. He has four road crews of sound pros working for him and he’s always treated each of us fairly and with respect.  He laughed when I broached the topic of not traveling so much and moving into studio work.

“Steven, besides being a great sound man, are you a mind reader too?  Our best Studio engineer will be retiring in a couple of months and with your experience, I think you're the guy for the job.  This is great, we'll both be happy.  You're scheduled to work the Chesney Indianapolis show, after that I can bring you into the studio to work with Larry his last few weeks. There will be an increase in your salary too, it looks like it'll be another hundred bucks a week. This sound okay to you Steven?”

“You bet Tim, this is great!  Thank you I truly appreciate your confidence in me.  I won’t let you down.”

I was walking on air when I left Tim's office.  I have only been here six months and I’m getting promoted to the recording studio.  No more weekly travel!

When I pulled into the parking lot at the liquor store my heart started racing, two spaces over from my SUV sat the British Racing Green, vintage Jaguar that belongs to the blond hunk I saw as he was leaving, the last time I stopped here.  He’s the most handsome man I’ve ever seen; a little taller than me, maybe six feet, slim to thin, with wiry muscled arms, blond hair with lighter streaks on top, a golden mustache and goatee, both neatly trimmed.  Golden curls spilled over the neck of his Tee-shirt, and a well worn and faded pair of 501 jeans were drawn tight over his high, round little butt. The first time I saw him I had to sit in my SUV and take deep breaths to keep from cumming in my shorts watching him walk  to his car from the store.

Inside, I told the clerk I needed a case of my brand of Moscato and the blond hunk, just a few feet away turned to look at me.

“Great choice, that's my favorite wine too!”

I turned to him and he gave me a 10,000 watt smile.  I leaned my thighs forward to brace against the counter, my knees were weak from his smile.  I wanted to ask him to come help me drink the wine  but I don't have that kind of nerve out in public.  Jeez, just looking at him makes me want to do all manner of sexual things to his beautiful self.  Yeah, he makes my cock go hard as stone.  I saw his eyes skim down my body and back up, he stopped and stared at my crotch and slowly looked up to my eyes, a sly smile crossed his face as mine flushed crimson, I know he saw the hard lump in my pants.  I'm sure it isn't anything new to him, there are plenty of men that will get a hard on while looking at him.  As I started to the door Mr. Gorgeous stepped over and opened the door for me.

“Here, let me get the door for you, you’re carrying precious cargo with all that wine, Green Eyes.”

He said 'Green Eyes' softly for only me to hear. I felt the heat rise as I blushed once more.

“ you...I...uh...appreciate your help.”

“Sure no problem.” he said as he stepped out behind me.

“Which is your ride?” he asked, then before I could answer he nodded toward the older black Classic at the left.

“You're driving that Classic Studebaker, right?”

I grinned and nodded “Yeah, that's my old jalopy.”

“Wow, it’s a beauty, is it a '63, or '64?”

“It's a '64 Gran Turismo, last year they were made.”

“What a beauty she is, a 289 V-8 right?” he asked.

“Right, you know your old cars well, my friend. I'm Steven Chapman”

“Well Steven, what do I have to do for you to let me drive this jewel?”

He actually winked at me when he asked that.  Now I was flustered. I reached into my jeans pocket and pushed the button to release the trunk. As I sat the case of wine into the trunk he was leaning in the window looking the car over.

“Whoa!  Even I know that they didn’t have a remote trunk release in 1964; what else have you done to this fantastic vehicle?

“It’s now a RestoMod, all everything mechanical, plus the electrical system is new or updated, everything but the body is now new and up to current standards.  I changed the upholstery from the stock red vinyl interior to the saddle tan leather you see.  It has Chrysler Sebring Convertible power seats with built-in three point seat belts, power windows, a GPS and a custom console that separates the seats in front and back.  It’s a dream to drive, too.”

“Like I asked earlier, what do I have to do for you to get you to let me drive this beautiful machine?”

“Get in and try her on.” I said.

He jumped into the driver’s seat and closed the door. I stood outside leaning down to look at him in the car. He turned to me and our faces were only inches apart, he looked directly into my eyes and said.

“Get in Green Eyes, it won’t be any fun without you.”

He stuck out his hand, I’m Hank Hartsfield, pleased to meet you Green Eyes.  Again I’m blushing as I shook his hand.  Uh...I’m Stephen Chapman.  He held my eyes with his just a bit too long.  I knew at that moment he is gay. I held up the keys and jingled them once.

“I'll have to think about what might be a proper payment, but you can go ahead and drive her while I work that out in my head. That okay with you?”

“Yeah that will be okay, come on, let’s take a ride Green eyes.”

I walked around and got into the passenger seat.

“All the bits and pieces are new, it’s just the body that is 52 years old. She has all the modern conveniences added, disc brakes, up-to-date suspension and tires, as well as a new power train.  You don't have to go easy on her, she's got the goods to get on down the highway.”

He turned right onto McGavock off 17th and onto the I-65 / I-40 inner loop at exit 209 and accelerated up to 65 mph quickly, we drove the loop around downtown. While we were cruising I kept cutting my eyes over to look at him when he wasn't talking (which wasn’t often). He raved about the way the old Stude handled and performed. I learned that his name is Henry Harrison Hartsfield and that we live less than a mile apart, him on Acklen Avenue, me up on Love Circle. All too soon we were exiting off the loop at 17th and back in the liquor store parking lot.

“Here's the address on Acklen and my cell number. Why don't you come by for a drink tonight, anytime after 7:30, I have a business meeting that starts after work and it will be about 7:00 before I get free.  We'll have a drink and a nosh, and get to know each other a bit.”

“Great, I should have your payment worked out by then. Thanks, I’ll see you around 8:00 then.”

“Come earlier if you want, that will give us more time together.”

Damn! I’m trembling, this incredible man wants me to come for drinks.  When he said come early and we'd have more time together my stomach did a little flip flop but I managed to stutter out nervously...

“See you later Hank.”

