"This is it, no turning back" I sighed.

I was standing in front of Dr. Carey's house. I was a bit nervous, my hands were shaking and my back was sweating hard, I might have even passed out but i just had to do this.

From what I heard from my boyfriend, Carey is an exceptional Psychiatrist, received numerous awards and accolades for that matter. He may be the one who can really help me with my problem.

To clear up your thoughts, I am not insane. I came here because my boyfriend told me so due to my underlying problem that has been plaguing me ever since, not that I think it was a problem.

We had just finished our daily sex in his room, cuddled a bit then decided to watch T.V. " Oh Oh Oh, change it to FX babe, they are having a rerun of American Horror Story: Coven" he said excitingly. "Not again Mike" I said "We have been watching that show ever since it came out, I'm tired of those witches or should I say, bitches" I joked.

Mike gave me a puppy eye look. He is such a cutie I thought. Mike is a good looking guy, the boy next door kinda guy, stands about 5'11, the usual blond hair and blue eyes, great smile, and a killer swimmer's body. We met in the local poolside club a year ago and I just thought that I should not let him go, and so I hit him up that day and the rest was history.

Going back, since I couldn't possibly say no to such cute guy, I changed the channel to FX and he was lucky because it just started. The rich fat woman was applying blood in her face and it was gross when I first saw it but now that I have watched this series for few dozen times, it was now something I really have enjoyed and I smile a bit every time I see this.

"Justin, why are smiling? You smile every time you see Kathy Bates here" Mike asked. I didn't look but I knew he was giving me a stern gaze.

"uhmm.. uh, I like Kathy Bates. She's a great actress" my eyes glued to the screen, as I didn't want to lose any moment. Mike then replied something but I was too occupied to listen "Babe shut up, they are about to get to the best part" I said.

The woman then went to a cellar or attic if I recalled correctly, which served as "holding place" for the niggers. By that time, the little smile on my face grew until the side of my lips hit my ears. The negro they put to chain was tortured a bit. His face with pain made my heart skip a beat, my body hair raised, and my bones tingled. All of my attention poured in his ugly shit face. Finally my favorite part, a young slave nigger boy placed a head of a bull to the nigger's head. I chuckled but suddenly Mike turned it off.

"Hey what's wrong with you?" I asked, staring at mike with a puzzled look. There was a moment of silence for few seconds. "I think you have a problem" Mike said, staring back at me with a really serious look.

"You're racist" He continued

And that is how I got here. First I argued that I was fine, but I'm aware I'm really not. Then Mike threatened me that he'll leave me if I wouldn't get any help, he told me that this was not the first time I acted weird around black guys and same with Latinos, Asians, or any shits.

So he told me he knew a doctor, a colleague of his that could help me. I thought about it carefully and after numerous considerations I finally said yes. I truly wanted this relationship to work because Mike is the perfect guy for me, he's sweet, loyal, loves me very much, and has fine piece of ass for my always stiff cock. I see myself marrying him and living a happily ever after life and so I'm not ready for this to end.

I shook my head, did some hands shake and slowly inhaled the fresh air then breathed it out. I was trained to keep a very cool external to show no weakness and to be deemed as normal, so I thought this would be a breezed. I pressed the doorbell and about four seconds, I heard a very deep baritone voice, saying he was coming. Hell if this guy was sexy maybe we could do threesome. My cock throbbed a bit and my nervousness seemed to lower.

The door was opened and I was surprised of what was in front of me. He is a nigger, I gave it a really long stare to confirm it. I couldn't believe that the guy that opened the door was a black man and so my mind started to stir. How could Mike do this to me? I felt betrayed. But good thing I know how to keep my composure because if I didn't I would have been less friendly.

"Come in" he said with a big smile on his face that I just wanted to slap out of him. "Thank you" I responded with the same smile, and then I went inside his house. I felt my throbbing cock somewhat lifeless and disgusted at the same time.

As I followed him, my mind went to another plane because I couldn't grasp the idea that my doctor would be a fucking nigger, though he is handsome for that matter. A little taller than me, maybe 6'4, and he kind of reminded me of the famous black model, I think Tyson was his name but Carey was less chunky and more of a slender-ish athletic, I could really tell since he's wearing a really tight shirt. His face also is a standout, he has nice features. I like his nose in particular. Sadly he's beneath me For a nigger he has a cozy house, I found my eyes wandering too much, maybe it was a way for me to distract myself with the pressing problem. There were nice paintings and decoration, fancy fireplace, a huge flat screen TV, and I could go on and on and I see myself living in house like this but maybe even bigger. He directed me to his office and politely asked me to sit down.

"Would you like to drink something? Water, Iced tea, juice" he asked still with those annoying smile. "Scotch please" I replied. He chuckled and walked to the bar nearby and prepared my drink. After that he gave it to me and sat down to his seat in front of me.

"You have a nice home Dr. Carey" I complimented after sipping on my drink.

"Thank you Justin, but you can call me Marc" he said.

"Okay Marc why don't we start this so we can finish early?" I suggested.

"Relax, Mike told me you have the week off so we have the whole time in the world" he stared to my eyes that as if it could almost penetrate me.

"Is there a problem? You seem constrained" he paused a bit. "Truly there's nothing to be, I will not hurt you" he continued.

I looked back at him and wondered why he knew I was nervous, because for the whole time I kept my calm composure. "I'm not nervous Marc" I confidently said.

"There's no point of lying to me, I know you're not feeling comfortable since a black man is your doctor and you know I'm a psychiatrist" he teased.

"No! Believe me, I just thought..... How fitting." Then I gave him a quick smirk. He laughed and then took a folder from the table between us.

