My name is Toby, a 45-year-old successful attorney as as senior partner in one of the largest law firms in the western U.S. As a multimillionaire, resulting from winning several major civil cases, I have the opportunity to pursue my favorite hobby of cruising on my beloved luxury yacht.

About two months ago in early May, I discovered this incredible natural lake nested in the mountains of one of the Northwest states. I had my yacht relocated there. I fly there to spend a few days on the yacht as I prepare an upcoming court case as well as time for my hobby of fishing. As I do not enjoy cooking, I discovered a resort on the lake with a five star restaurant and bar that I visit daily when I am in the lake town living on my yacht.

During my first visit to the restaurant and bar two months ago, as a Gay man, I almost shot a load, the instant I saw the most gorgeous bartender I have ever seen. As he served me a drink and we begin to chat, I learned his name was Anthony.

Let me share the profile of this hunk. Anthony's grand parents came to the United States 50 years ago from Austria. Anthony stands 5' 10"; weights 150 pounds; has short emulate kept curly blond hair; blue eyes the color of the lake's blue water; a body void of any excess fat; from his neck to his thighs/legs, he has a rock hard slim body with perfect formed muscles; a sun tan from playing and swimming in the lake; hairless body except for his underarms and pubic hair; perfect formed movie star looking lips; an intoxicating smile showing perfect teeth; and as I would discover, a huge cut cock, girth and balls. You will learn about those measurements later.

Although I am a very attractive man for my age, I could not imagine that this young stud would ever be interested in getting it on with me. But I decided that with time and patience, I would give it my best shot.

My parents immigrated to the Unites States from Brazil when I was just one-year-old. As a Brazilian, I have a permanent light tan with dark brown eyes; styled semi-wavy black hair; stand 5' 11"in height; weigh a slim 160 pounds; solid muscled arms and biceps; flat hard chest, stomach and abs; featuring narrow line of dark brown hairs running from my chest to my crotch and thin fuzzy hair on my legs; really white teeth; very chiseled cheeks bones with dimples; rock hard thighs; and a 10" man's man uncut cock with a 6" girth.

My story regarding Anthony becomes very exciting after having my yacht at the lake for two months. Late on a Friday afternoon, I am at the bar having a drink when Anthony gets off work and I buy him a drink. He brings up the subject of how much he loves the lake including fishing. Anthony gives me the opening I have been looking for when he says: "Toby, I have admired your yacht over the past two months. When you are in LA and your yacht is docked here, I often gone down to the dock and admire its slick features for hours. As a working stiff, I have never had the pleasure to be on a yacht. Could you give me a detailed description of your yacht?"

I jump at the chance to respond: "My yacht is a 40 foot long Regal 4080 sport yacht that sleeps six people. The upper deck, called the fly bridge, is the captain's spot with an L-Shaped sofa and platform for sunbathing. There is a circular staircase that winds down to the lower level featuring sliding glass doors into a small dining room table with an u-shaped sofa. There is a small kitchen featuring a sink, two hot plates, a microwave and a refrigerator to keep snacks and the whiskey cold. The yacht has a bedroom for the captain and a second bedroom with two beds. A bathroom divides the two rooms. The gym couch can also be made into a bed. Finally, the yacht has a 20" LCD TV and a DVD player."

I can see in Anthony's eyes a glow with the desire to experience a trip on my luxury yacht. I suggest: "Anthony, do you have to work this weekend?" He smiles and says: "Toby, please call me Tony and no I have the weekend free." A light goes off in my head when I ask: "Tony, I am planning to run up and down the lake this weekend, relax, take in the sun and fish. I would love for you to join me."

Tony actually comes off the bar stool and says: "Oh, hell, do you really mean the whole weekend?" I assure him it is an invitation. He shakes my hand as I feel chills running up my spine and he says: "Toby, I just live two blocks from here. Can I go get some clothes and other items for the weekend and meet you at the yacht in 30 minutes?" I assure him I will be at the yacht.

Within the next hour, we are on board, start the engine and are off across the water that is as slick as glass with no waves around 4:00 pm. The view of the mountains in the far distance and clear sky gives one the feeling of being in Heaven.

I suggest that Tony put his things in the second bedroom, change into some shorts and the light blue polo shirt I have given him that has the name of my yacht on the back. The yacht's name is "The Stud's Cabin". And I suggest he then come up to the fly bridge where I am driving the yacht.

