It was my senior year in high school, and my parents had just decided to move again. This time, it was Tennessee. I had moved from all different parts of the United States. From California to Connecticut, you name it, I've probably been there. I find myself dreading to move each time, but somehow I find it very exciting. It gives me a chance to start my life over again, to meet new people and make new friends, but most importantly new relationships.

I'm eighteen years old, six feet tall with short brown hair and green eyes. I love to play football and any other contact sport. I am also a country boy. I grew up on a farm in North Dakota outside of Fargo. I really loved it there, in the summers I would just take walks around the farm with nothing but my trusty Wranglers on and my cowboy hat. The brisk and humid breezes of North Dakota just put me at ease.

It's a lot different here in Tennessee, the winters aren't near as cold and the summers are rather mild. Because of this, I spend most of my time playing sports. I'm on my schools football and wrestling teams, along with city recreational sports. This year, I almost didn't make it on the varsity football team. ...

It was about eight months ago when I had decided that I would give football one last year. It is usually fairly easy to get onto any of the school's teams, but this year it was different. Another boy had also moved to the area and was trying out for the football team. His name was Jared. He was about 6'2'' with longer skater-type brownish/blonde hair, with beautiful blue eyes. When I saw him, there was this gut-feeling that I couldn't quite place.

I've known now for a few years that I'm gay, but it hasn't ever really been a problem for me. I'm used to the locker rooms, showers, and all that. I've managed to control my erections, well until I get home. People always joked around with me that I was gay or something, but I never let anyone known or think that I was.

After numerous tryouts, Jared and I both made it onto the team. I was so happy, for awhile I thought that I might not. I really had to push myself hard to keep up with Jared. He was an amazing athlete. I had never seen such determination in a guy my age. This was going to be my hardest year ever. Our conditioning started the next weekend.

We were told to meet in the gym at six o'clock sharp in the morning. Being a good kid I ended up getting there about half an hour early. I thought that I would be the only one there because usually the whole team is late, but to my surprise, Jared was already there sitting in the bleachers. So, I went over to him and we started talking. He told me that he had just moved here from Washington state and that this was also a huge culture shock to him too. For not ever talking before, we really hit it off. After talking for twenty minutes, members of the team came into the gym one-by-one every few minutes. Eventually everybody was there and the meeting started. It lasted for a good two hours. Afterwards Jared invited me over to his house to have lunch.

Once we got to his house, we ended up going straight to his bedroom. Neither of us was very hungry and decided it would be more fun to play X-Box. It was getting late when Jared then asked me if I'd like to just spend the night. Of course I said that would be awesome.

We stayed up for most of the night playing games, until we both got too tired to push another button. He pulled out a sleeping bag for me and it was lights out. It had to have been five or ten minutes after he turned the lights off that I heard a 'pshhh'. At first I didn't know what the heck it was, but then I realized that it was Jared. I responded with a tried and sleepy 'what?' He said 'Can I ask you a question?' I said shoot.

He said: 'I know this might be a little odd but are you gay?'

My heart started pounding; I didn't know what to say. If I said yes then would he freak out and tell the whole football team. But, if I said no I could be passing up a huge opportunity.

I said: 'what, why?' Those were the only words that I could think of.

Jared said: 'well when I first meet you, I got this weird vibe from you, and now I figured out what that was. For some odd reason I got this feeling that you were gay.'

At this point, I'm sure that Jared would be able to hear if not feel my heart pounding. Again, fumbling for words I said: 'I got the same feeling when I met you.'

Jared said 'really.....well to tell you the truth I am sort of gay.'

I couldn't believe what I had just heard. Had the man that is better at football than Brett Farve telling me that he is gay??

'Wow', I said.

'Are you freaked out dude?' He replied. At this point, I figured what the hell....

'Heck no, I'm not, actually I'm gay too.'

'No way!!!'

I guess Jared was as surprised as I was.

We spent the rest of the night talking about our fantasies and asking each other questions about our sexual preferences. We had to get to bed though; the next afternoon was our first practice.

We spent a good four or five hours that afternoon doing nothing but drills, conditioning and special teams plays. After we were finished, we were heading to the locker room when we hear our coach call me and Jared back to talk to him. Jared and I just looked at each other. Somehow thinking that the coach knew about what we had talked about the previous night.

