This is a true story with best friend and I.

Michael and I had been friends since we started playing sports together in elementary school. We had both lived on farms down the road from each other. Starting in middle school every afternoon after school we would ride our four wheelers to each other's house and hang out and go fishing or shoot guns. Michael was a year younger than me, with blonde hair, green eyes, about 170 pounds with a slim to average build, and a defined jaw line. Most summer days you could find him wearing cutoff t-shirts exposing his small pecs, toned arms, and tanned skin. I have dark brown hair cut short, an average to stocky build, with a muscular chest and arms. Basically growing up together it was normal for us to change in front of each other and shower together. Being a little older than Michael I started developing before him and he would comment on my large dick and big round balls. Dick measuring contests became normal for us. Becoming horny teenagers, we would often talk about which girls at school we'd like to fuck, how we liked to jerk off, and recent porn we had watched. We were both virgins so porn was a whole learning experience for us. My parents worked out of town and traveled a lot, leaving the house all to myself. Michael and I would take advantage of the privacy and watch some porn DVD's that he got from his sister's boyfriend. I had begun looking at Michael in a different way, especially when we changed clothes.

One particular day, my parents were on vacation for the week. I text Michael and told him to come over to hang out. I jumped in the shower, then got out and grabbed a towel. I walked into my room, and Michael was sitting on my bed. I dried off, threw on a pair of boxers and a cutoff t-shirt and we went to the living room to watch TV. Michael pulls out a porn magazine and shows me a sexy blonde girl getting fucked. We both admire the picture and made a few comments about what we'd like to do to her. I stood up and walked off with the magazine telling Michael I was going to jerk off, and I'd be back out. He didn't believe me, and kept asking if I was serious. I headed down the hall to the bathroom, waiting for him to follow me. I made it to the bathroom and closed the door halfway. I pulled my boxers down and sat on the sink. I wrapped my hand around my 8 inch cock and started jerking slowly looking through the magazine. My hand could barely fit around the base of my cock, and my balls were bigger than most guys I'd seen at school, and hung low. A few minutes later I heard Michael walking down the hall. He stops at the door and says "Dude, are you really jerkin off?" I reply quickly, trying not to lose concentration, "Yeah man". Again, he doesn't believe me. He says "Na uh, if you are, show me". I opened the door with my cock still in my right hand. He looks down at my cock, with a surprised look on his face. I noticed he had a bulge growing in his tight Wranglers. I was like dude let's just jerk off together. He unbuckles his belt and pulls his jeans down, and his semi-hard cock flops out, showing a patch of blonde pubes above his cock. We stand there for a minutes and watch each other jerk off admiring each other's cocks. I took the magazine and put it on the bed and we stood beside each other looking at it as we jerked our cocks. I knew I wanted to do more than just jerk off, but didn't know how far Michael would go. So I started talking about how hot it'd be if we were getting a blowjob instead of just jerking off like normal. Finally, I said, "Why don't you suck my dick, and I'll suck yours?" He looked at me with a questionable look, and was like "Ok, but you go first". I got on my knees and slowly took his 8 inch cock in my mouth, tasting his precum. I sucked and worked my way further and further down his shaft, stroking my own dick with my right hand. I could feel his body tense up as I went up and down on his dick, with each pump he would moan with pleasure. Having my buddies cock in my mouth turned me on more than I could imagine. I felt my balls tighten, and I went all the way down on his cock, burying my face into his pubes. I sucked his dick for a while longer then stopped. I stood up and told him it was his turn. He got down on his knees and was kind of apprehensive. So I reminded him of our agreement and put one hand on his shoulder and one hand on the back of his head guiding him towards my cock pointing right at his face. He started out really slow on my mushroom tip and I put some pressure on the back of his head and started to slowly thrust my cock into his mouth. I finally got all 8 inches in his mouth when he began gagging. He stood up and we continued jerkin off, looking at the magazine. Still wanting more, I was like, "Dude, you should let me fuck you". At first he turned me down but I proceeded to convince him to just let me stick my cock in his ass one time. He leaned over the bed doggy style and I rubbed some Vaseline over my cock. He stood with his legs spread open and I put my cock against his ass and started teasing his hole. He told me he was ready so I put some pressure against his tight ass. I felt my cock slide in slowly. It felt so damn good, I wanted to slam the rest in but he was squirming in pain. I stopped and let him breath for a minute, then started back in. I got all 8 inches in his ass and felt my balls pressed against his ass. I started fucking his tight ass slowly, watching my cock slide in and out of his ass. I flipped him over on his back and lifted his legs and started fucking his hole even faster. Being over top of him with my cock in his tight ass, looking at his tan muscles turned me on even more. I start slamming my cock into him as hard as I could and felt my balls tighten up. Before I knew it, I started cummin in his ass, and he blows his load all over his chest. We laid beside each other on the bed, still covered in cum.

That was the beginning of when we started messing around with each other. A few years have passed since then, but we still get together when we can.




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