"So it says here in your file, you're the CEO of your multimillion company and you're only 29, how impressive!" he remarked.

"Thank you, though of course I got in that position easily since my family owns it after all" I responded.

"No no, you are remarkable" he interrupted. He put down the folder and rested his back on the chair and it even got me more uncomfortable as it seemed that he was about to take over me.

"You're a graduate of Yale University with a Latin Honors! A supporter of various charities, a part owner of Golf Club, and most importantly, a very striking man" he said. "6'2, perhaps 6'3, bright green eyes, well built muscular body that could really melt both men and women, and a beautiful tanned skin" he added.

Now as much as I was happy to hear that, easily I was really creep off. I gave him a confused look and smiled.

"Sorry if that seemed a bit weird, I did a research on you, and unsurprisingly you were easy to be found on Google." I didn't believe that bullshit, he must have stalked me in facebook using Mike's account.

"Without further sending you to dismay, I'll begin the test. You have to promise though, that you are going to be honest to me the whole time. Rest assured that this conversation will be just between that two of us" he said. I nodded while fixing my posture. "So when did you think you're racism started?"

There was a moment of silence as I was trying to recall where it started. Then I told him, that I was manifesting this as early as when I was six or seven year old child. See I grew up in a wealthy family who has been successful for about 300 years. We own multiple estates, law firms, farms, and even islands. And with family like this of course we have had mansions, even castles. But most importantly, we have had slaves ever since.

I told Marc that back then I would keep looking at the old pictures of my family with niggers doing shit for us and even worship us. In some old family diaries I read that my ancestors would often beat up the slaves, rape them, torture, and ultimately kill them. Just the thought of it made me stirred up.

But of course due to the movement of the slaves, there number dwindled over time in our household but still we had few of them as I was growing up and luckily we also had Latinos and few Asians. All of which I treated horribly.

"What was the most inhumane thing you did?" he asked. His eyes fixed to mine then he sat down properly, and it seemed that he's a bit more serious as the air grew tense. But I couldn't care less because this topic was something I have enjoyed talking about and now for the first time in my life, I got to share it with someone who didn't mind, or at least I thought.

I then shared to him a wonderful story of mine back when I was 13, I unconsciously killed a five year old nigger because it was crying when I stole its candy. I stopped and got amazed to myself because I could still remember that memory so vividly after all this years. "Hey what happened next?" he snapped. "uhmmm things have gotten then differently" I muttered with a sad face.

I told him that though my family is rich and powerful that there were no law for us and I proceeded with my life in the best way possible, we had some drawbacks. My parents and I moved to another house of ours in California. There we only had three slaves but that time I called them "the help" and they were whites. My parents enrolled me to a Prep school with no black students. And though my parents were pretty busy, they had time for me and during those times, they taught me to act calm whenever there's problem, especially if there are niggers. Those were sad times.

"And pretty much that's been my life" I confessed.

"Seems to me you have a very severe case" he said.

"I don't really care Marcus" I bluntly replied. "I've known that for quite some time now. I'm just doing this because of Mike"

He closed his eyes then looked back to me, asked me if I was ready to commit and follow his terms. I held back and just thought about Mike, his ass, and our future. "Yes, I'm ready" I confirmed while nodding.

Marcus then stood up and asked me to follow him and bring along my scotch. I obliged, shortly we arrived in front of a peculiar door with 3 locks on it. He unlocked the door then opened it. I peeked and saw that there was a stair leading down and it was very dark down there. I got nervous and gulped, I took a step back and tried to locate an exit. He opened the light and looked back to me.

"After you" he said while smiling. I smiled back and walked down. I froze immediately when I saw what kind of room it was.

"Wait this is a BDSM room" I muttered. "We must be in the wrong room" Not that I am not a fan of master and slave sex or wicked sex, it's just I didn't expect I'll be in this kind of room.

"No Justin, this is where we are going to cure you" he said while putting his hands on my shoulder. "This is the fastest and most efficient way of helping you" he said while he walked to a cabinet and took a pill. He then handed it to me and asked me to take it.

"What's this? You aren't drugging me are you?" I questioned, giving him a stern look.

"Jesus relax, I'm a doctor, I know what I'm doing. This pill will just make you more committed to my treatment" he giggled.

I did what he told me to do and gathered myself. I scanned the room for any exit but there were no windows and doors. All I saw was BDSM equipment, namely: whips, cuffs, chains, sex toys, leather stuff, a fucking bondage bed, stake, cage, X-cross, and what other things you usually see in a BDSM room. I even got more disturb when I glanced to what I thought was a restroom because it was not in a separate room, there were no walls and door separating it from the main room.

"Yes that is the restroom" he paused. I looked to him then glanced back to the sink because I thought I was about to vomit "I'm a huge fan of BDSM so when I designed this room, I thought of going all out. Fucking while pooping is fun" he suggested. I stared at him with a confused look and glanced where his hands at. I saw that he was not wearing pants anymore and his cock was half erect in his hands.

I looked back to his face. "I think this is enough, I've seen enough things." I whispered.

"No we're just starting, why don't you sit down on the bed and relax a bit" he suggested while still playing his enormous dick. "You know this grow as much as 9 inches and all of the times, tear up the guys especially white ones"

"Now now, I don't bottom" I mumbled then I started getting really dizzy and weak. My vision was blurry at one moment then became vivid. "Mike did say to me you didn't bottom, You don't like it?" he walked to me and his swelling giant cock was in front me. My gut was spinning, I am totally grossed out by this nigger's cock. I'll never take that on any of my openings. "No.. ah ah ah. I do-n't enjoy it.. ha ha" I panted.

"well you are about to" He said while smirking....

TBC, well if you like it :))




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