This is a story about two high school seniors who have been best friends since 6th grade and are stars on the high school track and field team. They are typical horny teenagers who have never experienced sex with either a male or female. They have shared stories about how they each masturbate daily in bed or the bathroom at night. But they never have masturbated in front of another guy. They have often talked about how sex would feel with another guy as they have confided in each other that they are gay. They are curious about how to make man on man sex from magazines they have seen. Yet they are virgins as they take the trip to the lake on this September afternoon. How much longer will it be until they give into their horny lust?

Jon is a star on the team as a state champion in the four man relay team. Sean is a successful state champion in the shot-put. Both guys are in perfect condition. As to their stats:

Jon is a handsome blond, blue eyed, light complexion, northern European stock, standing 5-feet and 9-inches, weighing 150 pounds and a 7-inch cut cock with normal size balls. He is so horny that he often sprouts a hard on during class. He is a typical twink.

Sean is a big hot African American jock, standing 6-feet and 4-inches, weighs a rock hard ribbed 235 pounds, black short curly hair, dark eyes, huge chest, big arms and biceps the size of melons and log size thighs and legs. He has big nipples that stand out like a woman's breasts. There are whorls of black hair surrounding his nipples with hair tapered off to a treasure trail leading down to his crotch and heavy patch of pubic hair. He has what he likes to call a big black dick that measures 9-inches and is cut with large hanging balls.

These best friends are a contrast in size and features with an almost hairless blond jock and a big dark stud.

Jon shares the day they went skinny dipping and lost their virginity.


It was 3 PM when classes let out on a Friday and Sean approached me and asked:

"Jon, buddy, what are your plans for the afternoon? You know how much we love hanging out together. You're my very best friend. You know how much fun we have together. How about riding out to the lake with me?"

"Sean, that sounds great. This is our last weekend before we start practice for this year's team. We should take advantage of the free time. Should we go get our swimming trunks for a swim? Or we could take our fishing poles or get out the canoe."

"No Jon, lets just go for a ride. But lets pick up your two-year-old black lab. He loves the water."

I found Sean answer unusual as we almost always went for a swim when we went out to the lake. But OK we would do what he wanted.

We drove to one of the more isolated bays and began to throw the ball to my dog Butch. Finally, I threw the ball out into the lake and Butch swam out immediately to retrieve the ball. Black labs love to swim. This caused Sean with a mischief glance to suggest: "Hey Buddy, lets take our clothes off, go skinny dipping and join Butch in the water. No one is around and we will be safe. Be brave for once and do something a little risky. You're always so careful. Let go and be maverick for once."

"OK Sean, I guess it will be OK. But if we hear a car approaching, we will have to dash to the car with our clothes and get dressed. Agree?"

"Yea, OK Jon."

We got butt naked and swam out close to where Butch was playing in the water. We began to swim around and dive under the water in a playful mood. After about five minutes when I was some 250 yards from the shore, I felt Sean swim up behind me which was not big deal until he took his big dark hands and put them around my chest. He pulled me tight up against his chest as our naked bodies were then tight against each other. Oh hell, I felt his hard black cock, which had obviously become stone hard, up against the crack of my ass. Next he began to suck on my neck and ears with his hot tongue. Shit, I was being fondled by my best friend. I felt my dick becoming very stiff. Yea, I wanted him to fuck me. I now knew why Sean did not want us to bring our swimming trunks. My buddy and best friend had the hots for me. Man was I ever horny.

Then Sean spoke with a sexy low voice: "Jon, you have the most hot luscious bubble butt I've ever seen. In the locker room, you butt is the hottest ass among all the jocks. Shit, fuck, your ass has me with an irresistible temptation. Man I want to fuck that pink bubble asshole."

"Oh my god, Sean yea. I need your cock inside me. I want to feel the first cock deep in my man pussy and I want it to be you. Man your cock is so big."

I let out a verbal moan and pushed my butt back into his steel hard cock. He took my comments and sexy move to push his cock tight up against my ass entrance, began running his cock up and down my ass crack and lower back , removed one of his hands from my chest and grabbed my swollen cock. He began to jack me off while he used his cock to play with my ass crack. I felt his hot breath on my neck along with saliva sprouting from his mouth onto my neck. He smelt so manly. I might come any minute. I'd never been this hot and lustful for sex.

Then I heard Sean whisper into my ear: "Baby, wow, your ass feels so great next to my big black cock. I've wanted to fuck you for a long time. You're body is so smooth, hot and sexy. I've often masturbated fantasying that my cock was up your ass. Today lets do it."

Before I could answer, Sean let go and dove into the water. Soon I felt his hand on the base of my cock and he put his lips around my cock head and began to suck me under the water. Oh hell, the feel of his mouth on my cock and the flow of the water was awesome. He sucked my cock until he had to come up for air. He grabbed me as he put his hands behind my back, pulled my chest up tight to his chest and drove his tongue deep into my mouth. As he kissed me, he humped as our cocks slid across each other. Could sex ever be better than this first time. I was ready to be his bitch and do whatever he wanted to me. Would we both shoot our milky cream in the water?