We said our goodbyes and agreed on 7:45.  I was so occupied by thoughts of Hank Hartsfield that I barely remember any part of the drive out West End and up to Love Circle.

I put the wine away, turned the computer on and played a Mahjong Game for a while.  Later I turned on the shower and took my time, letting the water soothe and calm me.  i thought a lot about Mr. Hartsfield as I stood in the massaging needle spray of the shower head.  Once out of the shower and dried off, I went to my closet to decide what to wear.  It’s a nice late summer evening, not so hot as it was just a few weeks ago at the beginning of August.

I chose a V-neck emerald green cashmere pullover, mostly because it shows of my green eyes and the silky brown curls of chest hair just below my neck. Plus, I love the way the cashmere feels against my skin, without a tee shirt underneath the soft wool keeps my nipples erect and hard.  I picked a pair of tan slacks that compliments the green pullover.  This particular pair of slacks were purported to 'show off my assets' so the store clerk told me in a conspiratorial tone. They fit tightly across my ass and are tailored well enough in front to show a promise of my manhood without being vulgar.  I chose Cordovan slippers and no socks. (it's a Southern thing I’ve learned, I’m told that one has to be a Southerner to understand.)

While I was dressing the phone rang and it was Tim, my boss, at the recording studio. The guy who has taken my job with with the road crew has been rushed to the hospital with an attack of appendicitis and was rushed into surgery just hours before the sold out Chris Young concert in Indianapolis.  I threw things into a bag and drove to the airport.  I tried to call Hank Hartsfield but I must have copied his number wrong, I kept getting a Korean family in Donelson.  I even called the liquor store but they wouldn’t give me any information.  I kept trying to call until the Korean man threatened to call the police if I didn’t stop harassing them.

I was anxious all weekend, and once back in Nashville, I drove straight to Hank Harrison’s house from the airport. There was no answer to my ringing the doorbell and finally I wrote a note explaining why I had missed our date.  I never heard back from him.

On the bright side, my co-worker, Andrew Upton recovered from his surgery and took over the traveling sound crew again after a couple of weeks recuperation.  Meanwhile, the days then weeks went by with no word from dreamboat Hank, and I wrote it off as a another missed opportunity, one I was certain I would regret for a very long.

I concentrated on the house, doing the things I can do, like painting, caulking, clearing the yard, etcetera.  I found an architect, through a mutual acquaintance, who is with one of the most progressive firms in the city, he does exciting, creative work, and is reported to be very easy on the eyes as well, though a rumor is circulating that he has recently acquired a partner, according to Bernie, my friend and Studio Musician at work.  Bernie and his artist brother are purported to know every gay man in town.  

The Architect is Carter Conway with  C and K Designs, he will be coming to meet with me later this week with his in initial drawings. My only direction for him is that I want to open up the back of the house with a wall of windows, with decks that look out onto the city and of course my budget for the renovations.  I’ve learned by doing and attending the the local Home Improvement store’s “How to Classes” for tile flooring, back splashes, new kitchen cabinets, I had can lights put in the kitchen prep areas and over the island.  Outside, I started at the front entrance, tearing out scrubby shrubs and trimming the overgrown ones back to a reasonable size.  I had to call in one of my former crew at work with his pickup truck to pull some of the bushes from the ground.

A car I didn’t recognize pulled into the drive while I was working Thursday afternoon, at first all I saw was his backside as he bent over to retrieve his portfolio from the back seat of his car.  When he turned to face me I knew the rumors about his looks were true.  Mr. Carter Conway is quite the handsome young man.

We moved toward each other with hands extended for our initial handshake.  

“Mr.  Conway I presume.”  I said with a smile.

“Hello Mr. Chapman, it’s good to finally meet the owner of this wonderful home.  I must confess, that I was overjoyed when I learned I would be working with you on this house.  When I was in Grad School at Vanderbilt, I came here often when this house was vacant and for sale.   I’ve drawn and redrawn this place many, many times.  I think you are a very lucky man to own this place.  I’ve drawn up what you wanted, but I’ve also brought along some of the drawings I did those years long ago when I was a student.”

“First, let’s dispense with the Mister titles, please call me Stephen.”

“Only if you’ll call me Carter.”

I invited him in and poured us two glasses of sweet iced tea (one of my very favorite things about the South.)  We moved to the dining room table and he opened his portfolio.  The first elevation shown was the rear of the house with glass walls and decking on each of the three floors.  He said that each panel could be moved in its track, giving me a variety of open door options.  Plus the glass will be coated like that in skyscrapers to reflect the sunlight and keep the inside cooler.

The decks he planned were wonderful, spacious, places with sun, places with shade and all with a nighttime view of the city lights.  At the front of the house, the major change was the addition of a covered portico at the front door and a circular drive with adjacent parking for four or five cars.  At the front door a fish pond stretched almost the length of the house.  There was a gang plank like bridge from the portico to the front door.  The fish swam up to meet guests.

His early drawings as a student were captivating, focusing mainly on the front facade with four different elevation drawings.  I asked if I could buy copies of these early drawings, I want to frame them for a wall gallery in the bedroom and hallway.  We studied both the new and the older designs, settling on four drawings for the front entrance and garden and the first new drawing of the rear facade with the decks and sliding doors.  The only thing left for me to do is to choose which look I like best for the front facade.  My problem is that I truly love all of them.

In the end, I chose the front elevation with the huge portico, fish pond entry and flanked on each side with Italian Cypress.  All windows were to be replaced with floor to ceiling double pane, insulating glass, the circular drive, and the Italian Cypress trees will line the front as well as each side of the property  The driveways will be paved with brick-like pavers, the landscaping company will be chosen later.  

Carter came back the following week with his newest drawing and I actually gasped when I saw them.  He’s transformed this place from it’s dated, 1930’s Craftsman look into a modern version of the same.  When I finally looked up from the drawing  I said.

“That’s it!  It’s exactly what I want Carter.”

