I took the day off work to watch my son Toby's first swimming competition at college.

It was a really good swim meet and I was glad I got to see it.  Toby said there was BBQ at one of his college friend's house afterward and I said I'd drive him over and pick him him up after so he could have a few drinks to celebrate and not risk driving himself. He had only had his license a few months so I didn't want him taking any chances.

His team won so they were really happy and ready to celebrate. I went round to the team's change room tro collect him. They were all gathered together with the coach pinning the ribbons and medals to a board on the wall.

"First of many," I said as I entered.

"Hey Dad," he said, turning round, "how was I?"

You were great, as always," I said.

"Good work Coach," I said to Ron Bullock, the college's swim coach. "I don't know what your methods are, but keep it up, the whole team was light years ahead of the other team."

"Thanks," he answered.  "Now you boys have a celebration to get to I hear, so go unwind and get ready,"

"Yeah," they said in unison and went to the benches lining the walls of the change room. I watched as my son pulled of his team speedos and, grabbing his towel, wiped himself all over, rubbed his wet hair vigorously then stuffed it into his bag, pulled out some nylon shorts and T shirt, his trainers and started putting it all on.  His dick looked a little plumped too. I noticed his team mates doing the same, a few of them looked like they were getting a little chubbed too.

"Ah well," I thought to myself. "They are always going up and down at this age."

"Don't you want to take some time to unwind,?" I heard the coach say in a cautionary way

"Unwind,?" I thought to myself. "Wonder what he means?"

"We'll be Ok Coach," one of the guys said. "We gotta get to the party."

"Ok then," he replied, "have a good one."

"Dad," Toby said, as he finished tying his laces, "can you give Brent and Alex a lift?"

"Sure," I said.

I looked around for Alex and Brent. Both were still naked and toweling off. I had seen them naked before at our pool at home. When it was just Toby and his male friends around, and Toby's mother and sister were not at home, it was OK for them swim naked. Toby had told them I was cool about and I even swan nude myself with them. 

"Thanks Mr Onan," said Brent.

"We won't be long," added Alex.

I knew they were pretty unfazed about about being naked around me and it appears they were just as relaxed around the other team members and their coach.

Soon they had changed like Toby into T shirts and those nylon running shorts and were ready to go.  They said their goodbyes and we all got in my car, Toby in the passenger seat next to me and Brent and Alex in the back.  As were driving, I looked in Toby's direction and happened to notice his crotch. the shorts were, pulling up his legs owing to a very big bulge. It looked as though he had an erection.  I waited a few minutes and looked again, it was still there and getting bigger.  I wasn't happy about him going to a gathering in just those skimpy shorts and no underwear. This was looking like a serious boner too, not one that was going down anytime soon. he was happily chatting away with his mates so didn't seem to be aware of it.

"Is it all right you going to this party dressed like that. I know its a sports thing but it might be nicer if you went home and changed into some casual clothes. I can run you guys back to your places too so you can change, no trouble."

"Nah, its cool, its very laid back," Toby assured me.

"Yeah," the others chorused.

"Well," I said looking over to Toby, "it's just that, without any underwear, you know, you look like you might be getting hard down there. Sorry to mention it," I added.

Toby looked down at his crotch.

"Jeeze," he said, "Coach was right. I should have listened to him.

I heard the others snigger.

"Listened to him,?" I said. "has that got something to with his saying something about unwinding before you went?"

"Yeah, Toby said. "Coach has a training rule that we abstain for 72 hours before a meet."

"Abstain? Like no sex or anything?"

"Yeah,' Toby replied, "nothing at all, even jerking off."

"Ah, right," I said. "We used to do that at school too, I'd forgotten."

"It really works," Toby said, "you saw how well we did."

"All because of holding back for a couple of days?"

"Yeah," said Alex.

"It gets results," added Brent. "But Coach noticed that some of started getting erections as soon as we got back into the change room. He said we could be beat off in the showers or toilets to bring us down."

"We usually do," said Toby. Me and Brent and Alex have a regular place in the shower," he laughed.

I laughed too, so did Brent and Alex.

"We never thought we would need to relieve the pressure straight away," said Brent. "This is the first time I didn't jack off after training since I joined the team. So it's never happened before."

"Me neither," said Alex. "I thought I'd be fine. Never thought this would happen."

"Sometimes, I go home after training and jack off," Brent said. "Now you mention it I did get hard on the way home."

"That's why you head straight to room," I said, "Need to relieve the pressure eh?

Look guys, I'll drive you all to your houses and you can put on something more covering or wait while you jerk off if you like."

"That'll take ages," Toby complained.

"Toby," I said, "I'm not having you walking around like that."

"Mr. Onan," Alex said, "we'll be Ok, ours will go down."

"Ours,?" I thought and looked over the back. Sure enough Alex and Brent were tenting in their shorts too.

