It was 2007-2008, while I was in Kolkata (Place in India) for my Graduation n used to share one apartment with 2 of my other batchmates.

Some around 2miles away, one of my Aunt's family used to stay, aunt, her hubby and there only son, who was 4 years elder than me and was into designing n all.

We, me n cousin bro, were very close and used to share porn magazines and DVDs. It was one sunday n his birthday. The Party was in the evening, but my aunt called me from afternoon. After lunch, she and her hubby went out for something. So, it was only me n him n we thought to utilize d time in watching porn. We were on d bed n seating next to each other. Me in jeans n tee, he was in shorts n vest. After some 20 mins both of us were horny, It was my 1st time watching a porn along with him, so was feeling little embarrassed too. "So r u horny?", he asked n without giving ny time, put his hand on my tool outside from d jeans. I was like, hey what r u doing n all kinda dialogues. "Dont be so shy, let me check", he answered n within seconds, his hand was holding n pressing my cock inside my jeans n brief. To make me comfortable, with the other other hand he pulled his shorts. He is fair n little chubbier than me, but his cock was smaller than me in length n width. He pulled my hand n made me grab his tool. Within a few mins, both of us were all naked n my cock was inside his mouth. It was like some electric flow inside me, as it was 1st time some one was sucking my cock. I came within mins without ny prior intimation to him n he swallowed that. "I want some more actions, let me make ur cock hard again. Meanwhile u too taste ur brothers cock", he advised n we started sucking each others in 69 position. Surprisingly, I was hard again. "wao cool, now the real action. Fuck me. Put ur cock in my ass hole. But before that make it little slippy", he guided me. But I was not keen to rim him n He was desperate to get fucked. So he brought a winter cream bottle n poured some around the hole. His was a virgin hole n my dick was hard n bigger. Somehow I considered d hole as a hole of a girl n pushed mine inside that. d pain was too much for him, but I was horny enough by that time to fuck him like anything. I started abusing him, turned him on d bed so that I could see his face, gave a bite on his nipples n before he could came out of that pain, pushed my cock all inside. "leave me, leave me " shouting from him, slowly turned into fuck me fuck me, sounds. A good session of 10-12 mins n I came inside him. Both of were exhausted by then. Took some break n been to washroom to clean ourselves before the family members came back. Later , have fucked him many times during my stay till 2010 n den now whenever I am going to my hometown, he has to get fucked at-least 5 times in a week. Even have fucked his partner as well, recently. But that's a different episode....



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