I found that I was more than a bit nervous as I waited for my doorbell to ring. What was getting ready to happen for me was something that I had never actually tried in the past because usually I was so cautious, but there was just something about this young man that made me want to take risks. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start again.

I was trolling around in the Adam4Adam website the other night and happened upon a really beautiful young man. His profile stated that he was 18 years old, 5' 10", 140 pounds, white, and proudly sporting a 7 ½ inch cock. My mouth was already watering at this description as he sounded just good enough to eat, but then he really got to me by saying that he was a bottom boy.

Next, I described myself to him. Being 30 years old, I'm a bit older than he is but it turns out he likes his men older. I'm 6'5" and weigh around 230 pounds. I'm also white and am quite hairy. Even though I'm a bit larger than he is physically, my cock is ½ inch shorter than his at just 7 inches. He liked my description, though, and decided we should meet. That was a little fast for me, but he sounded oh so tempting that I said yes.

Now, here I was waiting for him to arrive. We had agreed on 5pm and it was a couple of minutes before 5. It was only natural that I would be nervous about whether or not this boy liked me. I have been told that I'm a pretty hot but you just never know with guys this young what they'll actually think. When the doorbell rang right at 5pm on the dot, I jumped a little.

Seeing him live and in person nearly made me speechless. He was so cute and I found myself a little in awe of him.

"I'm Andy he said with a little smile.

When I nodded, he came right into my arms and started to kiss me. I really was astounded at how fast he worked, but I couldn't deny that I wanted him. My cock was already starting to rise to the occasion. Reaching around him, I pushed the door shut, hearing the lock automatically click into place.

Heading straight to my bedroom, we kissed the entire way. However, once we were at the foot of the bed, he pulled back. Slowly, he started to undress, revealing his slim, smooth body. As he pulled off his thong, that massive, thick cock sprang forth. Wrapping his hand around it, he stroked it for me a few times.

"Do you like it?" he said.

"Oh my god! Do you even have to ASK?" I whispered. In fact, it was all I could do not to drop to my knees right at that moment.

"Would you like to touch it?" he asked.

Walking towards him like I was in a trance, I reached out and ran my finger from the base of his cock to the tip, where I was rewarded with a drop of pre-cum. I leaned in and started to kiss him once more. He kisses like he was born to it. I wanted to swallow him whole. As our tongues performed a Tango, he started to unbutton my shirt. Then, he managed to push it off of my shoulders without ever breaking our kiss. Soon, my jeans followed and hit the floor. When he pulled back the next time, it was so he could drop to his knees before me and wrap his hand around my throbbing cock. It turned out that kissing wasn't the only thing he was talented at.

I put my hands on his head as he enveloped my cock with his warm, wet mouth and started to suck me in slowly, but deeply. I had to gasp when the head of my cock hit the back of his throat. Yes, this was one talented young man!

I finally pulled him to his feet and pushed him back onto my king sized bed. We would have plenty of room to play. Lying on our sides, facing each other, we started to kiss again while rubbing our hard, wet cocks together. I started to feel like I simply had to be inside of him. Without words, we changed positions so that he was on all fours with me on my knees behind him. His ass was so luscious that I had to have a taste.

Moving my tongue all around his little back puckered hole, I dipped it in and out several times. I could feel his ass walls smooth against the tip of my tongue and knew I was going to fuck him soon. Getting back into position, I grasped my steel like cock and moved the head of it around in circles at his opening. He moved his ass back against me, encouraging me to enter him. Pushing just the head in first, I asked him if he was ready for me to fuck him bareback. His affirmative groan was all I needed. I drove my raw cock all the way inside him over and over again while reaching around to stroke his leaden cock at the same time.

It didn't take very long for both of us to be ready. With a roar, I emptied my huge load of cum deep inside his ass while he filled my hand with his hot sweet cream. You might have thought that was it for a while, but my cock was still hard inside of him and didn't seem to be going down at all. So instead of withdrawing, I started to move slowly in and out of him once more. The feeling was building again and before I knew it, I was shooting another big load of cum inside of him.

That time depleted me somewhat and I withdrew my dripping cock from his tight wet little hole. Leaning down, I used my tongue to clean all of the cum from his ass. Reaching deep inside with the tip of my tongue, I used it like a spoon to scoop all of that cream up and out. Then I held him in my arms.

We chatted some and I found out that he was currently a senior in the same high school that I had attended. That seemed to make it as if it was fate for us to meet. I was willing to buy into that, at least.

"So will you take me out on a real date?" he asked.

"Well, I haven't gone on a date for a very long time. But maybe you can talk me into it," I replied with a smile. "Do you like sushi?"

"I don't know. I've never had it before," he said. "Maybe you can introduce me to it."

"I just might."

He had to leave because he had plans that night, but we texted while he was out dancing. It was heartwarming to hear that he has a crush on me. Then he asked me if he could come over later after he left the club. I thought, why not? So I left my key under the door mat for him.

It was around 2 in the morning when I woke up to feel a warm naked body snuggled up against me. We started kissing and touching each other until I just had to fuck him again. He had no complaints, either, as I drove my burgeoning raw cock deep inside of him once more. After taking all of my hot load, we curled back up and went to sleep.

The perfect end to a perfect day



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