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Review score 64
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Introduction to whorehimout.com

If you like load counting, you'll want to check out Whore Him Out where bottoms get their asses fucked by six to ten hung tops and take as many as 100 loads in these long sessions. 30 exclusive streaming videos with an update every other week. Lots of amateur men, and a couple of gay porn stars, too.

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Since Last Review

  • Site added 22 videos in 7 months
  • Launch special ended; price increased $3
  • Yearly membership removed

WhoreHimOut Topics

Video info

Videos are streaming only.

30 exclusive videos in streaming MP4 format playing at 886x500, player resizes videos to fit your screen size. Good amateur quality although some videos don’t have the best lighting. No downloads.

Picture info

30 picture sets. Pics are good quality screencaps displaying at 1920x1080 (older) or 3840x2160 (newer). Zip files available, no slideshow. Pictures can be individually downloaded. 12 or more pics per set.

Site issues

Pre-checked offer (called a cross sale) on billing page. Non-recurring membership costs $10 more than recurring.

Membership cost of Whore Him Out

There are pre-checked options on signup page. If left checked, you will automatically be subscribed to another site.

  • Monthly: $19.95 (recurring every 30 days)
  • One Month: $29.95 (30 days, non-recurring)

Whore Him Out Review

Whore Him Out is a recent site from the producer behind sites like Sketchy Sex, Face Down Ass Up, and Frat X. This site features horny bottoms getting gangbanged and taking as many loads as their line-up of tops are able to pump out. The site launched in mid June 2023 with eight videos, and I'm happy to report that it's grown since then. Its tagline screams "Where Cumdump Fantasies Become Reality", so let's head over and see what’s been happening in the past seven months.

The bottoms here are mostly unknown guys, but there are a few gay porn performers in the mix. Sean Zevran, a once very popular gay porn star, made his comeback here after a couple of years away from filming. Muscle hunk Eddy CeeTee takes an incredible 11 loads in his video, and boyishly cute Jay Magnus takes seven loads. Since the site’s launch we’ve seen handsome sexpot Drew Ryan take 13 cocks and 18 loads in his two-part 95-minute session. Prince Flako, Brett Fox, and Scott Lazurus have offered up their butt holes for gang banging. But the star of the site is a horny amateur stud named Denver Dump who took 83 cocks and over 100 loads in a nearly four-hour group fuck session – I don’t know how he did it. And it’s worth mentioning that not every bottom shows his face on camera - some are masked, although we're mostly looking at their asses getting drilled and filled.

On the model page, each of the bottoms shows a cartoon cumshot showing the number of loads he takes in his videos, while the tops have their dick sizes pasted on an eggplant. The tops are likewise mostly unknowns or amateurs, and they're a mix of Caucasian, Latin and Black with dicks ranging from six to ten inches. They're mostly in good shape with athletic to muscular bodies, and you'll find both smooth and hairy guys with quite a few tatted men in the ranks. I recognized Ty Santana, Gio Khalifa, Dante Martin, and of course, Juven, who hosts the site and introduces us to the bottoms. Some tops want to remain anonymous, so there's a lot of headless tops or faces blurred out, but plenty of the men show their faces, too.

The set-up is simple: Juven and his sidekick, Eddy Blanco, introduce a bottom and ask him questions about his sexual experience, whether he's been gangbanged, and what's the biggest cock he's ever had. These initial getting-to-know-you sessions can last as long as eight minutes, and they're fun. In "GangBang #003" Juven introduces us to a sexy bottom named Porfi, who then positions himself in a doggy style on the edge of the bed. Juven eats out his hole, then the first top - a Black man with a large cock - enters and pushes his hard-on inside. While this dude fucks Porfi, Juven gets his dick sucked. Later, others move in, and Porfi sucks a couple of dicks getting them ready for their turns. Once each top unloads in the bottom's ass, he marks a notch on the bottom's jockstrap or skin with a Sharpie. The site shows the number of cumshots and tops on the video summary page.

Whore Him Out now offers members 30 videos. They're good amateur quality, although I find that some could be lit better. Filmed in hotel rooms, I find them sometimes a bit dim or dark in parts, but they’re still watchable, and this adds to the sleaziness of the theme. The videos play in an adaptive player which resizes them to fit your device. If you have a large monitor, there's also a full-screen option, and the videos fare well. The shortest video is 40 minutes and the longest is an hour and 13 minutes, and some of the sessions are split into multiple parts, usually two parts but one session had four; still each part is around 40 minutes long.  There are no downloads offered here. 

Each episode offers a gallery of screencaps that display at 1920x1080 (older) or 3840x2160 (newer). They're decent quality and show off the guys and the action well. There are anywhere from 12 to just over 30 pics per set. You can save these one at a time or download whole sets in zip files. I found the picture viewer cumbersome; first, there's no forward or back controls, no slideshow feature, and clicking the navigation device for the next picture reloads the whole page including the video so you have to scroll to the page bottom to see the enlarged image.

Let's talk about updates. WhoreHimOut videos are dated, and they have been adding a new one consistently every other Monday. As a result, the site has grown from eight to 30 videos in the past seven months. 

There are a few issues. First, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page, but if you're not interested, it's easy to uncheck. Also the non-recurring month membership costs $10 more than the recurring option. While I loved the cumshot and top counts on each video's summary, I wish they had provided us more details about the bottoms. There's a good write-up, and those opening interviews are great, but a stats summary or profile on each model's profile page would be nice. And finally, just a reminder that these are streaming-only videos - there are no downloads, not even at a cost.

There's been a notable improvement. During our last review, we complained about the WhoreHimOut scene numbering system that ranged from GangBang #178 to GangBang #872 because it was confusing or misleading. I’m happy to report the scenes have been renumbered sequentially starting at GangBang #001 and ending with GangBang #020 (remember some gangbangs have multiple parts). 

Whore Him Out is a hot site with horny bottoms getting gangbanged, and I loved the load counting - that's a hot touch. I got turned on watching a bottom getting fucked while other tops stood around the bed jacking their dicks or joining in and getting them sucked and ready for their turns. I especially enjoyed seeing the bottom's hole after each top was finished with him, it’s so exciting to see his juicy pucker before the next top slides in. The site has grown from eight to 30 videos and feature lots of hot cummy moments for you to enjoy with every other week updates. If you love watching bottoms take load after load, I highly recommend checking this site out.

Things we disliked

  • No downloads available
  • Some vids could be lit better
  • No model profile pages
  • Picture viewer is cumbersome to use

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