When he comes up top, I turn the driving of the yacht over to him with some instructions about how to steer the luxury yacht. He is beaming with excitement and pride as I place the captain's cap on his head. I sit down next to him as we continue to talk about my beloved "The Stud's Cabin" as he ask me how I picked that name.

I answer: "Tony, I hope I do not turn you off but I am a very horny Gay man who has fucked and been fucked by many horny dudes on this yacht." I begin to rub my hot bare leg against the bare smooth leg of Tony.

I hold my breath waiting for Tony to react to my bold move. Is he Gay? Will he just try to please me so he can have a weekend on the yacht? I did not have to wait long as he started pressing back against my leg and rubbing his leg harder and harder into my leg.

Tony smiles at me, frees one hand from the wheel and begins rubbing my inner thigh and says: "Toby, thank you for being honest with me. I am really turned on by your touching my leg. About a year ago, I tried my first sex with a co-ed that I had gone to high school with my senior year. As I tried to fuck her, my cock went totally limp. I was so embarrassed that I made the excuse that since I was drinking I could not perform. I realized that night that I was attracted to guys and not women.

I am now feeling goose bumps over my entire body, sweating with a stirring in my loins and feeling an oncoming rock hard cock from Tony's words and his touch. I look at Tony's crotch that is sprouting a huge bulge and I observe a growing wet spot in his shorts. We are both becoming as hard as a brick house.

Tony surprises me when he takes the lead and says: "Toby, I want to be real honest. I want you to make love to me not because I love this yacht. For two months, I have lusted after you. I know I am attracted to older men and especially one as gorgeous and in good shape as you. I am eager to learn erotic and steamy sex from such a handsome and experienced dude as you."

Tony continues: "I know we cannot fuck while I am driving the yacht. We will have to wait until this evening when we anchor the yacht in one of the bays. But we can jackoff each other and you can give me a blowjob while I sail the yacht across the water in this breath taking sunset. I cannot imagine a hotter setting for sex."

I begin to steer the yacht while Tony takes off his shorts and briefs. I give the wheel back to Tony while I take off my shorts and briefs. We are both now butt naked from the waist down. I generate huge gobs of spit that I put on Tony's swollen boner that is standing at attention. Tony informs me that his cut cock is 10.5" with a 6.5" girth along with balls that are the size of small oranges. He has a huge package that I lust after this minute.

Tony takes one hand off the wheel and begins to squeeze the base of my aching cock that if possible has just grown a little larger. He begins to slide his closed hand up and down my cock shaft faster and faster. He takes his hand and encircles my bulging rock hard cock head. I am dripping precum all over his hand.

At the same time, I am jerking his monstrous cock and shaft as I slide my hand up and down his slick and very wet tool from both my spit and his precum. This is a totally new experience for me as Tony begins to speed up the yacht over the calm water as we both are moaning, breathing harder and harder and experiencing an increase in our heart rates. How is Tony managing to guide the yacht so smoothly while jerking me off and being jacked off by me? We are on fire with heat and lust.

To make the sex even hotter, we remove our cum covered fingers from the cocks, put them in each others' hot mouth and begin feeding each other our man meat. Before long, Tony begs: "Toby, baby, get down between my legs as I drive this yacht at maximum speed and give me your hottest blowjob. Please suck my throbbing wood. OMG I am about to come from this unique sex."

I manage to squeeze under the seat, the steering wheel and between Tony's great smelling legs and crotch. I lubricate his flagpole with more of my spit and the dangling precum from his cock as I come all the way down on his waiting cock. My hot mouth begins to devour his wet rod. My head is bobbing up and down from the speed of the yacht. I just barely avoid hitting my head on the under cover of the wheel. But I am filled with lust for this 10.5" cock in my hot mouth.

I begin running my cum covered tongue around the cock head, lick up and down both sides of Tony's throbbing cock shaft, take one hand and squeeze the base of his red cock. I go down to his balls, lick them many times and try to put them in my mouth. I am only able to get these huge balls only part of the way into my mouth. Tony is screaming with pleasure as my tongue works his balls. At this moment, a speedboat passes us with four gorgeous hunks waving at Tony. He manages to wave back, smile and say hi there while pushing his cock further down my throat. Fortunately, the cute guys can not see me sucking this gorgeous cock while Tony is pushing my head down with one hand on the back of my neck.

