I want to share my incredible story of being pursued for sex by a constantly horny 20-year-old virgin college sophomore by the name of Chad. My name is Trent, a 43-year-old college professor teaching at the college where Chad is a student.

The story took place a few weeks ago on a nice summer day. First, here are our profiles:

CHAD is a gorgeous Scandinavian with very blond features including blue eyes, blond hair, snow-white skin, stands 5-feet and 9-inches, weighs 160 pounds, slim well-portioned ribbed body and a smooth circumcised 8-inch cock with average sized balls.

TRENT: I'm Italian as to ancestry with dark brown eyes, dark black hair, stands six-feet tall, weighs 170 pounds, toned dark tanned body, and a 7.5-inch cut cock with above average balls and sac. I have a small dark treasury of hair from my chest down to my crotch and pubic hair; otherwise, I have a mostly hairless body. I've been a regional tennis singles champion several times.

It was a very humid summer day when I decided to take a stroll through the college campus park on my way to the lake beach. As I passed one of the picnic tables, I noticed a gorgeous college student lying on his back on the table taking in the sun. He was wearing only a pair of gym type shorts with his tennis shoes and tank top lying next to him on the table.

As I started to slowly walk past him, he set up and gave me a wide smile before he said: ""Hey professor, it sure is hot today, isn't it?" I walked over to him and replied: "Yes, young man, it sure is. You must be a student at the college since you knew I'm a professor here?"

He stood up, extended his hand and said: "I'm a sophomore. My name is Chad. Professor, I've often seen you play tennis and also coach the team. Man, you are a super player. I wish I could play that well. I've wanted to meet you ever since I became a student here but did not have the courage to do so until now. I hope I'm not out of line but the word on campus is that you are gay. I'm a gay virgin myself."

I confirmed that the rumors were true. "Yes, Chad, I am a very horny gay man. It is so good to meet you."

Holy shit, Chad had begun to develop a big tent rising in his shorts. This young stud was coming on to me. Wow, I was excited. I felt a surge in my crotch as my cock began to swell to a full erection. We both had no way to hide our hardons. I too only had on a pair of tennis shorts with tennis shoes.

"Chad, please call me Trent."

Chad was now emboldened with confidence as he starred at the outline of my big cock in my shorts. He gave me a big sexy smile and asked: "Trent, would you like to join me for a ride to a very secluded beach on the lake where the water is always so serene? My car is just a block away."

I eagerly agreed as he put on his tank top and shoes. He drove us in his cute red Volvo to the secluded beach. He took two towels from the car and placed them at the edge of the water. Chad took off all his clothes and and sat down on the towel. I followed by getting totally naked and joining him on the other towel. We put our feet in the cool water. I've never seen more beautiful feet. One of my turn-ons are sexy feet.

Soon I felt Chad put one of his feet on top of my foot and began to rub hard. Next he reached over and grabbed the base of my cock and began to jerk me off. I then reached over, grabbed his big thick cock and began jacking him off. Soon we were both oozing pre-cum. Man it was getting hot. Between the hot weather and our temperature rising from the sexy moves, we jumped into the lake and swam for some 20 minutes. We became playful as we took turns dunking each other in the water and from time to time grabbed our buddies cock. My lust had taken control of my whole being.

As the sun went down, Chad suggested: "Trent, can we stop and get a pizza, a six-pack of beer and go over to your apartment? I've got two rude and noisy roommates."

Man, I was now so excited that I thought I might blast a load as we dressed and left for the pizza place. This was going to be the night that Chad would no longer be a virgin. It was obvious he wanted to make love to me, as I was crazy to get in his pants. The idea of fucking or being fucked by a virgin was beyond hot.

When we got to the apartment, we hastily ate the pizza and drank the beers. Chad, then made his next move when he asked: "Trent, may I give you a massage?" I instantly agreed. I took off all my clothes and laid down on my bed on my stomach. Chad took off his clothes. He had brought some massage oil that he used to pour over my entire body. It was obvious that he had planned this move for a long time. He began to use his young soft hands to massage my neck, shoulders, arms, back and finally he had arrived at my butt cheeks.