The rear of the house was just as perfect.  Exactly what I wanted.  How Carter knew the style and general ‘look’ that I prefer was beyond me, but he absolutely got everything just as I wanted.  I did have to leave the house for a week while the original hardwood floors were refinished in a dark coffee brown.  I talked with Tim at work and I took a week off to relax before I started my new recording duties as work.  

After almost seven months without sex, I’m climbing the walls needing a sexual release, masturbation just isn’t enough.  I went out to a local dance place called Club Blu on Church street downtown.  I Met up with a guy there, went home with him, got my rocks off and left.  All in all, it was a very disappointing night out.  I made a couple more nights out like that and suddenly it was winter, only two weeks until Christmas.  

Bernie, our studio songwriter and musician, invited me to the Christmas Party he and his brother host each year.  Bernie is the musician and his brother Philip is a very accomplished artist whose work is on permanent exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum as well as being on a permanent exhibit locally at the Parthenon Gallery in Centennial Park.  At first I intended to blow it off and not go, but the Christmas blues set in and I began feeling sorry for ‘poor little me,’  alone at Christmas and with no prospects of a date, not to mention a boyfriend or a prospective companion/partner.  

I dressed to look my best in a cashmere dove grey turtleneck under a Navy blazer with grey slacks and black accessories.  Bernie had told me that their party would have a high concentration of gay men among the invitees for a  party consisting mostly of musicians and artists.  I grabbed up a couple of bottles of wine plus a bottle of Courvoisier for my Hosts and off I went to the party.  

When I arrived at their place on Old Hickory Boulevard I was amazed at the number of cars parked along the road.  Once I stepped in the front door the place was wall to wall men; Bernie rushed over to welcome me, thanked me for the wine and asked that I put it in the kitchen while he stashed the Cognac in a safe place to be savored later after the crowd was gone.  Bernie then stayed near the front door to greet his guests as they arrived.  I was propositioned five times before I reached the kitchen to put the wine in the cooler, plus a couple of anonymous grabs at my butt as I made my way to the food table.

Bernie came swooping by, took me by the arm.  “Oh my, now I need to take you away for a few moments, , there’s single men for you to meet yet."

Several men introduced themselves and chatted me up, trying to find out who the new face belonged to mostly.  I was pleased that the crowd was mainly business people and not an event for those so inclined, to come in ‘Drag.’  There was an inordinate amount of good looking men at this party, making me realize that I must get out and about more in the gay community if I ever want to find the man for me.  Luckily, these friendly people made me feel welcome and a few piqued my interest.  I exchanged cards with four men whom I would like to get to know.  

As I made my way through the rooms, all filled with guys drinking and chatting,  I realized that this house is huge.  It’s an impressive Tudor three story style with a round turret entry.  I counted eight rooms on the main floor and Bernie once told me his brother has a studio in a third floor loft.  The bedrooms, I presumed, are all on the second floor.  I made my way back to the kitchen/family room for a refill of wine.  I stood looking out the wall of windows at the back of the house.  There were two decks, an upper one off the family room/kitchen  with a broad staircase leading down to another, much larger deck adjacent to the pool.

I saw that the booth decks were just as crowded as in the house, there were even groups gathered around  each side of the covered, winterized pool.   As I scanned the crowd, I saw him, his backside anyway, the blonde hair hiding the collar of his jacket and the sideburns when he turned his head, let me know it was Hank Hartsfield, in the flesh.  I watched as the churning in my gut subsided a bit.  Hank was laughing and talking with a group or eight or so men, adroitly stepping away from the several hands that strayed to his beautiful little butt.  I felt a pang of jealousy, I wanted to the the one caressing that butt.

I moved out to the upper deck and stood along the railing, trying to will him to turn around and see me standing there.  It never happened and eventually I went back to the kitchen to refill my wine glass.  I met up with Bernie, my host, and he took me around introducing me to everyone we met.  He introduced me as the new Sound Guru for the studio, brought in from Hollywood, and told all who would listen that musical artists were flying in from all over the country to work with me (a bit of an exaggeration but not entirely untrue.)  I was talking with Bernie’s brother, the artist, when he excused himself to go greet some newcomers to the party.  I raised my glass to take a sip of wine when I felt a warm breath on my neck and heard a very sexy voice say.

‘At last we  meet again, Green Eyes!’

I felt the flip flop in my gut then turned to see his smiling  face.

“I tried to call you but I kept getting a Korean family in Donelson, I even left a note at your house when I got back to town.  I was called away by my boss to fill in for a coworker who was stricken with appendicitis.  I hope you will give me another chance, I want to get to know you Hank, and at the least, maybe we’ll become good friends, who knows what could happen.”

“I was pissed that night we were supposed to meet, no phone call or anything.  Then about a month later, when I was doing yard work, I found your note in the shrubbery.  It had blown away from the storm door.  By then I figured that we’d cross paths again and put it in the back of my mind until just a few minutes ago.  One of the guys in our group outside saw you on the deck and became so excited we all turned to see who had him so worked up.  I saw you only a few seconds before you turned to go back inside.  I broke away from the group and came looking for you, I had planned to stay here for only an hour or so before leaving for home, but now I think that you and I should go to dinner tonight.”

“Yes!  Anywhere you like and thank you.  It’s been a long time since I’ve regretted missing a date with anyone, like I’ve regretting missing that one with you.”

Hank took my elbow in hand and led me to a sofa in the library, we sat and talked for almost an hour, when Bernie stuck his head  he said.

“Here you naughty boys are.  Many of the guests are asking who you are and where I’ve been hiding you Steven.  I’ve only told them that you’re our new sound man at the studio. Have you and our Hank met before?  I’m sure there are just as many guests  looking for him as well.  Why don’t you boys make a quick tour through saying your goodbyes and go have a nice dinner and a good long talk.  I can imagine that there are much quieter places you two would rather be than in this crowd tonight.”

We both thanked Bernie and went in search of Philip, the artist.  We found him back in the kitchen where joined us.  As we stood there thanking them, Hank had his arm around my waist, holding me closely.  I noticed that when he glanced down and saw Hank holding me to him, Bernie’s eyes went wide and his eyebrows nearly reached his toupee as he leaned over and spoke quietly to me.

