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X Arab Cam offers men from 16 countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, and Syria. Most of the men are masculine and hairy - some with very dark, thick body hair - and ages range from their 20s to late 30s or early 40s. Expect guys with dark or black hair, lots with beards and mustaches, swarthy complexions, and many with thick or very big cocks. There's a variety of types from slender to well built, but the majority are what I'd consider regular guys. Some have nice chests, others have a few extra pounds on them, some are muscle hunks, and there are some performers who are very attractive. There are men from 16 countries, the largest selections including Turkish men (115), men from Saudi Arabia (117), and Egypt (104), although there are now 50 or more videos in each country's listings.

The videos here feature Arabic and Middle Eastern men as they chat on webcams. In some videos the guys are fully nude, exposing their hairy chests, arms and legs for the cameras, showing off their hard dicks as they stroke them. In others, the men stay clothed or partly clothed; in one video I watched, the guy left on his athletic shorts, but he kept stroking his cock through them and you could see it growing. He was also typing to someone, as are many of the performers here. You'll find guys in jeans, wearing nothing but a towel and my personal favorite, guys in their underwear. There was one memorable video starring a Middle Eastern hunk in a suit who was fucking hot.

Although most of the videos are solos, 50 have more than one guy in them. In some, the guys hang out together, goof around and may get naked; in some they jerk off together. In a couple the guys fondle each other and fuck, although in one the video suddenly changed from the guys in action to the video on their computer monitor and it didn't move back. In one video I watched, two shirtless men chat on the computer, but they never touch and their jeans stay on.

X Arab Cam currently has grown to offer 1,402 videos offered in streaming MP4 format and sized at 775x650; they should play on most computers, tablets, and cell phones. Quality ranges from poor to pretty decent, partly because of the difference in quality of webcams and possibly also because the player is enlarging the vids too much, but overall the vids are watchable and you'll usually be able to make out the details. Many of these videos are only part of a longer webcam session, but plenty of vids are over 20 minutes each. A couple I watched had no sound, and some of the guys play music but don't talk much - and keep in mind that when they do speak, it's not in English.

Now let's talk about updates. The tour says the site adds five new videos and one new model per week. As mentioned, some of the video updates are only part of a full scene, but still there are 1,089 more videos than there were 22 months ago, and even if some are only half a scene, that's a lot more content.

There are some issues. Page load times are sometimes slow - after clicking a link, you may wait for several seconds before anything happens; luckily the videos start playing as soon as you click them. The site gives no info about the guys or a mention of how this site obtained these webcam videos. Something I ran into probably won't be as much of a problem for members; the EGYPT MEN page actually has all the videos listed on it, not just the ones with Egyptian men, which means it's a very long page. The seven-day membership isn't a trial - it's a weekly recurring membership that actually adds up to more than double the cost of the monthly membership if you recur for a month. And last, I really wish the videos were higher quality and downloadable.

X Arab Cam offers up a good-sized helping of Middle Eastern men stripping, showing off, and stroking their dicks and most are hairy and masculine with thick cocks. The site now offers 1,402 and says it adds five new videos each week, although some updates are full scenes while others are only parts of full scenes, although most are 20+ minutes. Some good news is that while there were no downloadable vids available, the videos here will play on most mobiles. This site has its share of issues, but overall if you've been looking for a place to watch videos of guys from the Middle East, you know how hard it can be to find them (particularly in a membership site), so even with the site's shortcomings, X Arab Cam delivers plenty of hot and horny Arab amateurs in all their hairy splendor.

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