Dear Readers - I have decided to keep experimenting with the science fiction and male erotica mash-up. Just like the Interstellar series, this is set at the same time in a possible future but isn't a part of that series, instead it's part of what I will refer to in subsequent stories as, FROM THE TERRACORP CHRONICLES. Please let me know what you think.

Day 1

If you're reading this, you must have found it by my body because I plan to keep it with me. Or, you may have found it with the stuff that I left behind because I finally was able to get off Earth and I don't intend to take anything with me to remind me of this place. Or third, you stole some of my shit and I hope you rot in hell which wouldn't be much different than just being alive here on Earth.

I found this book of blank pages while I was rummaging through an old office supply store looking for anything I might be able to barter with but decided to keep it so at least I had it speak to, well if speaking were the same as writing down my thoughts.

I wrote Day 1 at the top of this page because I have no idea what day it is. I couldn't even tell you what season it is anymore. Dry, hot and sunny is just the way it is all of the time. I know I should be able to tell by the Sun and the Moon but I never learned about that when I was younger. Every once in a while I'll run in to somebody who knows, but I usually didn't have anything to write it down on to start tracking the days.

Well, I better get some sleep before I go to work.

Day 4

God, it was hot today. I need to see if I can find a hat somewhere.

At least now I can track days. In looking back at my first entry, I realize if you are reading this that you have no idea who I am. My name is Rusty, actually when I was born my parents named me Russell but someone called my Rusty and it stuck. If I remember correctly, the water wars started when I was younger than 10 and we talked about it school before they were closed. The fighting reached Illinois just after I turned 12 so I must be 18 or 19 now. My parents, sister and I had entered the lottery to go to one of the new colonies that TerraCorp had created across the part of the galaxy nearest to Earth but we didn't get selected. The rumor was that the lottery was all an act, that TerraCorp chose the people they wanted or who had enough credits to pay for a ticket. I guess when TerraCorp didn't need any more people on the colonies they just stopped taking people to them, that's when things really got bad.

Originally the water wars started in the Southwest of what was the United States. The states of California, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado had been politically fighting for decades about water but when Colorado announced plans to dam the Colorado River it escalated. It turned from political and legal into actual fighting. My father made sure I read about it so that I could understand what the United States had been at one time and how it had so radically changed. My father made me read a lot, I wish he was still around. I'm leaving now for my job in the corn fields. TerraCorp pays us with food, they seem to make sure we have all that we need since everyone who was still around and working seemed healthy and looked like what my Mom used to call farm breed and farm feed. I know I had grown a lot because I had to wear some of Dad's old clothes even though they are too big. I'm not as tall as he was but the ample food and the daily work in the fields had made by body strong and muscled.

Day 7

I haven't written anything the last couple of days because when I get home I'm just too tired and usually go right to bed. The last couple of days have been interesting, if that's the right word. I currently have a job detasseling corn in one of the TerraCorp agra zones. Corn is one of the plants that seems to be difficult to grow on most of the terraformed worlds, so it's one of the few exports the Earth still has. If they ever figure the problem out, I'm sure TerraCorp will abandon what's left of what was the United States.

It was tiring work but I needed the food. While I was working, I saw two men between the rows, one of the men was on his knees and had the other man's dick in his mouth and he was moving his head back and forth. At one point the man that was standing grabbed the head of the man on his knees and pulled his face as close to his body as he could. I could see the standing man's legs start to quiver and he seemed to be grunting, then he pushed the other man's head away, pulled up his pants and went back to detasseling. While I watched, my dick got hard in my pants like when I beat off.

I remember talking with my friends about beating off and sex before they and their families left on a colony ship or to try to cross the border into Canada but besides beating off I didn't have any experience when it came to sex. My parents didn't have any books on sex and the library has been closed since TerraCorp took control of Central Illinois. My friends and I knew that the way to make a baby with a girl was to stick our dicks in what they called her pussy, I can't remember the correct word, but it was also supposed to feel really good, even better than beating off. One of my friends even told me that he had put his dick into a girl's mouth and that she had sucked on it. I think that's what I saw those two men doing.

