During my many successful conquests for hot one night gay sex partners, I'd never been drawn to seeking out twinks for a night of rolling in the sack. On this given Friday night, I'd visited several gay bars looking for a mature hot athletic type with big muscles and a weight lifting/gym jock. As I had not had a lay in two weeks, my hormones were running wild.

It was around 11 PM as I decided to visit my fourth bar still looking for a hook up. This particular bar was one of my favorites as I'd had lots of success here picking up hot dudes for a night of man action.

The bar was crowded with hot guys of all types and shapes. The guys were drinking, dancing and making out in the booths that circled the room. Surely I'd find a catch among all these horny guys.

I found an unoccupied booth in a dark corner and ordered a rum and coke. As I surveyed the room, it seemed that all the good looking guys had already hooked up. I guess I should have gotten here much earlier. But I was still desperate for man sex.

In about 30 minutes as I had my second drink, this young blonde twink entered the bar. Man, what was happening to me? For the first time, I was getting the hots for a twink. Was it because I was desperate for sex or was this young dude somehow different and hot as hell?

He had the most gorgeous face, a smile to die for and what looked like a big timber between his legs. He had very blonde hair, blue eyes, stood about 5-feet and 7-inches and did not weigh more than 150 pounds. I'd always had a weakness for blonde and blue-eyed dudes but dudes who were much bigger and muscled. But there was such charisma and sexy chemistry about this guy that my cock began to grow and twitch. I began to lust for him.

As this twink looked around the bar, he noticed that I was alone. He made eye contact and headed toward my booth. The closer he got the more my cock grew and the hornier I became. As he approached, he held out his hand and said: "Hi, my name is Mickey. Is this seat taken?"

I replied: ""Hey Mickey, my name is Kade and no it isn't. Have a seat. Can I buy you a drink?"

"Sure thanks Kade, I'll have what you are drinking."

Over the next 20 minutes, we had a couple of drinks and chatted about mundane things but I noticed that Mickey's eyes running his eyes up and down my body as if he was trying to undress me.

Finally in a state of total arousal, I just blurted out: "Excuse me but you seem to be checking me out with those sexy eyes of yours."

This comment broke the ice when Mickey answered: "OK Kade, you've caught me. Shit, lets drop the pretense as to why we are here. Hell man, this is a gay bar. I'm looking for a fuck and you are my type. I love being fucked by a big stud like you--you can ring my bell. I'm cruising tonight to hook up for man sex and also you are the type of man that drives me wild. I'm into big hunks and a big daddy like you. Aren't you about 6-feet and 3-inches, weighs around 210 pounds and I noticed that you have a huge tent in those pants. I can see from that sleeveless tank top those huge muscled arms and those biceps look like melons. I bet you are a gym jock and can fuck the hell out of a twink like me. I bet you have a horse sized cock that could put me in orbit."

"Gee fuck Mickey, thanks and yea I work out every day and I compete in weight lifting tournaments around the country. You guessed right. I have an awesome large dick that loves fucking man pussy. I'm getting hornier by the minute."

"Well Kade, I'm gay as they come and tonight I too am horny as hell. In fact, I'm a male whore when it comes to sex. I love your dark black hair and brown eyes with that dark suntan. You're really my type. Why don't we split and go to your pad. I'll make it worth your while when you fuck me. I'm a bitch that loves to bottom with a big cock like yours pounding the hell out of my ass. Yea, I know I'm a proud slut."

We left the bar and I drove like a bat out of hell getting to my apartment. This twink had me crazy for him. Man , was I changing to fucking twinks? The sooner we got naked and down to steamy sex the better.

While Mickey began to relax in my rec room, I went to the kitchen and poured us a couple of drinks. When I returned with the whiskey, shit Mickey was out of his clothes, butt naked, lying on his back on the carpet and holy fuck he was wildly masturbating with what looked like at least an 8-inch dong with a purple fat cock head. He had begun to leak pre-cum on his now shinny cock head. His hairless white smooth body only had blonde patches of hair in his armpits and in his crotch area. In a New York minute, my big cock grew to all 10-inches and struggled to get out of my shorts.

I placed the drinks on the bar and ripped off my clothes. Man we were both desperate to suck and fuck at that moment.

I was now in total heat. As Mickey leaned back flat on he carpet, he looked at me with a shitty grin and said: "Hey Kade, do you like what you see? Do you want to suck my cock? Come here Daddy and take your slut."

I immediately got down and took hold of that raging leaking cock and started jerking him off. He began to moan and lift his cute ass up in complete lust for my big hard hand around his cock. I jerked his cock and played with his big balls filled with semen. I'd never had had a more smooth, silk like and erotic cock in my hands. I'd seen and touched lots of cocks but never one with such a large piss slit. I began to fantasy about watching the eruption of semen flowing from that piss slit while I pumped his big boner. I could almost see inside his cock from that piss slit opening.

I moved my mouth and tongue down on that throbbing 8-inches. I started kissing and tonguing that huge cock head, sticking my tongue in the wide piss slit opening, using my tongue to lick up and down that fat cock shaft, fondled his hard balls and finally I began to deep throat that manhood. The feel of his pulsating vein covered cock on my tongue had me dizzy with lust and pleasure. I'd never felt such a hard throbbing of a cock in my mouth before. This had turned out to be the most wild sexual experience ever.

