4th of July

by Steven

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So for context it’s been years since I last saw him. But this year that all changes when me and my family get an invite to his 4th of July barbecue. I was excited to go cause we could all catch up and because well I didn’t have any other plans not until last minute anyway. When I got there I didn’t notice him at first, cause body was different, face was more older and mature same with the voice and even the hair.

But once i figured out who he has and he figured out who I was we instantly connected again! We talk about school, girls, summer, friends, life, etc lol, and it all leads up to me telling him that his dad said I could sleepover. Of course he was excited as was I. So once it was nighttime and everyone had gone home it was normal we were watching one of my favorite shows, he enjoyed it and asked me what it was about and we just had a good time, then we went into the kitchen got some snacks, some ramen and just talked and then went back to his room and talked.

Which would than lead to me asking him how he feels about a friend helping out a friend (both boys aka us) and at first he was a bit skeptical and nervous. But eventually I convinced him and he loosened up. So we agreed on just starting with the basic handjob he went from soft to hard in .5 seconds lol.

And then he stroked me and I got hard too not as fast as him though. Then it lead to me sucking his dick for like maybe a few seconds to a minute and I asked him was it good and he said “ngl yea” so then I said “ its your turn to return the favor” and so he did he sucked my dick and since it was his first time he used a bit of teeth in the beginning it didn’t hurt but still a bit uncomfortable so I told him to open his mouth as wide as possible so he had more room to take me and he couldn’t even fit the whole thing then he started gagging and I fucking his throat and it was amazing.

He came up for air and then said was that good and I said yea it was. (for your first time)Then I proceeded to tell him that since we both hadn’t cum yet we could continue but not with head with ass ! So I told him to get on all fours and since he was tight I couldn’t exactly fit in his hole hole especially not in the dark so I humped/ pounded his ass (without entering his hole) with my bbc (big black cock), I had him ride my dick like sit on it and I kept teasing his hole and not just that I took my finger and shoved it DEEP IN HIS HOLE to where we wanted to moan and scream but had to cover his mouth or his parents would wake up.

And in the mist of all that I ended up eating his ass he was in doggystyle and I became and a beast spread him open and attacked that ass it was so musky but in a sexy way and I ate it and licked it and had a good time tbh. (We both took showers before bed so a few hours before this and no one used the bathroom in that time frame) and while it was happening I was asking him like who does this ass belong too ? his response was “ you already know it’s you” and what’s my name and  his response was “daddy” and I even said does it feel good and he said “yes sir”.

Then we swapped and I got on all fours and he did the same to me humped my ass with his dick just minus the fingering and ass eating (didn’t ask). And then things took a turn when I laid down on the bed as if your looking at the ceiling and I spread my legs enough for him to get in between and he spit on my dick like so much spit and it made my dick so wet and slimy which was so hot and then he went to town on my dick (slurping, sucking, gagging, and choking) it felt so fucking good but I still didn’t cum I was waiting out for the finale and then after I sucked him again but I didn’t spit or nun cause I made it wet enough w my mouth lol.

Then he did the same to my ass and he pounded me hard without inserting it even pressing his whole body on me and groaning and moaning and breathing heavy all in my ear! It was the best and I kept saying “harder” “harder” “harder” and so he did each time and kept repositioning himself making sure he was comfortable and making sure I was as well. Then afterwards I got back on his ass and started going at it again only this time my cum exploded on his left ass cheek and up his back and some in his crack near his hole. But I still wasn’t tired.

So we sucked each other off some more than he was getting ready to cum so his cum exploded down my chest. Then we just turned on the tv until I got horny again and just pulled his pants down and started humping him until my cum exploded on his cheeks for the second time. Then we just kept talking abt how good it was and how no one would ever know and mind you this started at 3:18 AM and didn’t end until a little after 7 AM. Oh and don’t worry we sorta made a pact that the next time I come over for a weekend this summer it’s happening again! Cause it was too good!