But Sean had other plans. He let go of me and said: "Baby, lets get out of the water, get a blanket from the car and really go wild."

"OH fuck yea Sean. I want to be your obedient bitch. Give me your cock."

Sean went to the car, got a large blanket and spread it out on the shore. We laid down side by side on the blanket as we embraced with our wet bodies. Soon we were humping laying side by side. I felt his big hard body thrust into me with our cocks entangled. Pure pleasure dominated us.

After several minutes, Sean jumped on top of me, took my head in his hands as he laid down flat on my naked body. We spent at least 15 minutes humping like two dogs in heat. I felt our cocks oozing pre-cum making our pubic hair wet. It was so sexy. Sean gave me kiss after kiss as he drove his tongue to the back of my throat. How much longer could I last. I fought hard not to come as I wanted him to suck my cock and fuck my ass.

Finally, Sean got off me as I lay on my back. He spread my legs far apart, got between my legs and thighs and he buried his face deep into my wet crotch. He began to lap at the man sweat infusing my heavy raunchy ass and balls. He used his tongue to kiss, lick and suck on my balls and up and down my rigid cock shaft. Next he took my entire cock down his throat until I felt his mouth at the base of my cock. He spent several minutes deep throating my cock. At times, he would swallow my cock and hold his lips tight not moving as I felt the veins in my cock throbbing with pleasure. How could a first time guy give such an incredible blowjob? Was it possible? I never wanted him to stop sucking my cock. I loved my first time of getting a blowjob. WOW, it was so erotic. I was sold on cock sucking.

He began a fast speed of going down and coming all the way off my cock over and over. I began to thrust my crotch upward to meet his delicious mouth and tongue. To make it even more mind blowing (punt intended), Sean began to fuck my ass with one and then two fingers as he continued to suck my cock.

I felt him sucking my huge supply of pre-cum out of my oozing piss slit. It was so hot.

"Oh my god, oh fuck yea, suck my cock. Drive those fingers up my ass. Yea, it feels so good. Yea, shit, eat my milky pre-cum. Don't stop."

Sean stopped sucking my cock long enough to say: "Do you like me sucking your cock? Does it feel good? Man I love that dick honey!!! Your pre-cum is so sweet."

Then Sean got very horny and rough as he sucked my cock and drove his fingers up my ass. Finally, I felt my cock head swell and yea the seed left my balls. It was too late to stop as I yelled: "Here I come. If you do not want my cum down your throat, you better pull off."

This made Sean even hornier as he sucked me harder as I exploded with burst after burst of my thick white warm semen deep into his throat. When I was spent, Sean withdrew as my cum ran out of the corners of his mouth and down his chin. He kissed me as we tasted my seed.

But Sean was not finished with me. It was time to get fucked. Yea, I wanted him inside me with his cock. I was his willing bitch. He placed me on my stomach on the blanket. I felt him use his hands to spread my legs far apart, I felt him spit gobs of spit on my ass, rub it inside me, he lubed his huge cock with spit and placed his big hard black cock at the entrance to my ass. Soon I felt his whole body on top of me as his cock split my ass ring open and he drove the big wood deeper and deeper into my guts. Oh wow, the feel of a big cock inside me was far better than I had ever thought possible. I began to thrust my ass upward to meet his cock as Sean drilled my ass. I felt his big tool move around my ass and plunge hard against my prostate. As he pulled out and back in each time, he manage to use several different angles to drive his leaking cock back deep into my man pussy. Again how could a virgin know how to fuck a man's ass like a pro? The feel was so awesome.

He fucked me for the longest time. I was shocked at such a young stud's staying power. Most young guys cannot last that long. Man, I was in love with my best friend and his cock. As he used no mercy in pounding my ass, he said: "Baby, my bitch, do you like my cock up your ass? Tell me it feels good? Man, my first fucking a man's ass is so great."

"Oh hell yea, oh fuck, oh fuck, Ahhhhh, Mmmmmm, fuck me harder. Give me all your big black cock. Do not stop. It feels so good. Shoot that man seed up my ass. Make me feel that milky cum."

That put Sean over the edge. I felt his cock swell until it hurt my ass and he plunged deep one more time into my ass as he released a huge supply of his manhood into my ass. I felt his wet semen fill me. Soon his semen began to pour out of my ass as Sean pulled his still hard cock out of my ass.

He put his cum covered dick in my mouth and I sucked him clean. We dove into the lake and cleaned our bodies. We got out, dried off with towels, put on our clothes, called for my dog and headed for the car.

As we got to the car, a car pulled up with five of our high school's football team buddies. Man, we had almost gotten caught. They asked how the water was and we told them it was a great day for a swim. As Sean drove away, I noticed the hot football players were pulling off their clothes and going in for skinny dipping. Would they have hot sex?


Naughty Eric


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