“Oh my, I’ve known him for many years Steven, I’ve never seen Hank Hartsfield show any overt interest in anyone like he has you.   He’s a good man and the prize catch of the city, plus you two certainly do look good together.  Good luck and I expect details Monday at work!  Now go have a good time.”

We left in Hank’s XKE Jaguar Roadster, after making a quick phone call to secure a table, he drove us to the Loveless Motel Restaurant out on Highway 100 past  Bellevue.   I’ve heard of this place from the guys at work but until tonight, I haven’t been there.  Hank had their signature dish of Country Ham & eggs with fried apples, Cat-head biscuits and Red-eye Gravy.  I played it safe with the fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans.  I have to admit that when Hank convinced me to try the biscuit with Red Eye Gravy I was hooked.  I knew I’d be back to try the country Ham dinner Plate soon!

We talked a good bit about our work, Hank is an Electrical Engineer, working with one of the best Architects in the Southern States.  Like me, he’s getting tired of the travel and trying to find a position that lets him be home more.  Also like me, he never married, and like me, he also encountered ‘the witch’ once he placed a ring on her finger.  His engagement was shorter at three weeks, where mine lasted 3 months.  

I suspect that both of us were relieved to have had an excuse to call off our expected marriages.  I now know that I was getting married only because that is what was done where I came from.  I knew it wasn’t what I wanted.   No matter that my desires were for a man, not a woman; I did manage to keep that secret for a long while after leaving my hometown.  Now, I live as a gay man, not a flag waver or Gay Pride marcher, just an ordinary working guy that will tell the truth if asked about sexuality and preferences.  I’m not a fighter by any means but I can and will protect myself if needed.  I’ve taken instruction in a couple of  self defense courses.

Hank is a local, born and raised here in the city.  His family owns a nursery and landscaping business.  His younger brother Kenneth, works with their Dad and will take over the business when their Dad retires.  Hank’s situation was similar to mine in feeling that marriage was what we were supposed to do.  We did learn that we have many similar interests, besides our passion for classic cars.  We share similar beliefs in religion, politics, good wine, family values and our personal goals and dreams.  Before tonight’s dinner, Hank Hartsfield was just someone I lusted over in the privacy of my bedroom.  After spending an evening with him, now he is someone I want to know, someone I want to spend time with.  We both enjoyed our dinner date and getting to know each other.  

When he took me back to my car, we both sat looking at the other, no words, just memorizing every feature and remembering the evening’s conversation.  I know I want to see more of him and I want it sooner than later.  I was the first to speak.

“I want to return your hospitality, Hank.  When can I make a home cooked meal for you?  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this time with you and hope that you feel the same.”

“Yes, I've enjoyed our evening, and I’ll gladly come to dinner any night you ask.  I don’t like eating alone, nor do I like sleeping alone, and I am very particular about whom I choose to do either with.  If you’re willing, I think we should date a bit and explore this attraction we have for each other.”

I smiled at him.  “How about you coming over at 7:00  tomorrow and we’ll cook and eat around 8:00 or so?”

“You’re on Steven, 7:00 it is.

I scribbled out my address and phone number and handed the paper to him.  He read the address and looked up smiling.

“I’ve always wanted a place on Love Circle, there a house there that I’d love to own.”  He said.

“When I first came here I looked at homes from Hendersonville to Franklin, and from Mt. Juliet to Bellvue.  I’m sure I looked at more than fifty houses, I fell in love with the Love Circle house when I walked in the front door.  It was like the house claimed me, I knew immediately that I was home, this is where I’m supposed to be.

I’ve called in an Architect and he has done some wonderful drawings.  He left me a stack of sketches he did of my place when he was a student at Vanderbilt.  

Each time I think I’ve made up my mind, I see something else he’s drawn that I like as well. The place was built in the 1930’s and it has great ‘bones’, I want to open up the back side with window walls and decks, but I have to be careful to not change the things that attracted me to the place the first time I stepped inside.  I’ll  refurbish the kitchen and bathrooms for sure, I’ll need help to cull out some of the drawings.  Say, maybe you can give me ideas...Oh, I mean ideas about the house...I’ve already got a mind full of ideas about you.”

Hank smiled and even blushed a bit which really surprised me.  Looking as he does, I know he must get ‘hit on’ every time he leaves his house.  I would think he’s heard every come on imaginable.

After getting home I made a list of things for dinner and early on Sunday  Morning I was in the grocery store getting Filet Mignon and all the trimmings.  We would have the steaks, a Caesar salad with the usual ingredients plus bits of Peaches, raisins and Feta cheese.  The wine I chose was a Petite Si rah, a compliment to the lean, red meat.

I had the house picked up and looking fairly good.  I had my idea sketches and clippings on the coffee table of the things I think I might want to do with the house, as well at the Architect’s drawings.  I sat down and was sipping my wine, looked over at the clock and saw it is only 3:00 PM.  I picked up the phone and called Hank.  When he answered my gut did a flip flop when I heard his voice.

“Hey handsome.  I’ve got all the prep work for dinner done and I’m just sitting here alone, drinking wine and thinking about last night.  Come when you want, the heck with waiting until 7:00 PM, unless you’re busy.”  I said.

“I just got out of the shower, I’ll be there in 15 to 20 minutes, tops.  Are we dressing for going out or is it jeans and tees casual?  He asked.

“Let’s go for jeans and tees, it we decide to go out we can stop by your place for you to change.”

“Great!  See you in a bit babe.”

My gut did that flip flop again when he said ‘babe.’

I gulped down the wine left in my glass and reached for the bottle to pour another, but stopped when I remembered that Hank hadn’t seen my prized possession as yet.  I knew we’d be going for another drive around the city’s inner loop.  I’m a Muscle Car nut, absolutely bonkers for old cars from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  In addition to the '64 Studebaker, I have a '69 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 Convertible, Old Gold with white top and white leather interior, I replaced the leatherette (vinyl) with leather during the restoration, it’s a RestoMod also.  I went to the garage, took the California duster to the car and wiped the Olds down good.  I Put the top down and the boot cover on, and brought it up to the front drive and parked it in the shade.  When I heard him drive up I went to greet him.  When I opened the door he was greatly excited.

