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Twink Boarding School offers smooth, slender cuties in action from well-known director Afton Nills. The twinks (hordes of whom are bottle blondes) are cute, horny and ready to go. They are 18 to mid-20s U.S. guys, some of whom have a nice, porn star look (even if some haven't necessarily pursued stardom after their appearance here), and you will find some familiar faces like Sean Corwin, Turk Melrose and Zach Randall. Many videos have a school theme and all are true to the twink genre. Standard plot: "Hey, let's take a break from homework by sucking each other's cocks!" Alternate plot: "Hey, let's celebrate passing that big math test by fucking each other in the ass!" Backup plot: "I'm a student and am going to jack off for no reason!"

The site currently offers 59 videos, although it no longer updates, but luckily it's part of a network of gay porn sites - more about that shortly. The videos are offered in DRM-free MP4 format. Each is a full scene sized at 640x480 and can be downloaded or streamed at the same size. There is a smaller size (480x360 with a lower frame rate) available for mobiles, though considering the resolution and power of many smart phones nowadays, the only reason to download the smaller size video is to save on memory.

Action is decently caught, but in general unremarkable. Some are pretty good quality, some less so. Lighting is average and sound is live, sometimes sounding muffled, sometimes clear. If you've become used to HD options, you'll be disappointed, especially since some of the guys are very attractive and you'll wish you could experience them with greater sharpness. Plus you may want better pacing and greater passion.

There are just seven photo sets, for a total of 341 pics. These are good amateur quality digital stills, sized at 600x800. There are no slideshows, but you can navigate pics with arrow keys, and download each set as a zip file.

Twink Boarding School is part of the Gaystar Network. Membership gets you access to the 16 other sites in the network (15 gay and one bi). None of the sites update anymore but a good number are twink-focused. The most recent update is the site 69 Gay Videos in 2010. The site in the network which stopped updating the earliest is Boys Casting in 2003. The number of videos per site ranges from 20 to 334 with both streaming and download options (though quality varies considering how far back some of these videos go).

Overall, the Gaystar network (Twink Boarding School plus the 16 bonus sites for a total of over, 1,300 videos), allows you to filter content by site, studio, DVD the video comes from, actor and category. The overall search box works well also and hovering over a video thumbnail teases a series of stills from the video.

Remember the site no longer updates, nor do any of the sites in the network. Trial memberships are limited, and they recur at $10 more per month than a regular monthly membership. There is a pre-checked offer on the join page. Though reasonably well-structured, the site has a basic, grid-like look and doesn't feel dirty. The look of the tour disappears once you are logged in and taken to the network site, where this site is one of 17 sites and the focus is the network (thus the generic look).

Twink Boarding School offers horny twinks in school-themed action, and delivers 59 DRM-free standard resolution videos for download and streaming, each of which is a full scene from a Nills Afton DVD title. Action is decent amateur quality and stays true to the theme, and the performers are cute and smooth. On the downside, the site hasn't updated in some time. Membership includes 16 bonus sites in the same network, and fairly good percentage of which present twink content. All together there are over 1,300 videos and over 200 pic sets, some of which contain recognizable porn stars (though since there are no updates, they won't be recognizable forever). The bottom line - if twinks are your thing, and you're not looking for HD videos or updates, Twink Boarding School is worth a visit.

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