The story begin about six months ago when a national supermarket chain opened a store in our city.

On the day of the grand opening, I waited until 7:30 pm to shop waiting for the crowds to thin out. As it was a new store, it took me about 90 minutes to find all the items I was shopping for in a new location.

I was having trouble locating the last two items on my list when a gorgeous young worker (bag boy) approached and asked: "Sir, may I help you find something? You seem to be searching for a particular item."

"Yes, young man. I am looking for the location for your condoms and lube." This breath-taking good looking bag boy broke into a huge smile as his thick lips curled upward and he replied: "Please follow me, sir, and I will take you to that section. What type of condoms and lube do you prefer. We have a great variety of both items."

I felt a growing rise in my cock. The young guy was turning me on. I was struggling not to develop a full erection of my monstrous 11" tool.

When we reached the isle, I noticed a great number of choices. To test this hot hunk, I asked: "What would you suggest as the most sensuous type?"

He moved close to me giving off a sweet smell of after shave lotion and a hot breath. In a sexy voice he suggested a box of condoms with high ridges as well as a new lube product. I took his choices and we moved to check out isle # 7 where he was the bag boy.

He asked me if I wanted him to assist me with my cart to the car. I eagerly agreed. As we put the bags in my car, we introduced ourselves and engaged in small talk. I learned that his name was Bret, a 19 year-old college student. I also learned that he had just been hired as a bag boy with a schedule of working 7 hour shifts from 3-10 pm Friday through Saturday. I knew what days I would be shopping at this store.

Let me share with the readers both Bret and my profiles.

Bret stands 5' 11"; weighs 162 pounds; well trimmed wavy dark black hair; dark brown eyes; well shaven with a late afternoon dark shadow from the morning shave; thick red lips; solid flat chest, stomach, abs and biceps; muscled legs and hard thighs; a big thick 8" cock; black hairy chest and stomach; and low hanging above average balls. He is Italian. He resembles and has many of the body features of former Gay porno star Leo Domenico.

My name is Russ and I am a 38 year-old single Gay man. I own a commercial construction company called "Russ Enterprises".

I stand 6' 3", weigh 190 pounds, blond headed, sky blue eyes, large arms and muscled biceps,rock hard flat chest and stomach, big legs and thighs, dimples, big nipples, perfect teeth, and a huge 11" smooth thick cock.

For the next six months, I shop at the new supermarket. I always check out on isle #7 and have Bret take the cart to my car. We get to know much about each other. I learn that he is a sophomore majoring in business accounting.

He would question me about my company and if I might hire him after graduation. I assure him I will. I wonder if he is interested in more than a job. I sure hope so.

I often go home very horny after chatting with Bret. I get naked, lube up and jack-off until I blast a huge load.


After almost six months, my dream comes true. I go shopping and deliberately walk by isle #7 and give Bret a seductive smile. As he is not busy, he begins to follow me. I go to the isle with the condoms.

"Hi Bret, I really liked your choice of the condoms but the new lube dried too fast. What do you suggest?"

Bret turns facing the shelf with his bubble butt displayed in tight jeans starring me in the face. I am starting to get hard. With no customers in the isle, I decide to make my move. Hell, I am going to throw caution to the wind.

I move my crotch and hard cock up against Bret's hot butt and I press up against his bottom. Bret is taking a bottle of lube off the shelf when he pushes back against my heated crotch. I in turn give him a couple of humps. I hold my breath waiting for his reaction.

OMG, Bret pushes back hard into my crotch and he turns around and says: "WOW, Russ, what is that missile in your pants? It is so big and seems ready to blast off the launch pad."

"Well, Bret, it is just about ten minutes before you get off work. Why don't you come over to my place and examine it."

I am perspiring with a cold sweat developing on my brow waiting for his answer. After a long pause, Bret responds: "Well, Russ, I have plans for the evening." I turn white as all the blood drains from my face.

Bret smiles at me and says: "I have a date with a gorgeous older man named Russ tonight. I am anxious to examine his huge missile and see if it is going to shoot into space."

I cannot resist my enthusiasm as I give Bret a big kiss on his lips. He in turn reaches down and rubs his hand across my huge bulge.

When he is off work, he follows me to my condo on the lake shore. We have a couple of screwdrivers each and are now very horny.

Bret become very loose tongued and says: "Russ, I am Gay and over the past two years I have fucked several of my college buddies. I love man sex. My fantasy is to fuck and be fucked by a much older man like you. I find you so sexy. I have been lusting after you from the first time we met six months ago. Lets fuck."

"Bret, Baby, oh yes. I want you so bad. Lets have wild sex. We can jack-off, give blowjobs, fuck and blast cum all over each other."

