Well after the sleepover and we had sex, it felt weird being in touching distance of him every once in a while he'll bring it up and asks me if I want to go out with him and I told him I'm not sure, I still had my GF Lilly, but I was scared if drake would tell her that we had gay sex I was scared me n my GF would break up.

And I told him if he would not tell, he said sure but we all know he can't keep his word. So anyway were in our free PD and I ask my teacher if I could use the bathroom so I walk down the halls to go to the BR so Im using the urinals and next thing u know it drake comes in and uses the urinal right next to me, and he looks at me and reminds of the time we did it, and I said it was a mistake and i didn't know what I was thinking, he said it looked like u enjoyed it, I ignored him and turned around zippin my pants back up he turns as well not even zippin his pants up his cock exposed!! He says look at this u know u wanna suck it, i said no i don't.....the he pulls down my zipper and I say no dude were not going to be friends if u keep pressuring me to have sex with u, I mean there's like 30 other gays in this school why me???

He says I like you your cute and I love you.....I say wooo woowowowowow dude I love my GF, and I like u as a friend not as a gay lover, he says well idk care about your GF I want you....he takes his hand and rubbs my cock and I back up from him and tells him that I would appreciate it if he would stop, he leans over and kisses me on my lips, he backs off and it's silent then he approaches me again and starts to kiss me some more and unlike the first time at the sleepover when he tries to kiss me (didn't kiss back) I was actually kissing back, and were tounge wrestling and we both decide to go in the stools I sit down on the toilet and he unzips my pants once more and pulls my cock through the boxer hole and starts to suck and while he's sucking hes saying I remember last time when we did it, and he also asked me if I can dump my GF for him I said maybe.....he stopped sucking he looked up at me and said really? I said yeah I guess so, we both stood up and started to kiss I said I'll dump my GF for u but this realtionship stays a secret at this moment I established that I was attracted to both sexes, I was bi.

The next day I dumped Lilly and me and drake held a gay relationship for 1month we broke up because I wanted a girl but I told him we could still be friends and every once in a while we could kiss nothing more, he agreed. A week later I found a new Gf named Elizabeth which is a freshman and we lasted a good month she had to move out the state and I felt sad. I think 3 or 4 months later me n drake dated again................ the next drake and I story well be coming soon.


Michael Vonn



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