Speaking of friends, I don't have any now, I take care of myself. My Dad left a long time ago to try to find work farther north where there was supposed to be more water. He said he'd come back for us as soon as he could. He never came back. When my Mom got sick, we didn't have enough credits for the TerraCorp medical facility and she died. Luckily, TerraCorp, along with food, did provide water and electricity for the people who stayed because they needed us to work, so my older sister and I were able to stay in our house. Maybe a year ago, some TerraCorp guy started to hang around my sister. One day he asked her if she would come back with him to the colony where he lived. He wouldn't agree to bring me along so I had to convince her that I'd be okay and that she should leave while she had the chance. I haven't heard from her.

I can't get that image of those two men out of mind. I seem to remember that some of the older boys used to call boys that played with another boy's dick cocksuckers and faggots. I wonder if I can talk to someone about this.

Day 9

As usual, I woke up with a hard dick this morning and decided to beat off before I went to work. I usually try to think about what it would feel like if I was sticking my dick into a girl's pussy or her mouth. This morning I thought about those two men and more particularly what it felt like to have someone's dick in my mouth. Does that make me a cocksucker and faggot? I remember when my family used to go to church that the minister said that it was a sin for men to do what I had seen and what I was thinking about. I guess that makes me a sinner, because I couldn't stop thinking about being a cocksucker all day. But if sinners went to hell, I am already here.

My dick was hard all day and actually began to hurt. I also couldn't stop looking at the other guys working and how big their dicks might be. The only dick I've ever seen is my own. At one point when I had to take a leak, I went to one of the portable johns and beat off for the second time that day.

After I came home, I did some cleaning but more and more I realized the house was too big and I didn't like keeping it clean. Pretty much I just focused on the kitchen, my bedroom and the bathroom.

Day 12

I heard some of the older men talking today. They were saying that this year's crop wasn't good. There was less corn and it wasn't very good quality. Another guy said he heard that TerraCorp was pulling out after the crop was brought in and we all would be screwed. No jobs, no electricity and no water. Another guy said that he was going to leave anyway because most of the women had already left or would leave with the TerraCorp men at the end of the season. I heard another man, who was probably a little bit older than me, say that he was horny and that he was ready to fuck some faggot ass. The other men laughed but I wondered what that meant.

If TerraCorp really left, where can I go? When the western states were fighting, it ended badly for Southern California, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada. Texas succeeded from the United States and took control of those states, along with all of the states that were on the Gulf, including Florida. I also heard that there had been fighting with Mexico. When what was left of the United States entered the fight, to take back control, most of the cities in the West were pretty much destroyed. Since Texas, and the states that had been taken, are on the gulf, they had access to water but it was expensive to get rid of the salt, that's when TerraCorp stepped in and took control. Rumors are that they just use the land there for its natural resources and besides workers, no one really lives there anymore, they either went to one of the colonies or headed north. Canada, with the backing of TerraCorp had invaded the Northwest, the Upper Midwest, the Great Lakes and New England. In essence, TerraCorp controlled all of North America. Other corporations had taken control of the other continents. If my job ended, I guess I'll join one of the groups of people that wander around in search of water and food. Before my Dad left he referred to them as Nomads, whatever that means.

Day 13

I guess I am a cocksucker and a faggot. The guy who made the comment yesterday about fucking some faggot ass followed me when I was walking home from the corn field. He stopped me just before I got back to the house. He said he had been watching me for a while and that he and some of the other guys thought I might have a sweet ass under my work clothes. He was taller than me and weighed more than me. He pushed me into the house and took off his sweat stained shirt. He had a large chest and broad shoulders like my father and uncles but his stomach was tighter, probably from all the work we did. Unlike most of us who were from around here who have blondish hair, his hair was dark. He had stubble on his face like he hadn't shaved in a while. A lot of us just shave weekly since it's getting harder to find razors. He asked me where the bathroom was and said he was going to take a shower and that I should take one when he was done. He told me to get him some towels. I wasn't sure what to do, so I got some towels and waited for him outside of the bathroom. When he stepped from the shower he told me to give him a towel and that I should get in the shower and that I should hurry up.