I move back up on his cock and begin to take his entire tool down my throat. I suck up and down faster and faster. In these enclosed quarters, I begin to smell the rich masculine odors of his sexy manhood. The intoxicating odors coming from Tony's cock and asshole sends my cum filled balls over the edge. I begin to feel the rush of cum out of my balls, up my cock shaft, out the piss slit and a mother load of my cum covers Tony's feet and legs. The feel of warm cum on his feet and legs sends Tony over the edge. I feel his cock head enlarge, spasms in his cock shaft and his crying out: "Oh, Aaaaa, Mmmmmm, OMG, Oh, FUCK, Oh Aaaaa, FUCK. I am going to shoot my five-day supply of semen down your throat. I am cumming, I am cumming, swallow my milk, baby. I want my seed in you."

I count seven bursts of cum shoot down my throat. I get out from under the wheel and come up and plant hard kisses on Tony as he continues to steer us down the lake. Although I am partially blocking his view, I need for him to get a taste of my milk seed. We both had experienced a throbbing powerful ejaculation. It was great.

I take charge of the yacht and drives us to a bay where we anchor the yacht for the night. We shower and have a nice dinner that I had picked up at the restaurant earlier that afternoon.

We spend a couple of hours talking about our incredible sex and what else we could do to satisfy our lust for each other. Around 9:00 PM, I pull out a sexy xxx adult Gay video and ask Tony: "Shall we get horny while watching this video?" Tony slides close to me and grabs the back of my neck and plants his beautiful soft wet lips against my lips. We become lip locked. We begin slobbering as our increasing supply of spit runs out of our mouths, down our chins and onto our chests. We engage in very heated and rough kissing for a long time. We can hear each other slurping from all the wet kisses. We discover that both of us love kissing as a prelude to fucking.

After about 20 minutes of heavy kissing, I say: "Tony, baby, lets go to my bed, play this erotic xxx Gay adult video and make hot love. I want to fuck that virgin man pussy of yours. Your pussy may spoil if you go much longer without feeding it some hot cum food for nourishment."

This dirty talk sends Tony into orbit as his cock pushes above the waistband of his briefs. I too find my cock escaping through the opening in my briefs. During dinner, we had only been wearing our briefs so we could admire each others' bodies.

The over sexed and neglected Tony jumps up, grabs my hand and rushes us to my bed. We throw off all the cover down to my black silk sheets and rip off our briefs. I put the xxx video in the player and join Tony on the bed. Since we have already had a terrific jackoff session, kissing session and Tony had a blowjob from me earlier, we get right down to fucking.

Tony ask me to lie down on my back, lube my raging cock, lube his smooth pink asshole and he moves up on top of me to ride my huge cock. Tony faces me as he lowers his ass down on my cock standing at attention. I am amazed how easy Tony slides all the way down to the base of my cock for his first fuck. In our lustful state, we begin to wildly fuck. Tony goes up and down as I raise my hips and cock to meet his wide-open pussy. We are moaning, panting and sweating as we fuck in this position for at least 10 minutes. My cock and Tony's ass are so slick as we thrust with such rough sex. Tony mutters: "Oh, Toby, baby, OMG, I love your huge boner in my wet ass. This is the best feeling I have ever had. FUCK ME, FUCK ME! Please drill my pussy. I love you inside me. I am now part of you, baby."

I finally have Tony get off of me. I put him on his back, put a pillow under his ass, spank his ass cheeks until they are red and insert my now precum cock deep into his man pussy while he has his legs high in the air. I feel Tony's muscles clap down on my cock and then release as I come in and out. We have established a rhythm that gives us an unbelievable flesh to flesh pleasure.

Although I had planned to pull out before coming, the lust and pleasure over take me. I feel my cum rush up and out of my cock without any warning. Tony loves the warm semen filling his ass. After I am spent and pull out, Tony is now really into this fucking. He takes his fingers and drives them into his pussy. As my cum is seeping out, he rubs it on his fingers, puts his fingers in his mouth and eats my cum. Tony looks into my eyes and says: "Mmmmmm, Toby, I love the taste of your cum. Let me share it with you as I put my fingers in your mouth." It was delicious.

We kiss and I ask Tony to get ready to fuck his first man pussy. His stiff cock begins to jerk, throb and jump straight up. I really am eager to be fucked by that monstrous cock from this hunk. I decide to lie down on my stomach and have Tony fuck me doggie style. I lube my ass, place a pillow under my crotch to lift my man pussy up to Tony's waiting cock and wait for Tony to violate my non-virgin very worn ass. As we both are clean, I ask Tony to fuck me bareback.

