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Try Pantyhose is a site dedicated to men wearing pantyhose. If guys with smooth, sheer nylon encasing their hard cocks turn you on, this site should definitely interest you. It is a site with mixed solo, gay, straight and bi content featuring guys I'd describe as ranging from average to cute, some who might be considered twinks but mostly regular guy types in their twenties and a few in their thirties. There are a good number of uncut cocks, and once in a while you may find one of the male performers with facial hair or tattoos. The women in the site aren't porn stars or models - they're the type of women in their twenties who you might see anywhere, and while they're mostly attractive, it's more in a "next door" way, if you see what I mean.

The action here is broken into several sections in the picture area - Solo Guys, Girls & Guys and Guys & Guys. Solo Guys is where you'll find lone males in pantyhose stroking their cocks and shooting their loads while wearing pantyhose. The Girls & Guys section offers men wearing pantyhose with women in suck and fuck action. And then there's the Guys & Guys section, where you'll not only find men wearing pantyhose while getting it on with other men, but also some guys in pantyhose getting boned by women in strap-ons or involved in male/male/female threesomes. Still, it's good to see that they added some man-on-man action, as the site originally only offered the solo and men with women action.

Try Pantyhose now offers 123 videos, 478 picture sets and 12 archived videos. The site no longer updates and most sections haven't since 2006, although it had started producing new guy-on-guy content again for a short time, but then stopped that as well. As a result, the newest WMVs are bigger than the rest, sized at 1280x720, where the older videos are sized at around 640. The videos are downloadable full scenes that can also be viewed as streaming Flash, and some of the oldest videos are also available as smaller AVIs. The videos are all DRM-free, and ranging from good amateur quality to quite good, although the older videos may not hold up as well when enlarged to full-screen.

The 478 pic sets are broken up this way: 98 solo male sets, 272 in Guys & Guys (which, as you'll recall, includes some bi and straight strap-on sets) and 108 in Girls & Guys. The photos are a good size, displaying at around 1024x768, and they're good quality; they look pretty professional as the lighting and sets look good and there are a good amount of closeups on the action, showing the stretched nylon, hard cocks, and cum on the pantyhose. Good news is that the pic sets can be downloaded in zip files when you find shoots you'd like to keep.

There are no bonus sites unless you choose the much more expensive option of joining the network rather than just this site. Almost all the sites in this network are straight, and 15 are pantyhose sites. Is it worth paying more than double to join the network rather than just the one site? I guess it depends on how much you like the other sites. At least the price drops after the first month, but it's still on the high side.

The main issue here is that the site again stopped updating a few months ago, and it does not appear there will be any more updates. Still, there's enough to keep members happy for a month or two. And there are a couple other things worth mentioning. First, you have to log in twice when you first enter the site, so keep your username and password handy. And second, and more annoying, is that you must register your computer's IP address via email before you can browse the videos and a second time before you can browse the picture sets.

While some might wish there were more videos, I love the pic sets in Try Pantyhose. They really capture the look and feel of tight stretchy nylon caressing balls, cocks and thighs. I also appreciate the variety of models and the sensuous way the photographer captured the guys. The videos are very sexy but only still photos can capture the perfect moments and these really do.

Whether you've always loved seeing men in pantyhose or you're curious, the content in Try Pantyhose is definitely good quality, and shows off the men stroking their hard cocks through nylon or rubbing against a partner before tearing through the nylons to get sucked or to fuck. The content here really captures the look and feel of tight stretchy nylon caressing balls, cocks and thighs. The content is all exclusive, and there are 123 downloadable videos plus 478 good quality picture sets. It's disappointing that the site no longer updates, but I'm glad they updated with some fresh guy-on-guy content before stopping updates again. Still, what's here is good stuff, so for those who'd like to see a nice variety of hot Euro men in nylons, I still like what Try Pantyhose has to offer.

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