Oh hell, he began to pour the oil on my butt cheeks and into my ass crack. Soon I felt him use his fingers to push the oil into my asshole. He went wild finger fucking my ass as I bucked my ass up to meet the young hunk's fingers. Soon he was exploring my prostate with his fingers. How could he know what to do as a virgin. I learned that he had watched lots of porno getting ready to pursue sex with me. I had a raging steel rod under my stomach as my cock drove into the sheets.

After some ten minutes of finger fucking my ass, he turned me onto my back and noticed my rock hard cock. He laughed and said: "Trent, you seem to be turned on. I guess I'd better take care of your needs." He climbed on top of me and began violently humping me. His steel hard 8-inch cock was boning against my leaking cock. Soon he began wildly kissing me as he parted my lips with his hot tongue. He continued humping me as he drove his tongue deep into my throat. We kissed and humped with total abandonment. Our breathing increased, sweat poured off our bodies, our crotches became wet with the pre-cum and our feet became entangled. Our bodies had become one. The intense surge of cum in our balls had us near the edge.

After a long sexy act, I felt Chad's cock swell even more as he humped and cried out:" Baby, I'm coming, I'm coming. He sent a gusher of hot cum between our tight locked crotches. The thick cum felt like a downpour of rain. Man, he had a huge load of young salty semen.

When he was spent, he got off of me, took his shorts, used them to clean the cum off both our bodies and holly shit, he stuffed the cum soaked shorts into my mouth. "Here, Trent, suck on my cum covered shorts. How does my cum taste?"

I pulled the shorts out of my mouth long enough to say: "Man, you have sweet cum. I love it." Then I sucked the cum again. I'd never been more aroused or steel hard as my cock bobbed up and down. I jumped off the bed, used my strength to throw Chad on the bed on his back and stuffed his cum soaked shorts in his mouth. He sucked wildly to enjoy the meal. The game became erotic as we took turns licking and sucking on the cum covered shorts. His thick goo smelt and tasted both sweet and salty. This was like being in the best sexy scene ever.

We finally threw the shorts to the side and Chad became very mischief. In a mood to role play, he looked so cute when he said: "Daddy, during my two years at the college, I have dreamed of being your bitch. I want your big meat up my man pussy. Daddy, fuck me and come inside me. I don't want to be a virgin any more. Make me your whore."

The look on his face and the dirty talk caused me to become like a wild lustful tiger. I had to have that cute bubble pink ass that very moment. I had never felt my cock become that hard or my cock pulsate like it was doing.

I got on my back on the carpet, had Chad lube my aching erect cock, lube his own beautiful pink bubble ass and with his face toward me, he mounted my cock that was standing upward like a flagpole. I grabbed his ass cheeks as he slowly inch by inch impaled his hot ass down onto my cock. He placed his hands on my chest to balance himself. He used his ass muscles to squeeze hard on my boner.

Soon we got into a hot rhythm as he came down and back up my cock. He became as if he was in a trance as he fucked my cock with his ass. He was moaning, yelling, grunting and crying with pleasure. I too could be heard grunting with pure pleasure. We fucked for at least ten minutes. This had to be the best ass I had ever experienced with my horny cock. The feel of my cock exploring ever inch of this young ass tissue was beyond any dream. His virgin ass felt so soft and mushy as he came down and back up on my cock. It was similar to putting your cock into a bowl of jello or in the hole of a watermelon. I would never get enough of that man pussy. It had to be the best ass on the planet and I was the lucky one to drive my wood into this gold mine.

Chad proved his manly prowess for wild sex as he drove his beautiful ass down hard on my worn cock. We fucked for a few more minutes when I felt my cock swell deep in his ass. My thick cum was approaching an orgasm. Soon I shot my ropey jism deep into my young buddies ass.

When I was spent, I had Chad pulled off as the sum poured out of his ass and all over our bodies. Chad got down and licked the cum off of us. He then spit gobs of it into my mouth. We spent several minutes exchanging the goo.

We showered and decided Chad would spent the night and have another fuck session in the morning. I would never get enough of this young stud.



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