When I got out of the shower and turned the water off, I could hear him in the kitchen opening cabinets and drawers. He yelled for me to come to the kitchen. When I said I needed to put on some clothes he told me not to so I wrapped the towel around my waist. When I got to the kitchen he asked where the booze was. When I told him I didn't have any, he wasn't happy. He wanted to know why I didn't get any with my weekly allocation of food. I told him I have never had booze, so I didn't take it. He told me that I better get some the next time I picked up my food supplies because he would want a drink when he came over.

Even though I had seen the man in the fields, I didn't know his name and asked him what it was. He told me Jack. Oh, Jack was totally naked in my kitchen. His dick was much bigger than mine, so were his balls.

Jack sat down in one of the kitchen chairs and spread his legs. While my arms and legs are pretty hairless, his legs were covered with dark hair. He told me to take care of him. I wasn't sure what he meant but when he started to stroke his dick like I did when I beat off, I understood, he wanted me to do the same thing I had seen the man do in the field the other day. He told me to get down on my knees and take care of his cock. Even though I hadn't heard a dick called that, I knew what he meant. His dick, his cock, got bigger the longer he stroked it.

For a minute all I could do was look at it, not sure what do. Jack made the decision for me, he put a hand behind my neck and pulled me toward the giant cock that was in front of me. He told me to open my mouth and I did. I tentatively put my lips around the top part of his dick. He told me to suck his head, another new word for me. I sucked like I would if I was using a straw in a drink. Jack laughed and said his friends were right, I was a virgin. That seemed to get him more excited, as he tried to pull me farther onto his cock, I explored the head and the shaft with my tongue. I liked the way it tasted. I liked the feel against my tongue. The pressure against the back of my throat made my scalp tingle. His dick kept going deeper and I started to gag and I was afraid I would get sick, but he held me in place telling me I'd get used to it. It seemed like forever, but I did. Jack must have realized it because he pushed himself deeper and asked if I liked his big cock. Once he was as deep as he could get, he released some pressure and I instinctively pulled back letting my tongue drag along the underside of his dick. When my lips were almost all the way to the tip of his cock, he started to push me back down. We repeated this for a few times until I figured out what he wanted. His cock felt so good in my mouth and it seemed to fit my throat just right. At one point he held my head so just the head of his cock was between my lips. He stood up from the chair, holding my head in place. I realized that he was going to let his dick shoot into my mouth like I shoot on my chest when I beat off. I don't know why, but I tried to pull off his dick but he wouldn't let me. I felt his warm liquid fill my mouth and I didn't know what to do. He put his hand on the front of my throat and told me to swallow his cum, another new word. I did as he told me and I tried to swallow it all but some leaked out of my lips. With his cock still in my mouth, he used his fingers to gather up the cum that was dripping and dragged them back to my mouth, forcing his fingers in my mouth alongside his cock. I licked it off his fingers. He told me I would make a good cocksucker with some more practice. He pulled out of my mouth, wiped the cum that was on the head of his cock along my lips and told me lick it all. He got out of the chair and must have gone to gather his clothes because when he came back into the kitchen he was dressed and I was still on my knees. He said that he would be back tomorrow and that I better have gotten some booze. Then he was gone.

I'm going to go to bed now. I think I'm going to have to beat off before I can go to sleep, I got hard writing this.

Day 15

Last night Jack was waiting at my house when I got home. He must have broken in since I lock all the doors and windows in the house every day to try to keep scavengers out, obviously it wasn't good enough. Several times during the day I saw him and a couple of times he was talking to other men and pointing in my direction.

On the way home I stopped by the TerraCorp store house and picked up my week's food. I took the bottle of amber liquid and the case of beer they always offer me but I've never taken before. Since unlike most of the other workers that stay in dorms close to the field, I had to carry all my supplies to my house. Usually I just have one box but yesterday it was the box and the case. It took me a bit longer to get home since it was awkward and I had to stop and switch arms.

