When I was 18, I decided to go to an adult bookstore.  when I was younger, I'd had some sexual experience with other boys my age and had been told by one of those friends when I turned 18, I absolutely had to go and have sex with guys at an adult arcade.   

Back when I was 18, Memphis did not have restriction on the hours 'vice' establishments were open so when I pulled into what is now known as Tammy's on Summer avenue, at 11 PM, there were 6 cars parked out in front of the building.  I went inside; there was a curtained off section to the left of the front counter.  A sign next to the curtain read: $2 in tokens must be purchased before going in. 

I bought the necessary tokens and went through the curtains. 

The room was square with five connecting booths on all four sides; there was a set of 6 more booths in the center.   I walked into the middle booth in the center section.  I locked the door, slipped a quarter into the token machine which started the movie.  Someone to my left slipped a quarter into their machine and I immediately saw a huge cut out in the wall big enough for a person to step through. 

I walked over to the hole and saw 2 guys, naked, standing up across from each other while a third, also naked, was on his knees sucked the 2 of them.  I dropped my pants and began stroking myself.  The two standing motioned for me to join them.  As I stepped through the hole, one of them told me to unlock the other door to free up the booth.  I stepped back into my booth and unlocked it.

I stripped off my clothes , placed them on the bench against the wall and moved up to them.  Both started rubbing my ass and cock which was dripping with pre-cum.  The one stroking my cock licked it off his fingers, and said, "I'm Jake, that's Phil and our kneeling cocksucker is Larry...what's your name?" 

"I'm Mike." I said, as I reached down and took Jake's cock into my hand and began to stroke his very thick 9 incher.  Phil went from rubbing my ass to working his way to my butt hole where he gently pushed a finger up my hole and begin stroking it in and out until I started to moan and push back on his finger. 

In the meantime, I felt a great heat engulf my cock; I looked down and found Larry sucking my cock...I moaned and began slowly fucking his hot mouth, easily deep throating the man kneeling in front of me.

Phil and Jake pulled away from me; Phil placed his arms against the wall and arched his butt; Jake spread Phil's cheeks, placed his 9 incher against his butt hole and pushed in.  Phil let out a long hiss, moaned and said, "Fuck me with your monster cock until I cum again!" Jake begin pounding Phil's ass, his balls making wet slapping noises against Phil's ass. 

Watching this, I stiffened and shot my load into Larry's mouth all the while moaning and cussing with the excitement until I collapsed on the floor. 

Larry crawled on top of me and begin kissing me, working his way up from my cock to my lips which I parted to suck in his tongue while he dry-humped me.  I was so turned on by everything, I whispered to him, "You wanna fuck me?" 

The look he gave me and the hard kiss gave me the answer.

Larry sat up, crawled forward until his cock was next to my mouth.  Unlike Jake's, Larry's cock was almost 11 inches long and very thin with the exception of his cockhead which was nearly twice the size of his shaft!   I took his cock into my mouth, relishing the taste which was a mixture of salt and sweat.  He fucked my mouth for a few minutes before crawling back until he was between my legs, 

Larry picked up my legs and placed them on his shoulders.  I felt his cockhead against my butthole, a little pressure as he entered me, followed by fantastic jolts which caused me to buck as he slid his snake into my ass until his balls slapped against my butt. 

After a few strokes, I was pushing and pulling in time with his fuck-strokes and going mad with pleasure to the point where I came all over his chest. The walls of my ass pulled him deeper in until he stiffened and shot his load in my asshole. 

He slowly pulled out and laid besides me, panting. 

When I looked up, Phil and Jake were busy being fucked by a couple of other guys who crawled through the hole.

Needless to say, I returned when I could and took on both couples and guys over the years until the place was bought out and the booths became a memory.




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