Soon I hear Tony breath hard and grunt as I feel his huge instrument plunge deep into my ass. He does not hesitate to drive hard and rough in and out with his throbbing cock. Although it is uncomfortable at first, I want the largest cock that has ever been in my ass to drill me with no mercy. I beg: "Tony, OH FUCK ME, OH FUCK ME, please fuck me harder. Your huge cock and hot body feels so good. I love it. I want your warm cum in my pussy. I want part of you to become part of me. Shoot into my ass."

About 10 minutes of drilling my now sore ass, the cum shoots out of Tony's cock head and into the depths of my ass filling me with at least six bursts of his white seed. Tony pulls out, puts his mouth down to my wet ass, collect his sperm and kisses me so we have another cum meal.

We are now exhausted as we drop off to a night of sleep as we embrace.

We sleep until 9:00 AM. I prepare our breakfast of French toast, fresh fruit, orange juice and coffee. We eat breakfast clad only in our briefs. We are again hot for sex. All at once I feel a hot naked foot under the table invade my crotch. Tony is pushing hard against my balls and running his foot up against my now rock hard cock and on to my abs. He goes up and down as he smiles at me.

This guy cannot stop his lust for me or I for him. After enjoying his foot for several minutes, I get up and pull Tony up from the table. I put him on the couch, pull his mischief foot up to my mouth, lick up and down on both sides of his foot and finally start sucking each of his five toes. Tony reaches into his briefs and begins wildly jacking off. He soon produces a large spot of precum on his fingers that he insist I suck off his fingers to finish my breakfast. I obey.

As Tony goes for a swim to clean himself off, I put on a pair of swimming trunks, a pair of sun glasses, go up to fly bridge, put on some sun tan lotion, lie down on the sofa and begin soaking in the mid-day sun. Soon I am a sleep.

I do not know how long before I am awaken by the feel of hot wet lips on my mouth. I open my eyes and gorgeous Tony is giving me sloppy kisses. Oh, my, I am already rock hard. Tony is standing over me butt naked, jacking off while kissing me and slobbering all lover my mouth. Tony says: "Toby, you stud, relax. I am going to give you a full body tongue bath. You will be totally clean from my wet tongue from head to your toes." I am now so hot that I doubt if I can keep from coming while I get the bath.

Tony positions himself between my legs. He continues to give me deep kisses. He then starts the bath by first sticking his tongue deep into each of my ears; he licks and sucks my neck; he licks up and down my chest; he takes care by sucking and biting each of my nipples; he spits and licks up and down washing my armpits making the hair so wet; he washes my stomach and abs with gobs of spit; he bypasses my cock and balls; he spends lots of time licking my thighs and all around my legs; he washes my feet and toes with spit; he returns to my crotch where he sucks my balls and the outer surface of my man pussy; and finally he sucks my cock until it is shinny.

I think that the bath is finished but no Tony gives me a further surprise. Tony lifts my legs on to his shoulders and takes his monstrous leaking cock and enters my ass. Oh I am so pleased to have his big cock in me for a second time. He plunges all the way in and pounds me over and over. I am bucking and moaning while almost passing out. I feel his blood filled cock pressing against my prostrate and way up the ass channel as if it will come out of my throat. He pounds me for about 20 minutes until I cannot hold back. I shoot a huge load all over my abs, stomach, chest and a couple of spurts hit my face.

When Tony sees me erupt like the Yellowstone National Park "Old Faithful", he is overcome with lust. He pulls his steel hard cock out of my ass, moves up to my mouth and gives me a huge cream facial. I am totally covered in jizz. He rubs the juices all over my face and into my mouth. He chuckles and says: "Baby, your bath is now finished."

My phone rings and I notice it is from one of my law partners. He informs me that I must return on a red eye flight this evening to LA, as there is a break in one of our cases. I inform Tony that I must fly back to LA but we will have several hours before I must go to the airport.

We take an erotic shower together, lift the yacht's anchor and glide out of the bay. It is a gorgeous day with blue skies and smooth glassy waters. As I had promised, Tony and I spend about 3 hours fishing with great success. I drive the yacht back to my boat slip next to the restaurant.

Before leaving the yacht, I give Tony a series of very wet and sloppy kisses and say: "Tony, I will be back soon and we can hit the lake on your days off. Let me leave the keys to the yacht with you. Watch it for me and you might want to occasionally sleep here in the bed where we made hot love.

Tony smiles and kisses me again before saying: "I will watch the yacht every day and when you return please let me be your bitch."

I do not think I have ever been happier. As we get off the yacht, I think to myself, I wonder if Tony would like spending the winters in Los Angeles. I can wait for that answer until later.



Naughty Eric


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