Jack was already showered and sitting in the same kitchen chair when I got home. When he saw that I had gotten booze, he got up from the chair, his semi-hard cock swaying as he moved. He found a glass and poured some of the amber liquor in it and then drank it in one swallow. When he opened a beer he told me to go take a shower and be quick about it. When I came back to the kitchen, I saw that more of the amber liquid was missing from the bottle and he was on his second beer. Since I knew what he wanted, and I knew what I wanted, I got down on my knees but he told me we were going to try something different and had me stand up.

He poured more of the amber liquid and told me to drink it, he called it Whiskey, I hesitated and when I brought it up to my nose, I didn't like how it smelled it. He ordered me to drink it. I started to take a sip but he told me to drink it all at once. When I hesitated again, he took the glass and brought it to my lips, grabbed my cheeks and told me to open up. When my lips were parted, he tipped the glass so that all of the whiskey went into my mouth. It tasted terrible and I wanted to spit it out but he tipped my head back and told me to swallow it. It burned my throat on the way down. When I stopped coughing he handed me a beer and told me to drink it fast. When I was done he told me to lie on my back on the kitchen table. He pulled me toward him until my head was hanging off the table. He slapped my face with his dick as it got harder. He told me to open my mouth and he shoved his cock in. His dick went farther than it had the day before and he said it felt so fucking good. He started making small movements with his cock so that I could feel the head move against the walls of my throat. He told me I must have gotten used to his big cock since I wasn't gagging like I had the day before. He started moving his hips and when he moved them back his cock would almost come all the way out of my mouth and then he would rock forward and it would go deep into my throat again. While he kept going back and forth, he put a hand on the front of my throat and by his comments, it appeared that he enjoyed feeling his cock stretch my throat.

I think it was the combination of my head hanging down and causing blood to rush to my brain combined with booze that made lose track of time, I just remember the constant movement of Jack's dick in my mouth and throat. He yelled out that he was close. He pulled out of my mouth, moved to the side, and raised my head up with one hand while he frantically stroked with the other. He angled his cock so it was aimed at my open mouth and he began to shoot. Some of his cum made it between my lips but most of it shot over my head and landed on the floor. He was angry that I hadn't gotten all of his sperm in my mouth.

Jack walked away from me and poured himself some more of the whiskey and sipped it while he got dressed. I got off the table, grabbed a rag, and cleaned off the floor. When I stood up, he had me take a sip of his whiskey. It burned my raw throat more than before. As he left the house he told me we were going to have fun tomorrow.

That's enough for now. I need to do some chores around the house and get some sleep.

Day 17

I didn't write anything yesterday because Jack never let me out of his sight. Yesterday when I got to the corn field, Jack was waiting. He told me that some of the other men had followed him to my house the other night and saw what we were doing and that they wanted to use me too. He said he told them that I was his bitch, I'm not sure what that means, and that I would only be with another guy if he decided I could. He was never out of eye sight for the rest of the day. I could tell that other men were looking at me and talking among themselves. Jack was as big as, or bigger than, any of the other men and I think they were afraid of him.

When work was done, Jack had me come with him to the dorm where he gathered up some of his things and we carried them to my house. He told me he was going to move in so that I could take care of him and that no other guys bothered me without his okay.

Jack had me take a shower with him. While the water ran over our bodies, he made me take his cock into my mouth again until he filled my mouth with his cum. After we were done, he told me to go downstairs and pour him a drink of the amber liquid. When I got back upstairs he was lying on top of my bed stroking his cock. With his free hand he took the glass and took a big swig before setting it down. He reminded me that he had said we were going to have fun. He told me to straddle his waist. I could feel the heat from his dick against the skin of my ass. He had me spit in his hand and then he rubbed it on his cock. With one hand he held his dick and with the other he moved me around until I felt the head of his cock against my asshole. I didn't know what he was doing but he told me to push down with my body. When I did, his dick started to go inside me. I yelped and tried to pull myself back up but he firmly held me in place and pushed me down. He said there was nothing like a piece of virgin ass, I guess that is what I am.