“I know this house and I know that car!  This house is the one I mentioned that I would love to own.  I’m jealous as all hell now.  I've seen you drive that car a couple of times, both times the top was up and I didn't see you, but I remember this car.  It's a good thing I didn’t get a good look at you, I might have 'accidentally' bumped into you, it would have been worth a few hundred dollars in damages just to get your phone number, once I even followed you out West End just to listen to that exhaust note;  damn man, who are you...Mr. Moneybags? Two fantastic classics to drive around in and this wonderful old house to come home to.

I pulled the front door closed and tossed him the keys, crank her up and let’s take a ride Hank.  It’s all a part of my evil scheme, getting you indebted to me as I decide what your repayment for driving these cars.  

“That’s right...we never settled that debt.  It’s a deal Steven!  But promise you’ll go easy on me.”

“Drive, Hank” I said as I slid into the passenger seat.

After a left turn on West End we were soon on the I-440 outer loop, top down and cruising along at 70 and Hank was all smiles.  I watched his profile, blond hair swirling in the wind, his handsome, chiseled  facial features, the golden mustache and goatee, and wearing his sexy, retro Aviator sunglasses.  I’m getting hard again just looking at him. I noticed that we were dressed alike, the only difference was the color of our pullovers, mine emerald green and his burgundy. It seemed that just as I got his image burned into my brain he was stopping the car in my driveway.

“I’m green with envy Steven, these wonderful cars, your fantastic home.”

“The cars are just adult toys, something to occupy my spare time and help fill in the huge hole in my life.”

Hank’s grin faded and he looked very serious.

“I know Steven.  I’m in a very similar position, we’ve both got our cars, the boy toys that we dive into to keep from thinking about the one thing that would make us whole.  We’ve both known the pain of loneliness and the fear of never finding our soulmate.   But things are looking up for a change, we’re becoming good friends and we’ve managed to have the hottest sex of my life these few short days.  I think we’ve a great chance at finding what we want...together.  I know I want us to try to make it...together...I’m already crazy about you. You are what I want Steven.”

I was truly surprised, he wants everything that I want, my eyes brimmed with tears when he said he wants me.  I have to show him that I want him too, just as much as he wants me.

Back at my house, I grabbed him and hugged him to me before the door was closed.  Our kiss was tender at first but building fast toward frantic passion, Hank started backing away from the door while we were still locked in our embrace.  

“The bedroom...where’s the bedroom, he muttered between kisses.”

I guided us, still embraced in our kiss.  Once there we laid down still dressed and touched and kissed, soon we were too warm and the pullovers came off. Seeing his mat of golden chest hair turned me on even more and I pulled us together, chests rubbing and mouths devouring the other. That tipped the scales, I had been content to kiss and make out but now I was opening his pants and he was tugging at mine.

With his pants unbuttoned and the zipper halfway down I thrust my hand under the waistband of his shorts and took his hard cock into my hand, my fingers did not meet, his cock was so fat. The length was only six or seven inches but the girth was huge. As I was rubbing my chest against him, kissing him hard, his hand took hold of my cock, I froze, afraid that I would ejaculate on the spot. I fought to keep from climaxing and slowly the urge ebbed away.

I stood and pushed my pants and shorts to the floor, I grabbed at the cuffs of Hanks pants and pulled them from his beautiful body and crawled atop him, the feel of his hairy body against my bare skin was exquisite. To my surprise Hanks legs spread wide and I looked up to his face .

“Steven, I feel it, this is different, with you, there something special, a connection beyond just sex.  I want to hold on to this moment. Take me Steven, make love to me.  Please I want you inside me, I need you there.  You need to be there.  Let's make love and see how high we can go, please.”

Instinctively, even though it is his first time in my bed, he knew where to find the necessities, he reached for the bedside drawer and pulled out the lube.  While I lubed his butt with two fingers he was lovingly caressing my throbbing cock, staring into my eyes every second.  Still lubing him, now with three fingers in and out of his butt, I leaned over his body and kissed him again.  More passion seized us and a now four fingers and most of my hand were pistoning in and out of his writhing butt.  When I started tweaking his prostate he began to moan, low and guttural and said.

“Now. Fuck me now...fuck me now...ohmigod, now...NOW!”

Out came the fingers and I knee walked into position as he wiped my fingers with a towel.  I pushed at his anus, then again, harder. Suddenly he pulled hard on my thighs and I was inside him.  I stopped still to let him adjust to my cock, and I felt the heat inside him, it was tremendous.  As I slid further into him the hotter he became, the heat and the velvet softness of his anal canal sent wonderful sensations to the sensitive head of my cock. The feel of being inside him overwhelmed me.

The look on his face as he passed from the pain to the pleasure was pure bliss.  I felt humbled and awed that I could give him that much pleasure.  As if he read my thoughts he reached and pulled my face into a kiss and his hips bucked and circled on my hard cock deep inside him.  He moaned into our kiss as I ground hard against his bucking and thrusting hips.  Hank began to grunt loudly each time we ground hard together.  He locked his ankles behind my butt and pulled me deeper, harder against him. At first he was quietly mouthing a word then slowly and softly it became a chant rising from him.  Fuck me...fuck me... fuck me...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me....fuck me...fuck me...OH FUCK...YEAH, FUCK...OHMIGOD...FUCKME!

I reveled in the feel of him, long slow strokes up to his anal ring and hard fast strokes back to grind deep in his beautiful butt. His eyes were rolled back and he was lost to his pleasure. The only thing that matters to him now is my cock and how could he get more of it inside him.

There are no boundaries to a man's sexual pleasure, no matter how deep the penetration, how hard the thrust, or how big the cock inside him, it’s never enough, he always wants more, he needs more, he wants it bigger, longer, harder, deeper.  He needs MORE COCK!