"Guys, you'll end up embarrassing yourselves," I said.

They assured me it wasn't problem so I kept driving until we were nearly there. I looked at Toby, then Brent and Alex. All three were now hard as rocks from the look of it. I think talking about it made them even more aware of them and even more aware of how horny they must be after not jerking off for a while.  I know how it is myself.

"Can you get to the bathroom as soon as you get there and take care of things,?" I suggested.

As we drove into the street, we could see a big crowd of people gathered on the front lawn. It looked as though their entire class had come to congratulate them.

"Well," I said, throwing the car into reverse, "no chance of that. You'll all be noticed straight away as soon as you stand up.  How about I drive around and find a public toilet or restroom so you can beat off and get those things down?"

"Good idea," said Toby, reaching into his shorts to try and adjust his dick down.  As soon as he took his hand away, it sprang back up again and I saw it throb through the fabric.

"How you doing over the back,?" I said.

"Sorry Mr Onan," said Brent, "mine is still hard."

"Mine too," sad Alex.

We drove round and round for 20 minutes with no luck. No sign of a restroom and no sign of anyone's hardon going down.

"This might sound weird, but how about I park somewhere secluded. I'll get out and walk round he block or something and you guys can beat off. You said have done in front of each other so its shouldn't be a problem."

"Dad," said Toby suddenly, "you've seen me naked before and hard before. It won't be much be much of a stretch if you see me beat off. He's seen you hard as well guys, how about you just had back to the party and we beat of while you drive?"

"Yeah," said Alex, "I'm good, I have four brothers and share a room with one still. I've been watched jerking off enough times to not care."

"Me too," said Brent. "Coach sees us after training. Do you mind Mr Onan?"

I was finding it hard to believe what was happening.

"OK, if that's what you think," I said, turing back on to the road toward where the party was.

" Just go for it."

Without hesitating Toby, fished his cock out from his shorts. I quickly looked over the back and saw Alex and Brent had done the same and were already fisting them.

"Mmm, that's so good" I heard Brent say. I looked at Toby. He leaned his head back and I figured he would not take long to cum. He pulled his foreskin back, exposing the head. It leaked huge amounts of pre cum.  He leaned forward and spat onto his dick and continued fisting it. As he did he looked in my direction and smiled.

"Thanks Dad," he said and returned his attention to his now throbbing dick.

I heard the sound of spit coming from the back seats. In the rear vision mirror I could see Alex and Brent leaning back as they worked their dicks. They were so hard and had been for over half an hour. This 72 hour business must be driving them mad.

I looked across to Toby. He was obviously enjoying the sensation but must have been aware of the urgency of the situation, as he speeded up the motion, forcing himself toward cumming. He seemed to totally unconcerned about masturbating right beside me.

Sure enough he suddenly said “here I cum. I must have  needed this more than I realised.”

He bucked his hips and sperm pulsed out. There was so much it flowed down his cock heading towards his pubes.

"Yeah, aggghhhh, yeah,” he moaned and I could tell there was more coming.  I pulled over and flipped open the compartment between the seats revealing a box of tissues.

I couldn't take my eyes off it. I noticed both Brent and Alex had leaned forward to watch too. They both stared at Toby's dick as a second wave of sperm flowed out. He reached for a tissue and began sopping up the cum.

Suddenly Alexy began gasping. I looked toward him and saw his cock began to leak signalling he was about to cum.  Reaching forward he took a tissue then leaned back in the seat. I watched him cum. Even in the throes of an orgasm, he was careful of not hitting any of the car upholstery and held the bunched up tissue in his left palm while he aimed his dick into it.

That must have triggered Brent.

“Unghh, ughhh, ughhh,” he gasped, reaching for a tissue. His dick was the biggest of the three and his knob was huge. He positioned the tissue in front of his gaping piss slit, then noticed me looking at him. He looked straight into my eyes, watching me watching his sperm ooze out of his cock and into the tissue. He grinned and reached for another tissue.

“Not bad,” Toby said, breaking the atmosphere. “Coming along nicely mate, you might come first one day.”

“Yeah, good one bro.” Alex said.

"Thanks Mr Onan," Brent said, "you're a lifesaver."

"Uuummm," I said, "I won't say anytime," and laughed.

They sniggered as they wiped their dicks and pulled their pants back up. Sure enough, their dicks were shrinking back down to less obvious size as we approached the party. I pulled up and rummaged around in the compartment and found a paper bag.

"Drop those tissues in here, I'll get rid of them on the way home," I said starting the car.

As we approached the party, they finished wiping up and dropped the cum-soaked tissues in the bag then began clamouring out of the car.

"Thank's Dad," said Toby, "you're the best, see you in a couple of hours. Don't throw the bag out, we might to go a second round on the way back," he laughed as he and the others stood on the curb.

"Don't even think about it," I said as I started the ignition to drive home.

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