The coach told us that we had to do extra conditioning!! Extra fucking conditioning even after the hours we had already spent on it. So, Jared and I spent another half an hour to 45 minutes doing more drills. Once we were done, we slowly walked to the locker room. We were so spent after all that work that we could barely walk. Once we got inside, the entire place was deserted. Even the Coach had gone. It was just me, Jared and the locker room.

Jared and I have lockers practically next to each others. I kept peeking looks at Jared and I saw him doing the same back to me. I had taken off my pads when Jared came up behind me and put his arms around my waist, just holding me. I looked back at him, all I saw were his beautiful blue eyes, but that time, we were already kissing. His lips caressed mine as we layed down on one of the locker room benches. I took the remainder of my pads off and my shirt as he took his off. I slowly moved down to his neck and softly blew air on the back of his neck. This sent tingles through his entire body. Then, I went down to his nipples. His nipples had just the right amount of hair when I sucked on them. He started grouping around my crotch. Naturally, my hand did the same thing. I stood him up and pulled down his football pants, which revealed the standard (and required) attire for varsity football players. A white 'Duke' jockstrap accompanied with a white cup (optional). If we are not playing a football game, we are expected to be wearing white boxer briefs (preferably Fruit of the Loom or Hanes). I could tell right away that he was getting aroused. I put my mouth over his bulge and started mouthing it. I could already taste the precum coming out. I took off my pants which also revealed a white jock. Jared slowly worked from the top of my happy-trail down into my bush with his mouth. Once he had hit the jackpot, he took of my jockstrap and started sucking on my cock. While my cock was being sucked by Jared I took his cock by my hand and started jacking him off. I could only moan in the pleasure in which he was giving me. I had never had a blowjob before, but if this is how it feels, it won't be my last. By the looks of it, Jared was a good 8 to 8 and a half inches cut while my meat that was in his mouth is about 7 and a half to 8 inches uncut.

Then, I made the gesture to him that I wanted to try sucking cock. He didn't hesitate, we switched to a 69 and I started sucking a cock for the first time ever in my entire life. I couldn't imagine what it felt like to not only getting sucked but also to be sucking. It was a feeling all in its own. After getting comfortable with his hefty cock, I started deep-throating him a few times. I could tell by the way that his cock was pulsing that he was getting ready to cum. But, I didn't want it to end here. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He said that he had never tried it before but that if I wanted to get fucked that he would do the honors. I let go of his man meat and bent over for him. He took a few of his fingers and starting prying at my tight virgin hole to get it ready for what was to come. After not only fingering my ass, but also lathering it up by licking and 'eating' by hole he took his dick in his hand. Once it was hard enough, all I remember is feeling the warm tip of his penis trying to enter, pushing against my asshole. After a bit of a push, it was in. At first, it hurt tremendously. We didn't have a condom and the only form of lubrication we had was our own saliva and precum. After slowly moving his cock in and out a few inches at a time. I said that I was ready for the whole thing and that he could start going.

Now that I think back on it, I realize that I should have never told him to start really fucking me. It hurt like hell for the first five minutes. Then, after that, I just got used to it. I was loving how it felt to be fucked. Midway through Jared's fuck-fest, he took his jockstrap (mind you, that this is the jock that he just exercised and worked out in for 5 or 6 hours straight, so it's not only sweaty but dirty too.) and shoved it in my face. At first, the sight and the smell of it was revolting, but when you are fucked that kind of thing turns a guy on and I took that dirty jock of his and rubbed it all around my face and held it up to my nose and smelled it. I love the raw and natural smell of a man's jock which has just been used in rigorous activity. After I was done smelling it, I put it in my mouth. I thought the sight and smell of it was good, the taste of a dirty, hairy, sweaty jock is the best taste a gay man will ever experience. By about this time I could tell that Jared was about ready to cum. He pulled his dick out and started jacking off. But, I wanted this experience to be right; I wanted Jared to spill his manly fluids inside of me. Jared didn't mind, he took his dick and shoved it right back it the gaping hole that he had left from his dick and continued to fuck the shit out of me. When he finished, all I can remember is his mouth licking up the cum that was leaving my ass...

To Be Continued.




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