It was his twenty-first birthday. Peter Black, the eldest of Mr. Black's sons and his legitimate heir was standing at the center of the stage grinning from ear to ear as Mr. Black made him a toast and wished him a great birthday. Peter hugged his father and then stepped down the stage where he was soon lost among his friends. He was partying and so should he as this birthday was very special to him. He was not only 21 this birthday but his father has declared him the ceo of their company. He was immensely happy. So when the official party was over, he went out with his friends to hit the local bars.

Peter had always been the showstopper wherever he went. At 21 he was one of the most handsome boys anyone has ever let their eyes on. He was about 6 ft 3 inches, his swimming and running gifted him with a lean muscular physique that made girls tear their dresses off, his light blue eyes reflected the deep blue ocean and his floppy hair and dimples made him look extra cute and eatable. His perfectly v shaped torso made girls wet thinking how good it would feel to hold him tight when he would ravage their cunts with his hammer. It was rumored that the prostitutes demanded extra charge from him after laying their eyes on his extra-long extra thick huge purple thick red headed cock. He also had beautifully built legs with strong thighs and a nice firmly built round butts that fitted well in the jeans he wore.

But all of these attributes of his were not only for the girls alone. His close friends Bran though a year junior to him enjoyed Peter's body a lot better than the girls. It was during his first year when he met with Peter the all popular college stud. He was being escorted to his room by another few juniors. When he entered, he saw that the room was not like the other rooms but it was a huge room with its own air cooler, attached bathrooms, nice furniture, a beautiful closet and a huge bed. Peter father was the trustee and he enjoyed a lot more than the other college students on a lot of grounds. As his gaze moved to the bed, he saw peter sitting at the edge of the bed, putting his magnificent body to display. A very small black briefs unsuccessfully covered his genitals. Peter's right hand was holding a big wine glass and his left hand was inside those undies of his. Peter gestured Bran to undress. Bran was short in height about 5ft 7 inches, was slim but had some baby fat around his nipples that made them look like breasts, and around his buttocks which made his ass look large and soft. As he undressed, Bran cleverly played a bit with his body that made Peter completely go over the edge. He stood and held Bran by his waist and lifted him in mid air. When their faces were at level, he placed a soft kiss on Brans lips. Bran was already fucked by a lot many seniors and now he enjoyed being fucked. He responded graciously by opening his lips allowing Peter to push his tongue inside his mouth and began sucking on Peter's tongue. Peter took him to his bed and tore off his underwear. Bran's 6 inch cock came into view. Peter began licking Bran's body , his armpits and took one of his nipples inside his mouth. He loved the soft flesh. He began sucking on it hard and with his other hand played with the other breast. Bran was shivering with pleasure. After few minutes, peter slowly licked down his way to his cock and took the whole shaft inside his mouth. He began sucking him all the way down and then gradually going up, licking the balls and cleaning the head with his tongue. Bran was overwhelmed. He came heavily within minutes spurting his man seed inside Peter's mouth without warning. Peter left him and with a smile on his face turned him to have a view of his ass. With his two hands resting on each ass cheek, Peter slowly spread them to have a clear view of the asshole. He was delighted when he saw the pink hole closing and opening. He happily buried his face inside his hole, licking Bran's hole and fucking him with his hot tongue. He pushed his tongue inside and began to clean the hole. After some minutes, he pulled his face back, took his 12 inches long 4 inches thick cock and placed it on the hole of Bran and then forced himself inside Bran ripping his ass hole apart. Bran gave a loud gasp. Peter hugged him tight and after waiting for a few minutes again pushed deeper. After few minutes he was fucking Bran like a roadside bitch making him whimper and cry for more like a hungry slut. Bran felt surprisingly satisfied, complete with peter's cock inside him and he got himself fucked thrice that night. Since then he became Peter's bitch , getting himself fucked in the showers, classroom, field and everywhere possible. He even brought in friends for Peter.

As they entered into the club, Bran dressed himself as a slut in red underwear and a bra, held Peter's hand close around him. As peter entered the club, he made eyes roll. Peter was dressed only in a low cut black vest and a tight black and white stripped underwear that hugged his parts well and sports shoes with socks. He got himself seated in a secluded corner from where he had a good view of the club. Bran was laying on the sofa, his head resting on peter's strong thighs. After a few minutes a waiter approached them. He was in his late twenties, about 6 ft tall, had a strongly built chest, nice washboard abbs and strong legs. This was a gay bar and the waiter too was wearing only a pink colored boxers that contrasted well with his dark colored skin. As he came nearer, he smiled and peter pulled him close with one of his hands grabbing his ass. The waiter( say Jack) smiled as he went close to Peter, stood in the area between his legs, his cock level to peter's face. Peter pulled his boxers down and took the shaft inside his mouth and began sucking on the monstrous cock. It was as thick as a bear can and about 8 inches. Peter loved sucking and hungrily began sucking the cock. Bran pulled down peter's undies and began sucking the 12 inch tool. The place echoed with slurping sounds and the moaning's of theirs . about half an hour later they sprayed their juices and john sat on peter's tool. Peter adjusted his tool to meet John's ass and pulled him down hard allowing his cock to ravish through the hole and enter into the deep manly closets of John making him scream so loud that he drew the attention of many guys around. They saw the action going on and soon came running for it. They undressed fast and soon there was an orgy, with peter sucking another cock as he fucked john, and bran being fucked like a bitch by three or four guys. A few hours after they all lay spent on the floor covered with each others manly juices and sweat. Peter gave a huge fart as he stood , lifted Bran in his arms and walked out of the club. He was smiling on the great birthday he had.




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