We move into my rec room and I put on a hot Gay porno movie starring Brent Corrigan and King Cole. As they begin making out on the video, the scene drives Bret and I wild.

I put Bret down on the floor on his back. I lie down beside him, start kissing his ear lobes and licking his neck. Soon I plunge my wet tongue deep into his mouth as we engage in long French kisses. We begin slobbering and our tongues are circling one another. Bret's big thick lips serve as a sexy suction container. The power of his lips and mouth make for a noisy and lustful kissing session.

I feel Bret move his hand to my crotch. He unzips my pants, pulls out my now rock hard leaking cock and begins to wildly jerk me off.

I in turn unzip his pants, pull out his red hot cock and begin to jack-off this beautiful cock.

We jack-off each other for several minutes as we become faster and faster. Our hands are now wet from the precum.

Soon we stand up and remove each other's clothes until we are butt naked. We embrace as our slick cocks rub against each other. We kiss again as our bodies are in a tight embrace.

I put Bret in one of my reclining chairs, I get down on my knees in front of his naked body, place a small cushion under his ass, spread his legs far apart and go wild kissing, licking and sucking his asshole. He is so turned on that he bucks his hips up to meet my mouth. He smells so erotic.

Soon I turn my attention to his blood filled throbbing cock. I spit on it, kiss his piss slit, circle his cock head with my tongue and finally go all the way down on his huge cock. I deep throat this monstrous cock for the longest time while Bret moans and pants with pleasure. Bret begs me: "Holy fuck, suck my cock. Yea, you nasty cocksucker, take all my wood deep down your throat. Take it all. Suck me dry."

Bret is so turned on that I decide to continue sucking and eating his ass and playing with his cock. I lick up and down the crack of his ass. From time to time, I suck on one and then the other hot ball taking them into my mouth.

As King Cole uses his horse sized cock to begin fucking Corringan, we both become wild with desire. What a hot scene with those two studs.

I get up and ask Bret to take his turn on my cock and ass. I have Bret place me on my stomach on top of the pool table with my legs hanging over the edge. I spread my legs far apart and beg Bret to eat my ass. I use my hands to spread my ass cheeks so Bret has an easy entrance to my asshole. He licks and sucks my ass and at times fingers my inner ass to make it wet with his spit.

My bubble ass begins to open and close from the pulsating effort. Bret feels his tongue tighten around my ass muscles. He uses his finger to massage my prostrate. WOW, it feels good. His head is bobbing up and down wildly as he drenches me with loads of salvia. He slaps my ass cheeks until they are blood red.

"Bret slap my ass. Fuck me with your tongue. Devour me, baby."

I hear Brent Corrigan moaning as he is being fucked by King Cole on the video. This drives my cock wild as it is as hard as steel. Oh, I am about to come.

Bret turns me over. He gets up on top of the table and lies flat down on my body. He begins to wildly hump me as our cocks slide across each other. I love this bag boy. He smells of so many hot manly odors. I am desiring his cock in me. But so does Bret want my cock.

"Russ, I want you to fuck me with that huge 11" cock. I have taken cocks as large as 9" but never an 11" monstrous wood. I know I can take it. I have a big wide open ass."

I take one of the ridge condoms, put it on, lube the condom, lube Bret's pink ass, and have Bret get down on the floor on all fours. I get behind him, spread his legs far apart, move my legs inside his legs, and begin rubbing my aching cock up and down his crack ass. I reach around and put one of my wet fingers in his mouth and order him to suck on the finger.

"Bret, you hunk, my bitch, remember back at the supermarket when you wanted to examine my missile? Well, that missile is about to explore your man pussy and blast off the launch pad. Are you ready?"

"Oh, yes, Russ. Fire that missile."

I place the head of my blood filled cock at Bret's ass entrance and begin plunging into the depth of his ass. I can feel his prostrate and the walls of his ass tighten on my thick cock. I thrust in and out over and over. The fuck is so slick with the new lube. WOW, what a wet and hot fuck. I am near the edge when I pull out.

I put Brett on the floor flat on his stomach and put my legs inside his legs. I plunge the missile back into his ass as I lie flat on top of Bret. I kiss his neck and tongue his ear lobes. I put a finger in his mouth as I fuck him harder and harder.

I pull out as my cock head swells and the veins in my cock are pulsating. I take off the condom and say: "Bret. baby, I am going to fire my missile down your throat." He clamps down on my cock as I burst huge load after huge load down his throat. Bret takes the last few drops of my seed and swirls them around in his mouth. He grabs the back of my neck and pushes my lips against his lips as we share the sweet and salty. cum.

