Date: Friday, August 17th, 2001. 9:15pm.

Place: 5 miles outside Spokane, Washington

About me: My name is Mark. I am 6'3", 180 pounds, a little muscular, and I have a 9" cut cock. I have brown hair, with a little on my arms and legs. I have brown eyes. I am Caucasian, and I live in suburban Spokane.

Now, the story. I was single and 23 years old when this happened.

I was driving home from work on this dirt country road that no other cars were on, and the no one lived on. It was getting dark. Then, fate decided to play with me.

Car: [Sputter sputter sputter]

Me: "Oh no."

Car: [Sputter sputter SPLAT sputter pa-POP]

Me: "N-n-n-no."

Car: [POP chiggity chiggity pop pa-pop POW]

Me: "PLEASE no."

Car: [Pop pop POW! Wheeze]

Me: "Argh! Stupid car!"

Great! I was stuck in the middle of nowhere, and I just had to leave my cell phone at home. And I'm sure as hell not walking back to Spokane in the dark. So I decided to just take a nap until help comes.

I must have slept for 2 hours when I was startled by a knock on the window. I turned in my seat to see a man leaning towards me. He was tan, skinny but muscular, with dirty blonde hair only on his head, blue eyes, and he was wearing boots, jeans, a flannel shirt with the sleeves cut out, a white sleeved undershirt, and a cowboy hat. He looked to be about 19 or 20

Him: "Howdy, my name's Toby. Ya need a tow?"

Me: "Yes."

Toby: "I'll give ya one. I'll even bring it to my house and fix it for ya. Just help me hook it up, and I'll give you a ride, too."

We drove to his house, in a neighborhood kind of far from mine. It looked like he lived alone, and he had a small barn out back.

Toby: "Just me and the chickens. I didn't go to college, because I can make a living without any help. I haven't even communicated with my family for over a year now."

Me: "Wow. Where do they live?"

Toby: "Butte, Montana."

Me: "Oh, wow. Don't you ever get lonely?"

Toby: "I have a few people over now and then. Now, let me fix your car. You can watch TV in the den if ya want."

After a half hour, he came back in, and took a shower. After he got dressed he came back into the den, and sat next to me.

Me: "How much?"

Toby: "On the house. I make enough money with the animals."

Me: "Oh. Thanks."

Toby: "It's pretty dark now. You up to driving yourself back?"

Me: "I'm not really comfortable driving in the dark."

Toby: "You can stay here if ya'd like."

Me: "Ok."

We started watching TV, but we got bored after a while. I was changing the channel looking for anything we both found remotely interesting, when I found a gay porn channel. I put down the remote, and started rubbing my crotch through my jeans.

I looked over at him, and he was zonked out on the couch. I decided to risk everything, and brought my other hand over to his leg. I rubbed slowly up his jeans, almost to his knees, when all of a sudden, he grabbed my hand, and shoved it to his crotch.

Me (nervous): "Uh... did I wake y..."

Toby (calmly): "Shh."

He kissed me, first on the lips, then moving down to my neck, and started unbuttoning my shirt. He pulled it off, and sucked on my nipples. He moved down, and kissed my abs. Then he sat back up, and took off his shirts, but kept the hat on, which was so sexy. I licked up his hip, and when I got close enough, swallowed his right nipple. He moaned. I moved to his other nipple, and sucked it down, too. He was breathing hard by now.

I kissed my way down his chest, and lingered in his abs, long enough to unbuckle and yank down his pants. He wasn't wearing anything underneath, which was so sexy. His 9 inch cock was right there in front of my face. I kissed it, then suck his head, and went deeper every time I went down. I finally got down as far as I could, and just sucked away, while I took of my jeans, and stroked my dick. He finally got to his peak, and burst into my mouth.

Then, he got down, and stroked my dick. He swallowed the whole thing without flinching! If I wasn't distracted by the sex, I would've worried he'd choke! But he just kept bobbing up and down the shaft. When I let go, he crawled over me, and we made out so each could taste the cum we made. It was so sexy. I couldn't believe it. All of my ex-boyfriends COMBINED weren't this good.

Finally, we got to the best part. I sat on the couch, and he crawled up, and lay on his back. I lifted his legs over my shoulder, and I lubed up my dick. I poked at his crack, and shoved the thing in. We moaned. It felt so good. I pulled out, and pushed right back in, all the while he stroked his dick. After 5 minutes, I squirted jet after jet into his body, while he came all over our chests.

And for the last part of the night, I got on the carpet in doggy style, and he got right to work. He shoved in and out so hard, and so fast, while I was jacking off. When we finished, we collapsed, and fell asleep in a puddle of our cum.

We are now married. I moved into his house, and we have adopted 2 kids. And, of course, our sex life is still alive.




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