I could feel the head of his cock push through into my body. Once it had, the pain wasn't so bad. Jack told me to stay still and get used to it. After a minute or two he started pushing me down again. I had never felt anything like that before. Even though it hurt, it also felt good. Jack kept saying things like "shit" and "god damn" until I could tell that he was completely inside of me. He asked me if I liked his big cock in my pussy. I thought a pussy was something a girl had but I said yes. His cock was rubbing against something inside me that made my dick hard, like when I beat off, but I wasn't even touching myself. He told me to pretend like I was riding a horse and to move my ass up and down his cock. At one point on put my hands on his chest, which was as hard as rock, so that I could raise myself higher than if I was just using my thighs. At some point Jack started to raise his ass off of the bed like he was trying to go in deeper as I was lowering myself. Jack kept swearing and moaning. I saw Jack's eyes roll back in his head and then I felt warm liquid inside my ass. When that happened, my dick exploded all over Jack's chest and face. He pushed me off of him and told me to go get something to clean him up. I came back from the bathroom with wet towel and cleaned him up. He said I must really like getting fucked if that happened. I think I do like getting fucked as he called it.

He told me to go downstairs and make something for him to eat and that I should wake him when it was ready. I cooked some supplies, not that I know how to cook that much, and called his name. He came down the stairs, he was naked and scratching his balls. He sat down at the table and ate what I had laid out. He must have eaten twice as much as I did and he said the next time I should make more. When he was done, he told me to go upstairs and get into bed and that he would be there in a minute. He came into the bedroom with a glass of whiskey that he placed on the nightstand. His dick was hard again. He got onto the bed and told me to pull up my legs and hold them close to my chest. When I had, he pushed his cock back inside me. I guess the cum that was inside of me made it easier this time because he slid in easily. He had reached between my arms and legs and had his hands on either side of my neck. He was using his body this time to control all the movement. I started pushing back when he pushed forward. He said he was right, I did like cock, just like he had told the men at work. It was a different sensation and I liked it just as much as when I had been riding his cock. I liked how his weight was pressed against me. When he filled me again with his cum, I shot off again, but this time on my chest. When he pulled his dick out of me, he wiped it on the back of my legs and then told me to go clean myself up. When I had and was walking back into the bedroom, he told me to go find somewhere else to sleep, that it was his bedroom now. Even though I hadn't cleaned it in a while, I went into my parents' bedroom and went to sleep on their bed.

When I woke the next morning, Jack was already up. When I came into the living room, he was doing the kind of things that we used to do in gym class at school. He did a couple different kinds of pushups and sit ups. He even did a thing where he put his hands behind himself onto a chair and raised and lowered his whole body. I couldn't help but watch his various muscles expand and contract. I think he liked the attention. When he was done he told me to make some breakfast while he got dressed. He ate everything I had made so I had to make some more for myself.

At work today, he spent more time talking to different men than doing work. There seemed to be a lot less men working today than there had been yesterday. When the supervisor tried to talk to Jack, he got right up to his face and said something and then the supervisor went away. When we were all having lunch, I heard some of the men talking about how some nomads came though the town last night and made almost all the women and children come with them and that some of the men had been killed when they tried to stop them. They also said that a large group of men followed the nomads and that the town was pretty much empty.

Tonight when Jack and I got back to the house, instead of putting his cock in my mouth or ass, he had me make some dinner. While I was cleaning up, two guys from work showed up at the house. Jack talked to them at the door for a while before letting them in. They each had brought some whiskey so the three of them sat in the living room drinking right out of the bottles. Jack told me it was time for me to get to work. I didn't understand what he meant until I saw the men pull their dicks out of their pants while Jack did the same. I got on my knees in front of Jack but he directed to one of the other men. The man's cock was different than Jack's. It was a little shorter but it had a much bigger head. I had to open my jaws wider and I couldn't get as much down my throat as I could with Jack. Soon my mouth was filled with the man's sperm and he seemed happy when I swallowed it. I did the same for the next man, whose cock was longer but much thinner than Jack's. It was a lot easier to take the man in my throat. Jack didn't have me take care of him but said I'd get a treat in a while. After a few more swigs of whiskey the two men left and Jack and I went up to my bedroom, I guess it was Jack's bedroom now. He had me lie on my stomach this time. He put a pillow under my waist. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and I jumped when I heard him spit and felt the blob land on my hole. He put his dick in the crack and ran it up and down until it got slick and then he pushed it into me. He was faster and rougher than he had been before but it still made me feel good. Just before he shot his cum into me, he put his mouth against my ear and said while he may have me take care of some other cocks that I better remember that his is the most important. When he was done, he rolled off me and feel asleep.