It is now my turn to receive that big cock from Bret. He places a large cushion on the floor, places my head on the cushion, lifts my legs and feet on to his shoulders and lubes my ass and his cock. He is going to fuck me bareback as I have douched my ass.

Bret enters my ass with one quick hard thrust. He goes all the way in without any resistance. He begins to jack hammer me from his advantage point. Oh, it hurts but feels so hot. He fucks me for what is about 20 minutes. He drives all the way in and all the way out. He uses his strong hips to drive deep.

I begin to use my ass muscles to clamp down on his hot cock. What a pleasure for us both.

Bret mutters: "Russ, take my huge load. Drain my cum-filled balls. I want my seed inside my new fuck buddy." This puts him over the edge. I feel one large blast after another fill my deep channel. WOW, he has a huge warm load.

Bret uses his tongue to lick and suck the thick cum from my leaking ass. I can feel his nose and chin rubbing against my skin. He is devouring my hot ass. I can hear him slurping up the huge draining load as he swallows ever drop. This man is a connoisseur of warm thick cum.

He moves up to my face with the last few drops of cum dripping from his thick lips. He plunges his tongue deep into my mouth feeding me the last few drops.

Bret lies down on me and begins wildly humping as our hot bodies are like one. We French kiss some more.

Bret comes off my mouth and says: "Russ, Baby, I love having sex with you, an older man. You are so much more experienced than the young dudes I have been fucking. You make me feel like a willing sexy bitch. You really know how to excite my libido and arouse my raging hormones like no one has ever done before. I think I can come many times tonight."

The sexy talk and the feel of our wet cocks rubbing against each other turns me on. I become rock hard. Bret feels my hard boner. He moves to my side and grabs my hard wood and starts jacking me off. I am ready to go again.

I feel his wet hot hand going up and down on my rod. I moan and grunt with pleasure. I feel another round of thick cum leave my balls, travel up my shaft and blast out my piss slit. I shoot this load in Bret's hand. He takes his warm cum filled palm and and eats ever drop of it. Then he kisses me as we share yet more protein filled cum meal for the evening.

This young horny stud's raging hormones cause his cock to swell to a full erection and his balls begin to enlarge. Now out of control Bret begs: "Russ, Baby, let me fuck your mangina (Curtis' suggestion for his ass in a comment to one of my previous stories) again. I love the feel of my prick in your ass."

"Bret, you horny slut, go for it. Fuck me raw. Make me pay. Plunge that red hot tool deep into my ass."

Bret grabs my hand and takes me to the bathroom. He has me face the mirror above the sink.

I bend over, spread my legs, use my hands to spread open my well-worn ass and push my ass backward into Bret's crotch. He pours lube in my ass and on his blood filled cock to fuck me raw one again.

I feel his extremely hot cock head rub up and down my ass crack preparing me for yet another fuck from his big cock. Soon I feel his cock head enter my sore asshole as he begins to to fuck me bareback. The juices from his cock and my ass make it a very slick and wet fuck. He can move in and out with such ease from all the wet and slick juices.

I watch in the mirror to see Bret's blood red strained face, his upper body pushing into my back and his butt moving rapidly forward and backward as he fucks me doggie style. He is fucking me with wild abandonment. His boner feels as if it is moving down my colon and up into my stomach. I can feel his dark pubic hair rubbing against the cheeks of my ass. I have never been so packed and full from a foreign object. Bret is loving his staying power tonight. He is a wild animal.

He is kissing my neck and ear lobes. Then he takes one of his fingers and drives it into my ass along side his driving cock. He takes the wet finger out of his ass and has me suck it. He repeats the finger in the ass to my mouth several more times. WOW, what a turn on for both of us.

He pinches my big nipples until they are as hard as diamonds.

This is then most erotic fuck of my life. What great fucking techniques.

After several minutes of pounding my ass, playing with my neck, ears and nipples, I can feel Bret's cock head enlarge, the shaft start pulsating and his balls rise. It is time. He burst at least seven huge blast deep into my enter ass. Wow, it is warm and neat.

As Bret grabs my now swollen cock and begins jerking me off, I explode with a huge load into the sink.

Bret gets on his knees and suck my ass clean. He kisses me for yet another cum meal. We are over eating protein.

I take my hands and scoop up my cum from the sink and feed it to Bret.

We go to my bed and embrace. Bret looks into my eyes and says: " Baby, I have fallen in love with you. You are a great fuck. Will you become my lover and partner. And can I work for you after graduation?"

"Bret, the answers are YES and YES!! I love you too. I will be visiting the store more often as I have to shop for two guys now."

Bret gives me a series of hot and hard kisses and we drift off to sleep.



Naughty Eric


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