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Virtual Real Gay is a virtual reality porn site that offers hot sex scenes and has videos that support every major VR device. There are some hot men including porn stars Mickey Taylor, Jessy Ares and Darius Ferdynand, as well as up-and-comers and porn regulars like Dom Ully and Dani Basch. This is a very mixed and international group of performers - there are twinkish guys in their early twenties, daddies and hunks through their late thirties, and a mix of gorgeous, cute and average types including some with tattoos or facial hair. I found men from Spain, the Czech Republic, France, the UK, Hungary, the Netherlands, Germany and the list goes on. And all those European guys means plenty of uncut cocks.

The action is a mix; there are plenty of duos, some solos and a few threesomes and foursomes. And it's not just your average suck and fuck stuff, although there's plenty of that. The site has a couple of movie parodies, one including Ashley Ryder as Thor and another has boyish and handsome Kayden Gray as Spider Man. A few of the videos include hot bareback sessions but most use condoms, and there's one scene with a little fisting. And some of the videos, or at least part of the videos, are shot POV, which makes sense since this is a VR site.

Virtual Real Gay currently offers 65 DRM-free exclusive videos in MP4 format. When it comes to downloads, sizes vary to suit various devices, but they're available at 1920x1080 and 3200x1600, and they look pretty good. And there's streaming videos which play on your desktop with no VR but look a little weird, although you can pull them up and down, but they work better on my phone and VR headset. And let's talk about the virtual reality options here. There are downloadable videos for Playstation, Oculus, Vive, Daydream, Windows MR and for new smart phones as long as they can handle full HD. The videos looked and tracked well on my less expensive VR headset.

Each of the videos comes with a set of seven pictures. These are good quality digital stills sized at 1200x800 or 800x1200, and while there are no downloadable zip files or slideshows, you can save individual pictures and navigate from pic to pic via the arrows on the left and right of each photo. Btw, the pics do a great job of showing off all the action in any given video.

Now let's talk about another feature here - teledildonics. I've been reading about this for quite a while; these are sex toys that move with the videos you're watching so you can have an even more VR experience. You can buy these sex toys via the site, and if you already have a sleeve or butt plug, just plug in and enjoy.

BTW, there are a couple cool things I wanted to mention. First, if you don't already have a VR headset to watch the videos on, you can get a free set when you join simply by clicking "Get a FREE cardboard" on the right side of the join page. Cardboard headsets are perfectly serviceable, so if you're getting started with VR, this is pretty useful. And the site offers some low prices - there's a streaming-only monthly membership for $9.95, the streaming plus download monthly at $15.95 per month, and even the quarterly membership is only $29.95.

Now let's talk about issues, and there aren't many of them. There are no dates on the updates, so there's no way to tell when or how often new content is added. Today is  February third, and there have been three updates added since just  before Christmas; two episodes before the Christmas update was a Thanksgiving episode, so at a guess the site updates two to three times a month. All 65 episodes are listed on the same long page; the models are also listed on a single page that generates a few more models each time you scroll down. There are straight and transsexual VR sites listed at the top of all the pages, but you must join each separately, and the genre list includes some categories that are obviously for the straight and tranny sites, not this one.

I really enjoyed my visit to Virtual Real Gay. The men are smoking, with some serious hunks, daddies, twinks and more, all horny and most (or maybe all) with uncut cocks. The sex was hot, as were the jerkoff sessions, and they were very well shot for VR, tracking up and down and sideways well as you turn your head, which really brings you into the action. There are 65 videos to download or stream on virtually every known VR device, and while we don't know exactly when the site updates, it seems to update two to three times per month. If you're into virtual reality and gay porn, Virtual Real Gay delivers hot men and hotter sex, and if you're new to VR, remember to order your free headset when you join.

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