Hank was drenched in sweat his head thrown back, his back arched in exquisite pleasure when suddenly his eyes opened wide and he looked into my eyes.

“I'm gonna cum...Steven, cum with me...fill me...cum in me Steven… cum with me.  Oh migod it's so good, fuck me Steven, ohmigod you fuck me so good...OH...NOW...CUM WITH ME...STEVEN. I'M gonna cum I’m CUMMING!  AARRGGHH... UNGH!...I FEEL YOU...HOT CUM… OOOHHH!...OHMIGOD! STEVEN... STEVEN....SO GOOD...OH Babe, omigod...oh...ummm...Jeezus... whew... good grief...oh baby...that was wonderful Steven...I can't remember the last time I came that hard. I never even touch my cock I just held onto the bed while you fucked the cum out of me, that's never happened before. Damn, Steven, you may have to do that again in a little while. Holy fuck that was fantastic.

He wrapped both arms around me and held me tight to him. He stared at me for a moment then kissed me so tenderly a whimper escaped my throat and my body trembled.  My cock had slipped out of him a few minutes back but it was hard as stone again as we kissed.   When  we broke from the kiss he was looking at me and stroking my cheek gently.

“That was a powerfully intense orgasm Steven, you’ve absolutely rocked my world.  No one has ever made love to me so powerfully or so sweetly.  You can do that again anytime the mood strikes you mister. Wow.”

“You inspired me Hank.  You are a beautiful man and a more wonderful person, I’m learning.  I could get used to this, I can’t imagine anything better than what we just shared. Mmm your hairy chest feels so good, your whole body has this golden halo shining about you, a magical glow all over your rockin’ body.”

Hank’s hand found my hard cock and held it, his touch kept me aroused. We slowly drifted into a brief sleep, cuddled together as close as we could get, him spooned to my back, one arm under me clutching me to him the other over my hip holding my hard cock. I felt his golden hair touching me from my neck to my ankles.  Hank was kissing my neck and making little nibbles under my ear, I pushed back to get more of him touching me and slowly wiggled my butt against his soft cock. It made him groan and a little laugh came from him.

”I know babe, just a minute or two of rest for me and I'll take on that hot little butt of yours”.

We napped again, when I woke I had no idea what time it was but it was still dark. Hank was still sleeping but his cock was on duty, hard and ready, poking at my rear.  Hank woke with the head of his cock at my entrance and me pushing back against him.  Without speaking he pulled away, rolled me to my stomach and spread my legs wide. The next sensation I felt almost made me jump out of bed. In one fluid motion Hank's hands spread my cheeks and his face and tongue were up my butt. I yelled and writhed about the bed, soon I had my knees under me and my butt in the air as Hank licked, laved and stabbed with his tongue at my anus.  With every moan I pushed harder against his face and tongue.  Finally I was begging him to fuck me...he took the lube and prepped me.  I turned on my back and spread my legs wide as he nestled his cock against my opening.

Hank leaned forward and kissed me as he pushed into me.  It took us a while to get his beer can sized cock inside me.  I tried every muscle relaxation trick I know and it was just too wide to get in me. More lube, he even put the tube against my anus and squirted me full.  That did the trick, on the second try he went about halfway into me. My eyes slammed shut as I grimaced with the pain that feels like no other.

Hank was cooing and sweet talking me, telling me how good we were until I finally relaxed.  

I steadily pulled on his thighs until he was in me all the way. I‘ve been fucked several times and I do love it, but never have I felt so stretched nor so completely full.  When Hank eased into his rhythm I was off in another zone. His wide, fat cock battered my prostate with every stroke, making a puddle of cum form on my belly.

At some point I rolled us over, with me on top riding him hard, his fat prong filling me. Now my hips went wild moving back and forth in a blur of speed.  Astride his hips, riding my prize, I looked down to the most beautiful man I've ever seen, his body and face caught up in the rapture of our fuck.  I rode his cock and worked all of him inside me, I needed more. I wanted all of him in me.  I love his fat cock in me. He's ruined me for any other, I'll always crave this fat hard cock of this wonderful man.

Hank began to moan and groan as my hips worked their magic on his hard cock. I held his testicles in my hand behind me and I felt them move, inside his scrotum; I hoped Hank would reach another orgasm with me.  I rolled us again, me on my back again as he raised to his knees and power fucked my hungry butt. He never slowed but his cries told me he was rushing to orgasm.    When I felt the first hot jets of his cum splash inside me.  I lost control shooting cum over my shoulder, another splashed onto my left nipple and the rest pooled in the crevices of my abdominal muscles.  

Completely spent, Hank collapsed atop me and I held him in my arms, whispering to him how wonderful he had made me feel, how good he felt when he’s inside me.

I know it had to be the thickness of his cock that made me so crazy with every stroke he made.  Near the end, I was wild, throwing my ass at his cock on each down stroke, circling my hips milking his cock with my anal muscles.

There is no other feeling like a man’s orgasm with a hard, fat cock up his butt.  Once a man has experienced that feeling he’ll always want it again and again.  We collapsed in a heap of gasping, semen smeared bodies, getting that next breath was a major concern for a few moments, then as our breathing eased, we drifted off to sleep.

The next thing I remember, Hank's alarm clock was waking us.  I didn't want to move. I wanted to stay right here with him forever.  I heard him slap the alarm off and he cuddled back up against me, lips kissing at my neck again.

“Good morning, lover”

“Mmm...good morning to you”  I stretched and moved against his hairy body, instantly I was rock hard again.  I turned in his arms to face him and he pulled me closer, hugging me tightly to his body.

“You feel so good against me, I like waking up with you in my arms. How would you feel about us doing this again tonight Steven?”

My heart soared when he said those words. I pulled back just enough to look at him.

“I would feel like the luckiest man in the world, I want more and more of what you did to me last night.  I felt things last night that I never knew existed.  Yes. I’ll be with you tonight.  Oh yes.”

