This Story is from my diary

A few years ago during my senior year in high school, my parents hired a full-time gardener to manicure our large lawn as well as manage the many flower gardens we had. He lived on the estate in the guesthouse.

From the first week of my senior year in high school, I often came home and went directly to my room on the second floor of our 26 room mansion to watch Butch at work. He looked like a Greek god.

I often used my binoculars to marvel at this perfect specimen of a man. He always worked only wearing a pair of tennis shoes and tight shorts that showed of his hunk of a body. His huge manhood showed through the outline of those sweaty shorts as did his body muscles.

As I watched Butch work on the grounds showing off that gorgeous body including a chiseled chest; arms and strong biceps; hard muscled stomach; ropy defined abdomen; pumped quads and calves; long dirty blond hair; deep blue eyes; thick sensuous lips; fuzzy blond hair sticking out of his crotch at the edge of his shorts; big tanned hands; tanned body; and a bulge that looked like a policeman's night stick, I became dizzy with lust.

For weeks, I lusted after this 35-year-old stud but never dared to approach him. I watched him from my balcony as he worked mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges and weeding the flower beds. In the heat of the sunny days, I noticed the sweat running off his face, strong arms, chest, stomach, legs and of course soaked shorts. Oh my god, he was wild with what I managed was man odors. His muscles twitched and expanded as he lifted heavy objects. I often saw his biceps enlarge as he weeded the flowers. I would give my life to have one night in bed with this stud.

Butch stood 6' 3" tall, weighed 220 solid pounds, and had a huge neck and shoulders.

In late afternoon, I would unzip my pants, pull out my rock hard cock and jack-off as I watched this stud work and sweat. Many times I filled my briefs and pants with a gigantic load of my seed as I climaxed while fantasying about sucking his huge cock and getting fucked by this huge man. My fingers and hands received part of my warm nectar that I fed into my mouth. Most nights, after turning into bed, I had masturbatory fantasies that Butch was sucking my cock and fucking my brains out. I lost many loads of cum because of Butch over the weeks.

I often wondered if I could survive this hunk if I got lucky since I was only 5' 6", weighed 150 pounds, slim build, and a very tight ass. I was curious if Butch was gay, would he be attracted to my brown short hair, brown eyes and smooth hairless body.

After Butch had been working for my parents for three months (July through September), one evening I decided to visit him at the guesthouse. I knocked on the door but got no answer. The door was unlocked so I entered and heard the shower running. I waited until Butch was finished showering and he entered the living room wearing only a white towel. WOW, he looked even better up close.

"Butch, Hi, I hope it was ok for me to come in and wait for you to finish showering? I just wanted to come by and invite you to join my parents, sister and me next Saturday for dinner at our favorite restaurant out at the lake?"

"Chance, thank you so much. I would love to have dinner with your family. I have heard that is a five star restaurant. I am sorry that you have caught me almost naked and wet. I will go put on some clothes and be right back."

"Butch, no do not apologize; you did not know I was coming by to see you. By the way, you are the most perfect specimen of a human being I have ever seen. How did you ever get to be such a hunk?"

Butch decided not to dress but came over and sat down by me on the sofa and said: ""WOW, Chance, thank you for the nice compliment. I guess I got this way as a gym jock."

The move by Butch caused me to loose complete control. My cock began to grow in my shorts and soon I was as hard as a tire iron. I had no way of hiding my now rock hard erection as I had on very short shorts. I turned blood red as Butch noticed my condition. But I took a huge risk and began solicitously pressing my hot leg up against his still wet hard leg. I pressed hard due to my lust.

"Chance, man, what are you trying to do? Are you coming on to me? Look at that huge bulge in your cut offs. You are rock hard. Are you gay, man?"

"I withdrew my leg and began to apologize. "Oh, I am so sorry. Please do not tell my parents that I am gay. I have never had sex with a man---in fact I am a virgin. I just lost control. I have lusted after you ever since the first day you became our gardener. I promise I will not do this again. Please keep my secret."

"Calm down, Chance. You have nothing to apologize for in that you re who you are. You are a young horny normal 18-year-old gay man. You are a typical young horny guy with raging hormones."

Butch's words calmed me down yet had me even more horny for this hunk. I became ecstatic when I saw a huge bulge pressing his towel high in the air. It had to be his erect cock.

"Butch are you too turned on? What is that object sticking up under that towel?"

"Oh, Chance, you have caught me. I too am gay and your flesh against my flesh has me horny as hell. But I don't know about this. You are the young son of my employers and if we got caught, I would get fired on the spot. But I must admit I love twinks like you. You have such strong libidos that produce huge amounts of sweet cum. You are really hot."