Although there were so many other sex moves I wanted to use on Mickey, I could not bring myself to stop sucking the most erotic cock ever plunged into my mouth. It was not long before I felt Mickey's cock head expand, his breathing became rapid, his balls tightened up under my chin and he began to thrust his hips and ass up hard against my face. I had discovered a cock trophy that felt like silk as one more time I swallowed it all. Mickey yelled: " Baby, Baby, Baby, Daddy do not stop sucking my cock. OH FUCK> OH FUCK< OH FUCK Zea, Yeaaaa, SHITTTT, HOLYSHIT, here I come."

I felt squirt after squirt of Mickey's creme at the back of my throat as I swallowed as fast as I could; it had little taste as it went down my throat. When I began to pull my mouth off that magic cock, I tasted droppings of cum on my tongue that were so sweet. Was Mickey a vegetarian, as I did not taste like salty cum?

I watched a second load of his white sticky cum squirt out of that really wide open piss slit as it landed on my face. Man, one could almost see inside his cock from such a big opening. I love getting facials.

"Kade Daddy, how did my seed taste? Is it better than other men's cum you've tasted?"

"Oh Baby, it was the sweetest cum I've ever had. I loved it. It was like ice cream on a hot day."

We relaxed and downed our whiskey and took a short breather. Then Mickey was so thoughtful when he suggested: "Daddy, let me try to deep throat that big 10-incher of yours. I've never tried to swallow a 10-incher before."

I got on my big king sized bed, stretched my naked body out on my back, spread my huge legs far apart, let Mickey get between my stretched out legs and he grabbed my steel hard cock at the base. Soon he was using his tongue and lips to kiss and lick up and down my very vein covered monstrous dick filled with blood. After several minutes of licking my cock shaft, he began to insert my pulsating and twitching cock inch by inch to the back of his young soft throat. He was a real trooper and was determined to please his new Daddy by taking all my cock deep in his throat as he gagged but he did not stop until he had all my snake in his mouth. He began a long series at first slowly coming almost all the way off my cock and then driving my beast all the way back into his throat. Soon he sped up as he sucked my cock. I could not believe how hot his mouth and tongue were as he gave me a hell of a great blowjob using his saliva to lubricate his mouth and my then wet cock. When I was near shooting my load, I pulled my cock out of his mouth and said: "Baby, I want to fuck that smooth pink ass of yours. Man it looks so awesome and just ripe and ready for my big pulsating cock. Mickey Baby, I've got a XL size cock. Do you think you take it all up that pussy?'

"Oh Hell Yea, Daddy, I want to feel that hot flesh of your huge cock deep in my ass. Fuck me raw. And daddy, I wan to experience your warm cum deep in my ass and running out my ass and down my legs. Give it to me."

I put Mickey on his back on my bed, put a big pillow under his ass, and put his feet up on my broad shoulders. I started by finger fucking his puckering asshole getting it ready for my big tool. For the first time, I was about to fuck a man pussy that needed no man made lube, as his puckering ass was producing an usual amount of juice. WOW, this was different. He begged for my cock.

I began to insert the twitching rock hard head of my cock in his inviting man pussy. His ass was so wet and eager for my cock that I slid my dick right in with little effort to get past his outer ass ring. Inch buy inch I was able to get all my monstrous meat into that silk ass. It was obvious that this little slut had taken many cocks up that ass before and that his ass had been spread wide by those cocks.

As we both began to talk dirty, I was wild with desire as I began to thrust harder and harder and faster and faster into the depth of his ass channel. The little cute whore's ass sucked my cock right into that tunnel. I felt the tip of my cock rubbing against his soft wet prostate. His ass produced so much lubrication that my cock felt like it was being dipped into a bowl of Jell-O. His ass just devoured my big wood. I pounded his pussy as my bed screeched like never before. The feel of flesh on flesh, the smell of sweaty bodies and the aroma of pre-cum had me near the edge of no return.

I leaned down and began to suck on his ears, kiss his lips and lick his neck while I drilled the best ass I'd ever penetrated with y hard dick.

I was already near a climax when Mickey uttered: "Daddy, I want all your big dick. My ass is begging you for that fresh meat, please, please, please fuck me harder, harder, please shoot that load of your cum inside me. Breed me now. Oh yea that's it, Hell yea. Aaaaaa, Ohoooooo, Fuck yea, Oh holy shit, Mmmmmmm, Aaaaaaaa, fuck com now."

Mickey began using his experienced ass muscles to grip my iron hard cock. My cock felt like it was caught in a sausage grinder. That did it. I felt my semen rush out of my balls, up my cock shaft and out my piss slit deep into that young twink's ass. I soon felt my cock swimming in a big pool of warm cum.

When I was finally spent, I pulled my big cock out of that ass and watched my cum run out of Mickey's ass and down his legs. I sucked some of the cum into my mouth and then dumped it into Mickey's mouth. We kissed and shared our protein for the night.

We showered and went to bed with our naked bodies entangled. It had been my best sex ever. I was almost sure I was now hooked on fucking twinks at least this twink.


Naughty Eric


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