Hank smiled and kissed the tip of my nose.

“You were an absolute wild man last night. It was my cock inside you but you fucked me mister, no mistake about that.  You fucked me like I've never been fucked before. And I'll need more of that.

He just lay there, looking intently into my eyes, as if he was searching for something, I thought of how he looked last night as I sat on his cock and rode him hard. The pleasure on his face. I felt all warm and fuzzy knowing how I made him feel.  His stare changed and his face broke into a big smile.

“There it is, that's what I was looking for. I can see into your heart when you let me in.  I just saw love in your eyes Steven. Please tell me, what you were thinking of just then.”

“Oh...uh..really?...I was thinking of how you looked when I was astride your hips, riding you hard.  I looked down and you were the most beautiful creature I have ever seen, your face contorted with absolute pleasure, I'll never forget that moment or how you looked then.”

“Gosh, Steven, it's hard to believe this is happening. You’ve touched me like no other ever has.  Do you feel's hard to more than a feeling...a connection...that's more like what I feel. Like we're connected other than the physical which, by the way, was freaking unbelievable itself.”

“Yes...I know, Hank...I felt it the first time you called me 'Green Eyes.' On some level, somehow, I knew then that we would be so good together, you excite me beyond words.”

“Oh thank're with me...these feelings...the too?

“Yes Hank, me too. Everything...I feel it all too. Uh oh...tell me now...what were you just thinking Hank...tell me, please.”

“I don't want to jinx us,'s too soon to say those words but I can't help feeling it, you did too, I saw it.”

Hank hugged me tighter, and I heard him say softly.  

“We're in for a fantastic ride Steven. Sometimes stuff happens and you just know when it’s right.  The two of us together feels 'right' and we have to do this. It could be our last chance. Don't let go of us.  Now when do you have to be at work?”

“Today at 9 am. I gotta get moving.”

We pulled apart and got out of bed, I grabbed my clothes and put them on.  Hank walked with me to the garage and I scribbled my cell number down on a notepad on the island counter as we passed. Before he opened the garage door he held my face in his hands and kissed me so tenderly and soft I thought I might cry. My feelings for him seem to double every few minutes.  When we parted he saw my eyes brimming with tears.

“ too. I feel it all too, Steven.  See you tonight, babe. Call me when you can.”

Another quick kiss and I was on my way, back at my place in only minutes.  I showered and dressed and was out the door in less than 30 minutes.  Driving into work I felt my phone vibrating two separate times, when I pulled into the parking lot I looked and there were two text messages from Hank.  One said 'thank you' and the other said 'hurry back, I miss U.”

I was all smiles walking into the building. Tim was the first person I saw and he laughed when he saw me.

“Steven, I'm not being critical, in fact I'm jealous...but just looking at you I'd say you got laid really, really good last night. You're glowing. Hell, from the look on your face, you may be in love already!”

“Gosh Tim, I can't help it.  Last night was the best night of my life. I don't know what to do about it.”

“Steven, nothing is scheduled today, go back home and spend the day with him.  Maybe that's all you need, don't worry, I'll cover anything that comes up.  Go!  Go be with him.   I wish I could feel like that again.  I remember, be careful...I'll see you on Monday”

I had forgotten that today was Friday. Outside I quickly called Hank. When he picked up the phone I asked for Mr. Henry Hartsfield in my deepest voice.

“This is Hank Hartsfield, how can I help you?”

“Well sir, do you think you could fuck the cum out of me again in a few minutes?”

“Wha....STEVEN!!!  You had me going there for a minute. What’s up babe.

“My boss gave me the day off because I look like someone fucked me all night long.  I just wanted to say hello, I don't have anything to do all day.”

“Really?...Well I've got a job for you right here in my hand, think you can get here soon?”

“Oh yeah, open the garage door, I just turned onto Acklen, see you in a sec.”

As soon as I cut off the car, he closed the garage door. Hank had me in his arms as I stepped into the kitchen.

“Remind me to send your boss a Thank You card. This is such a surprise.”

I pulled him into a long passionate kiss, getting both of us steamed up.  Looking into his eyes I held his stare as I slowly descended down his body, he was still in his boxers and freshly showered. I pushed the shorts to the floor and lifted his hardening cock to my lips, still holding his gaze. My tongue circled his glans and he shivered, when I opened my mouth and finally managed to get all of his cock inside, he moaned and reached to brace himself on the island.  

With my head bobbing quickly on his fat cock I felt his body tensing, I grabbed his testicles in one hand and pulled down hard as I sucked frantically on his cock. He roared loudly and grabbed fistfuls of my hair.

“Oh my god!  Steven, you’re making me cum again, oh, OH!  STEVEN arrgh!  Oh baby...STEVEN OOOHHH...OOHH...oohh...Steven.”

I had a hard time swallowing all his semen, that fat cock pumps it out by the gallon it seems.  After I had licked him clean, he tugged on my shoulders and pulled me up into a tight, loving embrace.

“'re gonna kill me with all this sex, but what a way to go!”

“I know Hank, me too. You're my Music City Miracle.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would find someone like you. The fun part is that it's only going to get better, Babe. I guess we're going to have a fun weekend.”

“First things first...I think I need to drain off some of that protein solution you seem to have so much of.  Come with me little boy, there's candy in my bedroom.”

I was naked before we got to the bed, Hank pushed me back and covered me with his body. I could lay like this for ever, with his hairy body atop me. He reached for the condoms and lube and surprised me when he put the condom on me. I know I looked at him oddly but he just smiled, sat across my hips and sank his butt onto my hard cock.

It was his time to ride my cock and ride it he did.  His hips made  moves I couldn't even describe as he drove my cock as deep inside him as he could go.  I fought to keep from climaxing so soon.  But with the moves he was making with his pelvis it was hard to manage. Finally I gave in and let it happen, now my hips were in motion and I nearly bucked him off as he brought me to orgasm. I held up my arms and he collapsed atop, panting hard.