"Oh Butch, please make love to me. I will never tell anyone. I want to be what do you call them? Is it your bitch? You are a man's man. Please dominate me. I want your huge muscled body and horse sized cock to rip me apart. Please fuck me daddy."

At that point, Butch threw off the towel and I almost fainted when I saw his monstrous 11-inch blood filled and vein covered cock. It was awesome. He was already leaking precum as his purple cock head was shinny. My 7.5-inch hard cock was also leaking precum.

Butch picked me up in his powerful arms facing him, grabbed my butt cheeks, ran his steel hard boner under my pulsating balls and drove his tongue deep into my parting juicy lips. We French kissed as our mouths filled with sloppy salvia that soon was soaking our tongues and dripping down our chins. The kissing became noisy and erotic.

As we were filled with lust, Butch carried me to his bed and placed me flat on my back on the bed. He spread my hot sweaty legs far apart and started the most sexy rimming of my pink ass. He spit gobs of his huge volume of spit onto my smooth hairless asshole, took his tongue and licked up and down my ass crack and finally he thrust his hot wet tongue as deep as he could into my ass entrance. He went wild sucking and kissing my virgin man pussy. He rimmed me for at least 10 minutes as I bucked my ass and hips up to meet his gorgeous tongue. I was on fire. I became delirious for his cock up my ass. I was ready for a bug fuck.

Butch got up on the bed and introduced the 69 position. We began giving each other a hot blowjob. I tried so hard to take all his huge cock down my throat but only succeeded in getting about two-thirds to the back of my throat. But it was so good. My mouth was packed with his tool. I sucked hard as I held the base of his cock in my hand. I felt the cock pulsating with excitement from my lips on this great sex organ. I gagged over and over but I was determined to suck that cock as long as he left it in my happy mouth.

Butch had no trouble swallowing my entire wood. I felt my pubic hair rub up against his nose. It was so awesome. He sucked me like his mouth was a vacuum cleaner. I thought he might suck my cock off my body and swallow it for good leaving me without a cock. The taste of the precum was so arousing. I loved my fist taste of a man's cum. The blowjobs had us both ready for ass fucking. I could hardly wait. Oh how I wanted that cock in my ass.

"Chance, your daddy is ready to fuck that pink young ass of yours. It will hurt at first but I will go easy until my cock spreads your ass to fit my snake."

Butch put me on my back flat on the bed. He spread my legs, poured lots of lube up my ass, lubed his big cock and began the very gentle slow entrance of his python into my waiting ass channel. He opened me up inch by inch as his cock slid down the chute. I could not believe that after several tries, he had that entire 11-inch cock in my ass. It felt as if a train had invaded my tight ass. I felt so full of sweet meat.

"Oh my god, your ass is so tight, baby. My cock is being squeezed as if it is in a vice. I love your ass muscles trying to milk me."

"Oh, daddy, I love your big hard body lying down on top of me and the feel of that champion cock inside me. Fuck me, give it all to me. Fuck yes, fuck yes, oh shit, make me your bitch. I love your cock."

We fucked for about 10 minutes when Butch pulled out, turned me on to my stomach and drove his cock back into my now widened ass. Again he placed his entire big frame down on my body as he used his powerful hips to fuck me harder and harder. I felt the magic way and techniques he used with his cock to explore every inch of my ass. This man knew how to use a cock to set on fire every lustful inch of my body. I was crazy with lust and orgasmic feelings. I had never felt anything this erotic.

His moves in my ass felt like a wild bear boring into my back and enjoying his catch of another victim. He was all mountain man as a fucker. I could not any longer lift my butt due to the hunk on top of me. It was great.

Finally, I felt my cock swell, my nuts tightened, and the cum began to flow. Soon I shot a huge load of cum under my body and all over the bed sheets. I was now soaked but so happy. Nest I felt Butch's cock swell even more and give one final thrust as his cock released what seemed like a torrent of hot, rich cum deep into my guts.

When Butch was satisfied, he pulled out and turned me onto my back. He took his still dripping cock and shoved it into my mouth so I could drain him dry. The taste of his cum was both sweet and salty. It was delicious.

He then took his hand and scoped up my cum off the sheets and ate it. We kissed and shared the two hot gobs of semen. I loved the taste.

"Daddy. I love your big hot body. Can we do this again? This is our secret. I need you over and over."

"Yes, my little bitch, I love fucking you. We will have to be very discrete not to make your parents aware of what we are doing. I will teach you many tricks about hot sex."



Naughty Eric


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