I grabbed this book from the top of the dresser and took it into my parents' room to write about the last two days. I'm going to get some sleep now.

Day 25

Jack is gone. For the last 8 days my life has taken on a new routine. While before Jack, it had been get up, go to the corn field, come home, go to bed, get up. Since Jack became a part of my life it's been get up, feed Jack, go to work, come home, feed Jack, service 2 or more of Jack's friends, get fucked my Jack, got to bed, get up. That's why I haven't written much lately, I've been too busy or too tired. Today changed all that.

As usual, Jack and I left for work after some breakfast. Again there seemed to be less men at work. I saw Jack talking to the supervisor and then I didn't see him for the rest of the day. At lunch, the supervisor told us that TerraCorp was shutting down the corn field today. The last of the corn that had been harvested was going to be loaded on cargo transports later today and taken to the space port near the old city of Chicago. The field would be burned tomorrow and TerraCorp was going to start drilling for oil on the site. It seems one of the last pockets of oil left in North America is actually under Central Illinois. We were told that those of us with the right skills would be hired to work on the drilling. For those of us who didn't, we would be given an amount of credits equal to what would have been the value of a months' supplies plus a ticket that could be used to go anywhere that local transports went. Local transports only traveled to a few of the cities and towns that were still occupied that had supplies delivered by TerraCorp.

At the end of the day, we all went to the TerraCorp store house and received our credits and travel voucher. I wasn't offered a new job. I still hadn't seen Jack so I walked home alone. When I got to the house, there was a notice attached to the door that said the house was the property of TerraCorp and that it was going to be demolished because it was on the site of the new refinery that was going to be built. When I went into the house, what little Jack had brought from the dorm was gone plus some of my parents' stuff that had trade value. I sat down on the couch and put my head in my hands. I have no idea what I'm going to do.

I finally got up and ate something and then there was a knock at the door. When I opened it, there were two of the men that had visited after Jack had moved in. They each handed me a bill worth 20 credits. When I asked them why, they told me that's what they had given Jack to get blow jobs from me. I must have had a confused look on my face because they told me that Jack had been using me. Using me not just for his own pleasure but to make credits. Since he moved in with me, he didn't have to use any credits for the dorm; he didn't have to use his food allowance so he got it in credits; and that he made at least 10 credits for every guy who got to stick their cocks down my throat. They told me that he had used the credits he had saved to bribe someone at TerraCorp to get him on a colony ship. They even said that they were sure that one of the guys that I had taken care of was that TerraCorp person.

I let each of them men use my mouth and throat. Again, I was reminded how each cock I had tasted and felt were different. It also made me think that regardless of the dick, it was my mouth and my ass that gave them pleasure. When I had finished off both men, I gave them back their credits and thanked them for helping me realize something. They both gave me a look like they didn't understand what I'd just said. They asked me since they were hired on for the drilling operation if they could come back. I told them that TerraCorp was tearing down my house and I didn't know where I would be even though I knew I'd be gone.

Before I go to bed, I'm going to pack up some of my things, including pictures of my family, so that I can leave at first light. I'm going to use my travel voucher to get as far away from Central Illinois as I can. If anyone is going to make credits or get ahead from my mouth and ass, it's going to be me.

I don't think Jack even knew my name but I'll never forget Jack. In just two weeks, he had changed me from a boy that was living day to day just trying to survive to a man who was going to create his own destiny.

Day 28

Yet to be written........



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