“Wow, each time is so intense! If we live through this weekend we should be okay.  Maybe we should keep a journal of this week, something to read to our grand dogs one day.”

“Sure that sounds great, you can write and I will fuck you and get fucked by you. Technically we've already made love four times today and I get the distinct impression that there will be more before this day is over.”

We were both quiet for a moment and when I turned to look at him he was grinning, it made me laugh and then he started laughing and we both roared with laughter until tears poured from our eyes. As we calmed down there were a few snickers here and there until finally we were quiet again.

“Steven, you just make me feel so damn good.  I haven’t a care in the world when I lie here with you. I had forgotten what it is to be happy like this. Thank you my beautiful Steven. Thank you.”

I couldn't respond to that in words, it touched me deeply.  I just held him to me closely, I did manage a shaky “thank you” into his ear. Later Hank got up to go to the bath, flushed the filled condom and cleaned himself up.  He stuck his head out of the bath and said.

“Shower time, you sexy dude move it”  Hank growled,

We spent a good deal of time, just holding each other in the shower, the warm water felt almost as good as being in each other’s arms.  

Back in the kitchen I started picking up the trail of clothes I had left earlier when took me to his bed.  

“Let’s go out for breakfast”  Hank said.

“Sure, what are you craving big guy.” I asked.

“I crave you Steven, but I need some sausage and pancakes”

“You drive Hank, I'm with you today.  Oh!  Does the Loveless Restaurant serve breakfast?  That might be fun.

“Sure thing, we’ll go there.”

For the entire trip, I had my hand lying on his inner thigh as he drove.  every so often, I extended a finger and rubbed against his semi-hard cock.  Once I blatantly groped him but he couldn’t concentrate enough to drive us safely.  As he parked the car at the restaurant he looked over trying to be stern when he said.

“You’re a devil Stephen Chapman, just wait until I get you home.”

“Well then, we need to eat fast and get back home.  I’ve been thinking about your big cock the whole drive out here.  Do they have Take out here?”

“You’re impossible Stephen!  We need to eat so we will have the energy to do those things again and again.”

Inside the restaurant we ordered and sat with our coffee while our order was prepared.  I slipped off one of my shoes and was sliding my foot up his pant leg.  I have a compulsion to be touching him all the time.  There’s no doubt  in my mind any longer.  I know now, I’m in love.   I love him already.

The huge breakfast was delicious but we both ate enough for two people and we were lethargic all afternoon.  We spent most of the day cuddled together on the sofa, or spooned together on the bed napping.   The telephone rang a bit after 3:00 pm, it was  Carter wanting to drop by with some samples materials and fabrics.  

“My partner is with me, is it okay if he comes along, he’s heard me rave about your home and would like to see it.”

“Certainly, we’ve been lazy, laying around all afternoon.  Give us about thirty minutes and we’ll clean up and have the cocktails ready.”

“Aha!  now I’ll get to meet the Architect hunk you’ve been meeting with.  I suppose he’s movie star handsome himself.”  Hank teased.

“He said his ‘partner’ is with him , Bernie, from work had told me that he had heard that Carter had met someone.”

“Let’s get a move on then,  I’ll get the dirty dishes into the washer and you can straighten up and put things where they belong.”

It was 3:45 when the doorbell rang,   Hank joined me at the door and we ushered them in. with his hand extended to shake, Hank was the first to speak.

“Hello guys, I’m Hank Hartsfield, Stephen’s partner.”

My head snapped around to look at him and he leaned over and kissed my neck.  He whispered in my ear.  “You know I’m crazy about you Stephen, I want to be wherever you are.”

“Sorry guys, we’re really just getting started together, and we’re still in the goofy stage in a lot of the time and in the lustful stage the rest of the time it seems.  There’s nothing like new love, huh?”

Carter introduced his partner Stephen Bartolini.

“We’re just starting our fifth month together, Stephen moved here from Atlanta last August.”

With the introductions done we made our way to the kitchen island and made cocktails,  Carter’s Stephen was at the windows looking out toward downtown.  He was ooing and ahhing about the view.  Carter and I spread out the drawing on the dining table while Hank took Stephen over to the chairs facing out toward the deck.   When Hank asked Stephen how he and Carter met, he launched into the story about his visit with his friends Campbell and Cullen, and how Carter was best friends with his brother, Ronnie.

In turn, Hank related our first meeting at the liquor store and the story about me having to fly off and miss our dinner date.  Then the months without any contact until the Christmas party.  Just before he finished telling that story Carter and Stephen finished up and came to join us.  It was nearing five pm and we were beginning to get hungry.  We were all dressed in jeans and tees so going out wasn’t really in the cards.  I pulled out one of the cards given to me at Bernie and Philip’s party, the Impromptu Gourmet.  I pulled up the menu online and we were all drooling looking at the pictures and food descriptions.

With input from everyone I ordered our meal.  french onion Soup, Bacon wrapped, stuffed shrimp brochette, Tortellini  Ala Panna - tender beef and pork with strips of Panna Ham, English peas all covered in a creamy Alfredo Sauce , Cavatappi, a Roasted Vegetable Casserole of carrots, red onions, mushrooms and curly Cavatappi pasta with smoky Monterrey Jack grated cheese and sauteed Spinach with pine nuts.   I opened several bottles of wine for our meal.  Amazingly, our dinner feast was delivered in just under one hour.  The food was unbelievably delicious.  I’m sure all of us will be ordering from  impromptu Gourmet again...and soon.  all of us were very pleased with such a delicious dinner.

It was almost nine pm when Carter and Stephen left us.  Hank loaded the dishwasher again and I picked up and straightened the sketches and renderings.

With everything done, Hank came to me and gave me a kiss, sweet and tender and I felt myself melting into his arms.  I looked up into those startling blue eyes of his.  

“I love you Hank, you’re everything I’ve always wanted.  Thank you.”

“And I love you Stephen, you’re more tha I ever expected, we’re going to have such a wonderful life together.”

“Come with me  to the bedroom Hank, you have something I need!”

The End

Bill Hudley    


Bill Hudley

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